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					Financial sector a few more popular certificate
Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

  Has the world's first test of the CFA examination of financial domestic
popularity has been high, and it is the portfolio management community and a
professional certification, by the "Association for Investment Management
and Research" (AIMR) grant. After entering China from the CFA Exam,
CFA doubled the annual growth in the number of candidates, the examination in June
this year alone, nearly 5,000 candidates who have been officers. But the candidates
have passed the rate is very low, it is known in the world certified by CFA rate is
one- fifth in China, was even lower.

Certificate gold content:
  Given the informal nature of CFA examinations, professional and authoritative, their
qualifications in the field of global finance is widely recognized as banking,
investment, securities, insurance, consulting practitioners pass. CFA certificate
holders, including the world's leading financial and investment institutions
of senior staff, salary is substantial, CFA annual salary in the United States more than
20 million dollars.

Exam Content:
  CFA required the holder to establish a strict and extensive financial knowledge, to
master the financial investment industry in various theoretical and practical
knowledge in core areas, including investment portfolio management to financial
asset valuation, derivative securities to fixed income from securities and quantitative
analysis. Examination to all the English manner, to go through three levels, each level
test time is 6 hours. Each year in June, in December nearly a hundred countries
around the world to synchronize test. Chinese candidates in Shanghai and Beijing to
attend the CFA exam.

Sit conditions:
  With a college degree related to employees. High levels of CFA examinations by
those who also need to have the financial, investment, management and other fields at
least 3 years work experience, but it is also a member of AIMR is eligible for CFA
certification. Sitting fee: CFA Exam Registration fee ranging from about 400 to 900
U.S. dollars, including the original teaching materials costs, training costs, the average
test time may take two to three million.

Registered Financial Planner (CFP)

  With more and more prosperous domestic financial fever, the degree of
specialization sectors of the financial management needs of increasingly high,
financial awareness, called for a greater financial planner with professional skills.
Registered Financial Planner (CFP), is the current international financial services,
personal financial management of the most authoritative professional qualification, it
is by the International Association of Financial Planning (IAFP), organized the
direction of its personnel training for financial clients financial planners, according to
the customer's asset status and risk appetite, to provide all aspects of life,
including customers comprehensive financial advice, for him to find the most suitable
financial management to ensure the preservation and appreciation of its assets. At
present, China has established a Financial Planning Division Standards Committee,
the CFP exam and standards related to the introduction to China, which uses two
certification systems, namely, financial financial planner (the AFP) and the Financial
Planning Division (referred to as CFP), more in line with local Chinese

Certificate gold content:
  CFP certification is the world's financial advisor certification authority of
one of the items on the individual, CFP is a financial expert certificate of
identification, but also receive higher salaries and a strong guarantee. Revenue in the
United States a CFP tens of thousands of dollars in more than 10, while in the
domestic, financial financial planner will also achieve the annual salary of 500,000.
At present China's insurance industry, banking and other areas of financial
planning practitioners generally annual revenue of 10 million Yuan or more, and if get
CFP certification, salaries will rise. With the WTO market opening, banks will greatly
increase the demand for CFP.

Exam Content:
  CFP certification, including training, professional examination, professional ethics,
assessment, and several other steps. Among them, the professional examinations,
including Introduction to Financial Planning, investment planning, insurance, tax
planning, retirement planning and employee benefits, senior financial planning six
modules, and all the papers in English.

Sit conditions:
  Applicants need to have some basic financial knowledge and English, but also with
the banks, funds, insurance, securities and other related work experience in the
financial sector.

Sitting fee: the current national training and examination fees CFP approximately
between 15,000 to 25,000.

Financial Risk Manager (FRM)

  Risk management covers many areas, in an          increasingly complex and global
integration of financial and commodity markets,     the effective management and the
growing role of control risk, for investment        banks, commercial banks Haishi
securities companies, insurance companies, Du       right strengthen risk controls put
forward higher requirements, and resulting consequences are: financial risk
management professionals has increased dramatically. Financial Risk Manager
(Financial Risk Manager, FRM) for financial risk management is a qualification title,
the certified professional risk managers to determine the risk management analysis
should be to master the necessary knowledge and decision-making by the U.S.
"global risk Association "GARP examinations, and awarded a
certificate. GARP is a place with more than 130 countries from more than 30,000
members of the Finance Association, mainly by the risk management professionals,
composed of practitioners and researchers. Certificate gold content: FRM certification
system has been Europe and the United States multinational companies, regulators
and Wall Street's recognition of global financial centers, the risk of many
multinational organizations one of the requirements management practitioners, the
current financial risk management division, the average annual salary has risen to 15
million, through the FRM research by domestic financial institutions are also
increasing recognition.

Exam Content:
  FRM-wide English exam only one time was 5 hours, all standardized test, about 140
multiple-choice questions. Examination content including market risk measurement
and management, credit risk measurement and manage ment, operation and overall
risk management, legal, accounting and ethics, reviewing and preparing for about 14
weeks. Held in mid November each year an examination, Beijing and Shanghai in
China test centers.

Sit conditions:
  More relaxed sitting condition, the qualifications of the applicants, industry is no
limit, college students can apply for. At present, some financial institutions examiner
major air control personnel, financial units auditing, asset managers, 基金 managers,
financial Jiaoyi member (broker), Touzi banking Zhe, commercial banks,
Fengxiankeji Ye who risk consultancy operators, enterprises and accounting audit
department, CFO, MIS, CIO. Most of which serve large enterprises and financial
industry workers in the main.

Certificate obtained:
  Taking the FRM exam scores compliance officer, or trade in financial risk
management, investment management, financial, audit and other related fields with at
least two years of work experience is also a member of GARP FRM can only be
granted credentials.

Examination fee: FRM exam fee to participate in higher cost per test fee of not less
than 500 U.S. dollars, China is also frequently associated training costs RMB
Insurance Actuaries (FIA)
Is a scarce resource in China, an actuary, an actuary employed by the remuneration
due to the cost and international practices have become differentiated. If China is now
the most expensive actuary - Ping An Insurance Company of Steven.Mile, it is
estimated that at least he's worth 3 million yua n per year, domestic
actuaries worth only 500,000 to 600,000 yuan. Can pay the high salaries of Actuaries
and fair hiring actuaries, this
Wei is the thin people and his friends often discussed, breaking the bottleneck of the
problem is that people's understanding of the actuary.
■ job description
Actuary is to use actuarial methods and technology to solve economic problems
professionals. Actuaries traditionally work in the field of commercial insurance
industry, is mainly engaged in product development, responsibility reserve accounts,
Liyuan analysis and dynamic solvency testing and other important work.
■ Vocational Qualification
July 16, 1999, China held its first actuary qualification examination. Test points shall
prevail Actuary and the two parts. All nine candidates have passed the course
examination, will be quasi-actuarial qualifications. Prospective candidates were
qualified actuary, the actuary through five courses to meet the actuarial professional
examinations and training requirements, the respondent qualified, to obtain the
"Certificate of Actuaries examinations."
■ Occupational Status
Currently, there are 40 domestic participants received standard actuarial qualifications.
It was learned that Shanghai is only 10 life insurance companies more than 30
actuarial professionals, can not meet the needs of the insurance industry. Experts
believe that the actuarial development in China is whether there is a problem to pay
the high salaries of Actuaries and fair hiring actuaries. In addition, the actuarial skills
in the use of the existing conditions of level, should pay attention to the maintenance
of professional standards.
■ Occupational Trends
Actuary attraction of first in the actuary had a higher social status, it is said, according
to British Standard concerned, China has only two actuaries, the Institute of Actuaries
list by the United States, China does not yet exist a qualified actuary. In fact, some
Chinese have different actuaries, but the overall level of need to be strengthened. It is
predicted that China's next five- year actuarial talent needed 5,000.
Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certificate

Examiners Organization: China Association of Certified Public Accountants.
For the crowd: preparation in the country's top talent in the accounting
Exam Content: accounting, auditing, financial and cost management, law, tax law.
Examination fee: 10 yuan registration fee, Kao Wufei 55 yuan / Division. Training
costs about 300 yuan each subject.
Comments: after passing the CPA examinations, with two years of performing
independent audit of operations experience De personnel, Ke Shen Qing obtain
vocational qualification certificate, the right side Qianshu audit report. Therefore, the
qualification certificate is essential for obtaining a passport, many companies in the
recruitment of senior accountants, the CPA specifically requires a certificate.
Difficulty Index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ■ accounting professional qualification
?Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA)
Examination by the Certified International Investment Analyst Association (ACIIA)
for the financial and investment professionals tailored to a high- level international
certification exam. By CIIA exams, if you have the financial analysis, asset
management and / or areas of investment over three years relevant work experience,
can be obtained by the International Investment Analyst Association awarded the
CIIA designation. CIIA examination from the official launch in 2001, the world has
more than 5,000 people took part in the ultimate test, to date, more than 2,800
professionals have received the title of CIIA. As the various regional and national /
regional associations to promote, CIIA will attract more professionals reference, and
expand its influence in the international context; a broader global CIIA will gradually
form a coalition.
Examination Fees: The registration fee is 800 yuan / person (including a set of
specified materials) exam registration fee is 2,500 yuan / complete the ultimate
examination fees total volume: 800 +2500 * 2 = 5800 RMB (including textbooks)

Financial Consultants (RFC)

Financial Consultants and our current financial planner made similar, but the financial
consultant (RFC) is being recognized around the world with high-profile certification
system. Its main role is to help families and individuals a reasonable consumption,
savings, investment, insurance and financial planning for the future. Currently more
than 3,000 people worldwide have made the international Association of Registered
Financial Consultants certification (RFC), mainland China only a few dozen financial
consultant, is a critical shortage of qualified personnel. Financial Consultants by the
International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC) presented
IARFC qualifications.

Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Certificate
Examination bodies: Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.
For people: preparing to study abroad or preparing to enter the large multinational
companies engaged in financial work, the need to have some foundation in English.
Examination content: ACCA has 14 exam subjects, including financial statements,
financial information and management, company and commercial law, financial
management and control, financial reporting.
Comments: ACCA certificate is internationally recognized, has been identified in
many countries worldwide for the statutory accounting qualifications, members can
engage in audit, tax, bankruptcy, and the implementation of investment advisers and
other professional accountants work.
Meanwhile, ACCA its comprehensive curriculum, improve and comprehensive, and
known as "professional accounting MBA course." On the hope
that the office staff of multinational companies for the financial sector, to participate
in ACCA study, may improve the accounting professional standard of English,
familiar with relevant international accounting standards, and have good financial
background and practical operational capability.
Difficulty Index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Chartered Wealth Manager (CWM)

Early in August this year, one from the U.S. financial professional certification -
Chartered Wealth Manager (CWM) the first batch of trainees. These mainly from
banks, investment consultants and insurance industries to the three students will be
eligible to receive CWM independent financial advisor, make plans for the
customer's financial problems. Chartered Wealth Management division is
considered U.S. territory one of three financial planning manager. Chartered Wealth
Manager (CWM) is different from early access to China's financial planner
(CFP), which is the difference between the position taken in the implementation of the
market will not happen contradiction or conflict. Chartered Wealth Management
division is mainly related to personal finance by learning and the different
characteristics of financial products for financial management and scientific methods,
Chartered Wealth Manager provides individuals with a full range of financial advice,
according to the customer's property holdings, income objectives, risks
sustainability to develop a financial plan, according to changes in the financial
markets to make timely adjustments. Currently there are 20,000 in the United States
to receive this certificate of financial, mainly distributed in the banking, insurance,
funds, securities, accounting, independent financial advisers and other industries.

International Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) certificate
    Examination bodies: the International Institute of Internal Auditors.
    For the crowd: CIA applicants need to have a bachelor degree or above
intermediate and intermediate professional and technical qualifications, certificates or
non-practicing Certified Public Accountant CPA certificate. Specific professional
college teachers and students can also apply.
   ?Examination: including internal audit procedures, internal auditing, management
control and information technology, auditing environment four parts.
Comments: CIA generally recognized countries in the world of internal audit
professional certification. With the rapid economic development, China's
high demand for professional internal audit staff is growing. Therefore, by CIA exam
often been the employer of all ages.
Difficulty Index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Institute of Management Accountants (Certified Management Accountant, CMA)
CMA exam is a Certified Management Accountants (Institute of Management
Accountants, IMA) founded the professional qualifications, Certified Management
Accountants Association of Accounting from the National Association (NAA) derived,
103-year history, is the largest Association of Certified Public Accountants. IMA
members are currently about 11,000 people, mainly in the United States and Canada
and the world economy developed, CMA and AICPA is the United States two most
important and most authoritative accounting qualification, is the world's
most authoritative accounting qualification, international accounting standards and
Management Standards, AICPA and CMA mainly the subject.
In China by the Chinese Ministry of Education Examination Center of organizations
To participate in CMA exam, IMA must first apply to become ordinary members, the
Chinese candidates, authorized by IMA training institutions in China, the
recommended application for membership. After examination by four, you have to
comply with IMA's Guiding the qualifications, conduct and more than two
years of work experience before applying for registration as full members.
Sitting conditions: one of the following conditions may apply for CMA / CFM:
1, a bachelor's degree (any professional can);
2, holds a national certified public accountant CPA certificate;
3, University High School students;
4, can be obtained within a certain time GRE or GMAT test score of 50% of people.
Examination fee: General candidates, each subject cost 60 U.S. dollars per test; U.S.
college senior or graduate student, 30 USD for each subject; American University
full-time teachers, the first test of charge, after the second charge 30 U.S. dollars each
subject. Candidate locations outside the United States, regardless of the amount of
subjects taken, a total of USD 25 surcharge. At present, China examination fees for
the 165 U.S. dollars per door.
The number of certified international financial engineering (CQF)
CQF (Certificate in Quantitative Finance) - International Financial Engineering
certification number is from the University of Oxford Ph.D., Research Scholar, Royal
Academy, Paul Wilmott, founder of hedge fund composed of financial experts, the
number of internationally renowned design team of the international launch of the
number of financial engineering certification. CQF based in the City of London, New
York, Beijing, China, setting up training centers, respectively. CQF faculty of
international leading, high-end frontier of knowledge, practical and efficient teaching
model to create an international financial excellence! Currently, many professionals to
achieve CFA certification, are to attend the CQF training. CQF won international
recognition and high praise of the same, most of its students working for Goldman
Sachs, Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, HSBC, Citigroup, Barclays, ABN Amro, Bank of
America, Bank for International Settlements, KPMG, etc..
At present, CQF gold content than CFA trend is also very harsh conditions of their
entry, Bu Jin English to reach a very high level, higher mathematics have a very solid
basis, such as probability calculus should be able to use freely.
Management Accountant CIMA examinations
?CIMA is the world's largest management accountant exam, management
and certification, it is also the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) one of
the founding members, now has 15 million members and students, over 156 countries.
CIMA was founded in 1919 and headquartered in London, in Australia, New Zealand,
Ireland, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Zambia, India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong
and China are equipped with branches or liaison offices.
   CIMA qualification in international business reputation enjoyed in the past century,
world-renowned multinational companies such as Unilever, Shell, Ford, etc., all of
their esteem, they are in addition to recruitment of CIMA members, but also regularly
sends employees CIMA training courses. CIMA qualification is different from the
general accounting certification, which is based on accounting, covering management,
strategy, marketing, human resources, information systems and other aspects of the
business knowledge and skills. CIMA members are not o nly versed financial 而且
excel in management, in addition to the enterprise as Chief Financial Officer, CFO,
etc., there are a number of Member to become general manager for Multinational
Enterprises and CEO.