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					Florist knowledge
Florist knowledge
1. Florist flower shop business operators should pay attention to grasp business
opportunities business opportunities. Expert believes that there are several large
festivals not to be missed, this period is very important to do marketing right path.
New Year's Day each year on January 1, Happy New Year update, Carnival
hi. Decorated with colorful flowers and trees room, or gift friends and family, is ideal
for many medium and large urban dwellers. Kumquat, among the green leaves
covered with golden fruit, dazzling, full of auspiciousness; Senecio bright green
leaves on the mast, tufted with colorful flowers, creating a more harmonious
atmosphere joyous. Chinese New Year it is family, love, happy friendship. People of
the New Year with flowers in general psychology is: to bright color, can reflect the
Carnival joy, prosperity and good intention. Performance are better warm, rich, lucky
flower gifts for relatives or decorative room. Statistics show that many businesses:
only half of the Spring Festival, flower sales to the annual sales volume accounted for
40%. Valentine's Day every year on February 14 is dominated by roses,
roses beautiful than charming, intoxicating aroma, bringing infinite love. Plus a box
of chocolate roses, send girlfriend or boyfriend, can send a cavity feelingly. Although
Valentine's Day from the West, but because it helps communication
between young people's feelings, so popular. Mother's Day
every year in May on the 2nd Sunday is Mother's Day. Maternal love is
unselfish, but there is no national boundaries. Life for the child-rearing mother
worked hard to pay the most, each day is to remind children to always remember to
do the hard work and care for her mother Grace. Carnation is the flower of mother
love, it is kind, warm and sincere synonymous. Mother alive, the red carnation is the
first giveaway; mother's death, the white carnation is the best way to
commemorate his mother. Therefore, the carnation is the smallpox City teas sell
goods. It is noteworthy that, in 2000 Mother's Day, some local authorities
began to rare orchids and other flower teas sell trend. Shop, Father's Day
every year in June the 3rd Sunday is Father's Day. Fatherly love than
motherly love, as though human nature is full of endless beauty, but is different.
Feelings of fatherly love, as full-bodied flavor of wine products as appropriate, the
cup filled with both nectar of the spicy, like the earth is also full of tenderness. In the
Father's Day this day, children do online flower shop can send a bouquet of
yellow carnations or Dendrobium, to express his father's respect and
gratitude. In Japan, Taiwan, and Dendrobium be regarded as "Father loves
flowers." In addition, the white rose, pansy, bloom is ideal for
Father's Day gift. Mid-Autumn Festival Mid-Autumn Festival is a
traditional festival for family reunion. Gladiolus, orchids, lilies, anthurium and other
best embodies the feeling that people look forward to almonds. Osmanthus fragrans,
dahlia, zinnia, etc. are also suitable for Mid-Autumn Festival gift. Osmanthus noble,
lofty, Dahlia colorful, Huagui Dian Ya. Near the Mid-Autumn National Day, the
market a string of red, aster, Calceolaria requirements such as flowers are large, can
be prepared in advance.
2. Floriculture is the soul of florist flower shop established, place the name suggests
the dissemination of the United States, their products are flowers, but the secret is in
the business florist flower shop selling not only flowers, and more for consumers high
levels of floral art and floral design services. If you shop on the flowers were simply
dressing, or flower shop selling flowers and light, then the flower shop's
competitiveness will be eroded, especially in the face of wholesale flowers lined the
city status, style and flower shop to be in the works grade of the founding works on.
Floral design is my strong sense of florist industry and foreign trade gap with the
main reason.
   Since it is established flower shop flower shop soul, then the personnel engaged in
florist industry, we must learn professional floral knowledge, efforts to improve
flower quality, so as to high quality customer service.
The key to retaining customers
Maintain a high tone can make people think I want to be happy for you even in the
busiest holiday for the smile is audible operating flower shop in prices, with
competition and other factors, how to keep your Shanghai's flower shop
customers can not easily be ignored as a business tips. Let us look at the following
"Ten to re-visit customers a good way."
First, to ascertain the names of customers here and there to remember a name you
know the secret: his name to a 30 seconds, and the names and faces of association.
Second, understand the customer's hobbies you have frequented a
restaurant, so service personnel can help you order? Attention to customer preferences
can best express your commitment to customers the highest. Third, with an active
approach to responding to your customers know when you serve a customer to speak
body language and tone, even if you are unhappy today, must pretend to feel pretty
good. Positive attitude will make things difficult for you to win even the most
customers. Fourth, training to maintain a friendly telephone voice high tone, to make
people think you are very happy to serve him. Remember! A smile is audible. 5, to
eliminate the barriers between customer and whenever you have to leave the counter
or other obstacles as far as possible, to service the customer in front of you. 6, lead the
way when your customers ask where to find something, you have to take them to the
office or personal belongings for their selection. 7, to achieve the commitment you
have said you want to call your customers it? Fighter now! You promised to help
customers order a plant it? Now go do it! This is a good way to establish the best
credit. 8, tactfully deal with disputes when disputes arise with customers, do not
blame others or find excuses to listen carefully and ask questions point to learn more
facts, find out what customers need, any problem can be solved things, and again
determine whether the customer satisfaction. 9, do not forget the environment to
spend too much time to know a customer who would be the neglect of other
customers. Self-training acute powers of observation, even when you focus on an
individual who must also be able to store other customers at the same time know what
happened. 10, timely expression of gratitude to your customers
   Often to have business dealings with your customers thanks. For example, when he
compliments your flower shop in Shanghai, give advice, or wait service, are said to
him, "Thank you" a good time.

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