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									Guinness Book of Records - Sports articles
】 【Air Extreme Sports
The highest number of people parachuting
U.S. Tangkainaer maintained skydiving record the highest number. As of 1998, he has
completed the 26,000 th parachute.
The most thrilling aerial bungee jumping
September 19, 1997, Germany's Yuehengshiwei Wenzel near Frankfurt in
Germany over the height from 2,500 meters to do bungee jumping. He used a 284 m
long bungee cord jumping from a helicopter. Free fall in the first stage, the use of
ropes under the 380 meters - the length of the rope, stretching over 95 meters. The
total distance of his next jump is 1012 meters. Jumped from a helicopter to a Turning
Point took 17 seconds. Schweitzer under 170 meters high from the rope, and then free
falling 16 seconds at 900 meters high and opened the parachute.
The highest bungee jump land
In 1980, Oxford University Sports Club Member David Kolk adventure in
Colorado's Royal Gorge bridge jump. Off point to the ground from a
distance of 315 meters. Kolk used the 126 can not be stretched bungee cord.
Most common balloon flight
September 1987, Poole in the UK United Kingdom Yieneshi nine Herefordshire Ross
River has created over 3050 meters high in the use of ordinary balloon flight world
record. Eshipuer by "Messier" was scheduled to reach the
height of a hot air balloon, it will cut the rope hot-air balloon, hot air balloon with the
separation itself, and then with the 400 that he suspended in the air, filled with helium
balloons separated one by one. After all the balloons with the separation, he has about
144 km per hour free fall, and finally open the parachute reaches the ground.
The largest mass free-fall formation
July 26, 1998, in Ottawa, Illinois over the 246 jumper together, time 7.3 seconds, hit
the largest free-fall formation of a world record.
The longest parachute
July 26, 1956, in the United States over North Carolina, Carolina, Wei Lianlan created
a parachute payment record of 40 minutes. The long skydiving record by rising air
currents made. Longest flying upside down
Cattle in July 1991, Qiaoenaosi Trudeau was in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada,
and between the van der Hoof, head down feet up flying up to 4 hours 38 minutes 10
The largest parachute formation
September 1996, Kassel, Germany, over, from 53 different countries make up the
world's largest parachute queue. They will maintain a queue of 6 seconds.
Turning circle within the greatest number of flight
August 9, 1986, Alaska in the United States over the United States, David Qi Erzi
turned inward to create a 2368 lap record.
The largest number of flights circling valgus
July 13, 1989, Oregon in the United States over the North Band at the
"super star" curve flight competition, 约 安 厄 斯 特 Wall
Chinese Communists have done in the flight 208 outside of the circle turn.
Longest paragliding flight
May 30, 1998, the United States, Weier Jia was man created the most long-distance
paragliding flight - 289.63 km.
December 25, 1995, Kuruman, South Africa, the United Kingdom Kaitezeer Preston
created the woman paraglider flying the longest distance - 285 km.
December 23, 1995, Kuruman, South Africa, the United Kingdom and 盖维斯特盖
特 Richard have made a double paraglider flying the longest distance - 200 km.
Paraglider flight record
January 6, 1993, in South Africa Bulandefu snow, the United States Robbie Whittle
has created the highest record of paragliding flight - 4.526 km.
January 1, 1996, Kuruman, South Africa, the United Kingdom 凯特瑟斯顿 created
the highest record of women's paragliding flight - 4.325 km.
Bungee jump the highest building
October 1998, 阿 吉 哈 克 特 from Auckland, New Zealand's tallest
building - building on the sky did a 180.1 m of bungee jumping. He will own cable
systems in the two so as to avoid collision with the building. Hackett is also the first
helicopter from the Eiffel Tower and the people who do bungee jumping.
The longest four air formation
June 27, 1997, in France over the French 蒂埃里布瓦 Du, Barry Ferry, Maril Ferry
and Daiweimuwa free fall form 36 different formations. Best hang gliding
In 1985, the Owens Valley, California, United States Ryrie Tudor created a hang
gliding altitude record of 4.343 km.
Very largest hop dance group
September 6, 1998, in Frankfurt, Germany, 25 from the line of Chi bank headquarters
building in front of 52-meter platform jump. The event is organized by the Frankfurt
city council is "Skyscraper Festival" part of the activities. The
aim is to raise public awareness of modern architecture and the emerging business
district concerns. Bungee jump performances were volunteers to participate in holiday
Walk the highest altitude
May 4, 1998, in Marshall, Michigan, over 5730 meters height, the UK's
Michael Howard in the aluminum pole between two hot-air balloon to do a sky walk.
He did not wear a seat belt, only a pole for balance. His feat was the
"prime time: Guinness World Records TV show" broadcast.
Longest glide
July 1, 1994, from Wyoming Locks Prince Ryrie gliding Tudor created the longest
straight-line distance record - 495 km.
June 19, 1998, the United States Tijimaxi created woman gliding record of the longest
straight line distance - 353.1 km.
The highest number of people parachuting
U.S. 谢 丽 尔 斯 特 Burns maintained the record of highest number of
women's parachute - to the end of 1998, a total of 12,800 times. Most
skydiving locations in the U.S. election.
Reduce the whereabouts of the most long-distance with parachute
August 16, 1960, in New Mexico Larosa, 约瑟夫基廷格 at 31,330 meters from a
hot air balloon at high altitude jump, creating a record under the 25.82 km.
October 26, 1977, in the Soviet Union (now Ukraine) Odessa over the Soviet Union,
Elvira V Mitch created a woman doll with a parachute drop ease the most
long-distance record. Her landing distance is 14.8 km.
Extreme sports】 【Land
The fastest road race sled players
May 29, 1998, Mt Whitney in California, from California, Tom Mu Meisen use
10-kilogram sled board created a speed of 130.8 km road sled race official record.
Mason started in 1995 in road sled movement. Time for his staff joined together from
the road race. The body in the United States in 1990, Los Angeles, California set up.
The Federation members are participating and non-competitive 100.
Fastest skateboard athletes
September 26, 1998, in Fountain Hill, Arizona, from Carlsbad, California, created a
speed of 100.66 km 盖里哈德维 skateboard record, the project has been based in
Arizona Phoenix Association of State recognition of non-traditional sports.
November 4, 1993 to 5, in the Greek Ecari, Eleftherios 斯阿尔吉罗 Stephanopoulos
with 36 hours 33 minutes 17 seconds and out of the 436.6 km.
Best skateboard jump
September 14, 1982, in France 格洛诺布尔, UK Telaifuer Baxter created skateboard
jump 1.67 meters, the highest.
Biggest mountain skateboard spin
In California at the game, the United States 麦克赖内赫尔 complete 360o rotation
in the air, and he jumped out of about 6.1 meters, and reached 2.135 meters height.
Mountain Bike World Championships was the highest number of people
World Championship men's downhill title by the largest French athletes 尼
古拉斯维耶 way, he won 7 times: from 1992 to 1994 by Junior title three times, from
1995 to 1998 were 4 adult titles.
Women's downhill champion was the most frequently Anne of France - a
卡洛琳娜肖 Song won her five times: 1994 and 1995, 2 Junior title, from 1996 to
1998 champion three times by the adult.
Received the highest number of cross country champion 3 times, creating the record
are: Denmark 亨利克杰尔 En (1992-1994); Canada Allison Khidr (1994-1996).
Mountain Bike World Cup was the highest number of people
World Cup Cross Country Championship in the men most from the Swiss player
Thomas Frisch Bryant, who from 1991 to 1998, winning 15 times.
Fastest man skating
September 26, 1998, in the United States, Arizona, United States 格雷厄姆维 Wilkie
and 杰 夫 维尔基 and 杰夫汉米尔顿 have created a record speed of 103.03
kilometers of skating and to get non-traditional sports associations recognition.
Fastest street glide
March 7, 1998, in the United States, Arizona, United States, especially the feet fixed
Road 格拉斯鲁切 not more than 1.07 m in length, the skateboard, gliding along the
road downhill, the fastest speed of up to 101 km.
Fastest skateboard beach
September 19, 1998, in Nevada, United States, Nancy Sutton scored 71.94 kilometers
per hour glide performance beach. November 26, 1998, in California, Peru, Marco
Malaga has created the fastest man's record speed: 71.13 km.
Beach skateboarding world champion was the highest number of people
Peru Marco Malaga maintained by the World Beach Championship title slide highest
number of records. His skateboard by the world governing body of sand + beach -
International Players Association approved the beach skateboard championships won
three championships (1996, 1997 and 1998). Zhu 莉 皮 尔 西 克 is the U.S.
women's record holder. She won three times world champion (1996, 1997
and 1998).
Saudi fastest car Yun-Fan
Saudi sail the fastest car in the official record of 107 kilometers per hour. The record
is March 22, 1981 by the French player Christian - Yi Funuo map covered in ink Le
Biller created.
The fastest road roller
February 1991, in Long Beach, California, United States Aidimaci Younger in 1 hour
and out of the 34.82 km. American Jonathan Seo Patel maintained 12 hours a highway
skating record of 285.86 km, the record of his February 2, 1991 in Long Beach,
California created.
October 2, 1994, in Portland, Oregon, United States 金伯利埃姆斯 created a
24-hour on the highway skating record of 455.5 km. Longest skateboard jump
September 25, 1997, in Long Beach, California, at the World Professional Skateboard
Championships, 托尼阿尔瓦 jumped out of the record of 5.18 meters, and skip the
17 barrels.
Mountain Bike World Cup was the highest number of people
Women's mountain bike cross country World Cup was the most frequently
champions the United States Huli Fu Hurtado, she in 1991 to 1996 a total of 28 times
world champion.
Women's World Cup downhill race to win most of France Anne - 卡洛琳
娜肖 loose, she in 1993 to 1998, winning 13 times.
World Cup men's downhill most of France 尼古拉斯维耶 Road. From
1992 to 1998 he won 7 times.
Bonnie highest jump
April 18, 1998, the British created the mountain bike Bonnie 斯蒂夫吉尔 the
highest jump: 1.125 meters.
The fastest connection skateboard athletes
September 26, 1998, in Fountain Hill, Arizona, United States Dailunlaote skateboard
on the connection speed of 105 km skidded off the record.
Most were mountain people who skateboard championship
Jason Lee also won the 1997 and 1998 World Championships all mountain
skateboarding champion. In the past 4 years he various regional and national
competitions in addition to a competition, all the best results.
Single roller skates wear out of the maximum height
Single roller skates wear out of the maximum height is 2.7 meters. The record by the
December 15, 1996 Sandoz, Switzerland Amsterdam, The Netherlands Randolph
Wear skates sliding down the fastest speed
September 26, 1998, in Fountain Hill, Arizona, United States Jieaidingdun wearing
roller skates sliding down to create a record speed of 75.14 km.
The fastest road roller
February 1991, in Long Beach, California, United States Aidimaci Younger in 1 hour
and out of the 34.82 km. American Jonathan Seo Patel maintained 12 hours a highway
skating record of 285.86 km, the record of his February 2, 1991 in Long Beach,
California created.
October 2, 1994, in Portland, Oregon, United States 金伯利埃姆斯 created a
24-hour on the highway skating record of 455.5 km.
Fighting】 【
Longest martial arts television series
Warner Brothers series of martial arts film "Kung Fu" from
1972 to 1975 playing a total of 62 sets. Kane played by David Carradine Zhang. From
1992 to 1996, a play by David Carradine Kane shot a television drama set to complete
a row. The drama is divided into four 88 set.
The most successful sumo wrestlers
Yokozuna autumn Yoshisada ruled from 1937 to 1939 set a record winning streak 69
games in the unprecedented.
Ye Hong-yi, Wang Gang were retired in 1917, before a record 32 times exalted,
"the Emperor's Cup," the record.
Toro hi mark 21 years of competition in the career, winning 254 games, 10 games a
negative, as the highest player ever to win the winning rate of 96.2%.
Sumo champion who won the most
Akimoto Ogawa 8 years (1981-1988) won the line of Kyushu sumo games (held
annually one of the six tournament) championship, a record. He also holds the largest
number of professional game winning Field (1045) and Tent (top game) to win the
largest number of games (807 games) record.
Participate in the highest number of top sumo tournament players
United States, Jesse B. Yu Ya eight consecutive years played 1231 times. He is also
the first to get top Sumo Championship (1972), winner of the non-Japanese players.
From 1964 to 1986 by Shoji Yukio at all levels, a total of 1631 games played.
From 1962 to 1988, Kenji Hatano CPC in the professional game played 1891 games.
Olympic wrestling champion was the most people
3 times to win are: Sweden 卡尔韦斯特 Glen (1920, 1924 and 1932), Sweden ivoire
Johnson (twice in 1932 and 1936 years), the Soviet Union Alexander Medved quarter
(1964, 1968 and 1972), and Russia's Alexander Karelin (1988, 1992 and
Wrestling to win the most medals in one Olympics
Get four Olympic medals are: Finland Eleno (from 1921 to 1932 were four medals in
freestyle wrestling), Hungary Yibo Li (from 1952 to 1964 Greco-Roman wrestling
won four medals) U.S. 布鲁斯鲍姆 Gartner (1984 to 1996 were four medals in
freestyle wrestling).
Heaviest sumo athletes
Born in a small West 夏威夷萨里瓦 Edisangsi pool name for the familiar, in their
career peak, weighed 274 kg. May 1998, he quit sports, renamed Sano Mountain, the
work involved in training horses. As the overweight Sumo wrestlers, who often are
heart disease and other diseases.
Dominated the longest boxing champion
From 1937 to 1949 retired only U.S. world heavyweight boxing champion Joe Louis
has been as dominant as long as the ring 11 years 252 days. Arno is the only U.S.
Luojimaxi at all throughout his career to win the world champion, who in 1947 and
1955 played 49 times.
The longest boxing match
By Queensberry rules, the longest in the world lightweight boxing champion is
September 3, 1906 in the lightweight boxer Joe Gans and Oscar Nelson of the party
eventually won a foul.
The shortest boxing match
The shortest in the world boxing championship in just 20 seconds. August 7, 1993, in
Puerto Rico, held by the World Boxing Council middleweight boxing ring, the United
States, Gerald Kekelailun took only 20 seconds to beat Jieyibeier.
Remain undefeated professional boxing career, the longest time
November 13, 1998, Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States, Mexico's
Ricardo Lopez to beat 罗森多阿尔瓦 Alvarez points to keep the World Boxing
Association featherweight championship. Lopez in the entire career of 48 matches
unbeaten for as long as 13 years and 11 months.
Best wrestler
Jorge Gonzalez Argentina Height 2.29 m, weight 195 kg. Gonzalez was originally
basketball player from 1990 to 1994 in the United States become a professional
wrestler, called "giant", took part in the World Wrestling
Federation and the New Japan Professional Wrestling Contest, Wrestling is the rapid
development time. In 1994, he also participated in the United States, called a
"hell of Hercules" in the shooting, in which the play boxer
By karate world championship the most times
A total of 6 times by the British Karate Team World Champion (1975, 1982, 1984,
1986, 1988 and 1990). Record for the men's individual world champion
twice, have four players honored were: the United Kingdom Patemaikai (1982 and
1984 level of 80 kg of the following title), France's Emmanuel Pinda
(non-discrimination rally champion in 1984), France 蒂埃里马希 (1986 and 1988
was 70 kg less level champion), Spain Manniuerai Genoa (1990 and 1992 was 80 kg
The following class titles).
Greco-Roman wrestling world champion by most people
Russia's Alexander Karelin in 1988 to 1998 was 11 130 kg class title.
The longest single game wrestling
Wrestling is the longest record of 1912 Olympic Games in Greco-Roman wrestling
75kg competition created, lasted 11 hours and 40 minutes, the final victory over
Finland in Russia 马丁克莱恩 Alfred Axijinni.
Champion hack things with bare hands
March 22, 1998, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Bulusihai Burns bare hands
Piduan the total weight of 310 kg of 15 cement board. Haynes split the people
recognized bare hands is a matter of world champion karate black belt-level players,
had eight times the international sports Karate Association world championship title.
Most people race to win wrist
U.S. players in the middleweight Yuehan Bu Ke heat has in the past 17 years has
retained the wrist game dominance at many levels. In 1998, in Petaluma, California at
the World Championships, he won in five different levels, including three
championship is won by the right wrist, two is won by left wrist. In the same year in
the world championship on the wrist, he was awarded the wrist of the greatest players
of the title.
The most successful sumo brothers
Mark if Hanada field in the summer of 1998 after winning promotion to yokozuna,
the grade since 1994 has been by his brother to keep your Hanada. This is 1500 in
sumo history, the first time that two brothers with the payment of Yokozuna title.
The most successful Taekwondo athletes
Hu 安莫雷尼奥 U.S. in 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea won the silver
medal in Taekwondo the most lightweight. In 1992 he received silver medal at the
Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain. This makes it the most successful Taekwondo
athletes. In both the Olympic Games, Taekwondo has been performing the project, but
the project will become the 2000 Sydney Olympics Games. Chinese Taipei, Chen is
the most successful female taekwondo athletes. She won the 1988 Olympic gold
medal in 51 kg class and the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games gold medal in 60 kg
Received the highest number of modern judo champion who
Yasuhiro Yamashita of Japan was a time Olympic champion and four-time world
champion: 1979, respectively, 1981 and 1983, more than 95 kg class world champion,
world champion in 1981 and undifferentiated level undifferentiated class of 1984
Olympic champion. In retirement, he wins 203 games (1977-1985).
Pigs in Three Japanese vine 4 time world champion: 1971, respectively, 1973, 1975,
the following level of 80 kg world champion. Japan's Naoya Ogawa also
won four times: in 1987, respectively, 1989, 1991, the open class world champion,
also won the 1989 world championship level for more than 95 kg.
Belgium 6 British 格丽德贝里曼 won the World Women's Championship:
1980, 1982, 1984 and 1986 open class world champion, and the 1984 and 1989, 72
the following levels of world champion. She also picked up the 1988 Olympic Games
in modern Judo 72 kg class title - when the modern women's judo was
included as an Olympic performances.

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