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					Gratitude to his alma mater, parting
Dear teacher, dear Benedictine College Shanghai Campus:
Looking back intently, fingertips, we piled Love thin gap in the alternate years, the in
memory, repeat play. Recall the days of military training, we had suffered had tired,
when we have to get up every day before dawn, when, very late when we took his
own exhausted body back to the bedroom when we stand under the scorching sun Jun
Zi's time, when we heard the middle of the night when an emergency set of
whistle, when we repeatedly take the queue, we began to know my dear friends, and
respect teachers. We come together four years of university life, we witness the youth
to blossom, when the campus taste of beer and tears began to diffuse, as we all clearly
know that the days of separate close up. The years, we can only take away, like the
gorgeous young fry, but always drive ghost of our memories that the mountains and
plains of the fragrance. Dear teachers, in ordinary days, you had a long conversation
with friends we can, in the days of leaving, we found that you are even more proud of
our life and wealth.
Turning around, this is senior year. This year, we will deal with the scene in the
recruitment of the time; this year, we looked at the young faces have become mentees
time; this year, as we are papers, for work, for the future and Future thinking and run
around, we have begun to face the cruel reality. This year, we have a little fear, fear of
work, fear of loneliness, fear and uncertainty into the community, despite the
numerous times we have dreams, to make money to support themselves, but at this
moment, see their own weakness and the campus OK. At this moment, we are
sincerely grateful to his alma mater, because of you, only makes me more power to
pursue and close to the dream. After the journey, because of you, we will become
more determined pace.
Bright college years, goodbye. We will go back and see our mentees face familiar
young and frivolous; reward teachers expect of us. In a warm afternoon, or the quiet
of the night, we will quietly think of you, our most dear partner, think of your smile
and your heart hurt. Let us leave it in earnest, as the beginning of our most serious as
to say his name.
In the farewell occasion, we recall a college career gradually passing away, while
Benedictine College Shanghai Campus do their best to provide some experience of
those who:
First of all, no matter how many people at school tell you how important the overall
quality, but in the future recruitment, you are always in the school's
academic performance is most important. Therefore we must strive to fight for every
Second, please be thankful heart and humble attitude towards each individual teacher;
Third, university students really treat you, they will be your friend and future business
Fourth, the treasure spent in school each day because it will directly reflect on your
future employment success and career success of the above.
Finally, no one can casually succeed, careful to pay each time the final returns. I hope
all of Benedictine College Shanghai Campus happy in business schools, to enrich and
Finally once again thank our favorite teacher, I wish you all success in your work,
peace and happiness!

June 20, 2010

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