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Haikou_ Hong Kong Company Registration


									Haikou, Hong Kong Company Registration
Welcome friends from the sea, very happy for you in Haikou, Hong Kong companies
You do not need to personally go to Hong Kong, contact us and we can help you
registered Hong Kong companies, through our telephone or Internet to contact us, we
think you can handle well the services of Hong Kong companies, including the
registration of Hong Kong Company, Hong Kong companies examined, the Hong
Kong company tax returns, registered U.S. company, registered UK company,
registered German company, BVI registered company, registered in Malaysia and
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Tel: 0755 - 82617397
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Tel: 00852 - 28113620
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Jun Cheng Hong Kong business trust:
Fine one, through the world. Companies adhering to the spirit of excellence to provide
quality customer friendly service. Specializing in Hong Kong and overseas, company
registration, business secretary, tax audit, annual report, open the company / personal
bank account, stock transfer, change of address, agent for international trademark,
barcode, book number, etc.. To better serve our customers, Ortega set up the following
services: Valet apply for Hong Kong, the world will be accompanied by professional,
Valet arrangements around the world with the industry to the Hong Kong exchange,
valet arrangement, Hong Kong and around the world participating, Valet for Hong
Kong Government subsidies for SMEs participating, valet to the companies registered
in Hong Kong were received friends around the business, and government
departments to apply for the company on behalf of the certificate, the proprietor letter,
agency staff in Hong Kong and mainland companies in Hong Kong work permit, on
behalf of clients send and receive delivery of goods in Hong Kong, Valet lease office
space in Hong Kong on behalf of or for advertising Alibaba International members,
customers can apply on behalf of a passport issued in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, the
Asia-Pacific economic and trade organizations Business Travel Card ... ... and so on.
About Hong Kong
Co., Ltd. incorporated in Hong Kong are governed by laws of Hong Kong Companies
Ordinance, Chapter 32 controls. Under the Companies Ordinance, all Hong Kong
incorporated companies are required to report to the Registrar of Companies
Company Details for public inspection. The articles of association of a
company's main legal document, it shows the power of the company and
internal rules. These documents are required to set up the premise of the company
handed the Registrar of Companies (CR) for approval. Approval in the approval of
CR, CR will issue a company set up
Certificate (CI), CI be issued, Ltd. was incorporated before.
Co., Ltd. is an established professional and rigorous and complicated document things,
therefore, to save you time looking for some non-professional staff to set up your
company, our company's professionals are happy to provide
"comprehensive," the incorporation Hong Kong Limited
Service, including the provision of two types of company set up by: (1) the new
company set up optional; (2) buy a shelf company.
Whether the establishment of new or existing Limited, can enjoy the benefits of a
number of ways:
First, the establishment of advantages:
1. Co., Ltd. are entitled to permanent continuity and generation business
2. Shareholders of private debt, not involved Co., Ltd. held the property and property.
3. Co., Ltd has a statutory document, to protect the shareholders (investors) of interest,
so easy to set funding.
4. Under the name of conveyancing, personal investigation to avoid tax payments
from the sale premises.
5. The establishment, Ltd., China, Taiwan and foreign official to come to Hong Kong
Immigration Department for a business visa will be given priority.
6., Limited debt, operating business risk, that any shareholder will not be involved in
property and private property.
7. Co. have laws to protect the name, it will not have exactly the same name in
business dealings will not be fake, fraud, move to a serious loss.
8. Limited to operate the business, give with customers, bankers, suppliers, a sound
impression that confidence that will help business development.
Second, tax incentives:
1. Can be fully deducted expenses, such as recreation, transport and travel costs.
2. Director (owner) and their spouses of salary deducted as expenses.
3. Limited business, profit from overseas sources is no need to pay profits tax.
4. Use Limited to transfer property, can save large sums of profits tax, stamp duty and
legal fees.
5. The profits tax rate is 17.5% (net of all operating expenses, net profit), almost the
lowest in the world.
6. Emigrate overseas parties, such as the United States and Canada, use of the
Company to Hong Kong and overseas to avoid paying double tax.
7. Can fully deduct expenses such as property and motor vehicle installment of
interest, and depreciation of fixed assets are entitled to allowances.
8. Investment in China business person, use, Ltd. joint venture agreement signed, the
profit may be exempt from overseas Hong Kong profits tax.
Third, registration process:


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