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Amazing melting ice in Greenland ice sheet Jingxian Hustle
How serious is global warming in the end? From the world's largest island
- Greenland status, you can see the truth! Greenland's coastline, see the
melted ice, drifting in the sea of broken ice, and the Greenland ice sheet, has been
dissolved, one at a bright blue river, scientists say, global warming faster than 10
years ago to come faster, perhaps this century, global sea level rise as much as 1
Welcome to the secluded Arctic Circle in Greenland, along with Greenpeace ship the
footsteps of observation, CNN reporter embarking on, this southeast corner of the
world's largest island, learn about global warming evidence. Gedenghanmi
Dr. Patton: "Such beautiful eyes, when I come to this, my God, this is
really spectacular."
Get on the helicopter, eyes this piece of coastline of Greenland, the sea blue light,
dotted with numerous white spots which, picturesque scenery, is left warming
footprint, sea drift, in fact, from the Greenland ice sheet iceberg fragments.
Gedenghanmi Dr. Patton: "Greenland ice sheet stretching hundreds of
miles, most central part of the 2.6 miles thick, and now your eyes see, is that Hale
Heim Glacier."
Global warming accelerates, so that one of Greenland's major glaciers Hale
Heim, began to melt at an alarming rate with the retreat, Hale Heim Glacier, has been
reduced by 8 km long, compared to the 4 observed 10 years ago km, twice as fast at
full speed. Gedenghanmi Dr. Patton: "Hale Heim too drastic a change, but
5 to 10 years, this is a warning."
What kind of warning is issued Greenland, Hale Heim glaciers melting faster,
indicating more water will flow into the global ocean, with the kind of exchange, now
Greenland, the area lost annually, the equivalent of 80,000 Olympic-size swimming
pools so Great. CNN reporter: "This means that sea level will rise to the
height that we did not expect it?" Gedenghanmi Dr. Dayton:
Back to the helicopter on top to see that again, a bright blue river, is cutting the
Greenland ice sheet, inside an endless supply of water represents, experts said on
behalf of the river below, with more gradual melting of the glaciers. Gedenghanmi Dr.
Burton: "The size of this river, how unusual is it the source of glaciers,
because there such a high latitude."
Ice hidden below the waterfalls, glaciers on the landscape around the water color,
have let the experts worry that the United Nations in 2007, raised global sea level will
rise 60 centimeters to say too optimistic, and have actually considered this a century
ago, sea level will rose as much as 1 meter; global warming threat, to share the burden
of all mankind, the largest island of Greenland, are issuing warnings, you hear me!
Instant flooding caused by heavy rains
22 released photos show, many Georgia homes are soaked in water which, because
within 24 hours, down more than 54 mm of rainfall, it was reported there were 7
people were killed. EPA on September 23 98
Amusement park flooding
Georgia was a great flood, 22 of the photos show, famous Six Flags amusement park
has also been soaked in water. It was reported that 7 people have been killed. EPA on
September 23 98
Meat will ruin your 2009-6-19
U.S. National Cancer Institute recently released the largest ever study of meat
consumption. The survey found that those who ate 125 grams a day of red (beef and
pork) and processed meat than those who ate 20 grams a day who die of heart disease
and cancer 30% more chances. The study found that the heme iron from red meat and
meat protein lead to bacterial binding, in the human body may form carcinogenic N -
nitroso compounds - nitrite.
I read the published in the latest issue of Nutrition Action research. This report is
interesting. According to the Harvard School of Public Health 沃尔特威利 special,
"If you eat meat from twice a day to once a week, you can eliminate most
of the risk." Most of the risk? Why do not eliminate all risks? Is not that
like the proposal to reduce cigarette smoking every day to reduce cancer risk? In the
study, the nutrition initiatives have other gains, and even found that eating barbecued
meat increase the risk of cancer, the editor provides a "good
roast" the secret to reduce the risk. And, although they condemned the
environmental impact of red meat to the United States (55% of soil erosion, pesticide
use 37%, 50% of antibiotic consumption, 32% nitrogen and 33% of the phosphorus
into the supply of river water), they let the fish and poultry to get out.
It is now advocating eating healthy pure vegetarian and stop promoting this absurd
trick - the risk of underestimating the time to eat meat.
The results - eating too much red meat will seize your life 2009-3-24
According to a new study, eating more red meat and processed meat who died of heart
disease and cancer face a greater risk.
Said is the largest study to date, since 1995, a period of 10 years, more than 50 million
people aged 50 to 71 year-old American men and women to participate in the study.
The results, published in the Archives of the week.
In the follow-up period, found that 47,976 men and 23,276 female deaths (deaths to
eat more red meat and processed meat).
Red meat is beef, pork, bacon, ham, hamburgers, hot dogs, liver, pork sausages, steak
and meat dishes such as pizza, stew and braised pork sauce noodles.
White meat turkey, fish, chicken, chicken mixture.
Processed meat is white or red meat with smoke, dried, smoked, dried, etc. Save, such
as sausage, chicken sausage, lunch meat and frozen meat.
American Association for Cancer Research from the National Lead study author
Rashmi Sinha said the increased risk is not large, but he said the findings support the
healthy bodies that limit red meat and processed meat intake to reduce the risk of
cancer . However, in an editorial in the description submitted by the study found the
risk of eating meat more than "not too large (modest)" rating.
Day eating about 130 grams of red meat - equivalent to eating a small steak or a
quarter pound of hamburger.
Eat the equivalent of 25 pounds of hamburger over more than 10 years of men, with
those who ate red meat per week, about 150 grams compared to men, the risk of dying
from cancer increased by 22% increased risk of dying of heart disease 27 %.
Eat plenty of red meat the women ate a small amount of red meat than women, died of
cancer more than 20% chance, died of heart disease more than 50%.
Interestingly, the processed meat and red meat than the large increase in the risk of
eating all the food is only slightly lower than, but in people's diets contain
more white meat such as chicken, fish, and meat consumption above (processing meat
and red meat), compared with a lower overall risk, and died of cancer.
Ms Sinha said that the number of all deaths among men and women 11% to 16% of
all deaths are avoidable, if the participants cut their intake of red meat consumption to
a minimum (the lowest intake group intake), the male death rate from heart disease to
11%, women can decrease the mortality rate from heart disease 21%, by limiting the
amount of red meat intake (at the lowest intake group intake).
You can use this opportunity to promote the benefits of vegetarianism, so that we
understand the vegetarian diet is healthy and environmentally friendly way of life of
World Vegetarian Week
October 1 to 7 is the world's vegetarians, animal rights protectors,
environmentalists and other groups promoting the World Vegetarian Week (WVW -
World Vegetarian Week), the aim is to reduce meat, dairy and other animal products
related to environmental, medical and many other issues.
Chose this time because it includes several years related to the celebrations. World
Vegetarian Week organizers Mateus ? Mendes (Mateus Mendes), said:
"These include: October 1 World Vegetarian Day October 2 World Farm
Animals Day and International Non-Violence Day, and October 4 Day World Animal
Day. "
The purpose of this initiative is to emphasize that everyone can take a simple
approach to improving personal and environmental health. Because of its
comprehensive benefits, has become more and more people vegetarian option.
World Vegetarian Week sponsors and well-known writer, John ? Robbins (John
Robbins), said, "There is nothing more than the mass of reducing meat
consumption helps us live setting. This change in the atmosphere, the gas will be the
impact of changes very clear. in reducing the terrible threat of global warming process,
will also be taken an enormous step. "
Vegetarian Climate Alliance chairman Dr Richard 德德德德德 Dede ? Schwartz (Dr.
Richard Schwartz) said, "a vegetarian week's contribution
important than ever before, due to climate change and other environmental threats, the
world is rapidly approaching an unprecedented catastrophe, this trend has become
increasingly apparent. "
Former member of the European Parliament extended ? Holm (Jens Holm) that
"the United Nations in 2006 reported that animal-based agricultural
emissions of greenhouse gases, than all the cars and other modes of transport
emissions in the world is even more (18% compared with 13.5%). "
President of the United Nations Committee of Experts on Climate Change, drawing
Chen Della ? 帕乔里博士 (Dr. Rajendra Pachauri), "18% of this figure is
underestimated, it is a low estimate, in fact, much higher than this figure. "
Cornell University nutrition professor emeritus Colin Campbell ? Dr. (Dr. Colin
Campbell), "The new data show that at least half of the greenhouse gases ...
and perhaps more emissions are caused by animal production."
Dr Anthony Paiva (António Paiva) said, "to no significant changes in
animal diet that will bring many other benefits, including reduced risk of heart disease,
many types of cancer, diabetes and other chronic, degenerative diseases and swine
influenza and other infectious diseases, these diseases are likely to originate from
animal farming and meat industries. "
World Vegetarian Week involved many ways: holding vegetarian talks, seminars,
panel discussions and watching videos; and the community of responsible persons,
educators and others to organize meetings; launched a vegetarian one day per week,
the proposal; your friends and his family enjoy the veggie treats; giving gifts or
discounts to sell vegetarian food vegetarian products; or an easy way to distribute
leaflets and so on.
For more information on World Vegetarian Week information, see the following
An open letter addressed to Chinese people
My dear compatriots,
Although we never met, but our destiny is closely linked, because we live in the same
planet. And now our Mother Earth is at stake, environmental pollution, global
warming, climate change ... their condition is deteriorating, if not promptly take
effective measures, within a few years in the future, have the potential to destroy the
Earth at any time, it is not sensational, but can not ignore the truth.
Fortunately, experts and people with lofty ideals not only of the earth to make a
diagnosis of illness, but also pointed out that an effective rescue approach, in which a
particularly important, but a long time but not seriously enough, and that is a
vegetarian to save the Earth. Whether your first reaction to this argument is what, I
hope you can busy time to read the relevant information on our website and hope you
know the truth, it can immediately take action, and to make this information likely to
tell other people you know. We have little time left, and Chinese around the world to
work together, offering a bright future for the planet handedly.
Global warming is not just a noun,
It is happening all the inhabitants of the earth and the immediate impact of the crisis.
Scientists found that the keeper of livestock supply is required for human meat culprit
of global warming,
Also confirmed by the medical profession is the real interests of human health Shushi
In order to save their own lives, in order to keep the home we live,
Everyone together, vegetarian, environmental, save the Earth!
Maybe you can not fully agree a time, a vegetarian is the most effective anti-warming
measures, but at least I believe this will benefit your physical and mental health of
individuals. Maybe you can not completely vegetarian yet, but you can minimize the
meat. If you are a restaurant restaurant or food store operator, may wish to provide as
many vegetarian dishes or vegan products, so make your contribution bigger than just
individual vegetarian.
China is the world food power, it is the home of tofu. Since ancient times, there is a
vegetarian Chinese folk traditions, rich variety of Chinese vegetarian dishes, color,
flavor and taste, no color on the Sun Meat eater. Vegetarian fish down to change, not a
difficult task. Even though there are inconvenient, it is very worthwhile, if not the
earth, and that you and I then went wrong?
Here, we advocate anti-Chinese vegetarian warming, Love Saves the Earth joint
1. Personal operation: Monday to all Chinese in the world with vegetarian day.
2. Group action: Monday, Chinese restaurants in all restaurants and food shops all day
to stop selling Meat eater, only to supply vegan food (no meat, no fish, no eggs, no
dairy, no alcohol).
In addition, the following special days, many of the world would choose a vegetarian,
I hope we Chinese people can join their ranks:
1.3 月 20 days without meat
2.4 22, World Earth Day
3.6 月 5, World Environment Day
4.10 1st, World Vegetarian Day
5. October 1 to 7, the World Vegetarian Week
6.10 24, the International Climate Action Day
7.11 1st, World Vegan Day
8.11 25, World Day without Meat
We sincerely look forward to your fundraising activities.
Vegetarian Climate Alliance
Veg Climate Alliance (Simplified Chinese) (Traditional Chinese)
Dear friends,
We sincerely request you to tell people to eat lots of vegan to save our own lives and
the importance of all things! !
Why vegetarian (preferably organic vegan)? Because ~
The main cause global warming gases are:
Residence time of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere warming effect of the source
Methane 8 years (short) * 72 times the 37% carbon dioxide, from animal husbandry
(fart, burp)
Carbon dioxide thousand years (long) 1, a product of economic development
100 years of nitrous oxide (L) * 296 times more carbon dioxide, 65% of animal
husbandry (waste)

We must reduce greenhouse gases and short retention, that is methane
To twenty years on the average of the greenhouse effect of methane, carbon dioxide
70 times,
The biggest source of methane is animal husbandry,
Therefore, livestock is the biggest culprit of global warming should be stopped
In our fight for time to develop renewable energy, we must deal with short-term
existence of the greenhouse gases, methane.
Each person can choose their own food on the plate, just do not eat meat.
Earth's current crisis, we need everyone to take immediate and informed
Please inform the public dissemination of this information in order to save the world
from destruction, because we have not much time left over after the critical point,
everything can not be recovered, sorry too late! ! !
The current situation of climate change than the United Nations Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change,
The predicted worst-case scenario, but also we have seen it cause serious damage
Shock is often fatal, such as hurricanes, floods, droughts, heat waves and other natural
disasters ...
Recent evidence shows that climate change impact of human and animal life are:
1: Arctic sea ice melt 2: land subsidence and climate refugees III: retreat of glaciers
and water shortages 4: Five dead sea: a record high 6: Storm increase
7: Wildlife disappear 8: drought and desertification 9: human health
?First solution is an organic vegan
?Vegan save the world
Organic Vegan effective cooling, because they reduce the harm to our existence of
methane and other greenhouse gases.
In all of the environmental policy and action,
The most environmentally friendly, compassionate and heroic life-saving is the best
organic vegan
It is also beneficial to your health, long-term effective against climate change.
We must solve the problem, the use of all available scientific evidence,
Of material and moral point of view, to encourage others from the effects of.
Changed to pure elements can contain up to eight ○% of global warming, eliminate
world hunger, end war, promote peace, save the planet, and many other precious water
resources., For the earth and human provide a lifeline.
In short, vegan quickly resolve many of our global problems currently facing,
Change our way of life is very important and easy, and establish a model for others to
follow the example of the noble,
And try to remind the public the urgency of climate change and solutions to the most
important thing is to eat vegan,
Defend the precious planet, we need to excitedly spread the news, because time is
running out! ! !
The urgency of this issue needs to immediately solve the problem! ! ! If you need
more information, refer to:
Television          ─                  emergency          -        global        warming
I wish God for blessing you all
Thank you for the earth and everything! !
Peace from the plate began to "officially became the United Nations
International Day of Peace theme
November 30, 1981, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution in September
opening of the session the General Assembly the day, that is, the third Tuesday in
September officially as the International Day of Peace, for all countries and peoples in
their own internal as well as between to commemorate and strengthen the ideals of
peace. September 7, 2001, the General Assembly once again adopted a resolution
since 2002, will be set for the International Day of Peace on September 21. Resolution,
said: "After that, the International Day of Peace should be a day of global
ceasefire and non-violence and invites all countries and people in this day cessation of
hostilities." The resolution also invited all Member States, the United
Nations system organizations, regional organizations, non-governmental organizations
and individuals to all appropriate means (including education and public awareness)
to celebrate International Day of Peace and cooperation with the United Nations
global ceasefire.

This year, to celebrate the International Day of Peace, will be held around the world,
"Peace from the plate beginning" (Peace begins on our Plate)
activities, these areas include Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Hong Kong and the
United States, New York, San Francisco, San Jose, San Monica and other places,
every activity and become officially recognized by the United Nations International
Day of Peace celebrations.

In 2009, PETA's sexiest vegetarian Asian women artists selected in the
second place the people of Mongolia singer Na Kim, will attend the event in Los
Angeles and San Jose, her "hope lots of vegetarian groups to organize
related activities, dissemination of health related information , so that the public
understand that sustainable from our stomach, we create a human diet is really the key
to peace between, you can also bring animal neighbor and peaceful atmosphere of
nature, as long as we pursue life forever Continued vegetarian lifestyle, you can
protect the valuable resources the earth. "

"Peace from the plate started" activities organizers Leron
Rabinowiz said: "The mercy of the diet can save resources, organic vegan
diet is a very effective way to promote peace." Rabinowiz recently
established an organization to promote the global activities like "do not eat
meat one day a week," the petition in order to mitigate climate change.

Rabinowiz said: "Peace and climate change with these two things are
related』 『do not eat meat, because the vegetarian diet consume less resources, and
those resources often lead to the root of international conflict, particularly water and
fossil energy. University of Chicago study showed that, from the American diet into
Shushi, 1.5 tonnes per person per year to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

"Peace of the Road" (Pathways to Peace) of the president and
co-founder of Avon Mattison, said: "To make peace, and simple action is to
select their own health and the health of the planet's sustainable way of life:
buying organic food, vegetarian, purchase of local agricultural products, so not only
health care, protection of water resources and energy, reduce pollution, but also
Zhenxing local Jingji. Heping from the plate started! "" Peace
Zhi Road "is a non-profit organization in 1987 was appointed United
Nations peace messenger (
Vegetarian or vegan doctrine is the fastest way to restore the ecological balance!
Humans to the natural serenity and harmony with themselves,
Does not require a large waste of effort, as long as the return of love and respect for
all life.
If the owner without any animal ingredients in food,
Respect for nature and other life, the world will become paradise.
Age Age of Stupid stupid
World Premiere. MOD Worldwide show.
I constantly asked myself, why not save the human himself, why miss the opportunity.
The film conveys a people closely related to the theme of global - climate change and
the urgency of global warming. "Kyoto Protocol" of the effect
expires in 2012, and in December 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark at the
"United Nations Climate Summit" will be decided
"post-Kyoto era" in response to climate change and global
warming anti-institutional arrangements The key event, this conference was even
called "the most important in human history, at a conference."
Last year, the film was shown at the British Parliament, this year, the European
Parliament also broadcast the film. "Stupid's"
survival of the human environment, approaching the critical point of the moment, to
play a focused effect, to awaken people's attention.
?Video Introduction - "hard to imagine. Much better than" An
Inconvenient Truth "."
   ?After Gore "An Inconvenient Truth", another one of
warming the film, in a high degree of attention by the international community.
British female director Franny Armstrong's film, "The Age of
Stupid" "Age of Stupid", the name suggests is to tell
the whole of mankind, to continue this stupid act, it may lead to the end destroy the
  ?"Stupid        years"     has     been    directed     by    the
"Maoshang                                 McDonald's"
"McLibel",            "drowned           homes"
"Drowned Out" female director Fa Lanni. Armstrong, Franny
Armstrong, and Oscar producer John. Beitesaike John Battset produced
"record + story + animation" three-cross pattern film. Known
by the Oscar nominated actor Peter. Poso White, Pete Postlethwaite
("Name of the Father" "In the Name of the
Father",           "Brassed"           "Brassed
Off", "stimulate the senior vice president and point"
" Usual Suspects "﹞ star.
   Against the background of the film set in the year 2055, the Earth's
climate has been torn out of control covering the Las Vegas ─ ─ sand, heat to burn
the Sydney Opera House, like a dead city of the Taj Mahal .... Peter played a
"global          archive"        managers,       "Global
Archive" is a storage facility in the Arctic North Pole in 2055 has
﹝ ablation ﹞, here to save all records of human achievement, the purpose is that if
one day the Earth habitable again ; or other extraterrestrial intelligent beings may
reach higher, can use the results accumulated in human history. Peter in the film
collection from 1950 to 2008 in the "File" news clippings, and
documentaries, short films, his story through the six human beings to illustrate the
incident in which human error and why the error occurred. He looked in 2008,
"file" video and asked: "When we have the
opportunity, why we do not stop climate change?"
Age of Stupid stupid fragment's
Watch the movie in
The film can not be in this play, go to "" watch this
Meat depletion of water resources in China
International Water Management Centre (International Water Management Institute)
and FAO (FAO, Food and Agriculture Organization) found that since 1985, water
consumption per capita food production increased nearly 2-fold, which is not
sustainable if the trend will continue more serious; Beijing Forestry University
(Beijing Forestry University) Liu Junguo (Junguo Liu) food consumption patterns,
said Dr. is to make the causes of the deterioration of water supply said,
"from the traditional rice, pasta to more meat is the main reason behind.
"He warned that other developing countries, also because of this negative
change in eating habits lead to a similar water shortages.

Meat and dairy products and related dementia
Australian National University Curtin (Curtin University) study found that well-fed
and high fat foods will jeopardize the control of nutrition into the brain of the film;
This allows the protein amyloid (protein amyloid) deposition in brain tissue, this older
material and the resulting dementia (Alzheimer's disease)-related; and
saturated fat is the most common dietary sources of meat and dairy products.

Effects of smoking in public places significantly reduce the amount of heart attack
(Reuters, Chicago, 21st) - Two U.S. research team reported today that the ban on
smoking in public places, can significantly reduce the number of heart attacks.
"Circulation Journal" (Circulation) report, the research team
found that in the United States, Canada and Europe imposed smoking ban, an increase
over time with immediate effect, in the first year 17% reduction in heart attack, in 3
was reduced to 36%.
The second group is found smoking ban to reduce the annual rate of heart attack by
26%. Their reports are posted on the American Heart Association (American College
of Cardiology) of the University, the estimated nationwide ban on smoking in the
United States each year to prevent as many as 154,000 heart attacks.
Two research teams, said the findings support the prohibition of smoking in enclosed
public places to prevent heart attacks and improve public health.
In the Journal of the American Heart Association, led the research Kansas (Kansas)
University School of Medicine of Miles (David Meyers), said: "Smoking
in public places to reduce heart attacks seem to be extremely effective, and, on In
theory, it may help prevent lung cancer and emphysema, the development of these
diseases are much slower than the heart attack. "
He said: "Even if the breathing of low doses of cigarette smoke, can
increase a person's risk of heart attack." CNA (translation)
Alcohol tobacco meat four major killer of human drugs

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