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									FKC successful eight-step
Third, the right way -
Now is 1% skill, although that is 1%, but this is a very important part. You only need
to know the following of such a work cycle on it.
(A) of the column list: each input FKC cause dealers to do the first thing your
relatives, friends, classmates, neighbors, comrades, colleagues, all listed, and then
divided into three classes: buy products and will do; will buy products may not be
done; not buy will not necessarily do.
Experience has shown that three groups are:
Category: From the age points: 30 ~ 55 years old, and these children generally small
serving officers, whether on primary, secondary, university needs money, but on
wages is difficult. Therefore, they are looking for a second job, FKC cause is t heir
best choice. Economic benefits from the sub-unit: Unit cost relatively good: Power,
Telecommunication, gas companies, banks, insurance, commerce, tax, etc., these tens
of thousands of people at the end of bonuses, purchase a product is not a problem, and
they are functions, interpersonal wide, and relatively light work of leisure more, have
time for. Education hours from: the higher cultural level, to understand the importance
of health, with health needs and health crisis. From the character points: o utgoing,
eloquent, communicative person wide, so that people know that they cause in the
FKC will come in handy, and interpersonal relationships is their resources. On the
points from the physical condition: If your friends have high blood pressure, heart
disease, diabetes, arthritis, rheumatism, obesity, insomnia disease, gastrointestinal
diseases, and patients should be invited. In particular, attention is part of the retirees,
laid-off workers, their good health, good relationships, not complacent and wo uld like
to find something to play heat, they know FKC very identity.
The second category, the traditional industry successful, as in the unit where the
Secretary, Minister, Director, Division Chief, Director, and other power factions, they
are too late dinners or entertainment, how can there be time to learn more about the
lectures, but they attach importance to health , will buy the product; do traditional
business made money, they attach importance to health will buy products, but do not
want to be another primitive accumulation; some attention to the health of retired
cadres, but the lack of knowledge on e-commerce, but also fit a shelf; there are some
researchers, they are prepared to put their life energy to devote to the research
enterprise, but they have the knowledge, attention to health, he would buy a product,
but may not do.
The third category: unit cost difference, the more difficult life; character too
introverted, not good at communication; cultural level is low, do not recognize the
importance of health; young age, without economic independence of; usually
suspicious, skeptical , to accept new things slower.
Should first offer first and second person, third person until you have a higher future
income, one can gradually offer them.
(B) the invitation: in e-commerce has not been accepted before we know, invitations
to special attention to techniques and methods, primarily by telephone solicitation, ask
a few words on the phone the other recent developments, made an appointment to
meet the time and place, but do not talk about content , do not talk about four: talk
about e-commerce, talk about the company, talk about product, price aside, the other
side there is a mystery, this offer was more effective. Otherwise, the phone speak too
small, but not friends, because the phone is hard to say clearly.
(C) Pre
After your friends to the venue, to whom he first went to a bathroom and told him not
to speak when listening, walking, calling, especially in the middle do not ask
questions, listen to explain the effect of continuity.
(D) of the Council
Some friends are excited when the first time about the middle will not help the
discussion to ask questions or whispering, you want to indicate to discourage, good
(E) to communicate after the
At this point your friend to mention any problems, you have to do patient and
painstaking response, to communicate to make good use of "ABC
rules." A teacher is the speaker (or FKC information, etc.), B is its own, C
is the offer of new friends. When your new friends, you should take the initiative to
introduce the teacher, "This is my teacher, he is successful in this industry
very well, wait a while for him to share with us." And then introduce new
friends: This is the My new friend, what place to work. Introduced intentionally
render the principle of A, as diluted C, do not reversed. For example: "This
is my friend, he is very capable, is chairman of three companies, five companies of
the general manager of the company's general counsel eight. Introduce new
friends to hear this, it might be flattered, not to listen teachers do not go in the
communication and explained.
Higher levels to help you communicate, you'd better smile, nod
"yes", "to" intention to satisfy the A, try
not to interrupt A chipped words, do not mention the presence of new friends, face
new problems because the new heart would be like a friend, you do not know, let me
do? With new problems, such as saying good-bye to new friends after the teacher
asked, so that would be much better effect.
(Vi) follow-up
According to psychological research, adults to accept new ideas, within 48 hours,
gradually decreasing the state was 48 hours later almost forgotten about it. So, you
know every time some new friends, the best to come back the next day and his first
interview in time for him to answer difficult questions. Is that no matter how busy,
should call to inquire about, your friends will feel that you are concerned about him,
your service is very attentive. This very willing to cooperate, and sometimes not the
first time to follow up may be dozens or even months or a year, you sustained efforts,
will eventually influence him.
(G) to promote
When your friends after a full understanding of the FKC, and took him to visit our site
to see net. In the absence of any problems, you should first register in time to remind
him everything without, took him to the Church Construction Bank opened his office
card online banking good money deposit, and contact the company to positive.
(8) on the skills course
After your friend to buy products, should be timely to remind him to listen to way into
the team skills training courses. Because you are with you to let him into action, only
when listening to the new method of partner skills class, they learned how to open up
the market and avoid detours, to improve the success rate. Only in this way be
considered complete your new member of the service.
Listed above list - offer - Pre - will be in the will - after the will - follow up - to
promote - the skills training courses, called a work cycle, as long as the proper
understanding of each member, to do to a star A-level and achieved initial success is
not a problem. When you become a member of A-star, the system will continue to
explain to you how the bonus system analysis and with a good network, a good leader
of a network.
Fourth, let me talk about the cause of a few good tips FKC
(A) target
FKC cumulative performance bonus system is never zero, so that everyone can
succeed, and can comfortably do business. This is a good thing, but it can easily bring
inert. To enable you to quickly succeed in the FKC, you may wish to set their own
goals, self-pressure. For example: do you put two lines of the first stage, the initial
formation of the network; the second phase and strive to make their weekly earnings
to 1600 dollars; the third stage to open two lines, and help lower weekly earnings also
reached 1600 U.S. dollars. To achieve this goal to develop a practical plan (the plan
according to their actual situation), such as the average of about a few friends every
week? Open a few lines? What hiking with friends, and then open a few lines? Such
as planned, you will feel organized, the same will continue to strengthen their
self-confidence, make you more hopeful future. Therefore, the cause of your FKC
interest, will be continuously improved. Interests and hobbies that we do a good job
the best teacher of any cause.
(B) To be good at leveraging
FKC can cause is leveraging the industry, each member must learn to leveraging that
will help your business success.
1, when you do not explain when a friend should try to please old and new friends to
the team members or the instructor explain the communication, the process is the
cause you know FKC familiar with all kinds of information, and learn to explain the
process. When you basically will be explained, and then began to operate
independently at home, when you compare time to invite friends for a long time, can
advance to their own several old members to communicate with friends, ask them to
help after the communication were new friends, so that your every new friends will
not be left out, the effect of natural better.
2, YUAN YUAN system concepts were written two books, courses and skills classes,
after the cause into FKC should buy some books and information on their own, when
you far away from the teacher, when your friend is busy, no time to understand when
You may wish to book in their own homes or to bring friends home, books or online
information can play a multiplier effect. There was one two weeks Zuodao a star
A-level, his approach is recommended by the first week of a dozen people, each
person sent two books, and asked to go back after the completion of new friends,
learn to read the information carefully and watch CD-ROM, the results he
recommended for each new member every week basically created a new consumer. In
his own words, I'm the boss, the book is given to new members for my
investments, first "homes" to after "too."
3, the team usually will organize some activities, during which experts will be invited
to teach about health, success introduce the operators of successful experiences and
practices, this is the new friends learn the knowledge, exchange of successful
experiences, communicating with each other affection, cohesion and increase network
FKC rich culture of the best places. Therefore, each member should make full use of
FKC more about some friends to make more new friends to know and understand
FKC FKC then joined the ranks.
(C), open line techniques
1, a number of designations rules of the game system is required to recommend two
people to get the organization category and the FKC is not recommended award can
get organized, so FKC, you invest in a general store, two gold point position, into a
super store there are four gold points are. The so-called gold point position is do not
do too could get the money. If you are looking for four or eight very competent
subordinates friends were on two or four gold point position, so that both the gold
point and the people to eat healthy products, but also continue to make money. At the
same time does not affect your own income. Therefore, usually the gold point and put
into their own parents, children or relatives by blood of the best, so there are several
advantages: First, to make their own in the shortest possible time have a higher
income, more conducive to future conduct work; second is to develop from their
loved ones most likely to succeed. In this process, you can gain valuable experience to
enhance their self-confidence, and further stimulate interest in the cause FKC; 3 is a
healthy and rich people have insurance, the common well-off society.
2, FKC is improved dual regulation system that is characterized by: imbalance is
absolute, and balance is relative. Therefore, each person running the largest network
of Ge and art is a relatively balanced development of the network as much as possible,
so as to get organized and more money, achieve greater success. So you recommend a
capable person should be distributed in the two line or four line. In short, the weak
lines which, on where to line up, best line of all have your dis tribution directly, where
the strong recommendation, so you can take the initiative to make it relatively
balanced development. Do not rely on superiors to do a line for themselves, but their
own to put in a strong line, because you do not know when the parent row for your
cable capacity to the strength of the people themselves to put in a strong line, once
prone to develop around the imbalance, the so-called "elephant
legs" phenomenon, so for the time being unable to get the money, which is
very conducive to the sound development of the network.
3, if you build a super store (investment three shop spaces), there are two ways to
open lines. One is do first two outside, capable people were recommended to put its
subsidiary stores in the following (only put aside and let subordinates shops on both
sides do), so get your shop to help subordinate, feel superior care to aroused interest
in participating in the recommendation, a short time receive more money, reduce
operational difficulty, and so formed with the move, team pattern. When you shop No.
1 position after the opening of two inside a stable income; Another approach is to
open four lines at the same time, the strong recommendation to their respective row in
the four online, go hand in hand, and then according to the trend line, then follow the
strong recommendation of the relatively weak placed online, to maintain a balanced
development of the four lines. This has the advantage of higher income have just
started the disadvantage is your own energy is limited, can not effectively help the
weak, easily allow the weak to produce fear of, in the network easier to have a
negative impact. If you own ability, and a friend, the strong have more then four lines
at the same time the development of three shops at the same time it is impossible not
to take bonuses.
So, what is the method adopted, open line layout, should be based on their abilities
and to be recommended by a friend to determine the strength of the situation.
About how to bring networks, how the problem when the network leader, you become
a star until the next A-class, we will continue to introduce you, you just push the
implementation of the above methods will soon be a star A-class. (My phone is
13654030749, QQ: 1329415488)
Dear friends, reap as you sow, I believe you grasp the cause of this golden opportunity
FKC, with sustained effort the right way, in the near future will certainly be a huge
I wish my friends early selection FKC, an early success!

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