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									Han Lei Resume
Han Lei
1. Singer
2. Photographer
3.CSDN Deputy General Manager
4. Basketball players
5. Jiamusi University of Outstanding Students
[Edit this paragraph] 1. Singer
Aka: senpur
Nationality: Mongolian
Height: 1.83 m
Born: February 23, 1968 (the first lunar month on the 25th)
Expertise: Trombone
Hobbies: Listen to learn Western music collection of pottery tea culture
February 23, 1968 (the first lunar month on the 25th) was born in Hohhot, Inner
From 1976 to 1982 in Hohhot Tumote school
From 1982 to 1988 the Central Conservatory Trombone professional learning
In October 1988 with the Central Conservatory of Music Youth Symphony Orchestra
visited 6 countries in Western Europe
From 1989 to 1991 of any symphony orchestra trombone player in Inner Mongolia
Into the music scene since 1991
Community groups working
Members of the CYL Central China Youth Federation
Inner Mongolia China Youth Federation Honorary Chairman
Han Lei studying trombone performance from the teenager he joined the Central
Conservatory of Music Youth Symphony Orchestra's visit to Europe, so he
forged a bond with music from. Foundation and rich musical instruments and music
quality, a more popular music in his future lay a solid foundation!
Han Lei in July 1991 held in Beijing to participate in the "new new
voice" for a concert, he was merry and bold, uninhibited free and easy way
of infection of all the concert the audience, and thus he came to prominence in the
Chinese pop music.
In the next five years, Han Lei, nearly a hundred out concert series theme song, and
many smash hit singles, including "Walk the Quartet,"
"the sky is not the Great Northern Wilderness", "day
navy blue basket," " Love Moth "and other songs.
The different style of music songs, full of singing Han Lei deep strength, and colorful
personal style of music.
Han Lei in March 1997 to produce their own, and released his first solo album,
"Love Moth" and got a piece of music industry praise. Four
songs, "Love Moth", "to whom love and
melancholy," "Looking back," "Rising
Sun Hotel" had a history of access to parts of charts T0P20, and each
received one to several weeks of "top three."
October 1997, Han Lei was formally signed both Sony Music and audio-visual
recording Shanghai cooperation body in China, and is to actively begin recording the
new album.
TV film with music
Worked more than 400 TV series theme song cameo
"First        Emperor,"      "Han         wu"
"Kangxi Dynasty," "The Kingdom weather
conditions," "Han Liu Bang", "Sima
Qian"       "A     Spring     River    Flows     East",
"Taiping",        "Zheng         Chenggong,"
"Biography of Chen's post," "History of
the Sky" " Provincial Party Secretary, ""
heavy case of six groups, "" honor, ""
Korean War "," Great Qing Yao Wang, ""
iron    color    plateau,   ""      the     way    the    evening
"" I love my family, "" Ring
"" man bottom line "," River bore
"" outstanding tight encirclement "" DA
teacher "," Taiwan 1895 "," Empress
Love wind and rain, "" world is full of vicissitude,
"" bloody adhere to the "" the long river
flows east ", etc.
Movie theme song cameo
"Party B", "leaving the days of Lei Feng",
Main achievements
1,1993 to 94 years to "take four" won - "inter-annual
Golden Melody Awards"
2,1994 years "azure blue ocean blue", winner of
China's Military Songs - "Silver"
3,1994 years "away Quartet" won the China Music Video -
4,1995 years "the sky is not the Great Northern Wilderness"
won the Chinese pop music - "Person of the Year Award"
Published on October 5,1996 the first solo album named "Han
China on December 6,1996 won the brilliant songs - "20 years of
Achievement Award"
7,1996 was awarded the Third Asian Winter Games, special award -
"Outstanding Contribution Award"
8,1996, it was awarded 20 years of brilliant pop music - "Live
Achievement Award"
9,1997 in the year 1997 China Central Television, won the 97 dance class program -
"Third Prize"
10,1998 was awarded the 1986-1998 Chinese pop music - "Decade of
Achievement Award"
11,1999 years "if the wind is not blowing," won the Chinese
song list - "Ten Golden Melody Awards"
12,1999 won the all-powerful Chinese in the Chinese original Top Ten list hits 99
years - the "Most Popular Male Singer Award"
13,1999 in the song "thunder again," won the all-powerful
Chinese table 99 years - "Top Ten Chinese Golden Original"
14,1999 in the song "If the wind no longer blows,"
Beijing's Taiwan and China won the Top 1999 songs the second quarter of
the year - "Ten Golden Melody Awards"
15,1999 was awarded the public television for 17 years - "Special
Contribution Award"
In May 16,2000 won the China Central Television, "Heart to
Heart" show sympathy - "Honor Award"
17,2001 in singing "My world" song selection in the national
public service campaign won - "Concert Special Gold Award"
18,2001 participated in "The Same Song" Spring Festival,
Lantern Festival performances show the album, won the best -
"indistinguishable from the original cover Award"
19,2002 was awarded by the China Federation of Literature sponsored -
"TV Health Star Award"
20,2002 was awarded the second - "Sunshine Health TV star"
21,2004 was awarded a large public show - "Contribution
22,2005 published in "Collection Han Lei" album
23,2005 won the fashion award CCTV Pictures television series theme song -
"Concert Grand"
24,2005 was awarded the 2005 CCTV - MTV Music Awards - "won the
Best Male Singer Award"
25,2005 won the award of the Ministry of National Security - "Safety
Ambassadors title"
1,1998 participated in the China Central Television, "Heart to
Heart" Performing Art Troupe perform in Baise condolences old
revolutionary base areas
2,1999, on behalf of Russian Federation Kremlin visit by Chinese artists to participate
in "cheers for China," a large concert
3,1999 years to support youth development in Guizhou Province, the cause of Honor
show "99 Love" concert
4,1999, and concerts performed on the return of Macao to participate in party theme
song "reunion"
5,2000 participated in the inaugural 2000 China Central Television, "Heart
to Heart" Art Troupe went to Taiwanese condolences to the West Furuta
old revolutionary base areas performed
6,2000 participated in the China Central Television, "Heart to
Heart" Art Troupe of Inner Mongolia Baotou condolences go to show
1994,1996,1997,1999,2000,2001,2004,2008 eighth consecutive year to participate in
the CCTV Spring Festival Gala
7,2001 to 2002, China Central Television, "the same song," all
kinds of large sympathy performances
8,2002 participated in the China Central Television, "Heart to
Heart" Art Troupe perform condolences go to mirage region
9,2002 participated in the China Central Television, "Heart to
Heart" Art Troupe perform condolences go to Tianjin
10,2002 participated in "Golden Rooster Award" large-scale
theatrical performance
11,2002 participated in Hunan Golden Eagle TV Festival awards show opening,
closing major theatrical performance
12,2003 joined Central Television, "The Same Song" 3rd
large-scale performance
13,2003 participated in "Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers
Awards" awards show opening
14,2003 participated in the first "Hakka urge the General
Assembly," party
15,2004 participated in the 55th anniversary of the establishment of the State Ministry
of Public Security show
16,2004 participated in the 55th anniversary of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, a large
17,2005 participated in "Olympic Ode" Imperial Ancestral
Temple of large public party
18,2005 participated in "The Same Song" - the opening
ceremony of the Olympic Cultural Festival
19,2005 participated in "the third Olympic" Cultural Festival
Closing Ceremony
20,2005 participated in "Olympic" Top Ten Gold Songs Award
21,2005 participated in "the Tenth City Games" closing
22,2005, he went to Macao to participate in the "fourth sector, the East
Asian Games," opening
23,2005 joined Central Television, "Heart to Heart" Performing
Art Troupe perform in Jiangxi Ganzhou condolences
24,2005 participated in "Flying Award" TV awards show
25,2006 participated in "The Century Dream" commemorating
the 100th anniversary of Chinese film major movies concerts
26,2006 joined a large party of Chinese Film Museum opened
27,2006 participated in National Security Spring Festival
28,2006 for the participation in the six ministries Spring Festival
29,2006 in the 2006 Chinese New Year dance party
30,2008 joined CCTV CCTV "of Love" '5 * 12
'major art event party donations
31,2008 on CCTV singing "China Story" theme song.
Main Album
Love moths, collection Han Lei, King Sound
1. Wait
2. Go Quartet
3. To the day, then take five years
4. Annals of history the moon shines on someone's
5. Battle-hero
6. The sky is not the Great Northern Wilderness
7. You are my house
8. 1000 hundred years later, who would remember who
9. The final talk
10. Man the bottom line
11. Miss
12. Storms of life
13. Open cylinder wine
14. 10 kneeling mother re-en
15. The vast heaven and earth
16. Eternal hero Waves
17. The Dream
18. Bloom in front of
19. Dignified Chinese
20. With the root of a country clock security
[Edit this paragraph] 2. Photographer
Born in Kaifeng, Henan Province 1985 to 1967-1989 books at the Central Academy
of Art and studied fine arts, photography began in 1986, 1989 and graduated from the
Central Academy of Arts. Han Lei his works at home and abroad have participated in
many important festivals.
1991-1993 chairman of the "Modern Photography" magazine
the United States Code
Held solo exhibitions are: France, Rodez sixth Photography Festival City
1994, for the first festival in Brussels, Belgium
Participate in the mainland Chinese Contemporary Photography - Hong Kong -
Taiwan, Hong Kong Arts Centre in 1996 to participate in China's 15
studios from Munich, Germany
Held apart: Han Leishe Film Festival Beijing - Berlin - Helsinki in 1998 to participate
in the railway and the people - by the United States 1998 Mother Jones International
Photo Award Document Studio Gallery - Art center, San Francisco, the United States
in 1999 to participate in voice: Contemporary Chinese Photography Cypress Gallery /
BC Space Gallery, the United States in 2000 to participate in 21 cities in the world -
Siemens cultural projects Frankfurt - Tokyo - New York 2001
Participate in contemporary Chinese photography and video art Fine Art, New York
Berlin, Berlin, Germany to participate in Art Fair
Participate in the dialogue in 2002, Qi Yan Capital Museum, Beijing
Participate in Golden Harvest: Chinese Contemporary Art Museum of Contemporary
Art in Croatia
Participate in the face of true Art Archives and Warehouse, Beijing
Alien held in 2003: Han Leishe Film Festival, Aura Gallery, Shanghai
Participate iQue Top Space, Beijing
Participation elsewhere in Chongqing Museum
Participation from China: Contemporary Chinese Photography Galleri Image,
To participate in strange heaven: Contemporary Chinese Photography Museum in
Prague, Czech Republic
To participate in landscape Aura Gallery, Shanghai
Participate in the first Photography Festival of Rome, Rome, Italy
Time to participate in Viterbo, Italy
Art Festival held in 2004 Hanlei She King Gallery, Shanghai
Photography Festival in Rome, Rome, Italy
To participate in Spring Outing Aura Gallery, Shanghai
If you are a collector to participate in Aura Gallery, Shanghai
An illusion is also participating galleries, Shanghai
International Photo Exhibition Forbidden to participate in the Forbidden City, Beijing
Participate in the San Francisco International Photography Exhibition, San Francisco,
United States
Participate in cross: Contemporary painting and photography Fine Art, New York
Participate in scenic Bund Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai
2005 held in portrait: Han Lei POLARIS Gallery, Paris, France
Organized Han Lei: the impression was taken in 2005, a hundred years Gallery,
Geneva, Switzerland, organized by Han Leishe Film Festival
Participated in Paris photo Paris Photo Fair, Paris, France
Photography Festival in Rome, Rome, Italy
Participate in the city - attention: 2005 Guangzhou Photo Biennial, Guangdong
Museum of Art
Organized in 2006 Where is China? Hanlei She now Gallery Beijing, China film
Held PAGODA: Han Leishe Film Festival LOFT Gallery, Paris, France
Participate with the state with the state of China International Photography Festival
Ten people participated in China pioneer photographic exhibition, Asia Art Center
To participate in China pioneer museum in Nanjing 20 years Quartet
2007 held in 2007 Renaissance of photography image recovery Hanlei She Festival
Gallery J Chen Taiwan
Host 2007 Photography by Han Lei Han Leishe Hanart Hong Kong Film Festival
Participate in distance visual exhibition of contemporary Chinese photography 8
Participate in gentle - remember the 12 kinds of picture books on the Dimensions Art
Center, Beijing - Taipei
Participates in Gwangju Museum of Contemporary Korean Art Exhibition
Han Leishe Film Festival held in 2008: Four Seasons Gallery, Felix Ringel Galerie
Dusseldorf, Germany
Held domino: Han Lei Solo Exhibition Gallery West, Beijing, China
55 days to participate in Valencia - Valencia, Spain Contemporary Art Museum of
Modern Art (IVAM)
[Edit this paragraph] 3.CSDN Deputy General Manager
He graduated from graduated from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,
founded in 2001 CoDelphi.com develop online Chinese language website; in 2003 to
join CSDN, served as site director, deputy general manager, responsible for the
content of websites and magazines sector management. Holds "Borland
Delphi Product Specialist" and "Microsoft Most Valuable
Professional (MVP)" title. Has led the development of CSDN CMS,
CSDN Blog, DoNews CMS, DoNews Blog system. Liu Ren and co-author of
"Internet Media Guide", and human joint translation with
"Beginning C # Objects: Object to the code."
[Edit this paragraph] 4. Basketball player
Name: Han Lei
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1985.04
Height: 1.92m
Weight: 80kg
Nationality: China
Birthplace: Jilin Changchun
Project: National Basketball
Position: Guard
Club: Jilin Tonghua Iron and Steel
Club Number: 17
[Edit this paragraph] 5. Jiamusi University of Outstanding Students
Male, party members, Jiamusi University, the tenth president of the union of the
fourth Associations President, Materials Science and Engineering student council, 05
monitor inorganic non-metallic materials engineering classes. Won the outstanding
students in Heilongjiang Province, Heilongjiang Province, three good students,
Heilongjiang Province, excellent referee fifth Games for the Disabled, Heilongjiang
Province, the fifth Games for the Disabled outstanding volunteers, university
Excellent student, university outstanding student leaders, campus culture advanced
individuals in a number of honorary titles.

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