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					Ref   Project Title                    Project Objectives          Project Components         Expected Benefits       Partners in      Status of          Budget in
No                                                                                            and Added Value         Implementation   Implementati       EURO
      Projects not Included in the Pipeline
  1   Provision of Drilling,         Support for the               Procurement two            Water supply            AWF,             Not included         3,200,000
      Submitted by Government of     procurement of a drilling     drilling rigs              development             Government of    in the pipeline
      Mauritania                     rig to accelerate access to                              enhanced                Mauritania       due to nature
                                     water supply                                                                                      of project
  2   Water, Hygiene and               construction of WS and      Bore holes, protected      About 100.000 people    AWF, JUA         Not included          300,000
      Sanitation; Proposal for the     San facilities in Bugiri    springs, RWH, public       served with WSS                          in the pipeline,
      year 2006-2010, Submitted        District - Uganda           latrines; for              services                                 due to
      by Uganda Japan Association                                                                                                      eligibility
      (NGO) UJA                                                                                                                        question

  3   Piloting innovative sanitation   Piloting dry sanitation     Construction of dry        Dry toilets in place    AWF, DWD         Not included          150,000
      solutions for high density       technologies and            toilets in multi storied                                            in the pipeline,
      urban areas, submitted by        management in multi-        building
      Directorate of Water             storied buildings
      Development, Uganda

  4   WS & S implementation,           Implementation of WS &      Construction of WSS        Access to WSS           AWF, NGO-        Not included          900,000
      submitted by NGO (GWP)           S projects and capacity     schemes                    improved in Togo        GWP, GTZ         in the pipeline,
      through GTZ                      building in Togo                                                                                due to
  5   RWH in Bushenyi submitted        Improving WSS using         Construction of RWH        Innovative              AWF, NGO,        Not included          150,000
      by NGO, Horizont 3000            RWH and ecological          systems, Eco San Toilet    technologies            Horizont 3000    in the pipeline,
                                       sanitation                  facilities                 introduced and access                    because
                                                                                              to WSS improved                          proposal is
                                                                                                                                       submitted to
6    Rehabilitation of various        Strengthen the efficiency   Rehabilitation of 10   Schemes rehabilitated   AWF, Ministry of   Not included        3,600,000
     gravity schemes, submitted       and management of           gravity schemes        and extended            Irrigation and     in the pipeline
     by Ministry of Irrigation and    existing water supply                                                      Water of Malawi    decided to be
     Water of Malawi                  schemes                                                                                       undertaken
                                                                                                                                    under RWSSI,

7    Development of National and      Development of National     Development of                                 AWF, water         Not included        2,400,000
     River Basin IWRM Plans,          and River Basin IWRM        National and River                             resources          in the pipeline,
     submitted by water resources     Plans                       Basin IWRM Plans                               commission of      due to
     commission of Ghana                                                                                         Ghana

8    Samendeni Dam, submitted         Construction of the         Dam constructed,       Improved living         AWF, Ministry of   Not included       15,870,000
     by Ministry of Finance of        Samendeni Dam and           21,000 ha irrigation   standard and income     Finance of         in the pipeline,
     Burkina Faso                     irrigation systems          system developed       of people in the        Burkina Faso       large size of
                                                                                         irrigation area                            project

9    Extension of the treatment       Improvement of the          New treatment unit                             AWF, TECI          Not included        2,000,000
     plant of Sousse Nord,            water quality               constructed                                                       in the pipeline,
     submitted by Tunisia                                                                                                           due to
     Engineering et Construction                                                                                                    eligibility
     Industrielle (TECI)                                                                                                            question

10   Study on water utilization                                                                                                     To be focused        763,000
     control strategy in irrigation                                                                                                 and modified
     farms in Ethiopia, Submitted                                                                                                   and re
     by Ministry of Water                                                                                                           submitted
     Resources of Ethiopia

                                                                                                                                         Total         29,333,000