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Direct criticism of the so-called

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					Direct criticism of the so-called
Recently, suddenly lost contact for a long time friend knocks on your door, do I want
to pull any "direct." I think a lot of fun, actually I was looking
to do this. He also sent me a lot of information, to me, "must take a good
look." I hope I must not give up this "share the good product
and a good opportunity to achieve financial freedom."
I wrote something seriously answered his friend, hoping that he can be hypnotized
brainwashed to get out of the frenzy.
After writing, I think these things might have universal significance, put it in the blog
posted on.
Direct Ye Hao, pyramid schemes 也好. You framed it is not a get rich opportunity, it
seems unfair. But it is to benefit a few people at the top of the pyramid, while the
majority of people at the bottom of the pyramid in the support. This is by no means all
of the people for success. Imagine a very successful direct marketing company, the
world's 6 billion people of all ages developed into a full member, has been
able to develop a. So what percentage of people can achieve "financial
freedom" mean? When I think about the nature of this thing is not to clear?
Direct criticism of the traditional commercial center is always the cost is too high,
claiming that they are the ones who enjoy the network members. However, the actual
outcome, direct product generally higher than similar products on the market
expensive. This interpretation of the direct selling industry is "not the same
thing, my thing better." Commonly used word is "natural,
high-tech." Anyway, what a good word, what word Xuanhu to use which. I
think next time I can sell "dihydrogen monoxide" What price,
of course, not the price of ordinary water Rights.
A friend gave me the material, the mentioned one, abandoned the former
"unshakeable" dance class, go to direct the training session. In
essence, if the direct product of the middle of the network can not give enough
incentive bonus, then there is little motivation to "so good"
product "sharing" to others. Not enough power, and let people
give up the "unshakeable" dance class to learn how to
"more successful".
After all, the brainwashing classes, is trying to stimulate the greed of human nature,
but also that would like something for nothing. Such as myself a few years, following
their own network of bigger, then you can lie on top to enjoy.
Direct selling company in order to prevent a lot of members become inactive, and
(because of its profit from the network itself), usually stipulate that each member in
order to "maintain the status" must ensure that the number of
monthly or annual spending. This trick is very poisonous, so you let them go. In
particular, has done a lot of time and energy in front of money on what return on
investment not the bottom member.
As an on-line, if all inactive under the downline, and he divided the prize money has
Every direct selling company, are engaged in a bunch of scary titles of experts,
scholars have been evaluated. What authority, government, magazines evaluation.
Each direct product has to this. Were emphatic in saying the. But few specialized to
Some do more soil, it is written in flowery Chinese, English, more honest,
conscientious one look and you'll find a great gap between the two.
Because the registration is in English, may have to pay the liability.
"Professional" point of direct selling companies are generally
not the case.
Common practice is to put some people have said some of the words out of context.
There is this person talking about is a matter of objective (such as on a technical
evaluation), he was with ulterior motives in the context of the product. Let other
people create a false impression that this product is the technology.
Generally speaking, into a point of direct selling companies have a weather specialist
legal advisers, who read the brochures, the contents of revised and those look good, it
is easy to mislead people, he handles the legal grip level.
Health care products is a direct selling companies like to use the product. Originally,
direct marketing is a wealth of ideas, products are only just a tiger. Even with a bottle
of plain water, so pushed down by the network can also achieve the same purpose.
Because any direct product, it is essentially the problem is far worth the price to sell it
(because it's selling price in a majority of the network's
promotional costs).
With health care products, the role is very vague because it can be said to be useful, it
can be a bit useless. Certainly no one dies. FDA does not need to go for approval. But
its price is not easy to judge.
Nine to five life, is often criticized for the direct selling company "rat
race", "evil in life". This concept seems similar
theory Rich Dad Poor Dad, do not know who is the original. From the money, make
money point of view, nine to five is really impossible (except for very few, such as
those AIG). However, nine to five Is the value of the work embodied in this point it
earned wages it? If measured by much or how little a work, a person's
value, then a lot of low wage work, such as teachers, it does not make sense? Can not
exist? Not to mention those who do not get paid volunteer work. If there is no nine to
five of the "no value" work, (also including farmers, direct
marketing companies bothered to criticize the work of farmers, because they feel that
more than nine to five's not as good as), that the existence of human
society can do ?
Direct marketing companies like the negative meaning of life, in their view, money,
and that is most significant. My friend's that challenge me: "You
do the engineers can achieve your ideal?" If you go by this logic,
derivation, Wall Street, those who are living the most meaningful, some of the most
successful. Because they are framed around the world, all the crisis, and the result?
Hey, they actually also a penny Less money!

Sometimes I think such a problem, if I am not short of money, and for example one
day I won the lottery, then I will do? Obviously I do not need to do anything direct the.
I will not do anything apart from making money, something no other meaning. But I
may do many things, such as:
1) Teachers
2) the degree or engaged in research, you can pick up some of the professional is not
popular to
3) Volunteers
4) The pastor and other free people can be calm mind work (engineers of human
5) the creative
6) Adventure, Travel
7) I do engineers

The most likely, is precisely this last one, because I've done it used to be
cooked. Although I often complain that it's hard, work pressure, as well as
the challenges of knowledge update too fast, are often worried about layoffs. However,
if I do not short of money, I found that I still choose to do it, but then, I will be more
to enjoy the creative work itself.

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