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Harvard_ Harvard_


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									Harvard! Harvard!
    For most Chinese people, if Harvard is a dream, elusive, some people wrote books
to take him, someone to take his family name, so when I actually stood on the campus
of Harvard, when filled with the vision and unattainable inferiority complex, but to
this day, that feeling still has not dispersed.
    Our bus going the wrong way, we had to walk, led by leader of
Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, listening to lectures, so much
that the university, as it is more like a city, crowd, such as weaving, street bustling,
thriving , along the way almost all the five continents of the visitors to see. Because it
is summer, I guess this university town, host a LOT more than the guests. Every one
looked very excited tourists, perhaps because the unique architecture, it also dreams
of a good mood.
    Harvard University is an independent, scattered everywhere, only the old campus
with a relative concentration of buildings around an enclosed oval green, red brick
structure, floor is not high, the middle floor and the floor is green and all trees, there
are some trails during interludes. And just the excitement of the contrary, seems to be
here quiet and harmonious, the students or tourists sat on the lawn in twos and threes,
the midday sun through the leaves, sprinkle the gap in people who, calm and warm.
Not far away, the founder of Harvard statue quietly solidified there, in different
countries, different skin color in the picture.
    In a tree, we found a squirrel, not how afraid of people, moving from the hands of a
little girl to eat cookies, it took her hands full after eating biscuits, head of a move a
bit, and you watch it when it turned away, still maintained a considerable awareness
and reserved.
    Famous Why Famous? These time at Harvard I have been thinking about this
problem is the scale? Is the teacher? Students? Wealth? Understand why. Two days
after another went to MIT, Yale, Princeton and the University of
Pennsylvania's Wharton Business School, appears to realize, I think it
should be - the spirit is shared by teachers and students founded by people who go out
from here and spread to attract people who will come in the same shape to not have to
go out into the kind of spirit of the people, passion, professionalism, innovation,
dedication and courage to change the world, which, University of the soul is real.

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