Dialogue by fdjerue7eeu


The spring of this year, Wuhan fairly mercy, at least for a long time more than ever.
Instant summer came. Hot weather. Sitting all sweat.
Long time no chat with some friends of the students. Studying in Canada last night
and a friend to chat with. Not so much a chat as it is a self-review.
He always said to understand the idea of university students in China will always be
complaining about a lot but do very little. Pay and reward are equivalent. Perhaps we
have our difficulties it. He can not understand.
Professional issues in the choice of a unified choice Western. But this would have a
greater difficulty and risk factors. Life on the time, Bo one regret. Then he asked me
to join those that did not have not thought about how to do so. I said very simple
matter, pharmaceutical representatives to do. He said, Do not. I understand. He said
you want to do high school graduates can let you do it (his family is doing drugs
trade), the University is not white you read.
I do not want a doctor, it is also necessary to test the clinical graduate students do. He
said the test chanting, of course, test, things are unpredictable, and perhaps that time
would want a doctor. Think also right. Continue to accelerate the pace.
I said that in addition to doctors and medical representatives, I do not know and I can
do what the professional-related. He said what you want on it. I say do medical
representatives. He Sigh. He said that if the Chinese representatives did not say know
me. . Think also of the future is unknown, the pharmaceutical industry is now exposed
too much, do not know since there are no representatives of the medical profession.
Relative terms, the doctor is a timeless profession.
He said, I hope I can continue refueling efforts. Once you have lazy, just like most
people. Be better than the worst. But who are all pursuing. One thing also reflected in
the pursuit of inner ambitions. People are their own social status and level for the past.
Like everyone else, are in the same class, there is no difference. Is different for each
person to pay, creating a different class. What kind of class you want, so long to pay
the pay of sweat. When you want someone to work, when no one else to have to work
Perhaps the vision, he always believed that a doctor is a potential trade. Or stability in
terms of social status. I have always felt like to try new things. And character about it.
I think he left the country when all sophomore, but he also graduated a year earlier
than I. In a short period of time than my psychology and communication at the same
time completing the double degree program. The math has been two years abroad, has
not returned. Flies up on two weeks holiday. Elective classes have been kept, and I
often complain about lack of sleep, people are swelling. Ask yourself, have sufficient
sleep every day, but in five years time to do half the time people spend a long time to
complete. Ashamed ah. It seems I was too woven enjoy life. To refuel, and can not
give yourself too much excuse to get lazy.
Some things in fact, we all know, but when people say that they come from a feeling
it is not the same. In fact, he proposed to me far more. Also from the side to help me
learn the knowledge. For example, I helped investigate some medical-related data to
him, in fact, in the process I also learned a lot. Now think about it, whenever they
want, when fall is no reason to think that these words are declining. Do not do doctors
think of the future can not seriously study the time there would be no less professional
courses do not mind, and things are unpredictable. High School Division, as always,
when learning that their own arts, math was not so attentive, but later for family
reasons, into science. Lead into the final drawing mathematical subjects of the hind
legs. Do not repeat the same mistakes now want to come up. The best of life is that
everything is unknown, so there is no precise information not before the self.
Also very grateful to when I lost so many friends give me some advice, help me I
have to go back to the track.

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