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Hefei University of universities directly under the Ministry of Education, is an
engineering, management, culture, economics, management, law, education, and
comprehensive multidisciplinary national key university. Schools located in Green
City, capital of Anhui Province, Hefei, science, education, transportation, and efficient
communications. School was founded in 1945, 1960, approval of the CPC as a
national key university. After 50 years of building schools, especially since the reform
and opening up 20 years of development, has become the national personnel training,
an important base for scientific research. Recruit training high school sports with the
pilot institutions. Years, our school's handball team handball competition in
the national institutions of higher learning, has been among the best. School has a
strong educational strength, basic facilities, teacher force. Campus covers an area of
1,500 acres, the campus covers an area of 510,000 square meters, fixed assets of more
than 200 million yuan; Library 22,400 square meters, collection of 173 million
volumes, more than 2,000 kinds of periodicals at home and abroad. Full-time
undergraduate students at the school 11 239 people, more than 820 graduate students;
existing full-time teachers in 1148 schools, including 147 professors, 366 associate
professor and doctoral tutor of 23 people, and employed more than 200 domestic and
international reputation of famous scholars serve as school Professor, Consulting
Professor, part-time professor. Teachers reasonable structure, high level and quality.
School is not just education center and research center. Several research projects and
the amount of research funding statistics show that school for five consecutive years
in the country ranks among the 30 universities in 35, in recent years, the school
awarded 200 times scientific research, including six national awards, provincial and
ministerial level scientific and technological progress Awards 162, 25 granted patents;
published 186 books at home and abroad the published scientific and technical
journals published more than 6,600 academic papers; the development of science and
technology work, building schools and teaching quality of academic degree of
improvement has played a positive support and protection. Popularization and
application of scientific and technological achievements for the country's
national economy has made a greater contribution. Schools to set up a strict
management system of teaching, out of the system and the Scholarship system.
Scholarships to outstanding new students, the maximum reward 12,000 yuan, enter
their profession after the optional one. Schools focus on students ability, quality,
innovation, competition training and education of patriotism, creating both a high
ideological and political consciousness, but also meet the needs of national economic
construction builders and successors of the socialist cause. The school has nearly
2,000 computers for teaching, student-on class for more than 200 hours. Implemented
to allow students of good character and skip-level, early graduation, recommended for
graduate student and implement preferential policies for eugenics excellent grading,
and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of students. School students to actively organize
students to participate in the national contest, and winners in various competitions
repeatedly; over the years, foreign language students in four universities through rate
than the national average. Our graduates have "a solid foundation of
knowledge, engineering, computer, foreign language skills a strong"
characteristics, has been well received by the employer of all ages. In recent years,
graduates of the talent market place an employment rate of 98%. Schools active
international exchanges and academic exchange activities, have been and Germany,
the United States, Canada, Japan, Denmark, Russia, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Taiwan and
other countries and regions to establish a number of institutions of inter-links with
Germany, Stuttgart Da Xue has Baochi nearly two decades of fruitful cooperation.
School settings disciplines wide coverage, the formation of the mechanical, electrical
and electronic, civil, materials, chemical, biological, economic, management,
humanities, foreign languages, arts and other subjects of mutual penetration of the
structure of specialties and 40 existing undergraduate, master's degree 41
Degree Subjects, engineering master's degree three, PhD Subjects 6, with
post-doctoral research stations and the "Cheung Kong Scholars
Programme" Professor positions. Basic form of advanced manufacturing
technology, materials science and chemical engineering, computer science and
electrical technology, mechanical and civil engineering construction, resources,
environment and sustainable development, bio-mechanical and electrical engineering,
human economic management and engineering group of seven subjects. Deng
Xiaoping's building socialism with Chinese characteristics under the
guidance of the school to train qualified personnel for the next century, is actively
promoting the school system, optimize the allocation of resources Xue Ke
professional categories, and further improve the school and the educational level of
scale, will The new attitude into the twenty-first century.

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