Skunk Trap by Ronniejohnny


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									                                How to Utilize Skunk Traps

When trying to trap skunks, most people utilize skunk repellents which only work for as long as
you utilize them. You must keep in mind while trying to trap a skunk that they are very much
territorial animals. If you want to get rid of a skunk off your property, you need to utilize a trap
while relocating the skunk to a more remote area. Capturing a skunk, even with a trap can
sometimes prove quite challenging. The materials which you will need are as follows; skunk
trap, pickup truck, remote location, sheet or towel and bait.

Baiting instructions

You want to utilize a live trap in capturing a skunk. Place the bait inside the trap. Baits which
are popular with skunks are chicken entrails, canned fish and peanut butter. In placing the trap
where you have viewed the skunk frequenting, ensure that you place the trap or traps against any
and all openings which skunks enter and exit from. Skunks typically have numerous entrances
to their dens therefore; keep this in mind when setting traps.

Approach the trap carefully

Once the skunk is in the trap, ensure that you approach the skunk trap very carefully. Place a
sheet between you and the skunk. If you hear the skunk begin hissing, back away until the
skunk is calmer.

Do not allow the skunk to see you if at all possible

Wrap the trap in a sheet. This does not allow the skunk to see you and if the skunk cannot see
you, they more than likely will not spray you but there is always a chance the skunk will spray
regardless when they become scared therefore, ensure that you carry the trap carefully.


Place the skunk trap in the back of your truck while taking the trap out to a more remote area and
release the skunk. Set the trap down on the ground and open the trap door with the sheet still
covering it. Take the sheet off carefully and run to a safe distance until the skunk decides he or
she is ready to leave the trap.

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