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Five friends decide your wealth
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http://www.sina.com.cn 2005 年 05 月 23 日 16:38 People's Network
If you are not born rich dad, nor marry the rich girl, then you have a third chance to
reverse the fate ─ From now on, accumulate your "contacts
book," to reverse destiny. Why, thirty years ago by professional money,
three-year-old later by a network of money? Do you believe that the five friends will
determine your wealth and life? 10 speed era, you realize the importance of a network
of competitiveness it?
This article will tell you, the three rural poor young man how to use a network of
books, to create from zero to hundreds of millions worth of the legend.
How old are you now? In your "life book" in addition to money,
expertise, how many contacts you have? Your "contacts
competitiveness" how strong? The future, you intend to make this book
into a kind of database?
In a "professional first" Taiwan's industrial
environment, this is a very different type of problem. For this problem, almost the
majority of people are reacting, "never thought."
Relative to the average person's confusion, battle-hardened veteran of
investment banking Taiwan and Solomon Smith Barney (Salomon Smith Barney),
chairman of Du Yingzong financial advisers certainly say: "I had contacts,
or relationships, this is a question of life's University very important.
"Flower bridal children, people carrying people," This is very
much like Du Yingzong word, from a novel written by Gao Yang, "Hu
June 10 morning, Du Yingzong in Hon Hai's shareholders meeting. Old
city in Taipei County meters of soil, only that there is a pot of bright colored flower
placed in the entrance of the shareholders, eye-catching colors add much color to the
venue. This potted impressed everyone, of course, including the Hon Hai Group
Chairman Terry Gou. This is Du Yingzong sent flowers.
On the same day afternoon, Du Yingzong appeared on another occasion ─ Lite
Group Four in a press conference, Salomon Smith Barney as financial advisor to the
Connections to the magical benefits
"Professional is cutting edge, a network of secret weapon"
Yu fluttering of flag has been willing to share, agency nVIDIA big take-off
In the investment bank's killing fields, the "Professional is
cutting edge, contacts are secret weapon", how very natural, creative,
mutually beneficial approach to business contacts is the key to victory or defeat.
Stanford (Stanford) Research Center has published a report, concluded that a man
earns, 12. 5% comes from knowledge, 87. 5% from the relationship. This data is to
make you shocked? Look at the following example, perhaps you will find a network
of competitiveness is how a person's achievements play an important role.
Over the past three years, located in Neihu Science Park, EDOM Technology, as
Deputy nVIDIA (the world's leading graphics chip makers) products, never
obscure the nobodies, rapidly among the country's second largest IC
distributor, and capital gain over one year. EDOM if the successful listing of this year,
General Manager Yu fluttering of flag will create empty-handed once in six years,
competing out of a market value of more than NT 8 billion yuan in the company.
Yu fluttering of flag with the intersection of 20 years has been friend Hsien Wu long
observed, "The in the same industry or peers, on the wise, on the ability to
have Yu fluttering of flag can not be considered the top, but he can experience this
luck Eighty per cent of the above factors is his contacts. because he is so willing to
share with others, we will Goodies Road with newspaper (in Taiwanese, which means
sharing of benefits), opportunities God will care for him, not someone else.
"Hsien Wu Long said.
Zeng Yu fluttering of flag is a philosophical belief, "The 2-year-old to 30
years old, a man by profession, physical money; three-year-old to 40 years of age,
they rely on friends and relations to make money; four-year-old to 50 years old , rely
on money to make money. "
Alternative "polite way of making money"
Xu Renxu many friends, now have skyrocketed
Yang Yaoyu widespread network of contacts, telephone useful than the study
50 Ching-wen Ling Air Technology (Note: Sunplus investments and engage in smart
card design), chairman of Xuren Xu, also a competitive force to conquer the world
through a network of the example. From the Little Town of Lukang, Changhua
County to the Hsinchu Science Park alone battles, Xu Renxu no prominent academic
and family background, but independent estimates his current net worth close to
several hundred million dollars, and was also chairman of the board more than a
dozen technology companies.
Asked him where know-how? He said, "is to rely on friends. Friends
increasing in many more opportunities. A lot of opportunity had not thought himself,
did not see. These are the opportunity." Xuren Xu call
"opportunity", in friends in the eyes, in fact, by re-loyalty
TSMC operational personnel Xuren Xu origin recalled, "The academic
with me (he graduated from Zhongshan University), go into TSMC, a
technology-based companies or any business easy? Everything is introduced by a
friend." So , Xu Renxu TSMC, the responsible business orders Ling Yang,
also chairman of Sunplus Jason Wong Chau establish deep feelings. Now he is
Sunplus Group, a major business change investment adviser.
Investment in the securities industry, the Republic of China 50 years times Yangyao
Yu is a network of competitiveness to the limit cases. He was vice president of unified
investment adviser, a year ago, his job, as a friend as a financial consultant and served
as director of the five electronics companies. According to projections, he should have
nearly 100 million yuan worth of spectrum.
Why go north from the south with his one child working hard in the country, can
quickly accumulate wealth? "Sometimes, a phone call is worth 10 research
reports," Yang Yaoyu said, "My personal network throughout
the area, thousands, at 10000, count them."
Five friends decide your wealth
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http://www.sina.com.cn 2005 年 05 月 23 日 16:38 People's Network
Dark Horse also need Bole
Contacts is the "personal access to wealth, success of tickets"
10 speed era, is a network of professional support system
Innovation in the financial sector indicators ─ Citibank (Citibank) in this by the
many "first" gathered together in the pyramid organization, 50
years times Chengyao Hui, Cao Zhongren two, is the Corporate Finance Department,
the youngest of Deputy Commissioner Officer & Vice President, also have
been deliberately cultivate successors. Both of them, a charge of e, the downstream
industry customer relationship, the other for the upstream industry of electronic
customer relationship, weekdays between the objects are the major electronic industry
have a boss and chief financial officer.
"On the bright, on the professional, we are all a moment of choice, but the
competitiveness of their contacts are superior. Internally, you can convince the public;
outside, you can get the trust of our customers, this is the reason they
qualify." 1 Citibank senior executive position reviews.
Many people think that only insurance, salesmen, journalists, etc., only need to attach
importance to personal connections, because connections, they eat the guy, is also its
greatest asset, but Shang Shu examples can be seen, whether it is science, technology,
securities or financial other fields, a network of competitiveness is a increasingly
important issue.
In Hollywood, popular sentence: one success is not what you know (what you know),
but rather who you know (whom you know). Carnegie Training (Carnegie) Greater
China head of Hei that this phrase is not asked people not to cultivate professional
knowledge, but stressed that "contacts of a person access to wealth and
success into the ticket."
Hei example, the U.S. veteran actor Kirk. Douglas (famous actor Mike.
Douglas's father) is down and out young, once, when his train, and chatted
up next to a woman, did not think this chat and talk a turning point in his life.
A few days later, he was invited to the studio to report, because the woman is
well-known producer. The focus of the story, even if Kirk. Douglas is the essence of a
Maxima, but have encountered horses, all be a dream come true.
Specifically for enterprises to provide a human resources consultant for Watson Wyatt
(Waston Wyatt) deputy general manager Zhou Shuyuan of business management
consultant, "The past, companies recruit talent, expertise, ability to learn is
the first condition, but gradually, in the 10-speed the knowledge economy, technology,
knowledge and quick update, the power of one person alone can not accomplish this
task. If a person foster the connections to the network support system, will strengthen
the competitiveness of his person. "
Multiply leverage effect
Use of a network of contacts, "No pain, no gain several times"
Each time communicating with people on the network more than a line organization
In the end what is "a network of competitiveness?"
"Relative to the competitiveness of professional knowledge, a person
relationships, contacts on the network edge" is our definition of a network
of competitiveness.
In other words, a competitive person contacts, he has the personnel resources of larger
than others and deep. In normal times, a network of resources that will allow him to
obtain useful than others Kuaisu of the Xin Xi, then Zhuanhuan into work
opportunities for promotion, or wealth; while in the emergency or Guanjianshike, it
can often play a pull through, or add the finishing touches of Zuoyong.
Mao served as vice president of silicon electronics, general manager of the current
technology may Yi Liang Mingcheng observation, in the Hsinchu Science Park, many
engineers will be on research and development efforts at the expense of human
interaction, the lack of competitive leverage individual multiplying effect (leverage).
Liangming Cheng said that the competitiveness of the professional and personal
relationships is a multiplicative relationship, if the light has a professional, not
personal relationships, their competitiveness is No pain, no gain. However, with a
network of contacts, their competitiveness will be "No pain, no gain
several times."
In particular, high-tech industries grew rapidly, a lot of opportunities, if the engineers
will never open another door, do not listen to other voices, not only that he might face
"backward technology, is time-out" the risk of managerial posts
is also not classes, but also no way of Discovery to technology, market integration and
marketing of all areas of the fun patterns will also be limited.
Zhou Shuyuan even said that in Chinese society, the mention of contacts, many
people think that this is "soft and, through the back door"
synonymous, and therefore, only small school education on the importance of
professional skills, relationships and neglect of education. Called "a giant
of knowledge, interpersonal idiots" phenomenon, especially in technology.
Harvard University in order to understand the interpersonal skills of a
person's achievements on the role, it was for Bell Labs (Bell Lab.) Top
researchers to do the investigation. They found, was acceptable to all talented people,
often not the focus of professional competence, the key is "top talent will
use different human approach, these people will spend more time with those who may
be helpful at a critical time for people, 培养 good relationship problems or crises in
the face of it easily saved the day. "
Harvard scholars analysis, when a member of the practice of flat face difficult
problems, it will strive to seek help from experts, often after waiting for no reply, but
a waste of time. Top talent is very rarely encountered such problems, because they are
usually also less than when the rich resources on the network has been established,
ask if something can be answered immediately.
The study pointed out that the tremendous and flexible network connections,
resources, and each time the communication is a complex network of resources for the
organization of a multi-line, and gradually form a unbreakable network.
Five friends decide your wealth
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http://www.sina.com.cn 2005 年 05 月 23 日 16:38 People's Network
Develop a network of two magic
Self-confidence and communication skills training, and then the ability of others to
learn timely praise
In fact, everyone has a way of accumulation of contacts, but in the end how to
efficiently improve a network of competitiveness? Hei said to enhance the
competitiveness of a network of many skills, but on the assumption that a person must
first have the "self-confidence and communication skills", it
seems natural, not embarrassing themselves.
With self-confidence, the "your comfort zone (comfort zone, feel
comfortable in different occasions extent) how much?"
A person without self-confidence, comfort zone is very small, always afraid of
rejection, so he would not take the initiative to go out with people, to say nothing of
contacts to expand the.
Hei For example, at a cocktail party or wedding occasions, Westerners before
departure, they will first have something to eat, and early to the scene. Because it is
their opportunity to learn more strangers. However, the Chinese society, people are a
little shy on this occasion, not only late but also try to talk to people looking for
understanding, even, a good friend made an appointment to sit at one table, so as not
to encounter strangers. Therefore, "despite the many opportunities on your
side, but we always let it drain for no reason."
Second, communication skills, "the so-called communication skills, in fact,
the ability to understand other people, including understanding the needs of others,
desire, ability and motivation, and give an appropriate response." How do I
know? "Listening is the most wonderful people to understand the magic
Gao Yang described "red top" of Hu, the respect once wrote,
"The fact is simple wrist of Hu, Hu Xueyan speak, it will obey, no matter
how the words that are tasteless, he could solemnly, his eyes look, as if to listen
interest was extremely like. At the same time, he really was listening, critical moment
to add one or two words, extension of one or two meaning, making endless, some in
the intimate heart of the fast, naturally think that the speculation made intimate friend .
In addition to listening, timely communication Lotus is a compliment. United States,
"Steel King" Carnegie, in 1921 to pay one million dollars of
high salary (NT 40 million yuan now quite) to hire a CEO grass cloth (Schwab).
When reporters asked many of the Carnegie, "The Why is he?"
Carnegie said, "because he will bless others, and this is his most valuable
skill." Or, Carnegie wrote for his epitaph is the case The ︰ Here lies a
man who knows how to make people more intelligent than him happy.
10 years ago, Asus chairman Johnny Shih chipset and solution in the macro worked,
he had at their own expense to the Carnegie training institutions on the two or three
courses, when he said, "I most admired abroad, where the boss is that they
are good Praise others. "
"Human nature of the driver of the most far-reaching is the hope of
importance." American philosopher John. Dewey (John Dewey), said.
Think about how long your boss does not praise you? How long do you have around
you do not praise my colleagues, friends or family?
Five friends decide your wealth
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http://www.sina.com.cn 2005 年 05 月 23 日 16:38 People's Network
Enhance the competitiveness of a network of eight tips
Trustworthy, be of value to share, more exposure, creativity and careful, helpful,
curiosity and empathy
Build self-confidence and communication skills after the contacts to enhance the
competitiveness of know-how are what it?
1, the establishment of trustworthy image. Merchant Banking Division of Citibank
cum Director of Corporate Finance, said Han Wei-ting, "the
talk" is his most want to look in the eyes of others, but also his conviction
has been upheld.
50 Wei-Ting Han times a year, now ranks second only to the general manager of
Citibank in Chensheng De, precisely because he was "not over-promise
(overpromise)", whether friends, colleagues or clients, are therefore trust
50 times a year JP Morgan Chase (JP Morgan Chase & Co.) Taiwan leader
Guo public will see once the process of interview to a reporter, when asked,
"Which professional and interpersonal relationships in the end more
important", the He thought for a long time to answer, "The no
professional, your relationships are all empty. However, in the professional, there is
one is the hardest, is to trust, and that is the cornerstone of human
"How to create a memorable image of confidence, is the competitiveness
of people can produce a positive pulse cycle of the key. If a person to say, each time
playing seven or discount for each purchase then, more connections, but with to more
negative effect nothing more. "Ting said Han Wei.
2, increasing their value to be used. "Everything is false is true on its
own," "popularity is also on their own. He was a semi-tone,
where my friends?" This sentence quoted from high Yang's
"Money Changers", quite appropriate to expand the description
of the secret contacts .
Yang Yaoyu is an example. Because of his investment knowledge, ask people around
him winning numbers, he put to good use on this point, you can create a vast natural
networks. He believes that, "The cause other people's desire,
they can own a large magnetic field contacts."
Duying Zong also said that a network of the highest state is mutually beneficial, rather
than unilateral lobby (lobby). "What you can provide value to others?
What is the difference of opinion? If you are just an echo, or only focus on their
interests, mouth opened, the other side to know what you want," he said,
"you were a sub- Well, the other naturally Quan-Yong to report.
"so-called" moral support from many. "
3, happy to share with others. Whether the information, money, benefits or work
opportunities, people who know how to share and eventually tend to get more,
because,      friends    willing    to    him,   the     more    opportunities.     But
"money-making opportunity is very large, a person can not go all the
making money." EDOM Yu fluttering of flag, general manager has always
said that on their.
"A kind of measure, we have such good fortune", a young girl,
who is such Yu fluttering of flag's parents taught him. Dun Yang, general
manager Liang Xiuzong, friends since Ouyang Kun Wang, general manager are the
type of person, Liang Xiuzong always so human, said: "Just follow me,
there is making money."
4, increasing their exposure in the pipeline. Take part in EMBA, Rotary Club, Lions
Club and other groups, even as the company's benefits committee, tours,
gym and other groups are marketing themselves to other people's channel
(channel), also each can create their own image opportunities. Do not look down upon
these opportunities, in these groups, people can often be the most natural way of
Specializing in high-end digital human intermediation Yu Teng, general manager of
human resources has Yu Fen, are also examples of their own, four years ago, in order
to develop contacts, she participated in Human Resources Association.
She was only as a nondescript group of Member Services team members, but she
devoted time, monthly seminars, seize every opportunity to know other people,
gradually, her popularity opened, and joined the rank of chairman , along with
contacts to enhance competitiveness, businesses naturally follow the boom, just three
years, her salary jump from the 50,000-level to two million.
5, more creative and careful. Hei said that enhancing the competitiveness of contacts
is an art, more creativity and careful approach is definitely more with less.
For example, the use of card management method, is a coup. Former legislator Added
November because the data set manager system clock, and often contact an
emergency in the ballot, to the usual e-mail exchanges with the 20 000 voters for help,
We were able to win. This 20,000 voter data has become the key votes Added
France, Elf (Total Fina Elf) Oil former president, to set a voluntary annual total, with
1000 individuals to exchange business cards, and personal contact with 200 of them,
but also with one of the 50 individuals become friends.
Reportedly, general manager Liu Yingwu ASE IBM service in the United States had
to fight for the chance to meet with the boss, the boss on the toilet every day
observation time, choose to go to the toilet in time, increase the interaction.
6, seize every opportunity to help others. Such a description of Hu Xueyan Gao Yang,
"Hu Xueyan bad luck, it will not find a friend in trouble; he was proud, and
will surely take care of friends." "More blessed to give than to
receive" is trite, but Citibank Chengyao Hui (Chinese name Roman) has
this spirit in mind, whether between persons of the class level, he always try to help
others, so we always know, "The emergency to find Roman on the
right." This is a network of competitive Cheng Yaohui prominent place.
7, curiosity. One concerned only with themselves, others, no curiosity to the outside
world, even if no matter how good the opportunity would arise, and opportunities
Hei said that, like ask the right questions, like when you were interested in the
problem can always be touched people's hearts. Leading U.S. TV anchor
Barbara. Walters (Barbara Walters) often people visit the issues raised include: your
life's most rewarding thing? You fall into the bottom of the experience?
The next five years you want to be like? Your first job after graduation and so on.
8, empathy. Taipei widely acclaimed social circle Liang Wu Peilin, president of
Compass Public Relations said, "The most important code of practice for
public relations, is empathy."
In fact, Gao Yang's "Money Changers," a book on
the profound description of the use of "empathy" art,
"The pick ready to look at. In picking good people ready-made
non-destructive, or else grab the benefits of others, to Care 。...... End used silver
coins, to offend a person wants is not easy to remedy. "
Summarized the know-how, consultancy, general manager of the Society to Yao
Hengshan that many people on the importance of a network of competitiveness is not
profound knowledge, usually reluctant to spend time on it, often to a critical moment,
they discover that their personal connections too few assets. However, with people,
sometimes a change of concept may produce different results would
Five friends decide your wealth
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http://www.sina.com.cn 2005 年 05 月 23 日 16:38 People's Network
Credit life
Yen missed three-stage cultivation contacts
To sincerely care for overweight life "success books"
Yan, general manager of Deloitte & Touche Management Consultants have
also pointed out that leakage, enhance the competitiveness of contacts is a lifelong
lesson, however, allowing a person three years of his career into three phases, the first
decade earlier, should be focused on training professional . Young people at this time
is no need to deliberately focus spent on the establishment of relations, 而是 一次 to
do things good use of every De Ji Hui, Fu Dai Ren on the establishment of contacts.
Second decade, is both professional and personal relationships of the stage. Then, in
addition to relying on the establishment of contacts between work, you can develop
personal social circle, using the circle of learning and different expertise of a good
opportunity to interact.
In the last decade career, connections will be better than professional, as part of a
professional will help you complete your subordinates, and your connections is to add
value to these professional areas.
However, upgrading a network of the most important principle of competitiveness, or
to be sincere, caring learning. Because the accumulation of a network of over many
years, whether it was a network of contacts, or by a network of contacts radiating, are
required to pay and long-term care.
Two hundred years ago, Hu Xueyan as good at business contacts, and to pour a
chamber pot from a small difference, turning into the Qing dynasty red top. Three
hundred years later, to view the success of political and business figures of the growth
trajectory, also because they have a strong "contacts book," only
after "achievement book."

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