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    Personal details:

Graduation: Geologist.
Current Company: Coring Company
Current Job: Coring Engineer.
Previous companies : Baker Hughes Inteq.
Previous Jobs:

- LWD project team leader
- MWD-LWD engineer.
- Senior Mud logger.
- Junior Mud logger.

      Objective : I'm seeking for available opportunity to be an effective member in
a dynamic organization where I can utilize my qualifications, skills and experience to achieve
my ambitions, enhance and develop my current career with competitive powerful company
 to a greater limit.

      Subject : Job Application:

Having accumulated 8 years of successful work experience in oil & Gas drilling wells as
Coring engineer with Corpro group, as MWD-LWD supervisor with Baker Hughes Inteq and
Mud logging Geologist along with Baker Hughes Inteq.

Now I’m working with Corpro group as Coring Engineer since March, 2007 in the Middle
East, Africa and Europe regions. Also my experience in Coring included 3 major steps which
I have to deal with it perfectly like the follows:

   1- Pre coring operations: I have to study in depth the coring program and select with the
      cooperation of the company man and the drilling engineer the most suitable BHA
      assembly (according to the hole depth, hole size, hole condition and the hole
      deviation angle) and the most recommended core head (according to the nature and
      the hardness of the formation) to RIH during the coring c ut operation.
      Also, I have to discuss some important issues with the well site geologist like:
      formation tops, reservoir thickness, depth of the reservoir intervals, hardness and
      cementation of the reservoir rock, expected gases in the reservoir zone…etc. All the
      mentioned data will provide a good reference to me during the selection of the coring
      assembly, core head and suitable technique which I have to follow in the reservoir.

   2- Coring cut operations: I have to apply the suitable parameters (WOB, RPM, GP M,
      and SPP) and good monitoring for the off bottom TQ and on bottom TQ to achieve
      the maximum ROP with good recovery and good core quality. On the other hand I
      have to work with the recommended parameters to avoid any possibility of (jamming,
      Stick Slip, drill string installing, twist off, High TQ, Low TQ, poor ROP, high pump
      pressure, low pump pressure, tight hole, differential and mechanical stuck, caving,
        bold up, ring out…etc.) that may occurs suddenly during the coring cut operation and
        if it's happened I have to deal with it early to avoid any risk and reduce any problem.

   3- Post coring operations: In Corpro we have a special techniques which applied on the
      core it self after lay down the core on the processing area. These full services like,
      Gamma ray logger( It giving us a good idea about the lithological sequence of the
      core by the radioactivity), core quick view( It giving us a good idea about the
      fluorescence amount and distribution of the reservoir rock), plugging( we take
      vertical and horizontal plugs away from the invasion zone for the lab analysis like
      porosity, permeability, wet ability and fluids saturation), preservation( we preserve
      the core by thin clean film to protect the spilling of any hydrocarbons out of the core
      to preserve the core hydrocarbons content) , waxing ( we dip the core in the molten
      wax to Isolate the core) and micro structural analysis and interpretation ( It showing
      us the Microstructures like bedding, cracks, fissure…etc.).

    Also, the accumulated experiences in MWD-LWD services has to provided many vital
services to the customer and play an effective role during the deviation drilling like:
    A-      Open hole inclination and azimuth which are the most important data to the client
            and the direction engineer to build up, hold and drop hole drilling angle and
            correct the hole drilling direction.

   B-      Open hole data like formations (Lithology type and sequence, density, porosity,
           resistivity readings, gamma readings, Neutron positivism, pore pressure values,
           fluids content percentage, hydrocarbons saturation and gas-oil-water contacts).

Finally, my experience in Mud Logging career have included monitoring the drilling
parameters, hole conditions and alert the client with potential of Problematic formation (in
case of high pressurized zone, kick, losses, mechanical stuck, differential stuck, hole wash
out, pipe wash out, back off, twist off, high TQ….etc.), cutting analysis, interpretation and
making formation evaluation logs, formation tops identifier, good monitoring for the gases,
software and hardware trouble shooting skills…etc. I worked in all of these types of wells
(development, exploration, deep gas, water injector, wild cat and appraisal, multilateral,
Over balance drilling and under balance drilling) in both on shore and offshore rigs.

My resume is enclosed with this letter. I would highly appreciate the opportunity to
demonstrate my knowledge, qualifications and experience during the interview along with
my personal abilities and tendency to match the available position.
If any other information can be supplied to help your decision-making, I would be glad to
submit it at your earliest convenience.
Osama Badr

    Education:
Bachelor in Science, Geology department, Faculty of Science, El-Mansoura University,
Year of graduation: 2000.
General grade: Good.
B.SC grade: Very good.
B.SC graduation project grade : Excellent.
Topic of the graduation project: Subsurface studies and applications for the Gulf of Suez
petroleum reservoirs (Rudis sandstone, Karim sandstone and Nubian sandstone), Gulf of
Suez, Red Sea, Egypt.
Major studied geological courses : Applied Geology, Substructure Geology, Structure
Geology, Petroleum Geology, Sedimentlogy, Applied Geophysics and Reservoirs,
Hydrology, Geomorphology, Mineralogy, Soil mechanics, Raw materials, Paleontology,
Geological maps, Minerals, crystals and Engineering Geology.

    Professional Experience:

** I have been working for Copro group (Coring Company) as Coring Engineer since
March, 2007 till the current time for the following companies:

 1-Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia).                   2- Shell (Turkmenistan).
 3- Tullow (Uganda).                             4- Talisman (Gabon).
 5- GNPOC (Sudan).                                6- WNPOC (Sudan).
7- Petrodar (Sudan).                              8- Kuwait oil company-KOC (Kuwait).
 9- Qatar Petroleum company-QP (Qatar).          10- Talisman (Qatar).
11- ADCO (Abu Dhabi-UAE).                        12- ADMA (Abu Dhabi- UAE).
13- Total-Elf (Yemen).

** I have been working for Baker Hughes Inteq (MWD-LWD) as MWD-LWD engineer
and project team leader from November, 2002 to March, 2007 for local and international
companies as the following:

 1-Agiba petroleum company (Egypt).              2- Suez oil company-Suco (Egypt).
 3- Petrobel oil company (Egypt).                4- Khalda petroleum company (Egypt).
 5- Apache oil company (Egypt).                  6- British petroleum (Egypt).
 7- Tullow oil company (Egypt).                  8- Total-Elf (Syria).
 9- Exxon Mobil (Equatorial Guinea).             10- Alforat (Syria).
11- Devon Energy (Equatorial Guinea).            12- Woodside (Mauritania).
13- Dana (Mauritania).                           14- Ocean Energy (Equatorial Guinea).

** I have been working for Baker Hughes Inteq in the North Sea operations as
MWD-LWD engineer and project team leader from February, 2004 till March, 2007 for
the following companies :

1- British Petroleum (Bp-North Sea-UK).       2- Petrocanada (North Sea-Denmark).
3- Exxon Mobil (North Sea-UK).                4- Gaz De France (North Sea-UK).
5- Encana (North Sea-UK).                     6- British Gas (BG -North Sea-Norway).
7- Shell (North Sea-Holland).
8-CNR (Canadian National Resources, North Sea -UK).

** I have been working for Baker Hughes Inteq (Mud logging) as Mud logger in the
North Sea, UK operations from December, 2000 to November, 2002 for the following

   1- British Petroleum (Bp-North Sea-UK).
   2- British Gas (BG -North Sea-UK).
   3- Petrocanada (North Sea-UK).
   4- Exxon Mobil (North Sea-UK).

      Training:

                 Summer training :

1- Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company (GUPCO): I have been trained from July, 1996 till
August, 1996, in Ras Shokeir on EDC# 111, Gulf of Suez, Red Sea, Egypt.
2- Khalda oil company: I have been trained from August, 1996 till September, 1996, in
Yakout oil field on EDC#18, western desert, Egypt.
3- Suez oil company (Suco): I have been trained from July, 1997 till August, 1997 in Ras
Fanar oil field on GSFE#141, Red Sea, Egypt.
4- Petrobel oil company: I have been trained from August, 1997 till September, 1997 in Abu
Rudis oil field on EDC#5, Red Sea, Egypt.
5- Baker Hughes Inteq: I have been trained from July, 1998 till September, 1998 with
Khalda Oil Company in Umbarka oil field on EDC #7, western desert, Egypt.
6- Baker Hughes Inteq: I have been trained from July, 1999 till September, 1999 with Suez
oil company (SUCO) in Ras Badran oil field on GSFE# 141, Red Sea, Egypt.
7- Baker Hughes Inteq: I have been trained from July, 2000 till November, 2000 with
Khalda, Agiba and Apache, in Tarek, Umbarka, Zomorod, Meliha and Faras on EDC#11,
EDC#18, EDC#16 and GSFE#92, western desert, Egypt.

           Training Courses and Schools:

1- Basic Mud logging concepts by Baker Hughes Inteq, in Aberdeen, UK, in March, 2001.
2- Software and hard ware courses by BHI, in Aberdeen, UK, in January, 2001
3- Personal survival techniques and search and rescue on board offshore units and HUET survival
techniques, by RGIT Montrose, in Aberdeen, UK, in January, 2001.
4- Advanced Mud logging concepts by BHI, in Aberdeen, UK, in May, 2001.
5- Gas System course by Baker Hughes Inteq, in Aberdeen, UK, in May, 2001.
6- Basic MWD-LWD course by Baker Hughes, in Aberdeen, UK, in December, 2002.
7- Advanced MWD-LWD course by Baker Hughes, in Aberdeen, UK, in November, 2003.
8- MWD tools calibrations course by Baker Hughes, in Aberdeen, UK, in November, 2003.
9- LWD tools calibrations course by Baker Hughes, in Aberdeen, UK, in November, 2003.
10- Advantage MSS software by Baker Hughes Inteq, Aberdeen, UK, in May, 2004.
11- First Alert system by Baker Hughes Inteq, in Aberdeen, UK, in November, 2005
12- Formation Evaluation Course, Baker Hughes Inteq, Aberdeen, UK, in November, 2005.
13- Baker Hughes Inteq Core Values course, in Aberdeen, UK, in March, 2006.
14- H2S Safety concepts course, in Aberdeen, UK, in March, 2006.
15- HS&E (Safety courses) by Baker Hughes Inteq, in. Aberdeen, UK, in March, 2006.
16- Rig Link course by Baker Hughes Inteq, in Aberdeen, UK, in March, 2006
17- Offshore survival course (RGIT Montrose, Aberdeen, UK), in April, 2006.
18- Hydrocarbons Evaluation course, by Baker Hughes, in Aberdeen, UK, in April, 2006.
19- Gas Detection system, Baker Hughes, Aberdeen, UK, in April 2006.
20- Coring and drilling course, by Corpro group, Dubai, UAE, in June 2007.
21- Coring training course in the ware house, by Corpro, Abu Dhabi, UAE, June 2007.
22- Survival course and HUET training in Abu Dhabi, UAE, in June, 2007.
23- Core heads and drill bits overview, Corpro ware house, Abu Dhabi, UAE, September, 2007.

      Other qualifications and relevant skills:

- Language ability:
Arabic, English, Basic French and Basic Spanish (Speak, Read and Write).

- Computer ability:
Microsoft (Word, Excel, Access and power point), Visual Basic, C++,
C-Sharp, Java, Photo-shop, Python, AutoCAD, 3D-Max, Oracle, professional training on
PC's hardware technical trouble shooting and maintenance.

- Management courses :
I have been studied some certain courses under the supervision of
Administration College, El-Mansoura University, Egypt. The purpose for these courses is the
internal interest of the study material and to know how to deal with the customers, field
engineers, Rig Crew. Also, to learn the concepts of Sales and Marketing. Briefly I have been
covered the following Topics:
Communication skills, project management, successfully planning, personal skills
enhancement, time management and performance development.

            Ability for the job:
Able to work in any area of the world with no problems at all. Also, I'm ready to
Travel and relocate at any time in between the different regions due to t he working activity.

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