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Frank_ on the Canadian study


									Frank, on the Canadian study
Moderator: We all know that Canada is one of the most fit for human habitation in the
country, then we would like to ask on the number of students in Canada in recent
years, what changes?
Frank,: on to Canada in recent years, Chinese students studying in the last five years,
China's number of foreign students to Canada are in a stable increase. Now
according to our statistics, about 41,000 Chinese students in Canada over a wide
range of learning. Chinese students are now beyond the Korean students in Canada is
the largest international student body. 2008 Beijing Visa Office issued a total of
13,500 new students to apply, that is our last year, 13,500 Chinese students get a
student permit to study in Canada.
Top Canadian professional study describes
Moderator: I wonder what they are learning more concentrated in a professional
Frank,: generally speaking, many Chinese students to Canada to learn that they are
interested in the IT profession, there are commercial, business professional, but also
including the MBA. But in recent years we have seen more and more Chinese
students to study selected subjects of interest and also tend to diversify. Some choose
the hotel, tourism management, and some choose sports, sports management and
recreation project management. There are many students there are to be conducted in
English (forum) language learning, some are selecting science subjects such as
mathematics and physics in this category. Because Canada can be about more than
1000 kinds of professionals for you to choose, so the selectivity is very broad,
basically to most Chinese students interests of such a request.
There are many Chinese students to Canada is to select at a community college, that
China's post-secondary schools and we still have some differences.
Because in Canada 1000 large community colleges, spread across Canada. These
schools and universities is different is that it is very close and contact with students
for placement, is Wanquan to Bangzhu you 让 you to better identify the work and
employment, from the first day you start Ruxue give you Tigonghenduo Shehui
practice opportunities to the company the opportunity to learn, so on the part of the
Chinese students are very attractive, because you will be very easy, very easy, after
graduation, successfully entered the workplace, can be found in Canada and you learn
professional related to some work.
Frank,: First of all levels of language examinations and language requirements, all of
this in Canada's schools, universities, these institutions are independent of
their own to set such a standard requirement. In general, such as college, generally in
the 550-600 TOEFL score between the IELTS score based on your selected school,
the professional you choose the language level requirements for the degree, at least 6
hours or more, some more on the language requirement high professional at least 6.5
points or 7 points to be able to go on such a professional, such as legal, higher
demands on the language. There is every school has different requirements for each
The language can not be immediately reached the level required by the Canadian
College students, they also have different options. In Canada there are different kinds
of language outside the training institutions, there are many well-known, relatively
large size of the schools, colleges and universities will have their own language
training center, you can choose their language training programs. When did you do
after a period of language training to meet its requirements, then you can smoothly
into your learning professional courses. Choose to participate in such a language
training program also has the benefit that you can ahead of time in Canada to
experience what you are about to learn a campus atmosphere, such an environment,
you can do better all respects to enter university study preparation.
Moderator: Is there a bit like the preparatory classes?
Zhang: Yes, Canada can give you some schools are awarded a conditional admissio n,
you can go to Canada after the first went to read such as three to six months of
language courses, if you successfully passed, then you can go directly to the
university specialized courses to learn.
Moderator: I know many may understand the language o f the examination should pay
attention to something. We also want to ask a question, you tell us a rate of visa
issuance in Canada in recent years to explain what kind of state.
Frank,: on the visa that regard, we have mentioned earlier, because to go to Canada to
study in China in recent years the number of students has been increasing, we
Embassy visa office colleagues of this work is carried out above the corresponding
adjustments to better Chinese students. Our latest news is that last year when we were
in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Chongqing have established Visa Application
Centre, the students speaking, when the application will be a lot easier, relatively
speaking, not to the embassy to the queue, you can choose the nearest The Visa
Application Centre to submit material. Also can choose the same as before, by mail,
by mail to submit material, this option is still available, such as direct mail through
the mail to the visa office in Beijing. Also can go to the visa application center, their
side will give you some additional services, for example, will help you view the form,
and some application data is not complete, there can also be found in the status of
your application, that has been accepted, or that the outcome, and that the applicant is
a lot in terms of convenience. Just said that last year 13,500 students were getting the
student license, the first reason, the total number of Chinese students to apply is
increased. Second, the success rate of our embassy visa is also increased. So last year,
a nearly 50% of students applied for an increase of such a growth.
Another aspect of the change in visa requirements for the economic income of the
requirements, before we ask the applicant to provide a 18 months of bank records,
now the 18-month requirement has been shortened to 12 months, which is based on
the Chinese applicants a reality that we do out of adjustment, we need to provide a
12-month proof that you have a steady income, a source of income to support your
application documents.
Zhang: I just have a slip of the tongue, we have established in China visa application
center in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing, Shenzhen, just now I said.
And other developed countries, Canada, study and living costs are relatively
reasonable. Of course, you study in Canada of such a cost is determined by many
factors, like the professional you choose to learn about, and also because the level,
you read high school or go to college, are not the same. Generally, a student needs
15,000 to 30,000 Canadian dollars Canadian dollars / year, including the cost of living
and learning costs.
Moderator: Could you tell us about the period of Chinese students studying in Canada
can get you some related benefits, such as health insurance, and so on.
Frank,: First of all I would like to talk about some of the benefits go to study in
Canada, the country of Canada is a very safe country, but also very beautiful, natural
environment, social environment is very good. As a student speaking, security is very
important. Canada's crime rate is very low, is a very safe learning
destination. In fact many students return from studying in Canada, alumni, and after a
lot of people are going there for the beautiful natural environment has strong feelings.
Winter and summer can find a lot of your favorite outdoor sports, such as skiing,
skating, rock climbing, rafting, after-school activities, the choice is very wide.
There is also that many in Canada are very large and efficient, in terms of social
environment, you go to a school to learn, you will have many opportunities and local
students and local residents have some exchanges, such as cultural festivals Such
social activities and help you to a good understanding of Canada's social,
cultural and systems, such as food, Shenghuo habits, especially if you go to Hua
Quebec, Quebec Ye Shi Zhongxin North America in a culture, Nabianyouhen rich
film and television, culture section, or some activities, you can go to.
Canada for many years by the United Nations as the most suitable for human
habitation, one of the countries, social welfare of developed countries which are
among the best. Free medical insurance, only to Canadian citizens and permanent
residents of Canada to provide, but if you went to college or are lear ning institutions,
the schools will give you the Tui Jian Xiang Ying, arrange some commercial
quasi-commercial medical insurance This Insurance is not expensive, it is important
that medical treatment in foreign countries, drugs are expensive, but it is important to
have some medical insurance protection. For example some of the students go over
there to read primary and secondary schools, in most cases they will host a number of
local families in which these students, primary, secondary, and their health insurance
costs in many cases actually included in your inside boarding fees, the family will
help you apply for such insurance.
Moderator: I would like to know whether students in studying abroad can participate
in some extracurricular work, how many hours?
Frank,: present regulations, international students in Canada can do a week of no
more than 20 hours of internal or external work, as long as you are a legitimate formal
educational institutions in Canada, which enrolled full-time students, you can apply
for this job license, and then do school work or school. A list of Canadian institutions
in Canada you can find something to the website of the Department of Immigration,
of course, the vast majority of Chinese students are in the formal educational
institutions in Canada inside the school.
Reading Experience Class
Moderator: In recent years some of Canada's admissions policy for
international students there will be change?
Frank,: If we can predict the future, then we will not do this work. ( Laughs) in the
recent period of time which the Government of Canada made a very important policy
adjustments, is to attract the world's students to continue to stay in Canada
or in Canada. The change began last year, international students in Canada after
graduation, if you find a job, this job can not, and you learn the professional fully
linked, as long as you find a job, then you can in Canada continue to stay three years,
you can apply for a three- year stay, to continue to work and live over there.
Permanent immigrants in Canada for which a corresponding addition of a new
category, that is, Experience Class. Just now we say to these students, he found a job,
you can continue to stay for some time, but if you find a job is linked to your work in
this profession, related work, then you have a year or one year (better ) is a work
experience, then you do not have to leave Canada, you can directly apply in
Canada's permanent resident status in this category.
Another very important point, the current global financial crisis, many students and
parents will have this kind of fear, many countries have been very seriously affected.
Canada up to now in many countries affected by the financial crisis, which is
relatively the smallest country. The current socio-economic and financial system
stability, the unemployment rate is at a good level of control inside. This also give a
lot more international students to some better long-term employment opportunities.
Moderator: I've seen some of the relevant information, because of the
economic crisis hit, many college scholarships are also carried out a control. If we are
studying in Canada, will have some changes in the scholarship then?
Frank,: Canada, the vast majority of scholarships are various institutions, various
educational institutions to provide. Of course, from the terms, the Canadian
government is very positive and the Chinese government to provide a series of
government- funded scholarship program, and some are specific to the research of
Chinese scholars, students, there are a number of educators to provide such funded
projects. Canada and China also have some scholarships, the Gong Tong's
professional goals above, these professionals, including social sciences, health, and
some leadership training, scholarships for professional 上面
About the Canadian Government and the Chinese government's
scholarship program, everyone can go to the website of China Scholarship Council, or
above the official website of the Canadian Embassy in China to understand the above,
where the edge has a corresponding description.
Moderator: re- introduce students to our employment situation, there is little chance to
stay in Canada employment?
Frank,: First of all, our policy is very open, we encourage international students to
find work in Canada after graduation. Canada also has some of the institutions, they
有 a curriculum, ie a course of practice to 社会, work, internship Zuowei a graduate
of your success to be required, as you inside the curriculum, such as you have two
semesters in the classroom , a term will help arrange for you to local businesses which
do work for some time, you accumulate experience in the Canadian society. In
addition to policy terms of those very relaxed and open environment for the students
concerned, you attend a course with internship will help you to get to know the extent
some people, get to know the people inside the company, make some useful in the
local business people inside, this will continue after you graduate, the development is
very beneficial. Many students are inside the practice in some companies, there is a
very good impression, again after graduation to be hired this company.
Learning of the time, actively to participate in this program's positive to the
enterprise to practice, Buguan is the development of your future Jueding return Lai,
Duiyu Zai Chinese find Gongzuohuanshi you Jixu of Liu in Canada, went to work in
Canada, Du Shi very helpful. Therefore, this curriculum with internship and
qualifications are very popular with a number of international students welcome.
Moderator: Given the time, we only introduced to here. We also hope that the two
teachers give the students a number of exhortations.
Frank,: We would like to first point of Chinese students, first you must learn, there is a
very good achievement, it is most important. At the same time you should be fully
done enough as soon as possible to study in preparation, via the Internet to easily
learn about Canadian institutions and information. We also can go to the official
website of the Canadian Embassy top, above which there are some websites,
including official government of Canada Lianbang education website. In our embassy
website above can find.
The second proposal, to take a good look at your full knowledge and understanding of
yourself, know your own strength, to understand your situation and your future vision,
intended to be a long-term plans. This is Canada's international education a
brand, Imagine, that is a person's development in the future there Henduo
Keneng Xing, Xu Yao you Chong Fendi Fahuiziji of Qian Li, Ni have a term of Li
Xiang, to Canadian students Jiushibangzhu you Zhaodao One way to develop your
capability, so the future can make you imagine you are, turn your vision into reality.
Moderator: Thanks very much both, thank you, today's show ended.

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