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Bunny said: "I was rabbit bitches!"
Piglet said: "I am pig motherfucker!"
Chicken said: "I was chicken bitches!"
Dog: "You talk, I walk first!"

No. 0 players but said: "Outsiders zero to accompany me, nice!"
1, note also said: "call me an outsider to accompany, but also
2 players but said: "The two outsiders to accompany me, it sounds
3 players but said: "You talk, we walk first!"

Cat said to me: "I am your grandmother's cat, nice!"
The dog said to me: "I am your grandmother's dog, but also
Fish said to me: "I am your grandmother's fish, it sounds
Bear said: "You talk, I walk first!"

Rogue said: "People call me Ronin, nice!"
Warrior said: "People call me Taketo, too nice!"
Master said: "People call me The skilled, but                   also   sounds
Swordsman wrote: "You talk, I walk first!"

Peking University, said: I am Beijing University.
Tianjin University, said: I was extremely big.
Shanghai University, said: I was on the big.
Xiamen University, said: You talk, I excused!

General Li Tsung-jen said: my people, there Jen!
General Fu Tso-yi said: my people, there is justice!
General Zuo Quan said: my people, right!
General Huo said: you talk, I excused!

Minolta user, said: We are Americans!
Canon users say: We are beautiful woman!
Huaguang user said: We are Chinese!
Nikon users: you talk, I excused!

Old Chang doors are made of willow, Lao Zhang said: my home is a wooden door
Old Lee family to do the door is plastic, Lao Li said: my house doors are plastic door
Wang door of the house is brick made, Wang said: my house is brick gate door
Liu old door is made of steel, Lao Liu said: you talk, I excused!

Teachers College student said: I am a "Normal College" in
Railway school students: I am a "iron courtyard"
Vocational College student said: I am a "vocational college" and
Institute of Technology student said: You talk, I excused!

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