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Happy Birthday - DOC by fdjerue7eeu


									Happy Birthday!
    ?Birthday guy, I wish you all the hope we can fulfill our wishes, all my dreams
come true, all the wait can be on all the pay can be realized.
    In this beautiful day, Hold your own happiness. Happy birthday to you.
                                   October 3, 2008

Origin of birthday cake
   Medieval Europeans believed that the soul of the easiest birthday is the day of the
invasion by the devil, so birthday, relatives and friends will gather around to bless,
and send the cake to bring good luck to expel demons.
   Birthday cake, originally only the king was entitled to own, and spread to the
present, whether adults or children, can the birthday cake, buy a beautiful, enjoy the
blessings given to everyone. (The first of several kind of cake is done out of simple
materials, these cakes is the ancient religious myths and miraculous symbol of
superstition. Early trade routes to exotic spices imported from the Far East, north, nuts,
toilet water, citrus fruits, dates and figs from the Middle East to introduce sugar cane
from South Eastern countries and imports. In Europe the Dark Ages, these exotic
materials could have only monks and nobles, and their creation is the honey
gingerbread cakes and cookies like a flat hard things. Gradually, with the frequent
trade, the Western countries also followed the eating habits change completely.
   Crusades home from soldiers and Arab traders, the use of spices and the spread to
the Middle East recipes. In several major commercial center for Central Europe,
baking master association has also organized. In the Middle Ages, spices were the rich
people all over Europe widely used, more enhanced imaginative cakes baking
technology. Nuts and sugar until the pandemic, the almonds popular mud also
followed up, this almond sugar clay mold is baked relief carvings, while the mold on
the pattern is more associated with religion admonished. )
   History of bread: bread is the flour with water and other auxiliary materials such as
mixes, fermented baked food. As early as 10,000 years ago, the West in the vicinity of
the ancient peoples had planted wheat and barley. Then is the use of slate to grain
rolled into flour, and water to reconcile after a hot stone on the baking. This is the
bread of origin, but it is not fermented, "unleavened dough",
perhaps called "scones" more appropriate. About the same time,
the ancient North American Indians also used acorns and seeds of certain plants
producing mill "scones."
Before and after about 3000 BC, ancient Egyptians mastered the production of the
first bread fermentation technology. The initial fermentation method may be
accidentally discovered: and good dough in a warm office released a long time, by air,
yeast invasion, leading to fermentation, expansion, sour, and then roasted it has been
far more "scones" soft, a new pasta, this is the
world's first bread. Ancient Egyptian bakers used sourdough fermentation
initially, and later improved through training for the use of yeast.
   Now find the world's first bakery was born in 2500 BC years ago,
ancient Egypt. Around the 13th century BC, Moses led the Hebrew
people's congresses of movement, the bread making technology out of
Egypt. So far, the Jewish "Passover" when there is still a kind of
production called "Mazzone (matzo)" the expansion of the pie
bread, to mark the Jewish exodus from Egypt. 2 century AD, Roman baker making
bread guild unified technical and yeast species. Them through the practice of
comparison, selected wine yeast solution as the standard yeast.
In ancient times long years, White bread is the top elite have the luxury, the general
public can only rye production of black bread for food. Until the 19th century, flour
processing machinery have great development of wheat varieties has also been
improved, it becomes soft and smooth white bread has.
   Today's bread is mostly done by the factory automated production line
production. Since flour finishing grinding process vitamin loss, which is why the
United States and other countries in the production of bread often add vitamins,
minerals. In addition, in recent years, many people think that keeping more wheat
bran and wheat germ health benefits, so coarse bread popular again.

** ** You know what gold should do and what not to do. Cheerful. For you to find
the one you love is not an easy task, but when you find the right person you love, you
will not be able to fall.

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