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									Economic Crisis and China Business Education
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First look at the subject when it is not know how to start with, for two reasons: First,
no time to calm down a long time to write something more casual and did not know
there is the courage to write a decent - each days are in the East West Centre Court
meetings and activities hurry around, everything not had time to think. Second, most
of the business school for China, the economic crisis in addition to providing
professors to discuss topics and to increase school students the pressure of
employment, what seems to be no other special effects - most of China with a planned
economy for the way run up in business education, the Spring River water is warm is
cool I am afraid the only wild speculation in the land!
Not long ago, attending a British Embassy Cultural Office of the Organization of the
seminar, the Association of Higher Education in England chairman-designate,
Professor Steve Smith against the economic crisis on education lecture. Content of
speech on higher education in the process out of the economic crisis, what role can
play - even though his position is based in the UK University based on the British
economy, but China's higher education, especially higher education Zhu
Guan sector, not missing the reference. For the British, their support of higher
education is an important industry in its global strategy, even with the role of
locomotive. Through the development of higher education, the country's
overall R & D, commercial and cultural impact of the global spread of
ability, the ability of sustainable development of society, the income of related
industries will be significantly improved. Therefore, the British government has long
insisted internationalization of higher education policy, the economic crisis has been
put in a more in-depth implementation and Zhezhong international, in essence, 将
UK educational products to Quan Shijie marketing and export process. Among these,
business education is in the heart of the natural. Why? The reason is simple, first,
because market demand, and second, because the entry barrier is low, three is virtually
no ideological obstacles.
Americans from 200 years ago, invented in the University of Pennsylvania School of
Business has been such a thing, it determines the fate of the market closely.
Breakdown of what we are all Americans, the invention can be understood in its home
business education Why are invented: McDonald's, KFC, laptop computer,
the Windows operating system, family cars, Hollywood movies, Coca-Cola and the
MBA, to sum up, These seemingly different things have a common feature, simple,
practical, reasonably priced, convenient, short, almost all can be quickly accepted by
the market things. Most Americans know that is a simple reason: deep thought and
elegance of interest income is often not achieved the most convenient way. On the
contrary, there are not enough income, profound thought and elegance of taste will
eventually become a false pretense.
This simple truth is clear we still have not been many people who hold power,
knowledge or deliberately ignored. Over the years, the country's higher
education sector, from executives to front-line professors, are to claim their
money-dirt pride.
Issues are now coming. If the education sector, the market simply is not, then the
impact of economic crisis it is very weak, in turn, can be imposed on the economic
crisis, of course, very weak reaction.
Some may say a lot of evidence to the contrary, many European countries, such as
government funding of education is based, the market was not high. To explore this
subject, we need to talk about the education market, what is the meaning. I can give
you an example, the same amount of government funding, if the University of Zai
Europe, the University received funding in the same time, free to a willingness to
grant the degree, like the majors established, Juti courses offered in any Business
School These are bound to be market determined. If the assumption that the university
in China, she opened the first can not decide what degree and what their profession,
they have to wait for government approval, obtaining approval later you still set up in
accordance with the requirements of the competent departments to take up a lot of
courses students with limited learning time. Professional's name, how
many hours are in accordance with the unified model get, and if you try to be creative,
and that is against the rules, must be punished. Can be seen, the same government
funding, the former case, the University has a teaching and academic autonomy, it can
be more close to the market; the latter is a subsidiary of administration, will be further
away from the market.
In business schools, both the United States or Europe or even in many developing
countries, are highly market-oriented. It can be said without the operation of the
market, business schools no longer necessary. Imagine a disseminator of knowledge
of modern business, looks rather like an underfed scrubby, lectures halls of business
knowledge, is always at risk of thatched cottages, how do you prove that movement of
people, you can produce successful business people?
And this, our crowd, especially the location of Zhan Zhao respected people, like the
blind and indifference.
I understand the business education market, saying that the more precise point is that
business education should be based on market demand to the needs of society and
students demand, according to market demand at any time adjust its attitude and
content, rather than stand still or narcissism.
Economic crisis is likely given China a rare opportunity in business education, so that
business school professors and administrators thought belatedly-style rhetoric in
addition to outside, in the end the economic crisis and the Chinese business education
what kind of relationship, business schools can also alleviate the economic crisis to do
something. This is also in business education from the academic to the practice may
need to rethink the issue. Specifically, at least a few topics that can be explored in
First, China's commercial international education issues. The current
economic crisis, China's international economic role significantly
strengthened as a summary of China's business knowledge and
disseminators, whether business schools in China to seize this opportunity,
China's business schools, top universities in business at least College into a
more international place. At a minimum, business school education in the global
status should not be too much behind the status of the Chinese economy in the world
Since the economic crisis, many of China's economy has aroused the
curiosity of many people, the outside world need to be more clear picture of the
developing country's economic thinking and business logic, so get yourself
in the future competition in a more favorable position. This is yes a great Chinese
business school opportunity, a large number of 外国 attract more students, foreign
professors, foreign capital in China, Yi achieve Xuesheng source, Jiao Shi constitute,
Xueshuyanjiu and management of Moshi and so on are internationally oriented.
Pursuit of international, not only would the Chinese and foreign business school to
business school station more equal platform, but also to obtain commercial business
schools in China intellectual property rights, China's business culture to the
world an important opportunity. This time, we can say that our business school in
addition to spread the West to the East, but also spread to the West while the East.
Second, independent of business education issues. The more the economic crisis of
the times, the more need for more high-end business professionals, and power up in
the university governance structure, various universities, the competition among
various business schools has been greatly reduced, seriously hindered the education of
the pace of innovation and knowledge innovation . Armed to the teeth of the
administrative examination and approval system for educational development of
China's commercial shackles. The starting point of Western business
education MBA education is the education service personnel, which makes business
education from produce that day, is a highly market-oriented industry. From a market
structure, the business education is a monopolistic competition market structure,
institutions by providing differentiated products to achieve their competitive
advantage, differentiation is the foundation of market prosperity; in current China, the
authorities through the permit approval, to increase the market alienation as Chief
oligopoly market, reduce competition, reduce social welfare, constrained innovation,
can not wait to have all the business school and making a mold. Business Education in
own hand by exploring, teaching institutions in China and create more free
competition situation, would improve the overall Jiaoxuezhiliang 可以, expand the
Business Jiaoxue size and even include Xuefei down which will greatly increase the
business education for 社会 the contribution and influence raise the overall level.
Of course, for business education in the public part of what we call the program part,
not only do not need to raise charges, he can project through the commercial subsidies,
to achieve a more thorough public welfare, and is highly market-sensitive the public
welfare. In the eyes of many of us, public service mapping scenarios are dilapidated
school facilities and teacher, aged scrubby, I must point out that this is the low level of
public education. Through rational organization and incentive system can achieve the
national education of charge can also enjoy world-class hardware facilities and
world-class teaching staff. Or, business education is the most rational allocation of
resources are: the rich Na Zhaoqian can find a place to learn, so that children do not
spend money you can enjoy first-class education.
Third, China's business education teaching models and content. From the
history of the past two decades, China's business education is probably in a
race to imitate the Western model of university education and content of the stage.
Who more than imitation, is the winner. The reality, despite many criticisms, but as a
trend has never changed. According to critics, business school students to spend a lot
of time to learn English, mechanically Western theories, is a typical total
Westernization, worshiper of foreign things. But in general, business, education is not
produced in China's education model that is itself the product of
competition in American education, the initial can imitate or even OEM are
unavoidable. Critics position is to decide whether the strong criticism of the important
reasons, the above criticism, often from some rules of the game did not participate in,
their efforts are very limited - you know, one can not speak Mr. English, middle-aged
stage impassioned criticism of the English education, the scene almost a joke; but if a
well-known professor of American Liuyang back criticism of the English education,
the following people will hold your breath.
From this sense, China's business education model and content of
reflection, the most solid foundation is built and the Western business school
education have an equal dialogue platform. If this is a platform for dialogue does not
yet exist, the contents of the Western educational model and the criticism is a kind of
rough to incite bad feelings. For the majority of business schools in China, this
platform has not been established, even a very long time to build. The market popular
Chinese classics, three games, red management, etc., is nothing more than modern
Western business theory using classical Chinese thinking on post-modern
deconstruction, it appears to be traditional, in fact, the Western center. For us, the first
solid look at other people's work, until all the mastering, and get to know,
and then to a higher level summary, transformation and sublimation, in order to create
part of China's independent intellectual property rights in business
Of course, the economic crisis gave us an early opportunity to China has not yet fully
formed business thinking, business practices and business culture can out display. If
we have good stuff, why not advance out, and a common appreciation of friends at
home and abroad, may be a better future for us to be a warm-it!

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