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The geographic location, region industry, and transportation infrastructure in the Erie Region creates
the opportunity to multiply its shipping and logistics industry. The potential economic impact of
growing logistics and shipping is extraordinary considering the opportunities to:

       Create interfaces between different transportation modes: rail, water, and highways;
       Utilize existing transportation infrastructure (for example, the region’s uncongested high-
        ways and two underutilized ports);
       Capitalize upon our location upon the US-Canadian Border and the St Lawrence Seaway;
       Enhance already robust international trade to and from the region (exports in particular);
       Enhance an industrial base nearly twice the national average, as measured by workforce;
       Attract new investment in warehousing and distribution centers to take advantage of being
        at the midpoint between New York and Chicago.

The Erie Region presents and excellent investment opportunity for businesses looking for convenient
locations for warehousing or distribution centers, considering land values, cost of living, and regional


The Economic Development Corporation of Erie County
(“EDCEC”) is the region’s lead economic development
agency. The EDCEC is an umbrella organization administer-
ing the activities of three public authorities and three other
non-profits focusing on real estate development, brown
field recycling, financing, and technical assistance to local business. In its history, EDCEC has devel-
oped nine business parks and participated in commercial financings totaling hundreds of millions of
dollars. In 2009, EDCEC initiated a multifaceted approach to developing key partnerships and devel-
oping the region’s transportation assets. Organized under the umbrella of the “Erie Inland Port”,
these projects include:

       partnering to redevelop the region’s two ports (Conneaut, Ohio and Erie, Pennsylvania)
       development of industrial and logistics parks convenient to the region’s two ports, interstate
        highways, and the region’s three class-1 railroads (CSX, Norfolk Southern, and Canadian Na-
       creating a for-profit holding company to finance logistics park and port development
       developing relationships with key transportation and logistics partners, such as port authori-
        ties, port developers, railroads, federal and state agencies.

Additional information on the EDCEC can be found at

A membership-based, 501c6 non-profit organization consisting of carriers, beneficial cargo own-
ers, freight forwarders, economic developers, transportation agencies, and other parties with
an interest in developing the Erie Region’s shipping and logistics industries.

An association created by the Economic Development Corporation of Erie County to support the
growth of the region’s shipping and logistics industries.
An affiliate of the EDCEC, whereby the Association Board (consisting of two representatives of
EDCEC and up to nine other members) directs the policies and activities of the Association and
the EDCEC staff administers the programmatic activities and organizational matters of the Asso-


      Educational: most businesses in the transportation and logistics industry are very fo-
       cused on the difficult work of running successful businesses, which limits opportunity
       for growth.

      Participation: region businesses need the opportunity to both understand the “Erie
       Inland Port” and provide input to EDCEC and its partners in each stage of planning and
       development in order to create maximum value for both industry and the region econ-

      Market Analysis: collecting data and organizing information relating to region shipping
       and logistics helps identify new opportunities create value, better target investment.

      Market Development: targeted business attraction efforts centered upon logistics and
       shipping will create opportunities.

      Advocacy: provide a unified voice for the region’s shipping and logistics industry on
       matters of policy and planning relevant to area businesses.

      Networking: making contacts with other people and organizations within the shipping
       and logistics industry provides opportunity to both expand and create new business op-

      Trade: Coordination of trade missions to foster business development and trade oppor-
       tunities. Trip locations to be determined by membership.

                            Creating Value for Our Members!
 The Shippers Association will seek out additional opportunities to create value for members. One
  of the early opportunities identified are negotiating member discounts on various services and
                       obtaining access to marketing and other data bases.
                             DIRECT BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP

Benefits for all members of the ESA include:

       Discount on annual conference registration
       Discount on EDCEC annual dinner event
       Opportunity to participate in focus groups and committees providing input on Erie
        Inland Port initiatives
       Free downloads of various reports, presentations, and other data on “members only”
        section of the Association website
       Access to member survey results
       Access to member contact information
       Subscription to quarterly e-letter
       Participation in trade delegation trips

Founding members receive additional benefits including logo promotion on ESA website and
promotional materials.

                                     MEMBERSHIP LEVELS

An annual investment in the Erie Shippers Association entitles investors to ESA benefits for 12
months from the date of application. Two levels of membership offered include:

       Base Business/Organizational Membership at a cost of $200
       Founding Member Level at a cost of $5,000

A Membership Application can be downloaded at . All in-
vestments are non-refundable and an application fee of $25 is assessed upon submission.
Please call (814)899-6022 for additional information.

 Supporting the growth of our region’s shipping and logistics industries!

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