COSCO to build capital markets combined fleet

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					COSCO to build capital markets combined fleet

    COSCO to build capital markets combined fleet
    China Ocean on June 26 listing in the SSE. Total capital 891,933.7233 shares of
China COSCO, June 26 is available traded price of its online release of 89,193.3
million shares, network shares under the placing of 35693.4446 lock 3 months, to
strategic investors, the placing of 535 million shares of lock 1 year , the controlling
shareholder of 455,486.9787 shares of COSCO Corporation held by the lock 3 years,
while H shares 258,060 shares. The company is the listed flagship of China Ocean
Shipping Corporation and capital platform, the situation is similar to the current
price-earnings ratio of 50 times the investment ship, after the company was the end of
June 2005 issue of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listing of 2.58 billion H shares.
China COSCO COSCO Group in the controlling shareholder position is
""            capital    platform     ""            and
"" listed flagship "." Therefore, the
Chinese offshore assets into the future, the expected higher.
    China Ocean Shipping (Group) Corporation's predecessor, was
established in April 27, 1961, China Ocean Shipping Company. COSCO Group owns
and operates 700 modern merchant vessels, more than 4,300 million dwt, more than
300 million tons of cargo a comprehensive transnational group. As a shipping and
logistics as the core business of global enterprise group, COSCO has nearly a
thousand members of the unit in the world, eight thousand employees. In mainland
China, COSCO Group, located in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao, Dalian,
Xiamen and Hong Kong and a wholly-owned company manages container ship, bulk
carrier, oil tankers and other specialized transportation and various types of ocean
shipping fleets; in overseas Japan, Korea, Singapore, North America, Europe,
Australia, South Africa and West Asia region as the radiation 8 big points to shipping
routes as the link, form around the world and all major areas of transnational business
networks. Marked with "COSCO" eye-catching signs and
container ships in the world more than 160 countries and regions, more than 1,300
shuttle between the port.
    How high agitation capital markets is a strategic point of COSCO Group, one of
many years, and thus have a significant number of listed companies in Hong Kong,
Singapore and mainland listing, including China COSCO (1919.HK), COSCO Pacific
(1199.HK), COSCO International (0517.HK), COSCO Investment (COSO.SI),
COSCO Shipping (23.20, -0.30, -1.28%) (600 428), CIMC (29.50,0.83,2.90%)
(000039,200039), China Merchants Bank (24.50, -0.46, -1.84%) (600,036), etc.. In
addition, earlier reports said that COSCO Real Estate plans to achieve market exit in
the third quarter, raising the size estimated to be about 30-40 billion. It is reported that
COSCO Real Estate Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs have been selected as the
    COSCO in their control of resources, several permutations and combinations, first
in its cargo hold, the ship on behalf of some foreign subsidiaries, equity and equity
transfer to COSCO, in turn held under COSCO Hong Kong COSCO investment and
transfer of entire equity interest in COSCO Pacific, COSCO Pacific to invest, then
held the COSCO Group and COSCO Pacific, COSCO all the equity investment as
investment, initiated the establishment of the China Ocean. Equity investment at net
asset value is about 6.2 billion.
    Earlier, China Ocean held in Hong Kong in 1994, RTO's red chip
(while the Hang Seng Index Constituents) COSCO Pacific (1199.HK) 52.2% interest
in COSCO Pacific, mainly engaged in container leasing, terminal operators,
integrated logistics services, COSCO Pacific and holds issued in Shenzhen A, B
shares in the Group's 16.23% interest set. COSCO Container Transport of
all other rights, have also been injected COSCO, COSCO Container main asset is the
fleet, which is the most valuable assets of COSCO Group. After the H-share listed
China COSCO, COSCO Group can not control all the listed companies, COSCO
Group still holds three equity in listed companies, namely, in April 2002 in
Shanghai-listed COSCO Shipping (600428), bought in 1992 in Hong Kong
Shell-listed red chips COSCO International (0517.HK), 1993 in Singapore RTO of
COSCO Investment (COSO.SI). In 2006, COSCO Logistics COSCO acquired 51%
interest, can be seen, the China Ocean this A + H, to expand land-based businesses to
increase investment in COSCO Logistics is one of its important aims.
    It should be said, COSCO Holdings to achieve "" A + H
"" listing of the COSCO Group's five listed
companies (excluding holding only 16.23% of CIMC) between a large number of
related party transactions and competition, it is estimated COSCO Group intends to
further integrate its listed companies.

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investors operate your own risk.

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