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					Happy Birthday
Yesterday, I was full of his aging mother 22 years old, Kaka Ka.
From midnight until the evening, have received the blessing of heroes, my roommate,
my members of the class, my 05 children, there is still a delight is the 04 Class I do
have contacts that know me birthday Oh, Oh - in fact nothing to wish for it, another
year older, and actually 22 so, and Yingying said that if the marriage be considered a
late marriage. . . A depressed, I do not want to grow up, Woo - but did not seem all
grown up, who were playing before the big sister, what people want some pain after
the squeamish, giggle giggle.
Anyway, we should birthday gig, gifts received this year really is very special, strange
to close the area Simiao rice - too singular a gung, alas, I am sorry that out of 55, or
Zeze the normal drop, please I eat a meal, en er, arguing that beef delicious crisp
bamboo shoots, and now you want to, Ga Gaga.
But really happy, very rich, very commemorative value: morning, full house in the
notice that his family would like and I discussion forum, Chairman; noon by
Restructuring Studies, the Secretary-General to find the past, invited me to cooperate
with him in preparation Harmony Chinese Cultural Association, met with the Mayor
of Guangzhou comrades; night back to the dormitory to open mailbox, new messages,
new South Group sent me, and told me in the past. .
Rushing, many, many, with peace, how to do, do and how to choose which way to go
- woo, birthday, happy people, were tired of these roads lead to ghost dead, alas.
My biggest hesitation is that the association may do as they say, is a rare opportunity -
Hu grandfather named, registered in Hong Kong, Guangdong is the source across the
country for the preparation, will be held at the Great Hall of the inaugural meeting,
Hu met Grandpa, if I join, is one of the founding, the future may be as limitless as the
fact that he said. . . A graduate student has not, perhaps very good really good. . The
most unusual is that the older generation has been very positive and the recognition
and deliberately cultivated. . Turning to the last, as if that opportunity is at hand, to
see me go or not to grasp, know not know how to appreciate favors. .
So hard ah, this road and the road safely, is simply two fundamentally different way:
peace, I have been very clear that my prospects have been very clear in my view, and
upper managers after the impulse, then responsible person, then that is even going up,
into higher management, and not mentioning that her treatment, although not the best,
not the last, but very Bao Zhang, a very formal; However Association, management,
organize, plan public relations work, I do think I have a good at working with people
and influence others, it is around friends and Mr Yam, Au, chairman of the identity,
they think I was training a future worthy of cultivation, so We can then find me -
special thanks to higher value here, "good friend," He who can,
I can not help but to think of his plan before the written books and instruments are
really good. . . Thank him for his ties to a younger generation has no interest in the
development of, Oh - associations, may work to play to my strengths and preferences,
and perhaps the future is really good, but I am afraid, because this is a road I have
never involved from the road never understood, Founder, in my eyes, should be more
prestigious, a social influence, there are certain qualifications that people it, and I, a
non-graduates, there is no any experience in politics and background, how to move on
- I mean, if I do not want the association, and do not want to go on, I can do where to
jump? In what direction do I? Is that there are seniors care I have a future, there are
platforms, but the platform is too big, too strange, too uncertain, I'm afraid,
afraid to get a not allowed to fall. . . In addition, years later, I want to be what kind of
people do, I think I definitely do not want to be a just the age of 32 will deal with
interpersonal and have some feel for the so-called virtual management experience - in
my three years of student leaders in, from time to time by this false sense of pulling,
feeling bad experience, although I now I feel I really grew up, for me that experience
is useful. . . If, 10 years old and if I am, I will ignore all of the options to do it a
Founder, to open up my political future, but I am still young and do not want to set
foot in there so early, because not many know about for fear of further wrong, because
I do not have any capital to lose, because not too early to be that way.
And family telephoned, asked senior, Za Za - I tilt the balance in peace the way
professional managers, but then, I really do not know how to do, how to select - they
say they want to kick asthma I go, because no others were selected, but did not know I
was afraid, very confused, very aware of how to do, crossroads, two different routes,
safe in urging, the fact that he gave me so many positive - Mr. and later fully like an
elder to the younger generation's attitude on me that whether I choose build
associations with him, I always can find him, such as to teach graduate students can
be recommended. . . To bear the hopes of others is sometimes a bear.
Or too young - and maybe I and many people think different, many people feel young
is the capital, to create, to try, nothing to do wrong a few years, and no relationship
between consumption of a few years, let alone the association is not consumption, is
the risk and opportunities combination; but I think the young capital, get creative, to
try, but can not go unattended; associations for me, running too fast, too high, but I
would also like more practical at every step, a strong to move up.
It was a once-rare opportunity for me, the management, planning is very interested in
people is a great temptation, but I worried that I can not afford, I fear, uncertainty and
fear that strange - I am not a person who likes big risk, not a like the
"go" and "rent-seeking" people.
... ...
Until the last minute, and then look at and think clearly - brothers told me, I think, the
fear and ignorance from the strangers, and then look at the development of social
groups, social groups to know where to jump after the Where - This is another
important issue that concerns me.
... ...
Happy birthday to my Ah, the joy, or the trouble it, alas, alas - but still grateful, and
even some thank fate: I am grateful I grew up in my family now, thanks dad mom
taught me to be so, I thank my people and things encountered in 22 years, thanks to
fate though I lost a lot but I have so many ... I wish you a happy birthday, but I want
to know is my birthday, we are happy it has who is that me and this world a happy,
who would because I am not a happy world, so I wish you all happy on my birthday -
happy birthday to myself happy, and hope that people who know me You can be
happy on this day.