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					        VPH&THAC News                         December 2005

                    Gary Bagnall, driving force behind the renovation of the Club HQ’s
                          roof and the Club’s 16th best-ever 3000m steeplechaser

Reaching midway through the winter season, our road and cross country ladies are coming together as a team
and are leading the Chingford League after four races. Individually, Jo Singer took over six minutes from the
Women‟s Club Marathon record with a fine 3:12:11 set in Cardiff. Meanwhile, Tim Mitchell-Smith reached
new heights in long distance by covering three marathons in three consecutive days, all in the name of charity.
Good on ya, Tim!! Tim also found time to once again organise the Rainforest 10k at Victoria Park. No mean
feat considering almost a thousand runners took part. On the track, the club continued to make news with the
biggest news being Rikki Fifton as one of the 80 athletes in the country identified under the World Class
Development Programme as an Olympic Games hopeful. Congratulations, Rikki! Further recognition went to
Perri Shakes-Drayton who won the prestigious Canary Wharf Sports Personality of the Year with Chris Zah
being presented with a community award. This follows up Chris previously receiving the UK Athletics
Development Coach of the Year for the London region. In the 2005 Junior National Rankings, Leevan
Yearwood, Perri Shakes-Drayton, Daniel Gibbons, Adewunmi Akande, Fiston Bitumba, Jordan Aromasodu,
Ashley Wilson all made an impact. On the county scene, well done to Tim Grose who picked up the silver
medal in the Middlesex County 10,000m track championship race. Train hard! Aim high!
  Middlesex County 10k Road Champs,                            pushed hard and despite being closed down late on
        Victoria Park, 11 Sep 05                               was able to hold off Caroline's challenge and break
8. Tony Lashmar                 33:54 4th all-time             the six-minute barrier in the process. Her time of 5:59
19. Tim Grose                   35:12                          moves her up to 3rd place in the all-time rankings.
40. Richard Bryant              37:01 11th all-time            Caroline took silver with a storming 6:03 and
43. Paul Faulkner               37:16 12th all-time            newcomer Linda Brownlee showed her potential by
46. Dave Alcock                 37:32 13th all-time            striding home for bronze in 6:14. “Star of the night”
65. Gary Bagnall                39:45                          award goes to Shaquille Carroll though. The 11-year-
80. Declan Phelan               41:09                          old put in a truly excellent performance to finish in
102. Andrew Dunderdale          42:59                          6:20 and claim a deserved gold medal in her age
143. Betal Amare (W25)          46:45 15th all-time            category. Congratulations to all of our other age
147. Kerry Bannister (W27)      47:15 17th all-time            group winners, a number of whom were completely
159. Doug Roche                 49:26                          unused to racing over this sort of distance. Well done
161. Brenda Puech (W34)         49:40                          to everyone who took part, and as ever, huge thanks
170. Philippa Cockman (W40)     51:27                          to our team of officials without whom the race
(208 finishers)                                                couldn't have taken place - Peter McHugh DeClare,
                                                               Mary Mills, Terry Adams and the trio of runners who
                                                               were resting prior to the Berlin Marathon on Sunday -
  Flowers’ Road Mile Champs, 22 Sep 05                         Tony Lashmar, Declan Phelan and Dave Alcock.
Tim Mitchell-Smith reports: What a night in the                Good luck for Sunday guys!
Park! In what was surely an unprecedented turnout
for a club championship, 53 athletes, with ages                Senior Men
ranging from 11 to 67, toed the start line for the 2005        1       Ben Fairhall                4:38 9th= all-time
road mile champs. Weather was good and the course              2       Lee Bruce                   5:01
was clear - except for a dog walker hidden around the          3       Tim Mitchell-Smith          5:04
first corner who nearly managed to upend the early             4       Patrick Wallis              5:11
leaders! Noticeable that there were a lot of anxious           5       Dave Shortridge             5:19
faces amongst the seniors about the number of                  6       Hamim Lubega                5:24
youngsters lining up to try and take the glory - well          7       Pat Watson                  5:29
done to Chris Zah for organising such a big turnout.           8       Ben Prag                    5:34
From the gun, Ben Fairhall shot away and after about           9       Mick Cairns                 5:35
25 metres it was clear that he was never going to be           10      David Harradine             5:36
threatened. Just behind Ben, Lee Bruce and Tim                 11      Dumi Ndebele                5:37
Mitchell-Smith were quickly caught by Dave                     12      Gary Deathridge             5:45
Shortridge and a 3-way battle for the silver medal             13      Tony Bunbury                5:48
began. Meanwhile, Caroline Scott got a great start to          14      Simon Basey                 5:50
take an early lead in the women's race. By the tennis          15      Alphonse Dekluyver          5:58
courts, battle royal was raging between Lee, Tim and           16      Mick Wheeler                6:07
Dave with each one surging in turn to try and break            17      Dave Robinson               6:16
their rivals while uncomfortably aware of the threat           18      Alan Cathcart               6:21
posed by Saul Paine, Pat Wallis and James Foley a              19      Daryl Elliott               6:33
few metres back. In the women's race, Rhian                    20      Frank Merrigan              6:44
Bennion began to pick up pace and worked her way               21      Dave Leigh                  6:46
past Caroline into first place. Ben continued to cruise        22      Dave Webb                   6:55
home for an easy victory in 4:38 taking him to joint           23      Chris Zah                   7:14
9th place in the all-time rankings - there's no question       24      Andrzej Gajbutowicz         7:35
that with someone pushing him he could have taken              25      Ray Russo                   8:57
several seconds off that time though. By the final             26      Roger Daniels               11:15
turn, Dave had just begun to fall back and Tim was
getting horribly aware that in a sprint finish he didn't       Senior Women
stand a chance against Lee. Despite Tim's best efforts         1       Rhian Bennion               5:59 3rd all-time
to force the pace, Lee had enough strength left to ease        2       Caroline Scott              6:03 4th= all-time
away in the final stretches for another silver medal to        3       Linda Brownlee              6:14 7th all-time
add to his team medal in the Isle of Wight last week.          4       Betel Amare                 6:23 12th all-time
Tim took bronze with the fast-finishing trio of Saul,          5       Kerry Bannister             6:24 13th all-time
Pat and James squeezing past Dave on the run in -              6       Oona Ball                   6:29 16th all-time
still a terrific effort from Dave after missing most of        7       Nana Quawson                6:39 20th all-time
the summer through injury and running the Great                8       Jane Willdigg               6:48
North Run only five days earlier. In the women's               9       Philippa Cockman            6:53
race, Rhian, fearful of Caroline's extra leg speed,            10      Brenda Puech                6:57

         U20 Men                                               being closed off, and despite an emergency taxi ride
1        James Foley                 5:13                      to Liverpool Street and a trip on the Stansted Express,
2        Ben Chukwu-Onu              6:59                      the plane was long gone by the time he arrived at the
3        Daniel Gibbons              7:06                      airport. Later flights were fully booked and no luck
4        Jayden Ali                  7:25                      with stand-by, so Tony returned to the city with the
5        Leevan Yearwood             7:47                      hope of catching a Berlin flight on Saturday morning.
6        Nathan Brown                7:47                      With Peter McHugh DeClare kindly providing the
7        Cyril Adesanya              8:01                      pasta, overnight accommodation and a lift to the
                                                               airport first thing on Saturday, Tony found himself
         U20 Women                                             with a seat on a morning flight to Altenburg, a town
1        Vanessa Campbell            8:32                      in the former East Germany, over 100 miles away
2        Tashie Bailey               8:56                      from Berlin. All would have been well but for this
                                                               flight being subject to a 2-hour delay. Mr. Lashmar
         U17 Men                                               eventually touched down in Germany with only a
1        Saul Paine                  5:07                      couple of hours before race registration closed.
2        Steven Nicholas             7:11                      Luckily in an attempt to chat up a girl on the plane,
                                                               Tony secured a lift with some strangers in the same
         U17 Women                                             position who had hired a car to Berlin. Once on the
1        Perri Shakes-Drayton    6:17 9th all-time             autobahns, the hire car clocked a sub 3 minute 10k
         (Club U17 and U20 Record)                             (~120mph! - we‟ll have to see whether he claims that
2        Abike Aina              8:59                          as a new PB) and they pulled up to registration 15
                                                               minutes before the close. Skipping meals and rushing
         U15 Boys                                              around various airports is hardly an appropriate way
1        Jordan Aromasodu            5:28                      to spend the day before any race, let alone a
         (Club U15 Record)                                     marathon, so it was nice once things had calmed
2        Ashley Wilson               6:19                      down and the VPTH runners and supporters tucked
                                                               into some more pasta in a café, with Brenda kindly
         U15 Girls                                             taunting us with her beer! Fortunately, things went
1        Millie Zah                  7:25                      smoothly from that point, but with all things taken
                                                               into account, Tony‟s 2:40:29 was a fantastic result,
         U13 Girls                                             and may easily have been a minute or so quicker
1        Shaquille Carroll      6:20 10th all-time             should things have gone more smoothly.
         (Club U13 and U15 Record)
                                                               Dave Alcock reports: The sun was out at the start of
         Berlin Marathon, 25 Sep 05                            the Berlin Marathon. With forecasts of 22C, I was
Gary Bagnall reports: Conditions were apparently               glad of the 9am (8am UK) start time. I was hoping to
very hot towards the end of the race with both the             be at the finish (annoyingly meters from the start
Japanese woman winner and Kenyan man claiming                  line!) before midday and the subsequent heat of the
they suffered in the last miles and could have gone at         afternoon. With a minute to go, the barriers between
least a minute quicker in milder conditions. Tony's            the pens were removed, and I found myself right
run is good for a sub-2.40 effort then.                        under the start gantry, seemingly inches from the start
Well done to Dave as well for an excellent sub-3 hour          line. In fact, I felt a little guilty at being so close to
clocking, completing the first and second half of the          the front, given my strategy to run a very conservative
race in near identical times. I hope Declan is OK              first mile. 23 seconds after the gun I was through the
though because he was right on track for a 3 hour              chip sensor mats, starting my Garmin GPS watch and
time as well, going through half way ahead of Dave.            trying to settle into something just over 7-minute-mile
Declan continued an even pace up to 35km. He then              pace. My tapered legs felt like racing away, but
took 58 mins between 35 and 40mk rather than the 21            fearing another well-deserved lecture from Peter
min for the rest of the race. (unless there was a              McHugh DeClare on starting too fast, I managed to
problem with the chip).                                        restrain myself, completing the first mile in an
                                                               unforced 7:03. Due to Peter‟s Tuesday track session,
Dave Alcock reports: I feel it necessary to tell the           plus the frequent shorter races in the previous months,
whole story of Tony‟s race. Booked on a flight into            the pace felt unbearably slow – it seemed like I was
Berlin on Friday evening, Tony's weekend started               jogging and I urgently did some maths after passing
with a tailback on the roads not far from his home.            the second km mark to check that the Garmin hadn‟t
The standstill traffic led to an anxious call to me (now       gone crazy! Given the warm morning, I‟d already set
waiting at the airport), but with 90 minutes to go             my sights on a 2:59 rather than a 2:55 which meant
before the check-in closed, there was still a good             that I could afford to go slightly slower than 42
chance that Tony would make it. What later became              minutes per 10km, so I was not upset on passing 5km
apparent was that an accident had led to the M11               in 21:30 which is possibly a new personal worst time!

Keeping in the rhythm, my second 5km was 21:14, as             intensity by age + infirmity - I was as fit as I was ever
I passed the 10km mark over a minute slower than my            going to be. My race strategy was therefore built
London marathon time. Feeling as fresh as if I‟d just          around this flawed sub-3 hour goal - no plan B, no
started the race and slightly alarmed at my near 43            plan C. My plan A was to run the first three 10k in <
minute 10k (another personal worst?), I began to pick          42 min each and hope that the inevitable slowing to
up to the intended race pace as I eased through the            45 min + 9 min would be enough to see me through
next 5k in 20:39, my fastest 5k split of the race. At          the last 10 + 2k. All went well for the first 10k =
this point, I caught up with the sub-3 hour pace group,        41:51 the second 10k felt even better = 41:22, the
which appeared to have gotten away to a very brisk             third 10k still felt OK = 42:26 which actually gave me
start. A mass of people made it near impossible to             a half marathon PB of 1:27:47. As I expected, reality
overtake, so I made do with easing through the field,          struck from 30k and I knew that I would have to fight
the next 5k split in 21:05. Only when water stations           to sustain the pace over each successive K. I managed
on both sides of the road parted the snake of runners          to hold the pace until 34k but thereafter I started
did I have a chance to get through and resume my               dropping 10 seconds every k. I could feel my energy
own pace. Halfway was the first sign of any                    draining despite 4 gels and 1l of energy drink - each k
discomfort when my right hamstring – about the only            became a battle. By 36k, my head was down, my
muscle in my legs not to have caused me any                    breathing ragged and I failed to notice/acknowledge
problems in training - started feeling a little tight. I       the vocal VPTH support team (Philippa, Brenda, Kath
concentrated on a long stride to keep it stretched,            + Jim) - by that stage I was losing it mentally and I
passing half way in 1:29:06 (30 seconds slower than            stopped logging my 1k splits. I was slipping
in London) and completing the next 5k in 20:45.                backwards but trying to just hang on - losing track of
Now at 25k, I was still feeling fresh and strong and           where I was at meant that I could fool myself that the
began to notice that I was constantly passing other            Brandenberg Gate was just around the corner. I was
runners. Keeping an even rhythm, I crossed 30k in              convinced that I was at least at 40k when I ran past
2:06:06 (20:55 5k split) where my plan was to slow             and noticed the 38k marker - it was then that I
slightly (nothing to do with the rather fine-looking           realised that a sub 3hr marathon wasn't to be. As soon
cheerleaders at this point which Tony had „warned‟             as that sunk in, my brain had no difficulty persuading
me about) and start mentally preparing for the final           my legs to stop and I pulled up at 38.8k = 24.1mile =
10k. 32km (about 20 miles) came up in 2:14, bang on            2:46:32 - just to rest and regroup I thought, but my
schedule. From here, I started the 10k race which I            legs wanted to sit down and so I ended up doing a
had been thinking about for the last mile or so, and           "Paula" (dazed and bemused but no tears) on the kerb.
picked up the pace, clocking my quickest mile of the           After 15 or 20 minutes of that and fortified by what a
marathon in 6:18. Unfortunately I appeared to have             very nice fraulein described as coffee concentrate, I
gone too soon and was unable to hold the pace,                 got up to run on, but by that stage, I was totally seized
slowing slightly for the next mile whilst pain crept           up and could only manage 27 minute/mile over the
into calves, hamstrings and quads. Losing                      final 2.1miles = 3:55:54. (for the more sadistic
concentration meant that my pace slipped to 7:01,              amongst you, there is a finishing video clip on the
then 7:18. The quick mile meant that my 5k split was           Berlin Marathon website!) No excuses - not the heat,
20:49 but I was struggling and for the first time since        not the hamstring. No regrets - I'm already looking
the start of the race I was being overtaken by other           forward to doing the New York Marathon in 06 -
runners. People in front of me were frequently pulling         though at a "tourist" pace. Any learning experiences
to the side and walking. For the first time in the race        for me - yes, be humble about the marathon, the
my confidence of a sub 3 took a knock. Not for long            Berlin Wall is very real! Congrats to Tony, Dave and
though, as with 5km to go I saw 2:36 on my watch               Dave on hard won PBs and thanks to Philippa,
meaning that I could allow the pace to drop and still          Brenda, Kath and Jim for their support.
go sub 3. Fortunately large crowds at this point, plus
the knowledge that there was not far to go meant that          167 Tony Lashmar 2:40:34 (chip time 2:40:29) PB
I stuck with a runner who was passing me, picking up           (1/2 way 77.55)
the pace back to sub-7 minute miles. I was even able           949 Dave Alcock 2:59:14 (chip time 2:58:51) (1/2
to resume brisk running, completing the final 800              way 89:06)
meters in just over 3 minutes as I passed the                  11,205 Declan Phelan 3:55:17 (chip time 3:54:54)
Brandenburg Gates towards the finish. A look up at             (1/2 way 87:47)
the clock on the finishing gantry and I saw 2:59:00            11,315 Dave Maher 3:58:58 (chip time 3:55:12) PB
come up with just a few meters to go. The final finish         by 25 minutes
time was 2:59:14, with a chip time of 2:58:51 – I‟ll
call it a 2:58 for simplicity!
                                                                    Middlesex County 10000m Track Champs,
Declan Phelan reports: My first and only mistake                           Parliament Hill, 25 Sep 05
was trying to run a sub 3-hour marathon - but                  2nd Tim Grose 35:30.40
although my training had been limited in volume and

  Club Handicap, Well Street Common, 28 Sep 05           463 David Carey       52.22 (29th M40)     52:17
                          H‟cap Actual                   510 Jennifer Cullen   53:34 (129th W)      52:38
1 Grace Robinson          30:59 30:59*                   725 Xanthe Pitt       59:08 (19th W40)     57:49
2 Mel McClure             30:59 30:59*                   898 Mel McClure       66:01 (24th W40)     65:05
3 Ray Russo               32:00 32:00                    (992 finishers)
4 Dave Alcock             34:33 18:03*
5 Jo Sargent              34:35 22:35                          Bristol Half Marathon, 2 Oct 05
6 Pat Wallis              34:42 16:12 PB                 362nd David Shortridge 89:29 (chip time 89:23)
7 Veronica McCabe         34:44 24:44
8 Ben Fairhall            34:49 15:49 PB                    Chingford League, Eastway, 4 Oct 05
9 Jo Metson-Scott         34:50 24:50*                   Men
10 Andrew Whitehead       34:55 18:25                    1. R. Gamble (Barnet)    15:40
11 Andrew Dunderdale      34:58 18:28 PB                 4. Mark Ryall            16:26
12 Doug Roche             35:00 22:30 PB                 9. Ben Fairhall          16:40
13 Jason Smith            35:00 22:30*                   17. Pat Wallis           17:06
14 Jo Clarke              35:23 18:53* 4th all-          26. Tim Mitchell-Smith 17:26
time                                                     33. Paul Faulkner        17:50
15 Mark Sutton            35:28 18:58                    34. Jeremy Gold          17:51
16 David Shortridge       35:36 17:06                    35. Dave Alcock          17:52
17 Steve Bage             35:37 19:07 PB                 47. Mick Cairns          18:36
18 John Hempstead         35:38 21:38*                   49. Lee Bruce            18:53
19 Jenn Mattinson         35:42 21:42                    53. Pat Watson           18:59
20 Lee Bruce              35:50 17:20                    56. Dave Shortridge      19:00
21 Mick Cairns            35:55 17:25                    57. Lloyd Sedman         19:02
22 Betel Amare            35:58 19:28* 8th all-          63. Gary Bagnall         19:16
time                                                     65. Gary Deathridge      19:25
23 Gary Deathridge        36:01 18:31                    80. James Foley          20:06
24 Dumi Ndebele           36:04 19:34*                   84. John Ashton          20:11
25 Dave Webb              36:05 22:05                    91. Tony Bunbury         20:30
26 Catherine Nash         36:07 22:07                    99. Dave Robinson        20:54
27 Brenda Puech           36:07 22:07                    101. Gerry Franey        20:57
28 Sally Maddock          36:16 19:46* 10th all-         102. Les Vialls          20:59
time                                                     121. Alan Cathcart       22:50
29 Andrzej Gajbutowicz 36:29 22:29                       122. Jonathan Cheifetz   22:52
30 Pat Watson             36:34 18:04                    130. Daryl Elliott       23:48
31 Aude-Claire Markiewicz 37:03 29:03                    132. Andrzej Gajbutowicz 24:20
32 Jane Roche             37:03 29:03                    139. Doug Roche          25:41
33 Chrissie Shepherd      37:55 37:55 (4 laps!)          144. Darren Stobbart     26:33
34 Elinor Unwin           38:55 30:55                    148. Bruce Butler        29:07
* First time                                             150. Ray Russo           34:02

  Rainforest 10k (non-standard course),                  Women:
         Victoria Park, 2 Oct 05                         1. Mary Knapman (L‟ton)   19:52
                                         Chip Time       16. Sally Maddock         21:55 9th all-time
5 Jamal Mohamed       34:28 (5th M)       34:28          17. Cate Boyle            21:56 10th all-time
14 Richard Bryant     37:04 (11th M)      37:02          18. Linsey Birghall       22:04 11th all-time
31 Rafal Medak        39:39 (24th M)      39:38          20. Oona Ball             22:15 13th all-time
73 Cyril Adesanya     41:55 (60th M)      41:55          21. Annie Gammon          22:17
90 Mark Sutton        42:42 (13th M40)    42:38          27. Kerry Bannister       22:58 24th all-time
110 Joanna Clarke     43:24 (6th W)       42:51          28. Jenn Mattinson        23:01
151 Linda Brownlee    45:00 13th W)       44:46          30. Nana Quawson          23:10
165 Annie Gammon      45:32 (1st W40)     45:14          31. Jane Willdigg         23:19
197 Kerry Bannister   46:19 (22nd W)      46:06 PB       35. Elaine Battson        23:33
211 Linsey Birghall   46:38 (26th W)      46:13          36. Catherine Nash        23:53
272 William Hewlet    48:04 (4th M50)     47:59          39. Philippa Cockman      24:19
290 Catherine Nash    48:25 (45th W)      48:12          40. Jo Sargent            24:20
315 Elaine Battson    49:08 (56th W)      47:55          41. Jennifer Cullen       24:37
327 Brenda Puech      49:25 (2nd W40)     49:01          42. Brenda Puech          24:37
375 Alison Marrs      50:30 (72nd W)      50:07          59. Louise Guthrie        27:49
406 Frank Merrigan    51:05 (279th M)     50:51          67. Nicole Van Staeyen    31:48

70. Elinor Unwin          32:26                              162. Gary Bagnall      32:28
73. Mel McClure           33:35                              172. Gary Deathridge 32:55
                                                             178. Lee Bruce         33:17
Men's A Team: 3rd                                            201. Tony Bunbury      34:29
Men's B Team: 2nd                                            205. Mark Sutton       34:52
Men's Vet's Team: 7th                                        227. Dave Maher        36:29
Women's A Team: 3rd                                          231. Mike Wheeler      37:15
Women's Vet's Team: 2nd                                      236. Alan Cathcart     38:09
                                                             246. Doug Roche        41:44
Under 13 Girls 1 Mile                                        (254 finishers)
4. Shaquille Carroll      6:18                               Men 9th of 21 teams with 1713 points

      Met League, Claybury, 8 Oct 05                           World Triathlon Champs, Honolulu, 3 - 9 Oct 05
Tim Mitchell-Smith reports: An excellent turnout of          Diane Purton reports: What a fabulous experience
18 men and 7 women toed the start line for the first         racing for Team GB was in the World Triathlon
Met League fixture of the season. The course was             Champs. I was sadly nursing injuries from a bike
bone dry and there were some fantastic performances.         crash two days before leaving London but got through
For the first time ever in the ML, we fielded a              a tough swim, bike, and run in hot conditions
complete women's team. Congratulations to Kath on            emerging unscathed and primed for more. The swim
a great return to competitive action. A big shout to         was a bit of a bun fight at first and the course seemed
Brenda who hadn't intended to race but had her arm           to last forever, there was a lot of chop in the water too
twisted and was bundled into the car for the race. But       but I stayed well on course, took it steady and came
definitely most brownie points go to Chrissie                out around 60th; biking was hot with a headwind on
Shepherd. This was her fourth appearance at the club.        the way out past beautiful Diamond Head. This is
During that period, she has completed the handicap,          where training really paid off as I worked very hard to
Eastway race and now the Met League! The men's               lift my position around 15 places, sailing past Aussies
team was led off by Mark Ryall but he unluckily had          and Americans mainly which made me smile. A fast
to pull out after a couple of laps having twisted his        return with the wind behind us got me the fastest bike
ankle. That left a resurgent Jim Roche to lead home          split of a long season. Well happy and in with a
the team just ahead of Ben Fairhall and Pat Wallis.          chance of sub-2:30 if I could pull off a reasonable
Great effort also from three of our Berlin Marathon          10k. I knew my run was going to be tough and was
quartet who showed no ill effects from their recent          on target at first, taking advantage of all aid stations
exertions at all. Thanks to Roger Daniels, Jane Roche        in the staggeringly hot conditions. Sadly, I began to
and Michael Cates for all the support on the course.         feel the effects of the heat/hard biking with some
And a big thank you to Kath for supplying enough             cramp in my hamstring and had to ease it back giving
chocolate brownies for us all!!! Would also like to          me a finish 10k of 47 mins ( disapointing as I have
thank Garry Walker who was out on the course giving          been on form all season for sub 44!). I finished elated
us all lots of encouragement. A fantastic effort from        though sprinting past one more Aussie in the last 100
everyone, well done.                                         yards with team-mates screaming at me and clutching
                                                             a GB flag to wave at the camera in a respectable time
Women                                                        for my 35 - 39 yr age group of 2:32:30 and it hit me I
23. Kath Gundersen     16:14                                 had run biked and swum at the Worlds! A real goal
38. Rhian Bennion      17:11                                 achieved! I was cheered on by name at every
77. Kerry Bannister    19:09                                 opportunity by an international crowd who were
85. Elaine Battson     20:04                                 amazing. I had an ice bath in the medical tent to
88. Brenda Puech       20:26                                 prevent excess aches and pains and the reality of what
89. Philippa Cockman 20:27                                   the heat can do was present as I saw fellow athletes
102. Chrissie Shepherd 21:56                                 unconcious or on drips with heatstroke having a very
(107 finishers)                                              tough time. Went surfing on Waikiki Beach and then
Women finished 11th of 20 teams with 248 points              off to another island to relax. Over and out, Diane x

Men                                                                   Cardiff Marathon, 9 Oct 05
35. Jim Roche            27:11                               130 Jo Singer 3:12:11 (9th Woman) CLUB RECORD
38. Ben Fairhall         27:20                               (1,303 finishers)
48. Pat Wallis           27:34
75. Tim Mitchell-Smith   28:47
77. Tony Lashmar         28:50                                        Chicago Marathon, 9 Oct 05
114. Bruce Butler        30:31                               10,065 Alice Bell 4:07:02 (chip time 3:57:58) PB by
116. Dave Alcock         30:38                               ~ 25 minutes (Halfway 2:09:06)
131. Mick Cairns         31:17

   Kingston Running Festival, 9 Oct 05                        being only five days after her marathon and Jo Clark
Tim     Mitchell-Smith      reports:    Another    big        who made it round the course even though she was
VPH&THAC presence in Kingston for the Running                 feeling very unwell (that's what I call dedication to
Festival. An excellent event, very well organised, flat       the club!).
and fast, on a very picturesque course along the banks
of the River Thames and past Hampton Court Palace.            Men
There was a choice of a single-lap 8.2 mile race or           4 Mike Halman             27:25
two laps totalling 16 miles. Eleven club athletes took        6 Ben Fairhall            27:46
the two-lap option and were rewarded with some                12 Mark Ryall             28:16
cracking times in near perfect weather conditions.            24 Tim Mitchell-Smith     29:22
                                                              29 James Allchurch        29:33
14th Tim Mitchell-Smith      1:40:54                          32 Richard Bryant         29:50
136th Rhian Bennion          1:56:54                          34 Jeremy Gold            30:03
285th Kerry Bannister        2:07:48                          39 Dave Allcock           30:54
301st Elaine Battson         2:08:42                          43 Andrew Gadd            31:24
332nd Phil Tsang             2:11:44                          48 Mick Cairns            31:47
368th Jo Sargent             2:14:46                          49 Gary Bagnall           31:57
409th Andrzej Gajbutowicz    2:18:11                          59 David Shortridge       32:32
588th Dave Leigh             2:40:00                          66 Lee Bruce              33:21
630th Veronica McCabe        2:45:30                          76 John George            33:35
637th Paula Weddell          2:48:24                          83 Tony Bunbury           34:02
670th Lara Orija             3:26:10                          15 Mark Sutton            35:15
                                                              98 Mike Wheeler           35:56
               Liverpool 10K, 9 Oct 05                        101 Garry Walker          36:08
Jeremy Gold reports: Just to let you know that I              108 Dave Maher            37:09
finished 50th out of 3415. My time was a slightly             111 Steve Bage            38:12
dissapointing 37:01 and just outside my PB. Also my           113 Marino Zini           38:22
son who won the kid‟s mile race at the London Chest           118 Alex Fairhall         39:40
Hospital meeting has now added another victory to             122 Andrzej Gajbutowicz   40:15
his list. He‟s now living in Lancashire and racing for        127 Doug Roche            40:58
Rossendale AC. He won the U11 Cross Country race              (136 finishers)
at the first Red Rose County League match in Bury
last weekend.                                                 Women
                                                              2 Katherine Gundersen     32:49
  Chingford League, Hackney Marshes, 15 Oct 05                4 Jo Singer               33:32
Gary Bagnall reports: Fantastic turn-out and race for         8 Rhian Bennion           34:13
team VPH&THAC with 15 women and 23 men                        16 Cate Boyle             35:55
starting the race. The women's team won the race and          19 Caroline Scott         36:13
go top of the Chingford League table. Kath                    22 Annie Gammon           36:5
Gundersen was second in the race overall behind               26 Nana Quawson           37:13
international junior Danielle Sale of Orion. New club         27 Sally Maddock          37:13
marathon record holder Jo Singer was 2nd home for             30 Linsey Birghall        37:32
the club and 4th woman in the race. Rhiann Bennion            38 Jo Clarke              39:37
also made the women‟s top 10 in 8th place. Mike               39 Elaine Battson         40:05
Halman and Ben Fairhall had a terrific runs to finish         46 Jane Willdigg          42:43
4th and 6th, followed by Mark Ryall in 12th. Tim              50 Chrissie Shepherd      44:43
Mitchell-Smith continued his excellent form being             (53 finishers)
3rd man home out of the 22 club finishers.
                                                              League Points (9 teams)
Tim Mitchell-Smith reports: Terrific turnout. Lots of         Men "A" Team
new people along showing enthusiasm which is a key            1 Barnet                  78
starting point! A great shame that Jim dropped out            2 Victoria Park           98
after about 3 miles with a recurrence of his calf             3 Orion                   108
problem - but until then he was running well and was
tucked in the lead pack. Strong performance from              Senior Ladies (7 teams)
the women's team as well.                                     1 Victoria Park           71
                                                              2 Loughton                124
Rhian Bennion reports: I'm so pleased that we won,            3 Orion                   131
all the women who turned out are stars! Special
mentions to Jo Singer who had a great run despite it

The Cabbage Patch 10, Twickenham, 16 Oct 05                     Women
Philippa Cockman reports: It was a lovely autumn                1. Jo Singer          22.05 Club Champs Record &
morning, a well-organised event, and a scenic flat              2nd all-time
course crossing the river at Richmond and                       2. Jo Clarke          24.13
Kingston Bridges. Jo led the way, with Brenda close             3. Cate Boyle         24.51
behind, both achieving PBs, and all of us finishing             4. Elaine Battson     25.30
within a few minutes of each other.                             5. Catherine Nash     26.15
                                                                6. Brenda Puech       26.33
Jo Sargent             1:20:26 PB                               7. Phillipa Cockman   26.54
Brenda Puech           1:22:10 PB                               8. Chrisse Shepherd   28.03
Philippa Cockman       1:23:17                                  9. Louise Guthrie     29.53
Declan Phelan          1:23:17
Andrzej Gabutowicz     1:23:28                                  David Lloyd Great Mile Run, O2 Centre (formerly
                                                                               the Dome), 23 Oct 05
     Nike 10K, Victoria Park, 16 Oct 05                         David Shortridge 5:17 (2)
Peter McHugh Declare reports: Congratulations to
Mark Ryall on winning the Nike 10K. Having been                  Specsavers 10km, Richardson Evans Sports
somewhat disappointed with his XC performance                         Ground, Roehampton, 29 Oct 05
(Chingford League) the day before, I guess Mark                 3rd Mark Ryall 32:47 (short course)
wanted to try a bit harder in the Sunday race!! His
Nike 10K was a particularly good run and one worthy              Met League, Wormwood Scrubs, 29 Oct 05
of note. At the end of lap one, Mark was lying 4th              Men
appearing to have settled for a comfortable run tucked          18 M Halman         30:10
in behind 2nd and 3rd place but losing ground rapidly           61 T Lashmar        31:53
to the leader who was pulling away with every stride.           82 D Alcock         33:02
After a bit of verbal abuse from his supporters who             86 R Bryant         33:17
were telling him to get out of his comfort zone, Mark           112 B Butler        34:17
moved away from the group where he began the                    144 G Bagnall       35:37
chase into the no man‟s land between him and the                163 L Bruce         36:16
leader and quickly encountering the chaos of having             191 G Deathridge    37:39
to overtake the waves of runners spread out across the          196 D Robinson      38:00
road and still out on their first lap. Step by step, Mark       235 T Bunbury       41:01
finally pulled back the leader overtaking him to finish         245 A Cathcart      42:45
in 35:29, which, while some way off his PB, was                 255 D Roche         45:00
undoubtedly a good run; passing the backmarkers                 (265 finishers)
must have cost him upwards of a minute or two.
                                                                Team Position – 12th of 22 teams - 1404 pts
      Amsterdam Marathon, 16 Oct 05                             League Table – 11th of 23 teams - 3117 pts
1,696 Ben Prag 3:38:06 (chip time 3:34:51)
Halfway 1:40:45 (5336 finishers)                                Women
                                                                31 K. Gundersen     17:11
     Club 3.5M Champs, VP, 22 Oct 05                            126 A. Fake         22:37
Men                                                             (137 finishers)
1. Tony Lashmar        19.24
2. Dave Alcock         19.41                                    Team Position – 17th of 18 teams - 119 pts
3. Dave Shortridge     20.58                                    League Table – 13th of 20 teams - 367 pts
4. Cyril Adesanya      21.09
5. Lee Bruce           21.17                                           Beachy Head Marathon, 29 Oct 05
6. Mick Cairns         21.20                                    31 Tim Mitchell-Smith 3:41 (718 finishers)
7. Rafal Medak         21.30
8. Gary Bagnall        21.35                                             Snowdonia Marathon, 30 Oct 05
9. Lawrence Ryden      21.54                                    141 Pat Watson          3:39:16 (79th SM)
10. Declan Phelan      22.11                                    385 Rhian Bennion       4:07:23 (30th SW)
11. Gary Deathridge    22.22                                    386 Caroline Scott      4:07:23 (31st SW)
12. Tony Bunbury       22.37                                    490 Tim Mitchell-Smith 4:16:59 (214th SM)
13. Gerry Franey       22.53                                    635 Andrzej Gajbutowicz 4:32:40 (77th M45)
14. Mike Wheeler       24.05
15. Alan Cathcart      24.22
16. Doug Roche         26.21
17. Darren Stobbart    27.52

        Dublin Marathon, 31 Oct 05                          33 Kerry Bannister     22:45 25th= all-time
1,944 Elaine Battson 3:50:20 (3:42:30 chip time)            39 Jo Sargent          23:43
Halfway 1:56:37 47th W35                                    42 Philippa Cockman    23:59
5,041 Tim Mitchell-Smith 4:46:02 (4:35:25 chip              45 Brenda Puech        24:44
time) Halfway 2:30:12 – THIRD MARATHON IN                   48 Chrissie Shepherd   24:56
THREE DAYS!!                                                51 Lana Wrighton       25:32
                                                            62 Louise Guthrie      27:23
                                                            63 Jane Roche          27:33
  Chingford League, Eastway, 1 Nov 05                       68 Grace Robinson      31:05
A fantastic night for the Club with the women gaining       (69 finishers)
a superb victory and second place for both the Men's
A and B teams. Individually, Jo Singer was the super         Under 13 Girls 1 Mile
star of the evening, not only winning the race by 11        6 Shaquille Carroll        6:18
seconds, but also breaking Georgia Wood's 2-year-old
club record by 9 seconds. Also entering the women's         Team Race Result (10 teams per category)
all-time rankings were Linsey Birghall, Sally               Men's A Team      2nd 98 pts
Maddock, Linda Brownlee, Diane Purton, and Kerry            Men's B Team      2nd 322 pts
Bannister. On the men's side, Mark Ryall just crept         Women's A Team 1st       82 pts
into the all-time rankings at =25th. Well done to all
45 of our competitors, and many thanks to Roger,            After 3 Races (10 teams per category)
Peter and Bethel for their support.                         Men's A Team        3rd 26 pts
                                                            Men's B Team        2nd 26 pts
Men                                                         Women's A Team 1st        28 pts
3 Mark Ryall          16:17 (25th= all-time)
4 Ben Fairhall        16:23
                                                             Club 5M XC Champs, Woodford, 5 Nov 05
18 Tony Lashmar       17:05
                                                            Tim Mitchell-Smith reports: Congratulations to new
20 James Allchurch    17:10
                                                            club champions Jon Cullom and Cate Boyle. An
24 Dave Alcock        17:17
                                                            excellent turnout at Woodford Golf Course in near
29 Paul Faulkner      17:32
                                                            perfect weather conditions. And a lower percentage
44 Bruce Butler       18:20
                                                            than normal of people going off course! Apologies for
47 David Shortridge   18:25
                                                            the fact that a pack of dogs being taken for a walk
50 Lee Bruce          18:33
                                                            took a liking to one of the flour arrows and decided to
54 Mick Cairns        18:41
                                                            eat it but I don't think that led anyone astray....Great
58 Gary Bagnall       18:54
                                                            battle between Jon and Tony - if only Ben had some
65 John George        19:09
                                                            spikes it could have made for a really exciting three-
70 Declan Phelan      19:15
                                                            way tussle. Thanks to Doug an Diane for help with
71 Ben Prag           19:17
                                                            course marking and officiating.
77 Tim Amor           19:33
78 Gary Deathridge    19:34
87 John Ashton        20:07
                                                            1. Jon Cullom            15:09 / 30:32
88 Tony Bunbury       20:08
                                                            2. Tony Lashmar          15:09 / 30:38
93 Gerry Franey       20:24
                                                            3. Ben Fairhall          15:10 / 31:20
95 Les Viallis        20:33
                                                            4. Dave Alcock           16:49 / 33:31
96 Dave Robinson      20:34
                                                            5. Tim Mitchell-Smith    16:52 / 33:49
101 Mark Sutton       21:01
                                                            6. Dave Shortridge       17:03 / 34:20
109 Mike Wheeler      21:47
                                                            7. Declan Phelan         17:17 / 35:22
116 Alan Cathcart     22:03
                                                            8. Dave Robinson         17:58 / 36:27
123 Nick Ramage       22:38
                                                            9. Les Vialls            18:17 / 37:02
127 Jason Kirby       23:18
                                                            10. Gerry Franey         18:40 / 38:16
137 Dave Webb         23:56
                                                            11. Mike Wheeler         19:01 / 38:34
143 Darren Stobbart   24:34
                                                            12. Alan Cathcart        19:10 / 39:22
144 Doug Roche        24:43
                                                            13. Darren Stobbart      21:54 / 44:44
(152 finishers)
                                                            1. Cate Boyle            18:54 / 38:31
1 Jo Singer           19:24 Club Record
                                                            2. Oona Ball             19:00 / 39:13
10 Nicola Bryan       20:43
                                                            3. Diane Purton          19:34 / 40:30
12 Linsey Birghall    20:52 6th all-time
                                                            4. Chrissie Shepherd     22:51 / 46:10
13 Sally Maddock      21:09 8th all-time
20 Linda Brownlee     21:34 11th all-time
26 Diane Purton       22:10 15th all-time

    Stevenage Half Marathon, 6 Nov 05                        (U13) and came home in 1st place for the girls and
Steve Bage/Mick Cairns reports: As for the                   3rd in the race overall behind two boys.
conditions, it was a case of deja vu as they were
almost identical to two years ago, namely strong               London XC Champs, Parliament Hill, 19 Nov 05
winds and heavy rain. Well done especially to Jo             Gary Bagnall reports: Great performances all round.
Sargent who broke her long-standing PB by around 5           The men were the 6th best club in London and the
minutes in dreadful conditions. In better weather,           women 7th (beating Ealing, Southall & Middlesex,
there's more to come, especially if she keeps up the         Serpentine, and Barnet). Good to see Jon Cullom and
speed work. Well done to Dave Carey who also ran a           Anna Fake turning out for the club and all the great
PB.                                                          support out on the course. Really impressive runs
                                                             today. The women did really well and I was
9th Mick Cairns           1:29:03                            particularly impressed by Jo Clarke who was just
234th Dave Leigh          1:41:47                            behind Kath and Jo and has looked to improve a lot in
268th Steve Bage          1:43:48                            the last few months. I also witnessed very impressive
288th Jo Sargent          1:44:36 (W34)                      finishing sprints from Kerry and Brenda to hold off
569th Dave Carey          2:00:31                            and pull away from opposition.

       New York Marathon, 6 Nov 05                           24 J. Roche         35:28
3,581 June Barrow-Green 3:36:10 (chip time 3:35:51)          37 T. Lashmar       36:19
Halfway 1:44:59 (17th in age category)                       38 M. Holman        36:28
31,535 Sophie Speyer 5:36:48 (chip time 5:21:31)             39 P. Wallis        36:33
Halfway 2:39:09                                              47 J. Cullom        37:16
32,191 Michelle Bunce 5:41:59 (chip time 5:35:33)            68 J. Gould         38:31
Halfway 2:34:19                                              75 D. Alcock        39:15
                                                             79 B. Butler        39:40
                                                             84 G. Bagnall       39:53
  North London XC Champs, Alexandra                          96 M. Cairns        41:04
           Palace, 12 Nov 05                                 98 D. Shortridge    41:10
Women                                                        101 D. Phelan       41:25
9th Katherine Gundersen 20:15                                125 G. Deathridge   43:27
21st Sally Maddock      21:50                                131 D. Robinson     43:53
29th Kerry Bannister    22:39                                165 T. Bunbury      47:07
38th Elaine Battson      25:07                               172 A. Cathcart     47:55
                                                             (183 finishers)
Team Result 5th 97 pts
                                                             Men‟s Teams (34 teams)
Men                                                          6 VPH&THAC A – 138 pts
15th Jim Roche            24:57                              12 VPH&THAC B – 269 pts
23rd Pat Wallis           25:28                              22 VPH&THAC C – 379 pts
52nd Jeremy Gold          26:44                              32 VPH&THAC D – 593 pts
61st Dave Alcock          27:15
68th Gary Bagnall         27:58                              Women
76th Mick Cairns          28:28 (14th Vet)                   21 K.Gundersen      20:52
85th Declan Phelan        29:26 (18th Vet)                   22 J.Singer         21:01
88th Lee Bruce            29:45                              30 J.Clarke         21:30
112th Mark Sutton         31:49 (35th Vet)                   51 S. Maddock       23:32
117th Tony Bunbury        32:28 (38th Vet)                   53 K.Bannister      23:40
120th Mick Wheeler        33:20 (40th Vet)                   65 B.Puech          25:33
124th Alan Cathcart       34:25 (44th Vet)                   74 A.Fake           27:15
131rd Doug Roche          38:11 (50th Vet)                   (86 finishers)

Team Result                                                  Womens Teams (16 teams)
Seniors 6th 295 pts                                          7 VPH&THAC
Vets 6th 105 pts
                                                              Riverside Half Marathon, St Neots, 20 Nov 05
  Tower Hamlets Schools XC Champs, 17 Nov 05                 Steve Bage reports: Conditions were near perfect,
Rohan O'mard reports: Shaquille Carroll competed in          brilliant sunshine, beautiful blue sky, and even though
the Tower Hamlets Schools Cross Country, hosted              conditions were probably near freezing, the cold
annually by the club. She ran in the Year 7 age group        wasn't too troublesome. The race itself was
                                                             extremely well organised and marshalled and ran

across some idyllic Cambridgeshire countryside.                    The ‘Grim’ 8, Sunday 4th December
There were a few testing hills, but the last three miles        Kerry Bannister reports: Very early on a cool but
were almost entirely downhill, which probably                   clear      Sunday        morning,     three     intrepid
accounted for Philippa and myself securing PB's. By             VPH&THAC‟ers headed down to Aldershot for the
and large, we all agreed that this was a very enjoyable         „Grim‟ 8 mile race (though the grimmest part was
race, and it would be great if we could get a larger            probably having to walk almost 3 miles from the
group of VPTH'ers to turn out for it next year.                 station to the start -- and back again at the end of the
                                                                race with weary legs!).           Alan Cathcart, Andy
175 Declan Phelan 1:36:10 (chip time 95:20)                     Gatjbutowicz and I drank lots of tea and coffee pre-
239 Steven Bage      1:39:10 (chip time 98:27 PB)               race to keep warm, but we were greeted by warm
513 Philippa Cockman1:51:24 (chip time 1:50:41 PB)              sunshine just as the race was about to begin. The race
(890 finishers)                                                 is held over an army training ground, and therefore
                                                                involved lots of ups and downs, and was quite rocky
       Met League, Ruislip, 26 Nov 05                           underfoot, and muddy of the limestone-yellow type
Dave Alcock reports: Well done to the full women's              typical for soil south of the Thames. There were also
and men's VPH&THAC teams which were brave                       lots of water obstacles, which luckily for Alan only
enough to travel across to Ruislip for the Met League.          went up to his thighs mostly and for Andy up to his
It was cold and wet for the women's race, and they              hips, but for me meant wading through almost to the
were kind enough to churn up the soft, muddy course             waist at times! We were also required to get under a
which made for a more slippery second lap, and                  small amount of cargo netting at one point, but there
prepared the course nicely for the senior men's race.           wasn‟t much of it, and as long as you got in behind
Also nice to hear lots of VPH&THAC support from                 someone else, they did all the hard work for you! I
both the runners & late arrivers (special thanks to             led very slightly at the beginning after nipping past
Mike Wheeler for making the journey on his                      the crowds at the starting line, but was soon overtaken
birthday). Also good to see a few new XC runners in             by Alan, who had a natural advantage in the water.
addition to the hard-core regulars - hope everybody             Andy chose sensibly to run his own race rather than
enjoyed it! Unfortunately in the final lap of the men's         trying to keep Alan in his sights. I crept up on Alan
race, Jeremy Gold fell in the twisty, muddy descent,            towards the end, and was trying to overtake in the
about 500m from the finish - well done to him for               final 200m when I discovered that the organisers, and
getting up and finishing - and hope the knee's OK.              Alan, were to have the last laugh, because they had
                                                                put one final water obstacle right before the finish
Women's Race - team was 10th of 18 teams - 208 pts              line. Alan regained the lead in the water and hung on
40 L Brownlee               20:34                               to take 476th place out of 1855 finishers in a very
61 R Bennion                21:34                               respectable time of 1:13:30, with myself coming in
73 K Bannister              22:06                               478th place 3 seconds later. We then just had time to
91 E Battson                23:51                               get a bottle of water and our medals before nipping
96 P Cockman                24:35                               over to the final straight to cheer Andy in to 793rd
97 C Shepherd               24:38                               place in 1:19:05. With all three of us finishing well
110 finishers                                                   inside the top half of the field, we made a team points
After 3 races, 12th of 20 teams - 575 pts                       total of 1747, and therefore the „Victoria Park
                                                                Warriors‟ placed 11th in the mixed teams category.
Men's race - team was 12th of 20 teams - 1668 pts
48 T Lashmar                31:21                               Inter-Borough Schools Cross Country Relays,
71 B Fairhall (no spikes!) 32:10                                            Eastway, 8 Dec 05
90 D Alcock                 32:58                               Rohan O'mard reports: Congratulations to Shaquille
97 J Gold                   33:11                               Carroll and the rest of the Year 7 Tower Hamlets girls
108 G Bagnall               33:45                               team, who took the silver medal behind Newham in
109 T Mitchell-Smith        33:47                               the Inter-Borough Schools Cross Country Relay races
148 D Shortridge            35:21                               run at the Eastway. Shaquille won her leg of the race
152 M Cairns                35:40                               and her other teammates put up a very spirited
180 D Phelan                36:52                               performance to just get edged out of the gold medal
191 D Robinson              37:39                               position. Well done! This was a inter-borough
234 T Bunbury               40:06                               schools race involving the Olympic boroughs of
240 A Cathcart              40:46                               Waltham Forest, Newham, Hackney, Tower Hamlets
247 K Mahon                 41:44                               and Greenwich.
262 D Maher                 43:16
277 finishers
After 3 races, 11th of 23 teams - 4785 pts

Chingford League, Highams Park, 10 Dec 05                            UK Athletics Club Awards
Women                                                      Congratulations to Chris Zah on being selected as the
1 Kath Gundersen           30:41                           UK Athletics Regional Award winner for London for
3 Jo Singer                31:05                           Development Coach of the Year!
5 Jo Clarke                31:32
8 Rhiann Bennion           32:22                                  Canary Wharf Sports Awards
14 Cate Boyle              33:17                           Perri Shakes-Drayton became the second VPTH
15 Kerry Bannister         33:19                           athlete to win the ultimate prize at the Canary Wharf
24 Linsey Birghall         35:06                           Sports Awards following Symone Belle four years
36 Chrissie Shepherd       38:49                           ago. The trophy of Sports Personality of the Year was
40 Jane Roche              42:16                           presented by Olympic Gold Medallist Marlon
(46 finishers)                                             Devonish. Chris Zah became the 4th club coach to
                                                           be presented with a community award.
Team Result (10 teams)
1st VPH&THAC               46 pts
2nd Orion                  97 pts                                         National Rankings
3rd Loughton               135 pts                         Congrats to Leevan Yearwood who ranked 12th in the
                                                           U20 Junior Men's 100 metres with 10.61/10.47w. Of
After 3 races (10 teams)                                   all those born in 1988, Leevan was ranked 4 th.
1st VPH&THAC               38 pts
2nd Orion                  34 pts                          In the U17 Women‟s Rankings, Perri Shakes-Drayton
3rd Loughton               33 pts                          achieved the following:
                                                           100 12.25 15th
Men                                                        200 25.2        29th
10 Mark Ryall              26:23                           100H 15.38 5th
20 Tim Mitchell-Smith      27:03                           300H 41.48 1th
21 Dave Alcock             27:08
22 James Allchurch         27:12                           In the U17 Men‟s Rankings, congratulations to:
26 Jeremy Gold             27:36                           Daniel Gibbons who ranked 18th= in the country over
55 David Shortridge        30:09                           100 metres with 11.1 seconds.
69 Bill Parker             31:03
84 Mark Sutton             32:20                           and to Adewunmi Akande who ranked 9th= in the
88 Tony Bunbury            32:30                           country over high jump with 1.96 metres.
103 Dave Maher             33:22
112 Alan Cathcart          34:17                           In the U15 Boy‟s Rankings, congratulations to:
129 Doug Roche             38:14
134 Jason Smith            39:55                           200 Fiston Bitumba 23.28 13th
(135 finishers)                                            400 Jordan Aromasodu 52.99 16th
                                                           80mH Ashley Wilson 11.26 (11.12w) 2 nd
Team Result (10 teams)
1st Orion                  63 pts                          Further national rankings will appear in the next club
2nd WG & EL                97 pts                          magazine.
3rd VPH&THAC               154 pts
                                                                       Rikki Fifton – World Class
After 3 races (10 teams)                                   "UK Athletics has named 80 athletes on the World
1st Orion                  37 pts                          Class Development Programme funded by Sport
2nd Barnet                 34 pts                          England - the vast majority of them young enough to
2nd VPH&THAC               34 pts                          spearhead the pursuit of home successes at the 2012
                                                           Olympic Games in London." Congrats to Rikki
                                                           Fifton who is one of the 80.
    Bedford Half Marathon, 11 Dec 05
Our 2nd-claim runners had a successful day with
Mike Halman winning in 1:11:01, Sam Pullan                                      Thanks
finishing 4th in 73:26, and Sally Maddock running a        To Bill Duggan for donating an exercise bike to the
PB of 1:36:52. 1195 finishers.                             Club.
444 Steve Bage               1:42:46
612 Brenda Puech             1:48:55 PB                                       New Arrival
828 Jonathan Mainwaring 1:58:07                            Congratulations to Tony Bunbury and his wife
1128 Veronica McCabe         2:22:39                       Patricia on the birth of their son on Saturday 3rd
1135 Paula Weddell           2:22:51                       December 2005 weighing in at 2.5 kg.       Charles
                                                           Decorsy Bunbury was named after his grandfathers.

   War Hero Deric Is Still Going Strong                         that I had run that fast!" It seems there is no end to
(Appeared in a Sep 2005 issue of the Ilford Recorder)           Deric's talents. On one amazing afternoon, he
The following article, written by Luke Wilson, tells            displayed the full extent of his athletic versatility by
the story of one of VPH&THAC‟s Life Vice                        competing in no fewer than 11 events for his club
Presidents: As we sat around the extremely pleasant             Victoria Park Harriers. It was this wide-ranging
surroundings of Woodford Golf Club‟s clubhouse, the             ability that helped him win AAA decathlon bronze in
magnitude of the achievements of the gentleman who              1954 (note from Wayne: Deric forgot to mention he
sat opposite me were such that a feeling of awe                 won silver the following year) and compete in the
flooded my senses. Deric is no ordinary man and the             Veterans World Championships in Toronto, Canada
events of the Woodford Bridge resident's                        in 1975 at the incredible age of 53! All this despite
extraordinary lifetime are a testament to his "Never            the fact that, as Deric admits himself, he never
say die" attitude. His recent victory in the club's             trained, had no real coaching and was never interested
inaugural Vice Presidents' Trophy, despite his 83               in personal gain. "I was and still am a club man
years, immediately pales into insignificance when               through and through," he admitted. "In those days, all
compared to what the great man had achieved since               the top athletes came from the Universities because
his birth in Poplar in 1922. The son of a former                they had the proper coaching, so for someone like me
athlete and bare knuckle boxer, Deric grew up living            from the East End to compete was really hard but I
next door to David Jacobs, who was the only Jewish              think I did all right!" This final understatement
man ever to captain Great Britain at the Olympics               encaptures Deric's nature. He is a happy-go-lucky
when he did so in Stockholm in 1912 and so it was               character whose personality is infectious and this
almost inevitable that he would enter the athletics             humbleness is unceasing. He is undoubtedly a one-
world himself. His early career was interrupted by              off and the pleasure of spending an afternoon with
the Second World War where Deric served as a                    such a truly amazing man is one I will remember for a
Special Operative specialising in infiltration. At the          very long time.
end of the War, while still serving in Italy, Deric
single-handedly achieved the release of 83 Italian                                  With Sympathy
prisoners of war under orders from his superiors,               Our sincere condolences to the family of 9-year-old
using nothing but his trusty bolt cutters and his               Courtney St Louis who suffered a fatal asthma attack
incredible guile. Several years later, this amazing             while playing football. Courtney had taken part in
episode was the subject of a two-hour television                Star:Track over the summer and had also competed in
broadcast on the Italian television channel RAI and             our club track and field championships. He was often
his Italian connections do not end there. Deric's               at the track with his sister Tara, who is a club
daughter is married to an Italian and he has two                member, and his mother and even joined in the
Italian grandsons. His sporting connections are                 sessions. Jane Silvester and Millie Zah represented
further enhanced with the fact that his son-in-law's            the club at the funeral.
brother is none other than the great Piero Gros, who
won the slalom at the 1976 Winter Olympics in                      Mob Match Team Results 1928 - 2005
Innsbruck. Deric illustrated his own sporting talent            1928 - VPH? (This might have been the first year the
by representing the Air Force at five different sports,         Mob Match was held and also included Anlaby AA
including football from which he derives one of his             (there is an Anlaby near Hull!!) who were not
fondest memories. "One of my loveliest sporting                 included in 1929 onwards. Also, based on a comment
moments was playing football for the Air Force                  by Gordon Everson in a 1962 club magazine, I
against the Army in Naples." Deric smiled. "On the              deduce that VPH won from 1928 - 1933 and also
Army side, there was Frank Swift (the England                   1948 - 1949.)
goalkeeper) in goal, as well as Bryn Jones (Britain's           1929 - VPH?
most expensive player at the time), Wilf Mannion (a             1930 - VPH?
future England star) at centre forward and a certain            1931 - VPH?
young man called Tom Finney (Preston and England                1932 - VPH?
legend) playing inside right. Unsurprisingly, they              1933 - VPH?
stuffed us but it was still a great day for me!" Playing        1934 - VPH
against such sporting luminaries as these served as an          1935 - VPH
inspiration to Deric who himself reached the upper              1936 - VPH
echelons of athletics. "My favourite day on the track           1937 - VPH
was in 1963 when I was competing in the Veterans                1938 - VPH
AC Championships at Battersea Park," Deric said,                1939 - VPH
glowing with pride. "On that day, I won the 100                 1947 - VPH
yards in 10.3 seconds and the 220 yards in 22.4                 1948 - VPH?
seconds. Many years later, my good friend Norris                1949 - VPH?
McWhirter phoned me to let me know that my time                 1950 - VPH
for the 220 was a World Record. I never even knew               1951 - VPH

1952 - Draw                                                     Chingford League Relay
1953 - VPH                                            Although this course (on the roads outside of
1954 - Eton Manor                                     Highams Park) has been discontinued, perhaps
1955 - VPH                                            forever, I wanted to capture this information
1956 - VPH                                            somewhere.
1957 - VPH
1958 - VPH                                            1973 - ?
1959 - VPH                                            1974 - 74:23 (11th)
1960 - VPH                                            1975 - 78:10 (14th)
1961 - VPH                                            1976 - ?
1962 - Eton Manor                                     1977 - 77:15 (17th)
1963 - VPH                                            1978 - 74:14 (13th)
1964 - VPH                                            1979 - Did not participate?
1965 - VPH                                            1980 - 72:35 (14th)
1966 - VPH                                            1981 - 72:56 (4th)
1967 - Eton Manor                                     1982 - 73:19 (12th)
1968 - Eton Manor                                     1984 - 74:00 (3rd) - April
1969 - Eton Manor                                     1984 - 74:11 (4th) - December
1970 - Eton Manor                                     1985 - 72:08 (1st)
1971 - Eton Manor (not definite, but probable)        1986 - 71:25 (3rd) (Steve Mahon - 11:45, Dave
1972 - VPH                                            Carthy - 11:45, Chris Brogan - 11:39, Phil Hampshire
1973 - Eton Manor                                     - 11:43. Dave West - 12:39, Keith Lowe - 11:54)
1974 - VPH                                            1987 - 72:02 (2nd)
1975 - VPH                                            1988 - ?
1976 - VPH                                            1989 - ?
1977 - Eton Manor                                     1990 - 73:37 (3rd)
1978 - VPH                                            1991 - ?
1979 - Cancelled                                      1992 - ?
1980 - VPH                                            1993 - ?
1981 - VPH                                            1994 - 77:59 (4th)
1982 - VPH                                            1995 - 76:46 (2nd)
1983 - VPH                                            1996 - 77:42 (3rd)
1984 - VPH                                            1997 - 83:23 (6th)
1985 - VPH                                            1998 - 79:15 (6th)
1986 - VPH                                            1999 - 86:21 (8th)
1987 - VPH                                            2000 - 82:46 (4th)
1988 - VPH                                            2001 - 81:12 (4th)
1989 - VPH                                            2002 - 74:47 (1st)
1990 - VPH                                            2003 - 79:36 (6th)
1991 - VPH                                            2004/5 - Different course
1992 - Eton Manor
1993 - Eton Manor                                     Opportunities to Enter the All-Time Road
1994 - Eton Manor
1995 - VPH                                                      Rankings (Top 25)
1996 - VPH                                            Tue, 3 Jan Mob Match, Well St Common
1997 - Eton Manor                                     M – 15:22 W – 21:13
1998 - VPH                                            Sat, 21 Jan Chingford League (5M), Victoria Park
1999 - VPH                                            M – 25:31 W – 40:26
2000 - VPH                                            Sat, 4 Feb Club 10M Road Champs, Victoria Park
2001 - VPH                                            M – 69:54 W - 94:57
2002 - VPH&THAC                                       Sat, 4 Mar Mike Penman Memorial Mob Match
2003 - VPH&THAC                                       (10k), Victoria Park
2004 - VPH&THAC                                       M – 40:06 W – 49:04
2005 - VPH&THAC                                       Tue, 7 Mar Chingford League (5k), Eastway
                                                      M – 16:17 W – 22:45
VPH&THAC leads 56 ½ - 13 ½                            Sat, 11 Mar Club 20M Road Champs, Victoria Park
                                                      M – 2:41:58 W – complete the race
                                                      Tue, 28 Mar Physical Shield, Loughton
                                                      M – 10:18 W – complete the race

                                                      Times represent minimum required to enter rankings.


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