Friends by fdjerue7eeu


Coke married, did not go to her wedding, but it heard from the illustrious some cases,
to my surprise, this young girl child is actually "Parental
Guidance" ... ... This is my impression that nothing like cola, if emotional
foundation is not really as I heard is so very strong, so independent, casual, free and
easy people will choose to hurry because the child married yet? But to see her
wedding today, as if the appearance of a happy little woman, still very happy for her,
but after the birth of a child, two young people facing the pressures of living in
Guangzhou, I do not know what will ... ... bless her, and hope that this choice is her
life's happiness!
Recent meteor that is heard from the illustrious, and the same was said 51 years back
in Jiangxi meet the parents, progress in good, They want to quickly receive the red
bombs. Just a little gloomy, and the confidentiality of the work of these two actually
have not graduated from the end of such a long time, good things should be and share
the only thing, I can only install and consequently the victims do not know ... ... in
fact the two men dearest envy of a pair of children, almost in my mind,
"soul mate" of the model, hoping the man's home, all
they will not because of their age gap between the well-being, these external things in
front of them do not be an issue ... ... blessing, really blessing!
?Xuan Son of mobility, as always, strong, and just a 51, has started to set up her first
home loan ... ... do not say, at least she should have been clear after the parents took to
the target, which is We are the most promising development path, congratulate her
from getting closer to achieve goals. As she later how in the Pi
"home" and family and her in-laws home Pengzhou their
different roles to play well, then leave time to solve them. Although the family helped
buy a house, but has not officially started back to work earn wages for the mortgage,
she was so anxious to catch the mood let me do a little surprised. Did not expect that,
before she had to pay out a down payment on the first suite, the suite actually has a
down payment on the second reserve and planned to do ... ... in the home economy
can not be considered very rich conditions, which in the end is "Jianbian
Yi" or "impulse spending"? This for me is not in the
thinking within the limits of the ... ...
A 51 by and I come to realize there is a "step did not keep up, step by step
all behind" feeling ... ...

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