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Dongguan led large-screen_ indoor led color screen_ Dongguan_ Dongguan and outdoor full color


									Dongguan led large-screen, indoor led color screen, Dongguan, Dongguan and
outdoor full color
Dongguan led large-screen color Dongguan indoor led screen, outdoor full-color large
screen of Dongguan
1: Welcome to Dongguan hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, mobile / Unicom business
hall of the station and other major places to inquire!
2: The Pearl River Delta region to provide delivery, measurement site, installation,
commissioning and after-sale one-stop service!
3: Call our customer can add artificial QQ, send E-mail your detailed requirements,
such as size, viewing distance.
4: Where in the Dongguan area hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, stations and
other units, can come to our factory inspection and guidance learning.
         ?led knowledgeable person Tel: 13088887677 (24 hours a day waiting for your
Dongguan Kwan Kwong Optical Co., Ltd. ("High efficiency + high quality
+ superior service"), we provide you their service life.
   Address: Dongguan City Industrial Zone, Hengli Town, Shi Yongmin Camp
      Call: 130 8888 7677 led knowledgeable person
Tel :0130-88887677 Fax :0130-88887677
?led know all QQ: 23989335 (24 hour online)
   Dongguan City, Guang Kun Optical Group is specialized in high-end LED lights,
LED indoor display, LED outdoor display, LED indoor full color display, LED
outdoor full color display, row needle, row mother, Jane cattle, wafer , digital tube,
LED light emitting diode, LED display series, LED lamp series, LED city lighting
engineering, IDC series, short cap, horn IC angle seat, so R & D
manufacture, production, sales and service as one of the high business, his brother
units (Dongguan City Hengli Electronic Factory peak) for more than 10 years
experience in LED series products.
   ?Optical Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, Guang Kun has more than 200 professionals,
more than 300 employees, is invaluable; build 10,000 square feet, and 7,000 square
meters of green parks, the highest in Hengli Town, Dongguan City Industrial Zone,
Shi Yongmin camps, sports, entertainment facilities, This is to consolidate the
fundamental; gather millions of dollars in order to tidy and advanced equipment, as is
value for money; into ISO9001: 2000 quality management system, ISO14000
environmental quality system, is widely accept-kun (peak) in the enterprise natural
forest; and so forth. Market, from start ups and dawdle down the time, find it difficult
to weeks of development, outside of a turn for the extension within a stable,
homeopathic set southwest, East Division, Overseas Department, patch of blue eyes is
the distant ocean. I humbly believe, is like a thin wide peak Kun Li of the river,
slowly marched it hopes the long arms. Although ax tracks, also Yili whom.
   ?Kun-wide optical products by CCC certification, CE certification, UL certification,
FCC certification, SGS and ROHS environmental certification, products are exported
to the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, the United States, Ukraine, Turkey, Azerbaijan,
Romania, Malaysia, Hong Kong and other global over, its quality and service has won
recognition and praise from customers. Kun-wide have a professional LED
photoelectric special dust-free, anti-static workshop; LED injection workshop; LED
automatic welding workshop; LED display module aging test workshop dedicated;
LED display special workshop aging test; LED LED automatic spraying workshop
and metal processing workshop . Formation of a number of world-class German ASM
automatic solid crystal machine, automatic wire bonders ASM Taiwan, Taiwan
Automatic sealing plastic machine, Taiwan, consisting of automatic spectral color
separation machine LED automatic production lines. Nitrogen wave soldering
machines with unleaded, unleaded nitrogen reflow machines, injection molding
machines, spraying machines, shear pin machine, tester, and other types of domestic
first-class LED production, testing, aging equipment, consisting of LED application
product lines, and a number of professional, stable, pragmatic and innovative
high-quality team. Main core technology staff and managers have at least 20 years of
LED electronic products industry and experience in the field of 工作 formed from
the LED Qijianshengchan Dao LED terminal products manufacturing Yanfa the
Wanzheng chain.
   Kun Kwong Optical responsibility to develop industry standards to build
China's own brands in the world as the goal, hard work, continuous
improvement,       has    won     the      "China     Top    Ten",
"high-tech enterprises in Dongguan City," "supply of
export quality business "title, awarded China" brand Golden
Spectrum Award ", elected" 21st Century Future Star.
" Kun-Canton China Optoelectronics Association, LED Industry
Association member units; company has passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management
system certification, 3C certification States; company's Web site by the
Chinese, Bizpass certification; products passed the CE certification, RoHS
certification, ETL testing and certification; company product standards higher than the
national "LED display universal norms", by the Dongguan
Municipal Supervision Bureau of the record.
  ?Kun-wide AAA advantage of "high efficiency + high quality + superior
service" is wide-kun's idea. Kun Group, the world wide projects
completed more than 6,380 large and small, everywhere in every corner of the world.
1. Kun-wide brand: the brand image of Kun-wide to create the most value for
customers in the process of shaping up, after the test of time, has become a
high-quality, excellence, synonymous with high efficiency;
2. Kun-wide culture: Kun widely from the perspective of social services, established a
distinct and unique values, integrity, gratitude, responsibility is the
company's core values;
3. Kun-Canton Location: Canton Kun insists high quality products, the production of
high quality LED series products, the pursuit of performance and stability, image
clarity and operational commonality;
4. Equipment: Kun-Canton Group has high-precision LED semiconductor packaging
automation equipment, standard 100,000 clean production plant and a complete
anti-static system device;
5. Kun Canton Supply: Kwan Kwong pursuit of active, rapid, standardized,
comprehensive, LED display production capacity of 10,000 m / month or more, stock
inventory, shipping the first time commitment;
6. Kun-wide export: Kun-wide group made LED displays are sold in more than 160
countries and regions, are widely used in advertising media, hospitals, stations,
terminals, traffic, sports, entertainment, exhibition, real estate, wedding company ,
supermarkets, major universities, institutions and other provincial areas of the county
level TV stations.
Kun wide product range:
   LED indoor full color display, LED outdoor full color display, LED electronic
display, LED electronic display, LED large screen, LED large screen, LED outdoor
information screen, LED advertising display, LED traffic text screen, LED luminous
characters, LED door head Full Color Screen, LED bar screen, bar wall, various
special-shaped screen body, cylindrical led display, shutter led display, led screen
printing, LED module board, LED display (sub-surface mount full-color), LED
outdoor color display, LED display, LED screen, LED large screen, LED color screen,
full color display system, LED module, LED cabinet, LED Screen, all kinds of indoor
full color display, outdoor full color, Large indoor and outdoor full color LED screen,
outdoor unit box, LED indoor SMD full-color, LED display control system, sports
venues showing the match information, match video, LED advertising screens, bars
discos and other entertainment, LED big screen, Led outdoor advertising, multimedia
display system, display the city square, road traffic display, LED screen guide, LED
Bar light, LED's light, LED wall lights, LED lights, LED bar screen, LED
magic wall, full-color LED light wall , LED wall lights, LED's Symphony
walls, LED's dynamic wall, LED color wall, LED display, LED luminous
characters signs, LED digital tube, LED rainbow tube and LED lighting.
Kun-wide optical Indoor Features:
Colorful: the three primary colors (red, green, blue) shows cell plates, red, green, blue
gray constitute the 256 16,777,216 colors to achieve electronic screen shows rich
colors, high saturation, high resolution, showing high frequency of the dynamic
High brightness: The ultra-high brightness LED, remote still visible;
Good effect: non-linear correction, image clearer, stronger sense of hierarchy;
Reliability: a distributed scanning technology and modular design techniques,
reliability, high stability;
Display mode diversity: supports multiple display modes;
Easy to operate: The video player software, the system is easy to operate.
Airport, subway, railway stations, docks, squares, commercial centers, supermarkets,
chain stores, hotels, restaurants, banks, wedding photo studio, exhibitions, sports
stadiums, train waiting room, TV shows live on-site, exhibition venues, performing
arts centers, entertainment place, large art show scene, concerts such as the scene.
Display Specifications: P5, P6, P7.62, P10, P12, P14, P16, P18, P20, P25 and so on.
Kun-wide after-sales service:
1 Warranty: 3 years; lifelong maintenance.
2, the provision of adequate vulnerable, perishable parts; to provide users with a
maintenance manual, etc.
3, phone call system, (usually a quarter-monthly)
4, the company regularly tours the maintenance overhaul, repair calls received after
the response obtained after 1 hour, 24 hours given solution.
5, free warranty (including labor and materials): warranty period, warranty, warranty
period to ensure a reasonable price to provide spare parts and maintenance services.
6, free training: free site on the procurement side for equipment operation training
technical personnel to ensure that personnel are able to master the use of various
equipment and software routine use, as well as judgments and solve glitches.

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