GOVERNMENT OF INDIA
                                ZOOLOGICAL SURVEY OF INDIA
                           ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR REGIONAL CENTRE
                           HADDO, PORT BLAIR - 744 102. A & N ISLANDS
   Ph: 91-3192-233148, 231972, 230115, 237582                                                   Fax: 91-3192-230115
                                              OPEN TENDER
                      (Tender Notice No. F. No. Project 1/RR/2005/272; dtd. 29th October 2009)
   Sealed tenders are invited on behalf of the President of India by The Officer-in-Charge, Zoological Survey of
   India, Port Blair, with regard to the requirements in the project, ‘GIS-based mapping and analysis of
   ecological variables of reefs around the Little Andaman Island’ from Reps/ Manufacturers/ Suppliers of
   following items in Indian Rupees/ Foreign currency. The bids should also indicate detailed Technical
   specification. The envelop should be superscribed with Tender Enquiry details. Decision of The Principal
   Investigator to accept or reject any or all the bids, will be final.
   Sl.     Item                            Specification                                                            Qty.
   1       Multi-parameter water           Hydrolab DS5 with following options:                                     1 no.
           quality analyzer                CONDUCTIVITY ONLY PROBE
                                           LDO PROBE OPTION
                                           PH WITH STANDARD REF PROBE
                                           50 METER DEPTH
                                           SELF CLEANING PROBE, PLASTIC
                                           PROBE OPTION CHLOROPHYLL TITANIUM
                                           IBP OPTION
                                           BULKHEAD OPTION
                                           DS5 CUSTOM PARTS OPTION
   2       Global Positioning System       Garmin make handheld GPS                                                 1 no.
                                           Model GPSMAP 76CSx
   3       Under   water    housing        Hugyfot:                                                                 1 no.
           NIKON D 300 camera.              -Dimensions (W x H x D): 208 x 160 x 125 mm
                                           -Weight (without camera): 2,6 Kg
                                           -Color (anodized): black
                                           -Pressure rated: 100m
                                           -Macro 60 mm Port

   4       Handheld/portable       echo-   -Range: 30cm to 100m depths,                                             1 no.
           sounder                         -Fog and Waterproof

   5       Dive computer                   -Current depth / maximum depth achieved (on request)                     2 no.
                                           -Dive time
                                           -Safety stop
                                           -Remaining no-decompression time at the current depth (no dec)
                                           -Decompression stop times
                                           -Total time to surface
                                           -Water temperature

A) Last date of submission of Tender: 10 days from the date of issue of this advertisement.
B) The bidders are advised to study the technical specification carefully and submit the lowest offer.
C) The bidders may also submit their offer for any of the individual items mentioned in the list, irrespective of
   whole tender package.
D) No enquiries are permitted after submission of the offer. Foreign vendors can authorize their Repts. /regional
   offices which are their integral part and under their functional control, to participate on their behalf.
E) Vendors must enclose the recent authorized stockist, dealer certificate from their principals for genuine and sale
   service provider certificate during warranty and after warranty period.

                                                                                              Officer -in-Charge
                                                                                            Zoological Survey of India,
                                                                        Andaman and Nicobar Regional Centre, Port Blair

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