Fourth day the first month_ the Harvard MBA and you exchange Venture Capital by fdjerue7eeu


									Fourth day the first month, the Harvard MBA and you exchange Venture Capital
We are very honored to go to-day Friends of the teacher and his son Du Yinan Du Yan
(Harvard MBA) in the first month, fourth day (February 10) at a guest,
"General Meeting business elite club", welcome friends to join
Du Yinan
2001-2005 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in electrical engineering
master's degree, Bachelor of Economics
2004, University of Cambridge (CAMBRIDGE / UK) exchange students
2005, JP Morgan (U.S. investment bank) work
2006, KKR (Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, one of the world's largest private
equity funds) work
2008 Harvard Business School (Havard Business School) MBA
Du rock teacher, pen name A baby, a senior planner for cultural media industry.
Native of Nanjing, 1977 students, Nankai University, economics, sociology graduate.
Founded in 1983, "China Business", he was director and editor;
1986 survey by the director-founder of the Chinese market. Served as
"China's country report," Planning Director, CCTV,
Beijing TV program planners, 100 TV drama planners, Beijing Concert Hall, Planning
Director, Planning Director 9 Theatre, Beijing Song and Dance Troupe chief planner,
etc., Tang Long International Media Group Chief Planner (CDO). Has been
pioneering public holiday in China, Beijing Art District, the old plant is dedicated to
promoting China's film market center, theater center of Beijing to promote
Chinese national theater movement, and the Beijing Administrative Region eastward
Time: February 10, 2008 (first month, fourth day, Sunday) 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Location: Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, Sunshine 100 International Apartment,
2 E Block, Room 1501 (north of Wanda Plaza, Da Wang Road subway station 100
meters north, turn left)
Tel :010-51003792, 86426052
Cost: 30 yuan / person (with peanuts, melon seeds, tea)

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