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Long time no write things. But today is the want to write.
Has reached the half after junior next semester. The senior immediately, and carefully
think about how the University is like the last few years off. What is learned in the
end? Get what they lost?
Not yet felt the pressure of graduation. Graduated in the end do? Civil servants start
home, I test, I also review the, but the application of what I see most are not good at
reading the language plus writing. Would add even more rare is to solve the problem.
Brilliant I have no experience in the science students how to start? I really doubt my
own strength.
I also take into account the civil service during the test into how to do? I intend to
follow dad to do a small business, since that is willing to suffer a little smarter, it can
certainly make a difference.
These days, listening to squad leader, said a co-training institutions and schools. A
training to students. No problem as long as study and work hard. These days I have
carefully considered this. That up to my wife today and talked for a long time. Are
also a little understanding on the up. This is only his one-sided. His words should be
actual situation 皆有.
I myself also analyzed for a long time. First of all, intellectual, or can be, not a fool.
Second, the people skills of respect, I and slightly inward, or be cautious of strangers,
though, and I have worked with the Department should be pretty good impression on
me. Again, I think things will certainly be worth to adhere to until it succeeds. Finally
I have my own ideals, should be able to fulfill this ideal, not a fantasy.
Discussed today and at home, this training thing, after more than five months, total
costs to 2W or so, a lot. The training in the end worth the money?
If not, I continue to review the civil service exam, written-off to an interview, need
about 20W of the "hidden rules" costs, job uncertainty, the
development of very slow. 20W wages alone seems to back this far, ah, ah forced to
go crooked road! Enough to test into this area did not learn anything the University
can only make a small business working to do.
If you go, give up the civil service, serious science graduate jobs, first working years,
with the rest of 20W and a few buddies I would like to start with fund raising, I do not
want to spend his whole life working for others, not only hard to get fixed wage,
regardless of the wage level, in the end it is for others their lives. If you learn well?
Excuse yourself, sorry parents, I am sorry that tuition fees.
My intention is to go, but the final decision or final decision by the parents. After all,
they been around more than I've seen much more.
We are now considering the future of things, slowly I have found more and more
pragmatic. Also think that we grew up, his slowly has changed. Never going the pure,
innocent age.
If you go up in training, I hope and buddies to help each other, instead of calculating
each other, within up to 30% of the participants recommended the former name of
enterprise employment. But I think we should be the 30% of the people, we are a team.
A sentence is gone up, man who was a team together, to share with their learning
experience, the best to do it, or else not to do. We are not willing to fall behind others.
I would sincerely hope to go with a buddy to school to learn new skills. Because I
want to start in a few years, I need your help.
Inexplicable feeling, not narcissistic, I will accomplish something his career.
Thank you "you", if you do not leave me, I will not mature so
fast, if you have been by my side, I may also playing WOW. All insane. Will be
destined from the bye.

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