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Mobile Marketing


Mobile Marketing Is Easy and Fun. It has had such a positive impact on our business that I highly recommend that anyone who is serious about succeeding with a home business should think about employing these methods

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									        Mobile Marketing: A Fresh Way to Have Fun Making Money
My main issue with my original way of working with online marketing was that I felt run
down! It was as if I was putting in hours and hours of work, and achieving small or at
best moderate results. I quickly learned that the online marketing platform was over
saturated and I had no clue how to stand out in way that would really bring the cash in.

The journey was at times slow and tedious, not to mention expensive. I got to a point
where I got sick of writing and endlessly re-writing articles, so decided to outsource.
Naturally this meant money out of my pocket, not to mention the sometimes appalling
results! Money was spilling out of my pocket for pay per click too, as obviously I had to
pay for every visitor. Despite the idea that this would eventually come back to me, most
of the time I found the return pretty minor. Not only was I losing dollars, I was spending
endless hours trying to come up with better strategies.

The whole thing was driving me mad! Perhaps this will sound familiar, I had so many
projects going on, that I’m pretty sure I spend way too much time just logging into my
endless accounts to look for results.

I was forgetting my different passwords and user names and the whole thing felt pretty
disorganized. Every now and then, a bit of success would show it’s face and that’s what
kept me going.

But in all fairness, I was getting a bit obsessed and losing my sense of direction, it was as
if I was chasing non-existing mythical creatures (the millions all the gurus talked about)
but the only thing I was catching were chickens (a few dollars here and there, in quite
sporadic sequence).

And this is when I luckily came across Mobile Marketing!!! Thank God! The idea of
carrying on as I was seemed almost unbearable, after all I was managing to make some
cash. Although I sometimes felt like giving up, those mythical creatures I was chasing
were firmly imprinted in my mind.

As soon as I did some research and some thinking about the Mobile Marketing strategy, I
knew I was on to something good. In fact, I will be honest; I was like a kid in a candy
store! Why? Because I quickly realized that the Mobile Marketing platform was new,
relatively free and almost untouched by all the web marketing gurus!

It does not take a genius to quickly see the potential of this platform- do you know
anyone that doesn’t have a phone? All the cool kids and gadget mad dudes are walking
around with their iphones and smart phones, hell I’m one of them! It was as if a light bulb
flicked on in my head- Iphone money!! Where there are

People with smart phones- there is a real possibility of making big cash- I call it iphone
I considered how much I myself played around with iphone money apps, and had heard
a story about a developer creating an iphone money app bringing in thousands of dollars
into his pocket. The idea is simple- people love their iphones and their apps. They take
their cell phones everywhere- a perfect place to be an affiliate, right in their pocket, lets
not forget that that’s also where there money is, and no doubt within mobile marketing it
will trickle into mine!

Check Out Our Sister Site at: IphoneMoney.Net

Best of all this new strategy is a hell of a lot easier, quicker and most importantly
cheaper! As this is a budding market- I am now receiving continuous cash flow! I too
wanted to create an iphone money app. I’m telling you, this is the way to go!

Of course mobile marketing doesn’t need to be all about iphone money apps, there are
lots of methods within this awesome platform, the iphone money app is just one of my
favorites, but wow, there are many easy, cheap and quick methods to choose from. I’m
doing a few- well doing isn’t really applicable, the money is simply rolling in- I said it
before, and I will say it again, iphone money is the real deal! I know this may sound
corny, but mobile marketing has changed my life! With less than half the work, I am
making a very nice profit and it’s all connected to the technology I love!

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