FIRE Service's Three Peaks _Sub by fjwuxn


									            THREE PEAKS (sub 24 hr) MOUNTAIN CHALLENGE
                  “Presentations of Awards 2010”
“PLATINUM MEDALS” Were awarded to 10 Teams for sub-17 ½ Hrs in the 2010 Challenge
No Award/Trophy         “Sponsored by” 2010 Winners                                                     Time
Event „A‟ Sun-Mon 20/21 June 2010     = 32nd National Challenge                                         Time
1a.    First Team (Sub 24 hr)       FSSAA                         Herefordshire Veterans                16:42
2a.    Runners Up                   FSSAA                         London FB Norbury                     17:02
3a.    First Mixed Team             Burlen Fuel Systems           Herefordshire Veterans                16:42
4a.    Largest Team (First)         Tabs Ltd                      South Wales Malpas (White)            18:57
5a.    Youth Team (First)           YHA Adventure Shop            Wiltshire Scouts A32                  19:38
6a.    Safe Driving & Navigation Trophy                           London FB West Norwood
7a.    First Lady on the Mountains Spot Prize                     Celia Speake Herefordshire Vets       16:42
8a.    Good Samaritan               Spot Prize                    Shrewsbury Ambulance Shropshire
9a.    Over 40s 1 Vets              Spot Prize                    Herefordshire Veterans (Ave 51)       16:42
                                        rd                           rd
Event „X‟ Tue-Wed 22/23 June 2010                               = 33 National Challenge                 Time
1x.    First Team (Sub 24 hr)       FSSAA Cup                     Wiltshire FRS Salisbury               16:49
2x.    Runners Up                   FSSAA Cup                     Army Foundation College Harr          17:12
3x.    First Mixed Team             Plaque                        London FB Heston Red Watch            19:43
4x.    Largest Team (First)         Plaque                        London FB Heston Red Watch            19:43
5x.    Youth Team (First)           Plaque                        Not awarded in 2010
6x.    Safe Driving & Navigation Trophy                           Army HQ DEME (A)
7x.    First Lady on the Mountains Spot Prize                     Avon FRS Ladies Team                  18:47
8x.    Good Samaritan               Spot Prize                    Not awarded in 2010
9x.    Over 40s 1 Vets              Spot Prize                    Christchurch Seagulls Swimming Club   21:09
                                   th                               th
Event „B‟ Thur-Fri 24/25                     June 2010          = 34 National Challenge                 Time
1b.    First Team (Sub 24 hr)                H.R. Tribbeck        South Wales Maesteg                   16:11
2b.    Runners Up                            Draeger              Avon Jampotters (B)                   16:46
       Joint Runners Up (B) event            TBC                  Surrey FRS Chertsey Red               16:46
3b.    First Mixed Team                      FSSAA                Scotland Transerv 1 B67               17:35
4b.    Largest Team (First)                  „Robert Elphick‟     BATCIS DT Abbey Wood                  17:02
5b.    Youth Award youngest (B)              AWE Apprentices      Luke Weaver (Kent Police) *aged 14    21:31
6b.    Safe Driving & Navigation             Trophy               Devon & Somerset FRS Bridgwater
7b.    First Lady on the Mountain            Spot Prize           3 Ladies from Scotland Transerv       17:35
8b.    Good Samaritan                        Spot Prize           Not awarded in 2010
9b.    Over 40s 1 Vets                       Spot Prize           Merseyside FRS City Centre            18:35
Combined events „A‟ „X‟ & „B‟ June 2010                           Winners                               Time
10.    First Fire & Rescue Team     Wiltshire Fire Brigade        South Wales Maesteg                 16:11
11.    First Non-Emergency Org      Friends Provident             Herefordshire Veterans              16:42
12.    First POLICE Team            Essex Co FRS                  West Mercia Police                  17:51
13.    First Health Service Team    Garmin Globe                  Army Primary Health Care            18:42
14.    First All over 50            Garmin Slate/Glass            Not awarded in 2010
15.    First All over 60            Garmin Slate/Glass            Not awarded in 2010
16.    Over the Hill/Oldest Team    Burlen Fuel Systems           Herefordshire Veterans              16:42
17.    Youngest Team Overall        FSSAA *Average age 15         Bruton School for Girls Somerset    19:57
18.    First All Ladies Team        Mouchel Consulting Ltd        Avon FRS Ladies Team                17:47
19.    First Overseas Team          Garmin Globe                  Not awarded in 2010
20.    Wooden Spoon                 FSSAA                         London FB Stoke Newington *extreme ‘Faffing’
21.    Special Award ~ the Geoff Wicker Memorial Trophy           Yvonne Beavan ~ „Simply the Breast‟
22.    Special Endeavour            Wiltshire FB.                 Richard Munday 3 Peaks with 50lb Army Burgen

To be awarded during early 2011 * when the results of 2010 fundraising advised by all teams
23.    Charity Champions                     Farmer Giles                                               TBC
24.    The Fire Fighters Charity             (Fire Service/BrigadeTeam) „Blaze Bear Cup‟                TBC
25.    The Fire Fighters Charity             (Non Fire) Friends Provident                               TBC
Prizes in Fire Fighters Charity 3 Peaks Grand Draw June 2010
 st                                                   th
1 High Peaks of Annapurnas, Nepal Trek 18-28 March 2011 ~ winner ~ Emma Ludden ~ Chipping Norton
 nd                                        th
2 Long weekend in New York USA 24/28 Sept 2010 with Tunnel to Towers event ~Jon Webster ~ Sheldon
3 Cycling vouchers £200 from Cycling Solutions *Cycle to work schemes/FFC ~ Maria Viegas Birmingham
4 Garmin GPS additional draw for ticket sales of £50+ to Andrew Huckle ~Highgate Fire Station West Mids
100+ other prizes if not collected on the night will posted out over the next two weeks to remaining winners
All Trophies & Cups to be held for 11 months only & then returned to Director by 31 May 2011
*Except spot prizes, engraving if not already done in 2009 or 2010, to be in style of trophy and may be
claimed or refunded, *just reply to Director 3 Peaks 2010 Hotline 01722 332211

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