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Graduated, really all over, and Hangzhou, said bye bye, and the Institute said byebye
7, back to school, the evening will be overnight to sing K, then the next day shopping
offensive, 10 of small and mountain mentees to share practical experience that night
graduation party, fitness tests, physical examination, 11 am, at graduation dinner,
overnight to sing K, 12 the morning of the graduation ceremony in the afternoon you
can leave school. 13, to sleep at night Korean BBQ, 15 am to sleep in the afternoon to
go home.
For the first time tasted the taste of drunk, in fact, I did not feel drunk, is the feeling of
a point to speak slowly, not sure of the points, walking away is not always the point,
my mind was very clear, but they do not believe me .. .. Khan. Unlike the other girls
drunk is telling anyone hold, telling anyone close to him, hey, really fun. Graduation
dinner, we drink is High, crying, very happy, almost everyone was crying it, because
the relationship between a little drunk, see the parting scene, the nose is very acid, the
mess started to cry, and hold good friends, really of to leave, and very reluctant.
Called or middle level, not to speak out on the first cry, I am not going to scare her, I
just felt I should share with the people I was feeling, I'm sorry, I am sad,
melancholy parting stained the heart, the level was still a student, I hope she can take
over the rest of the school career. Cry, not just that we want to separate the students,
university students can not be said to be far apart, but still scattered far, this do not
know of any opportunity to meet, regardless of weekdays in affectionate friend, or
just nod at the turn, all hold together, tells of farewell. Cry is to their students more
time to say goodbye, really not so the chance of Yi Hou, Zheng Shi Yao stepped
Shehui, and a daily struggle to wage Er, no arbitrary time Nenggou the play, did not
play any energy Zai overnight, it could not bear, all are reluctant.
A photo shoot before going home, the bag on the side, but you can not see it, the only
one with the famous school photo, and there is no Zhejiang Education Institute, and
only outside the TT Zhejiang