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Dear father


									Dear father
   Chatted about my father, ah, you think of some words: cute, humor! My father is
one of those good-hearted, sentimental person, may also be because he was a music
teacher, so always spoke with a very rich look.
   The father looks young and not white, bronze, like skin color, facial features with a
handsome scholar in a little breath, keep Xiaoping Tou, Jian Mei will laugh the next
with a pair of eyes, tall nose appear more spiritual, and often is not exposed mouth
smile, the eyes he was the first shown, and this also shows his unique temperament
and intelligence. Dad does not look high, only one meter 68, so I often joked to say: I
am of height points, or material that is when the general was!
Not go to school when I was at home nearly every other school more, my brother and
father are "small tail" to the school with the class to see his
father, he will bring to class erhu or harmonica, with he brush copy of the poster
(referring to the copy of the songs, then music textbooks, students do not), then the
classroom will sound and he sings this and the two quartet, if encountered festival
favorite that he teach the students dance , remember that time when his choreography
was seen next to his mouth with one hand on the horn to do the other hand was raised,
half tiptoed physique overlooking swaying do look to be shouting, the whole action
look beautiful and elastic, and often stay next to the students,
"Princess" to laugh, even more interesting is that he taught
Hakka Allegro "Asian hair 4" (people's pet name),
that it be called a classic, performance sometimes in the sigh of suddenly realized,
sometimes dancing in the most pleasant surprise, sometimes the humor in the exultant,
a rise of one hand are very exaggerated, people read body language is laughter, the
classroom is always full of laughter, he compiled dance to participate in the county
game, there is always the first prize, which made a very humble enough to win the
small rural schools face. It is precisely this "Ao head", my
father was the first primary will be transferred to any county school counselors and
military general vice president, after many years, as good work was rated
"excellent instructor Guangdong, Guangdong Province" by
Marshal Ye Jianying of the cotyledons Xuanping audience.
   Dad is also good at storytelling, as long as is his story, it is next to the quasi-tiers
and the tube packed with people, with the difference between the old society can not
dash of story-telling, he is the king of ready-made story, as long as he can read the
book with vivid descriptions of the tell us that what "Avanti"
"Alibaba"                 "puzzle            story,"
"Detective Story", and he spoke of sadness Department will
play a Kugua Lian us with wrinkles from the brow, spoke of happy place so that we
can laugh Qianfu back, spoke of terror next time people will hear whole body hairy,
listeners are fully integrated into his story, the critical moment and often guessing: to
funeral to know how, next time please listen to decompose! At this time many
students will not allow, like a swarm of bees to the flowers smell the same smell
around buzzed along to his side do not want to leave!
   Also remember, out there who lug home small home appliances to market, apart
from anything else on the father bought a small rice cooker, and 20 pairs of socks, so
my mother came back and saw non-stop chatter: "See This is outdated, ah,
how stupid do you also buy back ah! "Dad does not get wronged like
this:" No, I saw that man so hard for selection, sweating, and such a high
place also picked up, and I do not blame the poor to buy, so I had to buy some of
Romania. "See, Dad is the surface of the original play the fool in essence,
is so honest and straightforward kind. Dad is my brother and best playmate, always
with us hide and seek at home, every time we see him, so he hid, he would shout
loudly: "Start looking for Luo!" We will be with the sound
source is very easy to find him, then he pretended to look surprised: "Hey!
how to find me so quickly!" also "say tut tut" in
recognition of our. If we are wearing pieces of new clothing, he will be very surprised
to see the question: "so pretty ah, who you buy it?"
"Obviously is            your day!"          I said       about    him.
"Me?" I saw him touch his head as if in the Shi Jin memories,
we like defeated generals, like, proud of laughing.
Dad will not only humor in life then, but also full of optimism for life, as a
teacher's salary was not very high, (even now not as good as the price of a
box of cake), but he will not frown, in the cold outside the summer and went to do a
small business in order to support their family. Dad taught us to be thrifty young age
not to waste, waste that is wrong, for which he dedicated to me and my brother had a
cut bamboo, dig a little above the mouth, so we can save money, over time, is also
able to save us a few years after Two siblings of a semester it.
   Over time, we have grown up, my father is no longer young, he was fat and a tall,
fat a lot, sometimes I love the video tease him: "Dad, you have to lose
weight yo go out more exercise exercise it! "he would immediately stand
up, turn the ring to see his body, and then retorted:" No, ah, others say I
lost it, you see you see, before I buckle the belt is 1, now deduct this section, and thin
is irrefutable. "see the way he was anxious to declare the whole family
laugh. Dad kinda trendy to do, he not only QQ number and brought his QQ was really
gives the whole space, the Internet has opened a free photo album, as long as he went
to where tourism photographed, will be sent to us online timely to do with his sons
and daughters to share, sometimes also highly individual photo retouching, or is very
cartoon, often from that point on I could feel the sinking, the young father's
mind, which is also passed out some of his current situation This let us out of the
wandering mind full of the warmth it is very reassuring.
   In the journey of life, sometimes clustered thorns, and sometimes covered with
flowers, sometimes with good reason, sometimes very fantastic, but when people get
together, you feel happy, smiling face and witty language will be like other
people's hearts as warm spring led to everyone's laughter, get rid
of her anxieties, but Dad is such a person.
   Father's Day approaching, I wish my dad in this ever so lovely, always
with her mother good health, but also wish the world of the fathers always happy
happy! !

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