Eight Universities in Australia for 2010 by fdjerue7eeu


									Eight Universities in Australia for 2010

Australia's higher education quality and academic standards with a high
reputation in the international, high employment rates, liberal immigration policy also
eliminates the worries of students, has been subject to domestic students. With a new
batch of students to go abroad lopsided pace, 2010 BS, MS has entered the countdown
for it. Study is an important choice in life, in view of the document preparation
application process more complicated and longer visa period, so scientific planning
time, to understand the policy institutions to obtain excellent results, a comprehensive
understanding of self is important.
It is understood that Australian visa fee has increased from the original 450 AUD to
540 AUD, Australia visa to visit relatives in northern provinces can be handed it
Embassy in Beijing, Shanghai southern provinces were still handed it the embassy.
List of new admissions policy of the Australian elite
New South Wales: If you apply for students from universities in the two colleges, to
ensure that the College is directly under the University College, and Students of the
college such as the direct issue. UNSW does not recognize only the nature of
cooperation with some universities in the secondary college. If it is the nature of
cooperation, transfer students from freshman matriculation freshman need to read. Is
directly under the Academy if you do not need a sixth form. The same principle
applies to applications for master's students.
University of Sydney: Some commercial hot professional, in February 2010
enrollment, closing Paying time on August 31. July 2010 admission is intense
competition for the seats.
University of Melbourne: Melbourne University Business School for students to
submit applications in time has made excellent GMAT scores, the University will
exempt such students an application fee of 100 Australian schools.
University of Queensland: 1, University of commercial fees for the year 2010 AUD
26,650 yuan; 2, University of science and engineering fees for the year 2010 AUD
26450-26700, IELTS entry standards are divided into 6.5, writing not less than 6
points. Requirements of individual subjects were divided into 7 points, reading and
writing not less than 6.5 points or 7 points.
Australian National University: Aiming for 2010, National University College of
Engineering admission standards more refinement, and non-211 in accordance with
985,211 classified in three grades of the applicant's undergraduate school
in China, the corresponding entry points for each grade are different .
Adelaide: All degree programs require at least IELTS 6.0 (spoken and written at least
6 hours) each year in February, July admission.
Monash University: Undergraduate and graduate course requires IELTS 6.5 (no
individual band less than 6.0), some professional courses required 7.0 or higher.
Undergraduate courses 3-4 years, 1-2 years post-graduate courses, tuition fees per
year 1.5-2.9 million Australian dollars.
University of Western Australia: 1, clinical medicine and surgical techniques is the
world's most advanced level. 2, with the Western Australian Government
and Motorola companies to invest 50 million Australian dollars to establish a software
engineering center. 3, University of Commerce in 2010 for the Australian dollar 24
600 a year tuition. 4 University in 2010, annual tuition fees for the Australian
2,4000-28750. 5, IELTS entry standards are divided into 6.5, Billing Division not less
than 6 minutes. Requirements of individual subjects were divided into 7 points, single
subject can not be less than 6.5 points or 7 points.

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