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					                   Case Study: Aramark

ARAMARK provides uniform rental and leasing services to more than 400,000 customer
accounts in 46 states from over 200 service locations across the United States.
ARAMARK’s Chicago facility chose eMaint’s X3 CMMS to gain control of their maintenance
environment . . . with great results.

                                                                   “eMaint X3 ensures that I stay
Prior to implementing X3 as their CMMS solution, ARAMARK
                                                                  on task and helps me keep my
was troubled with communication between technicians and
managers. Production Managers and Supervisors had no              priorities straight. It has
way of prioritizing and communicating issues within the           improved accountability and
facility. With no method of maintenance management, open          workmanship along with
work orders and PM’s were distributed untimely and typically      eliminating paperwork. I spend
verbally. In addition, placing orders and speaking with           less time in the office and more
support technicians wasted countless hours due to searching       time interacting with my
for serial numbers, phone numbers, price lists and part           mechanics and if I forget
numbers.                                                          something, I simply log in from
                                                                  home and assign the work. It’s
Implementation                                                    all about organization and
ARAMARK began using eMaint X3 in August 2007 and is fully
                                                                  eMaint makes it all possible.”
utilizing the system to run its plant. During the initial phase
of implementation, ARAMARK X3 users graduated from our
                                                                  Akin Adekoya
Road to Success training program which provided them with         Maintenance Manager
4 weeks of guidance and instruction to help them master the       ARAMARK MC 701
core components of our system. It is designed in a way that
let them work with the application and use it in a training
environment. “The implementation was smooth and the eMaint support team was
tremendous,” said Akin Adekoya, maintenance manager at the Chicago facility.

ARAMARK facilities have adopted eMaint X3 to solve their CMMS needs and continue to learn
and find more ways to configure the solution to meet evolving needs. In addition to the full-
featured capabilities of the system and its ease-of-use, an important component to X3 Online
is its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment. With the SaaS model, ARAMARK enjoys the
highest level of service, quality and support with a subscription price that achieves a low total
cost of operation. Two additional ARAMARK facilities, in Riverside and Los Angeles, CA, have
since implemented X3 based on results achieved by the Chicago location.

          Downtime response improved by 7%
          Accuracy of work performed improved by 35%
          Work order completions increased by 40%                         856-810-2700