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									General insurance broker claims
              Knowledge claims
Knowledge of life insurance claims
First, claims process
1, an insured event occurs, should be promptly reported to insurance companies, and
related information sent to insurance companies.
2, the insurance company claims department received the material, immediately
placed on file.
3, need to investigate the case, investigators requested, to investigate.
4, claims staff review the material to determine whether the accident insurance
coverage, calculate the claim paid. In case of doubt may still re-investigation. To
Underwriting Conclusion.
5, claims staff will review the comments and conclusions of the report, issuing
agreement closed.
6, to inform you receive money or other written notice.
Second, on the report
1, informant: the insured person or beneficiary, happen in real people's
relatives, friends can be reported to the insurance company.
2 Report by: home report, phone report, fax report.
3, reporting limitation: insurance accident notification within 3 days from the date of
the insurance company.
4, Accidental Injuries: 24 hours, notify the company or contact with the salesman, or
insurance company will not take insurance.
5, reporting the content: Name of the insured, the insured single number, escape from
danger through, time, place and situation related to the insured.
Third, the provisions on insurance applicants
1, survival insurance, disability insurance, health care (costs, benefits) insurance
applicants must be insured or the insured himself a trustee.
2, death insurance applicants must be a beneficiary or beneficiaries of the trustee
himself, is no designated beneficiary or beneficiaries before the insured person or the
same death, the insured's heirs have the right to request insurance.
Fourth, the provisions on non-registered cases
No registered cases of the following cases:
1, accident insurance policies are not set forth in the insured
2, the incident time is not on the insurance period
3, accident insurance contract are contained in the exclusion
4, the accident occurred in the exemption period
5, the insurance contract had expired
6, claims for more than the "insurance law" provisions of the
7, the applicant's qualification failure
8, that material is not complete
5, claims to apply the required information:
Insurance reimbursement, the applicant shall complete the claim form, insurance
claims departments to provide the original insurance policy, the last payment
certificate and proof of identity the insured, the need to provide the following table
according to different circumstances relevant documents:

Claims should be prepared project documents and document files or documents
Disease death 1,4,7,81, diagnosis proved
2, the original receipts of medical expenses
3, discharge summary
4, the residents death certificate
5, the accident proved that (traffic, public security department)
6, disability testimonials
7 of the household registration cancellation certificate
8, beneficiary or agent identification
All residual disease 1,3,6
1,3-patient benefits
Hospitalization 1,2,3
Accident Disability Benefit 1,3,5,6
Accident death 4,5,7,8
Major diseases 1,3

Knowledge of property and casualty insurance claims
I. Report:
Insured property liability insurance within the accident, the policy should be held as
soon as possible, by telephone, fax, written or reported directly to insurance
companies, fill out the "notice of dangerous condition" and seal.
Second, the filing:
Insurance claims department received a report immediately to verify the situation, to
be placed on file.
Third, survey, will be damaged, rescue:
Placed on file, the claims department sent people to survey the scene, establishing
responsibility for the accident, approved accident loss, help policyholders to take
necessary and reasonable rescue measures to prevent losses. Please estimate if
necessary, public companies in the approved loss.
IV, document collection:
In determining the insurance, the insured requested by insurance companies to
provide the necessary documents.
5, Pei An address:
Insurance company, after receiving various documents, belonging to the insurance
liability approved by all levels of approval limits the amount of compensation,
Shanzhi compensation plan, do not send an insurance liability exclusions notice.
6, handle Peifu:
Upon completion of the examination and approval by the insurance plan shall 赔付
financial sector.
Claims Guide:
Procedures for processing claims by policy holders, generally required to fill out the
following documents and submit the following proof:
1, Accident Notice: (insurance companies)
1. Insured is the insured unit must be stamped with official seal
2. The insured person autographed by the insured, and complete the project can be
Second, claims the power of attorney: (prescribed form)
1. The insured unit: the power of attorney on the official seal stamped insured, fill in
the relevant section (unit can not entrust personal collection).
2. Insured is an individual: signed by the insured to fill in the columns, together with
the client, the client ID to be duplicated.
Third, the accident proved that:
(1) need to be treated by the traffic police to provide "certified in Traffic
Accidents," "Traffic Accident mediation book",
"road traffic summary mediation book."
(2) The court must provide: "End of road traffic accidents mediation
book", "People's Court Civil Judgement",
"People's Court Civil Mediation Books" and proof of
(3) non-road traffic accident: police station to provide proof.
(4) provides that the fire department (fire).
(5) to provide meteorological services that (natural disasters).
4, repair invoices, inventory, assessment sheets after approval by the insurance
company before receiving emergency treatment fee invoices, receipts or property
damage, "road traffic accident evidence of economic damages."
5, incident photos (including on-site photos, car damage photos, property damage
6, valid driving permit, driving license, are evidence, the Deputy certificate copy.
7, casualties are required:
"Road Traffic Accident Compensation Certificate" issued by the
traffic police department.
The loss of working time fee, nursing care, food subsidies, medical expenses,
compensation for death, burial and dependents living expenses, disability
compensation, disability equipment charges issued by the related unit of the details to
Injured patient: hospitalization, referral, discharge report.
Not injured patient: providing disease certificate, medical records.
Victims with disabilities: Provide standard "road traffic accident
identification book."
Died in: a death certificate or a forensic examination report.
Invoices for medical expenses: hospital fees must be stamped with Chapter
Funeral invoice
Officers to handle incidents of transportation, accommodation invoice.
Death (disabled) who support that: the family issued by the local police station to
register and support staff provide the support person household registration.
Injury (death) certificates and those who care nursing staff payroll copy must be
stamped with official seal or financial chapter.
Injury (death) and nursing staff who identity card identity card.
8, vehicle theft and robbery to provide:
Rights assignment: (in triplicate)
(1) the insured unit: official seal stamped insured, fill in the columns.
(2) the insured person: signed by the insured to fill in the columns.
Stolen (robbed) Vehicle registration form report; insured signature (signature), and
complete the relevant sections.
Original copy of the original policy.
Driving permit, additional fees of the original permit, a full set of car keys.
Car invoice surcharge invoice (original stamped copy of the mortgage bank to provide
car seal), vehicle and vessel usage tax invoices, copies of all of a road maintenance
Such as stolen in the parking lot, parking charges need to provide receipts, parking
card original.
Examined and qualified driving permit is valid, Vice card and driver driving license
and vice card duplicated.
Public security departments to prove:
(1) the insurance of vehicles stolen in the local (grab): from the police station and the
District Public Security Bureau, city criminal police unit to be Robbery of proof;
(2) the insurance of vehicles stolen in other places (rush): Provides more than
city-level public security departments issued stolen (robbed) certificate or
reconnaissance proved.
Remote license plate insurance, theft of vehicles (took) the need to provide vehicles
domicile Vehicle Administration issued by the department cancel the account to
"Looking car inspiration": In the provinces, published in the
press above the level, and cut and paste the registration form in the report, state press
name, date, version number.
Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. Qingdao hero how to provide professional claims
assistance services?
   For the convenience of customers in a timely manner to assist the work of claims,
IH Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. specially equipped with a professional claims service,
available 24 hours for your claims assistance services. When customers encounter the
insurance accident report to the hero, after insurance brokers, we guarantee to do:
inform the insurance company to understand the views of the insurance
company's initial treatment to ensure that customers in the future claims of
quick success; selected customer service staff to the shortest possible time to the
scene to help clients deal with the accident, the rescue to take effective measures to
prevent the loss of the expansion; accident involving third party liability, to help our
customers to third-party recovery; help customers prepare materials related to the
settlement of claims; when the technology is complex and the amount of claims larger
Peian occurs, IH insurance brokers to recommend the appropriate insurance company
who claims assessors, and for advance compensation for the customer to maintain an
objective and fair to the interests of customers; if the claims process and insurance
companies with customer objections hero insurance broker by virtue of their
profession and understanding of the insurance market, providing professional advice
to customers to maximize the interests of safeguarding client.

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