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					Explanation of marriage
Explanation of marriage

Article Submitted by: Ye Xingkun published :2005-09-08

Marriage of economics explained
Sociology of law is a statistical law, is not proven by the logic. This allows me to
simplify the problem, such as the opportunity cost of writing mate, I put a woman, a
man of resources are defined as the age and beauty, wealth of knowledge. There is no
discrimination against women means, but from the general sense, sociology, statistics
law is. Of course there will be exceptions, our theories do not explain, can not explain
the case. This is probably the main reason of economics can not be scientific.
Sociological analysis of the difficulty lies in that many of the issues closely related to
ethics, such as marital issues. Our conclusion may hurt the feelings of many people.
But no way, I just start from the objective to analyze human nature. The whole of
humanity is inseparable from the assumption that love into a dead end because there
are people.
In fact, all the assumptions, premises are in fact not hypothetical, is the fact that the
theory of abstraction. This can be purified of our environment. (Note 1)
Original intention of writing this article, try to use more economic, more human
perspective to explain the marriage question. Benevolent see benevolence and the
wise see wisdom, I just try to give different views, but can not guarantee it for
everyone's appetite.
Premise: the scarcity of resources
Scarcity of resources is, for the need for material is always scarce, can not satisfy
everyone. Why they should plan to reasonable configuration, only economics. Such as
food bar, and when are scarce, because the survival of people do not need it all the
time. If, like air, like "beck and call," no one to operate on
agriculture, because its product is no longer a scarce.
Well, marriage is what scarce resources? In answering this question, I need to explain
the meaning of resources here. All the things that make people satisfied are resources.
Obtained by marriage, to satisfy his desires something called marriage resources.
Some people are lonely married life is so rich that he (she) scarce resources, he (she)
should not be the object selected is a quiet person; people get married because of
poverty, the wealth that is he (she) scarce resources, He (she) will first consider the
rich of the opposite sex; political future was to marry, he (she) will fall Hydrangea
body Ethic - This is no accident that political power is his (her) to be resources. Some
people say we married for parents to child marriage, to friends, marriage, marriage is
no one to own. At this time, scarce resources are to meet the parents, (future) kids,
friends look forward to things. Generally speaking, the reason why the scarcity of
such resources, or that the meaning of this resource scarcity: there can not be met at
the party.
There can not meet everyone's desires, but not all looking for rich, wealth,
and political ladder of the people, can successfully be found in this society. Like that
old (when barter) exchange game, a need to use sheep for rice, B need meters for
animal skins, hides and skins need to change axes C, D with an ax, bow and arrow, he
would like to change. Four people are looking to exchange their objects, but can not
be met. At this point, if there are arrows E and need meters, with five consultations,
all the necessary up. But the fact is that most of the time this person can not find E. If
someone has a meter at the same time, animal skins, axes, bows and arrows, and are
willing to exchange enough. It's like real life, those who wanted to get
married, he's around there money on the full of talented, humorous and
cute, and ready to olden good he is like the opposite sex.
However, our premise is true is that resources are scarce. That is simple, rich, wealth
or political power and resources to, for everyone is scarce.
The second premise: the resources were not self-
We also need to point out that we have scarce resources can not be beyond

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