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					Fudan University Chinese Learning Course
Sponsor: Fudan University
President, who is a general rule, it is not only a duty, but also a mind, tolerance, vision,
courage and wisdom. Review your success, which may account for the initiative, may
be the product unique, and so on and so on. But behind all must have your superior to
others, your ideal, your wisdom, strategy, your charisma, your concern for humanity
and social responsibility ... ...
Wisdom is not conveyed in words, "special educatio n" needs
"cultivation of mind" and "spirituality." 7
More than 350 former CEO of teaching students feedback based on a thorough
curriculum innovation, curriculum is more interested in China's five
thousand years of history and culture of your upgrading of personal cultivation. In fact,
if we as a company of ancient dynasties, the emperor as chairman, the prime minister
as general manager of the sea to rise up as business, to the people for the day to plead
for the pepole neutrality as Zhang Yang Enterprise mission and brand building, the
building base as the original accumulation of capital, to exploiting the boundary as
expand the market, as market competition, war, the annexation as mergers and ... ...
the modern business organization and the home of ancient China, the national
organizations in the management essentially the same, Minister of the nobility of the
ideal emperor vision and hardships, the same as today's entrepreneurs to
experiencing. China's rich history and culture provide us with a past serve
the present, inexhaustible treasure- house of ideas and methods. In particular, we
invited many young Chinese culture on Chinese and Western masters, for your
interpretation of Personal Development, King of the Road and businesses seeking to
avoid the loss of universal law.
Source of current students will be more diversified. EMBA students in addition to real
estate hospital, the hospital has been closed down finance, bankers, investment,
automotive, steel, hotel, logistics and other industries will also take part CEO. We will
enrich the teaching activities through the design and arrangement, the thinking among
business leaders to enhance interaction and intellectual enlightenment, and efficient
development of your life and career platform.
I. Curriculum
Macro-control, trade protection, emergency resources, overproduction, competition,
innovation and so weak, China's macroeconomic singing in the way while,
at the micro level of experience is an entirely different story: a nagging Growing
Pains . The fact is basing its efforts on developing the domestic market or economic
body the international supply service providers in the ranks of Chinese enterprises are
facing internal and external environment changes and a series of potential problems
and uncertainties; and business executives also bottleneck faced with their own
development, management ideas and past accumulated practical experience, and even
values are experiencing a new challenge.
How to break through business growth, "ceiling"? We have
always believed that the height of your thinking and strategic vision, determine your
business led the advance. This course is no longer confined to traditional areas of
management courses, but combined with modern western management theory,
operation and management of Chinese enterprises from the actual needs, using history
as a mirror, from a higher height of the growth of Chinese entrepreneurs and Chinese
enterprises management and development.
Second, enrollment object
The course enrollment is targeted to have received systematic management courses
(eg MBA, EMBA, etc.) and has extensive management experience of entrepreneurs
and senior managers. They hope to further update the concept, broadening horizons,
from a new perspective on the development and management of Chinese enterprises.
Third, learning gains
1, a deep understanding of Chinese business environment change and development,
investment opportunities
2, to develop global management perspective and explore new ideas
3, beyond the scope of management thinking management issues, a breakthrough way
of thinking
4, required content
◆ Part I: taking potential articles -
Villain profit, adults seek potential, the flow, without their drawbacks. This
comprehensive study ten years after China's political and economic
development, panoramic display of ten years in China in the world political and
economic status and role, in-depth analysis of the development of Chinese enterprises
and opportunities for distribution of space!
1 and 2 years after China's reform, ten years after China's
international relations
3, ten years after China's economy
Headed by Speaker: Li Kui Rice professor at Tsinghua University, famous economist
Qiu CNOOC Senior Fellow, Senior Economist
Wen Tiejun, Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Macroeconomic Research
◆ Part II: Ming of the Chinese culture articles -
Jia good as those who, their knowledge must be widely; take advantage of those good,
its wisdom will be high. Business Intelligence orientation, and wisdom to business as
the hub. To create an extraordinary view of thinking to understand the realm of
creating life in order to create a noble virtue and character. Benevolent, king!
1, Confucianism intensive reading and Management Strategy 2, Taoism intensive
reading and Human Management
3 Intensive Reading and Mind Buddhist practitioner 4, to learn art of intensive reading
and decision- making
5, 6 Zen Intensive and wisdom of life, art of war strategy and competition Intensive
Headed by Speaker: Yao Gan Ming Jiangnan University, Lecture Room teacher
Side tierga College of Humanities, Professor of Chinese University of Political
Science, Lecture teacher
Xiao-Yi Wang Tsinghua University, College of Humanities
Zhang Qizhi Tsinghua University Professor,
Wang Lei Quan, Professor of Philosophy, Fudan University, Shanghai Religious
Xu Wensheng Yi-known management expert
Qu Min Li Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
◆ Part III: Ming of Western articles -
From today's society, the basic system design and development of Western
science and technology and invention, and Western has been occupied and dominated
every moment of our life and space, however, on the Western understanding of our
always know these, instead of learning their why they are. In our process of
integration into the world, equality and dialogue, to come from the soul mate!
1, ancient Greek origins of Western Civilization 2, the origin of Christianity and
Western civilization
3, the Enlightenment, democracy, law and modern Western society 4, German
philosophy, science and culture
5, right, liberalism and market economy, 6, Postmodernism - discourse of rights and
civil order
7, Western architecture and art
Lead speaker: A Critical Review of Philosophy, Professor Dong Maoyun Fudan
University Fudan University Law School, Professor
       Zhu Bokun professor at Peking University, Beijing Academy of Social Sciences
Ph.D. Tenets director of the Institute of Philosophy
       Fudan University, Professor Qian Wenzhong
◆ Part IV: excellent technique of leadership articles -
Business emphasis to know people and gather people, Conservative emphasis
educating people, employment. Bones skeleton of a million will get off the ground,
dead no complaints, living gratitude, the emperor use of personnel, the intention of
seizing allegedly attempted to grab, its capability. The Feats great perspective to
business leaders Kam trial, the degree of potential, Interpersonal Perception,
employment, Royal's extraordinary military strategy!
1, Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire 2, Liu Bei and Shu Supremacy
3, 4 Nurhaci and Qing China, the rise Cavalry Battalion
5, Tang and the Golden Years 6, and modern Han Chinese territory
Lead speaker: Conquest of Harbin Normal Yan Chong Wang of Beijing Academy of
Social Sciences, Peking University professor of history days
◆ Part V: excellent technique, the enforcement of article -
Whether Vanke's Wang Shi, Zhang Haier, Huawei Ren Zhengfei, or
Lenovo's Liu, Ren Zhiqiang, etc. Huayuan, China, CEO Benchmarking
Company exclusively from the military. The military is the most ever organization
execution. School management to the military, entrepreneurs are becoming role
models of excellence!
1, the military and political work with corporate culture 2, the military rapid response
and improve business execution
3, Army Logistics Management and Business Support Systems
Headed by Speaker: Chun-Chi's National Defense University professor,
doctoral tutor, general
       Zhang Zhaozhong National Defense University professor, the famous military
◆ Part VI: excellent operation of the control article -
Whether merchants pawn, or Merchants of ticket number, are high-risk financial
sector, its scale, as much as a semicolon, the breadth of cross-regional, it is hard to
imagine. But even more unimaginable is that then as no cars and airplanes, no phone
and network, owner how to sit in the mountains of southern Anhui and Jinzhong
mansion, strategizing, directing the world semicolon orderly operation!
1, the traditional business to help the personnel training and employment mechanism
2, the traditional business to help the internal control system and risk prevention
Headed by Speaker: Liu Jiansheng, Dean of Economics, University of Shanxi
Merchants of well-known experts
◆ Part VII: excellent operation of the warning article -
Line of semi-90 paces, fell short of success close to the success of Chinese history,
there are too many such regrets. For that we are moving in "to Beijing
exam," the way of entrepreneurs, the success of failure is more important
than the concern!
1, Li Zi Cheng and Tai Shun- guo 2, Hong and the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom
Headed by Speaker: Wang Xingya wing thinking, Zhengzhou University Hubei
University professor of child
Between Mao Zedong professor at Nanjing University
◆ Part VIII: The planning skills, excellent technique article -
In the social unrest, and warlords from the era, the final winner are often first appear
weak and almost no chance of later generations. However, in the ruthless competition
has always been a strength to speak. We are interested in is how the weak by the
strong to weak to strong to overcome. The rule of the road, the road competition in the
1, Emperor 2 PK six countries, Xiang Yu, Liu Bang PK
3, Cao Cao Yuan Shao PK 4, PK Chen Youliang emperor
5, 6 Li Tang Empress Wu PK, PK Chiang Kai-shek Mao Zedong
Headed by Speaker: Li Xuefeng Liu National School of Administration of military
science researcher at the Commission
5, teaching management
Schedule: October 2009 school, school system for 20 months, every two months to
focus on class 2-3 days (weekends).
Certificate awarded: Students completing the prescribed courses and examination
passed, will be issued by the Fudan University and the investment philosophy of
superior investment certificate class president.
Student Management: Students at Fudan University president outstanding investment
and investment philosophy class roll, full registration
6, learning investment
Tuition: 40,000 yuan, students learn during the accommodatio n, travel and study
abroad costs themselves.
7, Contact
Advisory Tel :021-55666131 Ding
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Starting time: long-term commenced enrollment Tel :021-55666131