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					Handsome - Fahrenheit
Fahrenheit (Fahrenheit) is Taiwan's four-man singing group, to be rice
production with the China Institute's international music groups, on
December 28, 2005 and debuted. Name from the Fahrenheit temperature in
Fahrenheit English translation. "Fahrenheit" includes Jiro Wang,
Calvin Chen, Wu Zun, Aaron.
"Fahrenheit"         in     the     transliteration,    meaning
"Fahrenheit" four members of the different temperatures.
"Fahrenheit" as if by the spring, summer, autumn and winter the
group formed, but also as the four seasons are warm, hot, cool, cool cold climate.
Four members, representatives Jiro hot summer (95 ℉); from Vancouver, Canada to
return to Taiwan on behalf of Calvin warm spring (77 ℉); representatives from
Brunei, Chun the cool autumn (59 ℉); inflammation Aaron on behalf of cool cold
winter (41 ℉).

"Fahrenheit" includes a lively personality, Jiro Wang, with a
warm smile Calvin Chen, Wu Zun very noble and with eyes of Aaron Stern; although
each has different characteristics, but the four big boys are said private, very funny, in
their feelings from each other Tucao harmony is evident.

Samples of the first handsome boy <Calvin Chen> handsome
elegance youth 77 ° F

Spring-like warm smile, jade tree, full of flavor scholar, but humorous, Canada
Sunshine Boy selecting champion, Canada VICTORIA University Institute and
teaching assistant, a graduate student at National Chengchi University's
Department of Finance Research Institute, temperament and the smile of the
anti-index is difficult to estimate .

Calvin - the beginning of the "passerby", again is
"the ultimate group" in the KO3, lovestruck King Arthur, spoke
as long as the "ultimate class" ratings break 3:00 on the square
pants streaker wearing Hello Kitty one person. Spent seven years in Canada as a
teenager, has a bookish interest, but not like the taste of a man lost,
"Romantic Princess" in seemingly wandering, ignorant and
incompetent. Stir chaos southerly color. He has multiple charm, every day 100 people
said "I love you" are not enough people.

Second paragraph of the boy samples cool <Jiro Wang> King works
hard to warm cool new My Hero 95 ° F

Summer-like wild enthusiasm, Fu-Shin graduate, served as lead singer of rock band,
good guitar, performing many MV advertising and theater, "started with a
kiss," Akin corner enjoys popular support, "the ultimate group
of" Wang Dadong corner more quickly absorb large popular, cool
appearance with lively enthusiasm, power index can not resist.

Jiro - "KO One" in impulse blood of Wang Dadong, patterns of
Kim Soo funny boys and girls in Iraq. Debut as a model, performing more than idol
drama, "Started With a Kiss," where love is King Ah so he
begun to taste the popular taste, "Love on the house together,"
he once again demonstrated the "East-style charm,"
"ultimate class "After viewing victory is the most bullish
momentum leading members. Filial honest of him to shoulder the family burden, as
he was from model to actress then singer of hard work continued forward momentum,
a strong self-style to create unique "East-style Kunan" style, the
inherent love of rock even more so The song unique, simple and frank, unaffected
upstream serious mental effort, which reflects Jiro totally natural enthusiasm for cool
new good man named Jin!

Boys sample third paragraph of God <Wu Zun> hard work of the
strong affection handsome handsome 59 ° F

Noble temperament, like a graceful fall from Brunei, professional fitness coach and
MODEL the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology graduate, your son sound like
pure shape, with melancholy eyes, a new generation of teenage killers must go to him.

Wu Zun - "KO One" in the KO list the strongest master,
"Tokyo Juliet" in affectionate handsome Jifeng Liang, and
"Romantic Princess" in calm and persistent southerly Jin.
Mysterious country from Southeast Asia, "Brunei", holding
court room is full of noble qualities like mystery. Tricks played by boys and girls in a
high jumper left to spring. Near-perfect facial features and slim, muscular body, was
invited to serve as a debut on the idol drama actor. Because of language and cultural
differences, Wu Zun in drama and singing on the need to pay more than others several
times in efforts to develop his patience to listen and think nostalgia re-paved the Wu
Zun deeply pragmatic personality, perfect appearance also was undoubtedly his

Sample Disi Kuan fan boy <Aaron> shy young childish caressing
arouses Passion 41 ° F

Stern look like a winter-like charm, the network super popular pretty boys experience
many years of studying piano, singing all the time, was given the title song mad,
graduate student at the Chinese Culture University's journalism department,
has served as the Japanese television program C-POP WORLD Taiwan part of the
host location, excellent musical ability and star qualities, and the future can not be

Aaron - "the ultimate group of" Raisin in the small rain.
Ultimate Family, funny, Ka Wayi the chief and; Pili MIT which has a superhuman
reasoning ability of 007. Culture University, Department of gifted students, as smart,
with the United States shaped like a cartoon look perfectly lovely man, a fascinating
look deep can Abduction by your heart. Everything carefully, including demands first,
excellent singing and playing skills of people admire. Super love dancing, hard, work
is his advantage. Appearance seems quiet, in fact, warm heart. Youngest members, so
much so, and childlike appearance to create a lovely Aaron shy quiet people
"Passion" features.

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