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People chronology

In 1938, the Tiger 1-year-old was born July 5 Nantong poetry and family.
1938 to avoid the Japanese, the potential influx of home village outside the city of
Nantong Bridge.
1942 Horse 4-year-old kindergarten into the elementary school north of the city.
Nantong children's intelligence game, chanting "Yueyang
Tower," "Mulan," and from the poems, was the first
Grand Prize.
Bodhidharma began to draw even Manqiang Buddhas, their strong interest in the case.
1943 Guiwei 5 years into the north of the city primary schools.
1945 Yiyou 7-year-old woman into the Nantong Normal Second Primary, the mother
of Mr. Miao heart length mirror, Fan has high academic achievers, tired awarded.
Nantong 1949 Jichou liberation 11 years, Big Boss liberated into the city from
northeast to Van Hang, head of publicity for the Party Propaganda Department,
Nantong City newspaper editor after.
Summer the same year, he was admitted in Nantong, Jiangsu Provincial School.
1950 GY 12 years old and joined the Children's team.
Xin Mao 13 years of age to join the 1951 U.S. Association of Nantong. And Yuan
Yunsheng, Gule Fu said "Nantong three small painter."
1955, Yi Wei 17-year-old obtain Nankai University Department of History, from
University Professor Yu Zhuming Zheng days Ting, Lei Haizong, Wang Yuzhe, Yang
Jiu, Yang wing Xiang, Li Guobin, Dr YEUNG Sum Mao, to a new summer, Gu Xie
high, Hsieh Kuo-chen, so outstanding, was named outstanding Health.
Early spring of 1956, two 18-year-old to join.
Ding      19,   1957,      family    upheaval,     Big     Boss     is   classified     as
"rightists", make friends Mo rescue, not a word about close.
Reform Movement of 1958, 20-year-old "Great Leap Forward"
Time has shown signs of Academy of Chinese Painting Department of the teacher
Jiang Zhaohe, Li Yan, Li, Guo taste lotus, Lee cups, Liu Ling Chang, permanent Xia,
Shangai Song, Huang, were the Hong, Shen Shu Yang Zhu President, which by Jiang
Zhaohe, Li Yan, Li Zhu Masters most affected. Junior elegance, hard and
self-motivation, Meng-chi often, when the score was less than a year view, the second
year, the Section results were excellent, especially by Li Yan, Li appreciative of Mr..
Boxer, 22, 1960, Jiang Zhaohe into the studio.
24-year-old graduated in 1962 Renyin creation, painting, "feminine
consciousness Guihan" guidance counselor to Mr. Liu Lingcang.
1964, 26 years old to Xi'an Jiachen gate materials to participate in social
education village commune manhole. And Mr. Wang Hongduo also be playing for the
"right" to "Community 23" release may
only be vindicated.
1966       Bingwu      28-year-old       "culture"      began    to
"present life", "slipping through the net to
give" all offenses rebels Jiudou.
Geng-Xu, 32, 1970 delegation of Xianning "57 cadre school."
33-year-old back in 1971, Beijing Xinhai continue to display for the Museum of
Chinese History painting, painted during the "Han Fei as" the
Prince, 34, created in 1972, "Mao in Hunan peasant movement"
Mother, Big Boss, Second Brother have died.
36, 1974, Jia Yin, "approved Kong Campaign" started.
And He Jiesheng, birch, Zhang Qie and other joint letter to Premier Zhou Enlai,
discovered "four-gang" in numerous literary and art circles
perverse crimes.
1976 Bing-chen, 38 years old "days of the incident" occurred.
For a new book written in elegiac couplets and Premier Wen Mourning was
In October, "Four Gang" was smashed, people throughout the
"Tian An incident" completely vindicated, mind infinite
Dimba 39-year-old New Year 1977 in the Great Hall for large ink Zhong Kui, Yi Yu
righteousness done, "People's Daily" reported the
front page.
Wu Wu 40, 1978, "Lu Xun Illustration Collection" was
Transfer any of the Central Academy of Fine Arts lecturer, associate professor.
41, 1979, has not Ding Wu Baihua shop of Japan was invited to participate in the
delegation's visit to Japan rather Watercolor, and Mr. Dong Shouping Hing
Bank Exhibition in Tokyo.
1980 Gengshen and Mr. Zhang Ding, 42, a joint exhibition held in Hong Kong.
Xin, 43, 1981 on trafficking should be invited to Japan Co., Ltd. held personal
exhibitions in tokyo.
Published "Fan Zeng Chinese figure painting." Ancient Chinese
scientists received the first prize stamp design.
44, 1982, Saigon was widely taught in Nantong Tong Temple Law milk paint 18
murals and participated monks built the opening ceremony. This court, was Mr. Zhao
Puchu based support and inscriptions for the named. Monk painting huge praise from
the master, Master Jing Hui drawing up the list. Opening when Lou Shiyi, Hou Baolin,
Zhang Ding, Ding Ling, Wen Huaisha, Hong Yin, Jing Hui, Fang Cheng, Zong-Ying
Huang, Yuan Yunfu, Lan-Ying Guo, attended. By the white Xing, Zhu Jian, Xu Hu,
Cao Nantong city leaders from Singapore and other charge of the matter.
Takashimaya of Japan exhibition in Tokyo at the invitation, to meet his wife attended
the opening ceremony vast. Mr. Ikuo Hirayama, NHK television has introduced Fan
"Fan has been painting series" was published.
1983, 45 years Gyehae Seibu Department Stores of Japan, invited solo exhibition,
held in Tokyo, Ambassador Song couples attended the opening ceremony of light.
Joint University of Japan all the gifts, "Sino-Japanese cultural exchange
Jiazi 46, 1984, Okayama Prefecture, Japan to establish a permanent "Fan
Zeng Museum."
Net Kawasaki Kaheita as honorary curator, Mr. Matsuda-based curator. Fan has some
reason had yet been to Japan.
"Fan Zeng Paintings", "Fan has been painting
series" "Fan Zeng's art" publication,
transfer preparation, Nankai University, Department of Oriental Art.
1985, 47-year-old Yi Chou, "Fan Zeng Museum," the first
anniversary of Japan, and Song, Ambassador of light couples Tong Fu Long Code
Okayama participate in the celebration. Nankai University, former President Teng Wei
and Mr. algae mayor of Nantong city, close friend Mr. Cao Congpo also invited Japan
to participate in event.
Published the "motherland, art, life" speech, broadcast by
"Fan has Splendor in the Grass" was published.
48, 1986 Bingyin Museum of Art Museum of China and Tianjin, has organized
"Fan Zeng exhibition."
In preparation for the exhibition in Japan, and Nan Li at Nankai University, hundreds
of pieces of paint to take the Great Heat.
Issued a "chest noble, pen bottom Treasures" speech, presented
new ideas 10.
In the same year and Ya Ming, Song governance, Cui Senmao, rice etc. painter Jing
Yang delegations visited the United States.
49, 1987 Dingmao Nankai University for the contributions to the construction of
Oriental Art Building, a large isolated in Tokyo, Japan, Okayama hold
"Fan Zeng Exhibition", exhibition with great success.

In December 1987 in the "Youth" magazine published an article
called "I look forward to life early in the morning."
1988, 50 years old Oriental Art Building Boshin start Okazaki Kaheita,
Matsuda-based and other international friends to attend the ceremony.
Published "Fan once described," "hold red with
lofty," "Fan Zeng embrace" "Fan has
since written Shi Gao" and ten other books.
51, 1989 and Song Yugui Jisi, Feng Dazhong exhibition in Hong Kong at the United
Nations, published in "Shenzhou Mang Fu" Paintings.
Published the "motherland, art, life" speech set.
Japanese publication, "the master of modern Chinese painting, Fan
Zeng," Paintings, Japanese critic Mr. Chen Shunchen a "Special
Person of the person" in order of the article.
After Mr. Yang Zhenning inspection, that my house gallery sizeable Taiwan, Fan had
agreed to hold the first exhibition in Taiwan, published in "Fan Zeng
Toyohashi in April the same year - the establishment of sister cities of Nantong,
Toyohashi City Art Museum, "a downright genius of modern Chinese
painting, famous art exhibition Fan Zeng."
1990, 52 years of West Wu Baihua Gengwu shop Invitation "Fan Zeng,
Song governance exhibition" held in Japan and published art collections.
Held in Singapore "Fan Zeng exhibition," published
"Fan has set a new work," and Nan Li, Study Tour visit to
Xinwei 53, 1991 held in Taiwan, "Fan Fair has new work in
Paris," and published art collections.
1992 Renshen 54 years should be the Royal Swedish Academy of Mr. Ma Yueran
invited to give lectures in Stockholm University.
"Fan has excellent series" published by the Hong Kong Award
for publication excellence.
55, 1993 GuiYou European tour to return to any of Nankai University, Professor of
Oriental Art, was appointed as academic leaders.
In the same year on November 13 in Paris, married with Nan Li.
Jia Xu, 56, published in 1994, "Fan Zeng Painting 100",
"Fan Zeng calligraphy 100."
1995, 57 years old now seeing the request should be Professor Luo Ba University of
Copenhagen in Denmark lecture.
1996 Rat 58-year-old style big changes, more emphasis on simple document ink that
masterpiece "Jane document I," "ink Zhong
Kui" and so on.
Shenzhen "Fan has been painting and calligraphy exhibition,"
published "Fan Zeng Paintings."
1997, 59-year-old Landmarks "Fan Zeng Shi Gao",
"10 Wing is also a self-life" was published.
1998 Tiger 60 "Fan has been the century of art exhibition dedicated to the
year 2000" at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. There
Chern, Chen Ning Yang, Ji, Li Rui, Wu Zuguang congratulate Mr. Zhu. Work
"beauty line" to sell 12 million Hong Kong dollars.
Essay "The wind came from" an essay prize.
The Spring 1999, 61-year-old "Fan has since written Qijue 100,"
published in calligraphy style of great changes, this is a turning point.
"Selected works of Chinese masters Fan Zeng" was published.
Nankai University held in 80-year anniversary, "Fan Zeng
Exhibition," exhibition was opened by Zhao Zhongxiang, Ni Ping chair,
Chern, Ji, Hou rehabilitation, flood the country, the Chen Hong, Ji-Cai Feng, Sheng
Zhongguo, Wang Gang, Su Min, who attended the ceremony.
Department of History, Nankai University, doctoral tutor of any.
2000 Dragon 62 "paintings, then Van has Volume," published.
Essay "Van Gogh's grave Ying," Selected Essays on
the country charts in 1999.
To commemorate Mother Miao mirror sang, in her 28 years of Nantong Teachers
president of the Second Primary repair "Mirror Pavilion" was
completed at a grand ceremony.
"Dust, I enclose the eternal curse" prose out the 2000 National
Essay rating. Is the old-end, special paint for more Millennium "Old Dan
Chitose map" and poems Postscript.
2001 Government House 63 years
"Fan Tan Yi has been recorded", "Fan has 33
essays," "masters of modern Chinese art collections, Fan Zeng
Volume", Shun Hing and fast collection of the "contemporary
Great Teacher had" published.
July, Shandong Liangshan County Cliff Mr. Fan Zeng Wen and book
"Liangshan in mind," was completed to bring graduate students
and ten men to the concept of friendship.
64, 2002 Horse
65, 2003, Gui Wei
In January, "Fan Zeng Pro Ba Da" by the People's
Art Publishing House.
Value of "SARS" epidemic, 3-May training in Qingdao
2004, 66 years Jiashen
In     January,      "Fan       Zeng     Illustrated   <Lu    Xun
classic>" by Hainan Publishing House. "Post-modern, I
see your cold" article in the "Chinese Culture
Pictorial" 1 journal out.
China Art Research Institute in March appointed a professor and Ph.D. tutor.
May to Shijiazhuang, Hebei, personally involved in proofreading "Nantong
Fan s Family" and have well xingshan County Mount Cangyan, Qin Trail
"Fan once described" by the Culture and Arts Publishing House.
July 21 to open document creation "queer Appreciation - Chern and Chen
Ning Yang," two days to complete. Chen, Mr. Yang Er Shang Hua came to
adopt a red garden.
August 8th Great Hall of the Macao Chamber, 21-volume "Poems Nantong
Fan Family" by the Hebei Education Publishing House premiere.
August 10 return to Paris, October 3 back. "Fan has poetry and art
collections," published by the Nankai University.
October 17 Nankai Centennial Celebration, "queer Appreciation - Chern
and Yang" in oriental art building opened, Chen, Mr. Yang Deng attended.
December in Qingdao.
Yiyou 67, 2005
In January, "Lost Zhiyan" by Nankai University Publishing
February 6 held in the Rong Bao Zhai, "Fan Fair has Yiyou new
2006 Leisure 68 years
Most potential for appreciation in 2006 hundreds of Chinese painters

June 2006 "Chinese Contemporary Art Market punctuated" title
Kam Fan has published
Dinghai 69, 2007
2008 Leisure 70
May 18 evening, the "love and dedication," earthquake relief
fund-raising campaign live show, the one-time donation 10 million yuan to support
the disaster areas, so that the audience be moved.
September was 2008 Olympic Fine Arts Award for Artistic Contribution
2009, 71-year-old Ji Chou
January "approach Nature - New for Fan Zeng (2007-2008) (Painting and
Calligraphy Set Fan Zeng paper roll)" published
February CCTV project
Fan Zeng: The Beauty of Chinese painting (on)
Fan has the beauty of Chinese calligraphy (the)
Fan has the beauty of Chinese calligraphy (the)
Fan has the beauty of Chinese poetry (on)
May 15 became the UNESCO "multicultural special adviser."
September 15 tenured professor employed by Nankai University.
October 17 to participate in activities Nankai University held the 90th Anniversary of
"return to classic return to nature" talks
October 12, 2009, appear on the central three recordings show "Song of
Nankai University of China chapter."
February 8 to February 12 11:00 every day, Fan has taught at Harvard University and
a well-known TV-American scholar Tu Wei-ming in Beijing, "Chinese
Civilization Lecture Hall" start "days and the people - the future
of Confucianism in the world" peak in Chinese studies, dialogue.
February 9 to 11, in 2010 Spring Festival eve, party secretary of the Ministry of
Culture, Cai Wu, minister of party members, Vice Minister Wang article and General
Office, Personnel Division is responsible comrades, see the culture the old leadership
of the Department of Liu Zhongde, HE Jing, Zhou Wei Zhi, Gao Zhanxiang and old
artists, old expert Wang Kun, Fan Zeng, Wen Huaisha to convey to them the State
Council, the cordial greetings and on behalf of the Ministry of Culture and wish them
a happy New Year and good health , happiness and good luck.
Cai Wu, the old leadership, old artists, old and experts sent a letter of sympathy and
floral arrangements, concerns asked about their physical condition and living
conditions. Conversation, Cai Wu briefed them the achievements of recent years,
culture and future development ideas for their contribution to culture to pay tribute
and thanks, and earnestly seek their views and suggestions of cultural development.
Fan has been in the home, Cai and his enthusiastically talked about the history and
current status of Chinese painting, and to explore the relatively weak current
theoretical study of Chinese painting problems. Fan Cai Wu Jieshao had his recent
recording of "Heaven and man - the future of Confucianism in the
world" lecture series program, and has just written a couplet presented to
Cai, a letter: "I would rather look for when the interest from the old
sentence , a new chapter of self-confidence than the ancient Yin. "Huaisha
edited by the paper," four of civilization "has been published in
200, pre-Qin to the Sui and Tang Dynasties in China history and culture of a
comprehensive system of Compilation out. In his home, Cai Learn more about
"four civilized" compilation and publication, and to encourage
cultural Huaisha for the Chinese culture and heritage and innovation and make greater