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					Electronic wallet
  ?Electronic wallet is a customer shopping in e-commerce payment commonly used
as a tool in the small shopping or buying commodities often used new wallet. The use
of electronic purse shopping
, Usually in the service system for electronic wallet. E-commerce activity in the
electronic wallet software is usually provided free of charge, can be directly linked
with their bank account
Then e-commerce system e-wallet software on the server, you can also come up from
the Internet, using a variety of confidential use of Internet, e-wallet software.
The world has VISAcash and Mondex electronic purse services, the two systems,
other e-wallet service system also MasterCardcash, EuroPay the Clip and the Belgian
And so on.
  ?Customers typically use electronic wallet are all in the bank account. When using
the electronic wallet, to the e-commerce application software installed on the server,
the use of electronic money
Package service system can own a variety of electronic money or electronic financial
card data entered. Receive payment in the event, if customers use the electronic credit
card payments, for example,
Visa card or MasterCard card payments received, the customer as long as the click of
the corresponding items (or the corresponding icon) to complete, people often refer to
these as single-click electronic payment
Or electric shock type of payment.
  ?In the electronic purse of the electronic money can only be fully installed, or load
e-cash, e-change, security, change, electronic credit card, online currency, digital
currency. These electronic support
Payment tools can support single-click payment.

 ?E-commerce service system with electronic money and electronic wallet function
management module, called electronic wallet Manager, customers can use it to change
the security password or secret side
Style, use it to view their bank account on the collection and payment of electronic
money between accounts, inventory and data. E-commerce service system are
electronic transaction log, the customer by check
Recorder, you can understand what their items are bought, how much to buy, you can
also print out the query results.

China's current e-wallet broadly divided into two categories: cards have
evolved from the industry sector electronic purse (or quasi-electronic purse) and the
bank issuing the common e-wallet. Due to historical
And the reasons for the existing system, public transportation industry is the most
developed areas of the industry card, electronic purse is the cradle of the industry.
Currently all large and medium cities in the implementation of public transport card
project, standards, implementation methods are different. , Shanghai,
Guangzhou's bus card industry is developing rapidly, mainly
The reason is relatively large population base, its trading volume and precipitation to
the project funding to bring more huge profits. Incomplete statistics show that
Shanghai has issued public transport "smart card" total
More than 700 million, Guangzhou "Yangcheng Tong"
circulation has reached over 200 million now, the two cities, the traffic card has more
than 10 million total, in addition, it is because the traffic Caillou
Cross-application transport card information management related to the
city's image and interests of the people, the government usually has a
certain passion driven. Beijing, Wuhan, Nanjing, Jinan and other big cities
And small cities have implemented to varying degrees, bus cards, even Wuxi, Suzhou,
this small city is also actively working with Shanghai to achieve "inter-city
links" (the "Card" of the inter-city
General). Shows the development trend of good public transportation card.

?Another bus card with electronic purse is comparable to the industry around the issue
of food cards and for supermarkets, department stores, shopping, business cards, this
type of card consumers are generally public funds
Fee, or the welfare of the company to employees in other industries share marketing
cards can not match the special advantage.
 ?Overseas, the common electronic purse is included in the financial sector
supervision, and our lack of corresponding legal electronic wallet. Therefore,
micro-payment card to enter a variety of industry areas, as
For the universal electronic wallet also random to follow, but to take gradual
penetration approach. Shanghai public transport card has been used to pay water,
electricity, gas fees, but also in some supermarkets
For shopping. Dining cards, business cards are basically the same.
 ?Although the bank electronic wallet from the nineties began, but in practice, has not
been universal. To date, a purely electronic wallet banks (excluding
Joint card) circulation of only 200 million.
 ?The overall yield from commercial banks to consider, electronic purse and debit
cards, just like deposits, and do not pay interest, do not take up banking back office
systems, communication resources are income
Larger card type. However, the promotion of e-purse, there is still difficult. First,
China and the United States, as communication costs significantly lower than in
Europe, trading off the cost of electronic purse
The advantage was insignificant. Bank debit cards and credit cards can enter the field
of micro-payments, electronic purse transactions in addition to the advantages of
speed, other aspects of lackluster
. Second, the current requirements of the relatively high transaction speed
micro-payment areas are mainly highway, parking, subway, buses, taxis and fast food
restaurants, non-contact card
More practical, and bank electronic wallet There is no non-contact standard, so in
some areas of micro-payment application is limited. In addition, in marketing terms,
the industry card
To one of the important reasons to promote their commercial invoice can be issued,
the Group purchased stored value card sales form the main channel, and banks do not
have this kind of electronic wallet to buy a business group
Marketing channels. Therefore, for pure electronic wallet to pay the bank functions,
investment banks very cautious.

?Of course, for the need to compete with the industry, some industries have begun to
open their own business platform, full use of the financial benefits of e-wallet to pay
for features to attract more consumer
Persons. Electronic purse on the use of a wide range, it brings a good many