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					Germanium stone mattress
Ocher mattress features
1, high-quality raw materials from natural precious stone germanium.
2, using South Korea sophisticated processing technology.
3, ocher densely arranged, the role of whole body, a powerful effect.
4, with selection of superior fabrics, excellent workmanship, elegant appearance with
a full luxury.
5, super large adsorption capacity, decomposition and eliminate odors, clean mattress.
6, various specifications of size, freedom of choice to meet different needs.
7, human temperature control design, easy operation, safe and practical.
8, double mat with double temperature double control, individual switches operate
independently, a two-temperature pad.
Germanium stone therapy mattress health effects:
1. As warm as the heated kang, summer can be cool, well-being of dual-use adjustable
?2. Of the "old cold legs," weak waist has some role in
prevention and care;
?3. Can promote the surface of the skin microcirculation, skin is more delicate,
smooth, more flexible;
?4. Make people calm and serene, the meridian passage on, blood flow and viscera
?5. On headache, dizziness, insomnia, mentally weak special effects;
?6. The prevention of hypertension, vascular atherosclerosis prevention and care have
some effect;
?7. Can enhance memory, filling intelligence;
?8. Speckle reducing long-term use can reduce wrinkles, kidney yang, yin blood, gray
hair black, hair regeneration;
?9. Beautiful shape, that is, health care products, but also arts and crafts.
Dual temperature controller (double temperature, the temperature can be adjusted the
size of left and right, independent switch)
Dual adjust the temperature controller
1, about power: the power switch, that is, warm start functionality.
2, around the temperature knob: to rotate the panel size digital temperature regulation,
When the carpet surface heated to the set temperature, the temperature control to
achieve constant temperature function.
Sets the form: continuous adjustable potentiometer knob of
Input voltage: 220V + -20% 50HZ
Output control power: 300W
Adaptation temperature range: 20-38 degrees
Control temperature range: 18-70 degrees
Adaptation Humidity: 90% non-condensing
Run triple insurance: 1, the controller over-voltage over-current fusing
          ?2, output over-current shut down
          ?3, the mattress over-temperature shut down
Five features
1, moxibustion
   To warm jade or mineral elements (both energy-producing substances) the role of
the meridian points on the body, and clear the air, blood, forming deep moxibustion
effect, sparking human stress response, maintain body balance and good for the relief
of chronic diseases effect.
2. Far Infrared
  ?Is a kind of invisible infrared light, because of its wavelength (6-14 microns) and is
similar to the human body, also called light and depth of human life will be formed
after the "hot penetration" so capillary expansion, improvement
of human microcirculation; break down fat ; remove metabolic disorder and remove
toxins deposited the body; relieve pain.
3. Long wave is a wave, is low frequency alternating magnetic field, due to its up to
5000-6000 km wavelength (frequency between 50 ~ 60 Hz), and can occur as the
magnetic field intensity and the time change (three per minute thousands). So as long
wave magnetic field lines, also known as alternating magnetic field.
4. Anions
  ?Negative ions can change the body pH, can purify the blood, with the ability to
enhance the body immune function.
5. Negative Potential
  ?Negative potentials can ease body fatigue and muscle pain.
Six protection
1, Waterproof
   Products used in the production of the unique production technology of high
frequency waves, the PVC layer, layer and network capacity can be sealed with sand,
can effectively prevent liquid penetration, while the product layer and bottom layer of
fabric has a waterproof, So the sun was in the accident and health products under the
liquid wet Do not worry.
2, Wear
   South Korea imported products fabric layer composite material used to make sun
and health products with very good wear resistance, as much as possible to extend the
life of the product.
3, anti-static
4, self-cleaning, deodorizing
   Products can distribute a large number of "negative ions" to
clean the air and human blood, has a very good dust to clear the role of human smell.
5, block harmful electromagnetic waves
   Electromagnetic radiation can harm the human body virtually, so electromagnetic
radiation present in the international arena as an important environmental pollution.
More serious harm to the human body's electromagnetic waves is greater
output power, short wavelength electromagnetic waves, high frequency
electromagnetic waves. If a man lives long wave radiation in the more serious
environment pollution, there will be fatigue, memory loss, nervous exhaustion,
irritability, and menstrual disorders and other symptoms, in particular electromagnetic
radiation on the visual organ damage than most.
   Mattress with safety design, test the mattress by the authority of the department can
effectively shield electromagnetic 99.9% or more.
6., Blocking water pulse
    Water pulse flow of groundwater in an impact due to barriers formed by the
magnetic field (thousands of years been understood as Feng Shui and malaria),
allowing the magnetic field of human brain and human chaos disrupt the body clock,
such as the long period of water pulse above lead to stroke, high blood pressure, heart
hypertrophy and other diseases. Products can effectively shield groundwater pulse.
All manufacturers have to ensure quality mattresses, free 5-year warranty
Product Features
Product specifications 1.5m * 1.9
Thickness: 3 cm
Features: Dual Temperature Dual Control
You can add long wave, negative potential, negative ions.
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