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					Corporate Internet Banking Features
"ICBC Financial e-pass" Corporate Internet Banking is the
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to the Internet as a medium for the
enterprise or the industry's self-help financial services institutions.
One popular version of Corporate Internet Banking
Corporate Internet Banking popular version control for the needs of real-time account
and financial information, do not involve transfer of funds into and out of the majority
of small business customers. Customer outlets opened in ICBC business telephone
banking or processing enterprises Card certificate, you can register at the counter or
online self-service business Internet banking popular version. Customers with
ordinary card certificate number and password to log on Corporate Internet Banking
General Edition, access to basic online banking services.
Corporate Internet Banking General Edition provides customers with account
inquiries, change passwords, home page customization features, customers can also
use the online report of loss functions handle common card certificate online self-help
report the loss.
If you are not satisfied with the accounts of the most basic inquiry services, need to
use richer, more powerful online banking features, please use the ICBC Corporate
Internet Banking.

Second, ICBC Corporate Internet Banking
ICBC Internet banking at present for small and medium enterprises, enterprise groups,
financial institutions, social organizations and administrative institutions to provide
the following services:

(A) Account Management
Account management is conducted through the Internet banking customers check
account information, downloads, maintenance and a series of account services.
Whether you are a business or group of SMEs, can always see the total (parent)
Company and the points (a)'s portfolio of the balance and account details,
Shishizhangwo and monitor enterprise Neibu funding; You can also "电子
Hui Shan "functional self-check online or print contact with the electronic
supplementary back to single. Account management for you to achieve intensive,
modern management provide a strong support.

(B) the receivables
Fee collection business is corporate clients through ICBC Internet banking to take the
initiative to collect bulk form signed individuals or other types of enterprise users
authorized the fee paid to a boutique business. It is simple application procedures,
fees flexible and can be off-site collection, to pay customers a timely, fast, efficient
charging "channel" to resolve the charges have been troubled by
the customer, "hard charging" problem, shorten the cash cycle
speed up the repayment of the funds quickly.
Receivables volume by the volume button business and personal deduction of two
parts, the fee charged to business enterprises (individual) in charge, we must first bank,
charges companies, payment companies (individuals) jointly signed a tripartite
agreement and the establishment of debit correspondence between the method to
establish correspondence is generally charges companies to banks and by banks
through the establishment of internal management system manual. For individual
customers, you can also log on ICBC Personal Internet Banking, customer
self-service agreement by the individual.

(C) payments
Payment services including online remittances, securities registration and settlement
company funds, e-commerce and foreign exchange remittances and the four leading
boutique business model of traditional and modern e-commerce business model
combines the product of work behavior to meet the payment of all business customers
needs well-designed complete payment solution.
1. Online remittance
Group companies total (parent) company by electronic payment instruction from the
account the funds transferred out to achieve with other units (in any country can open
a bank account) between the same city or off-balance sheet funds, to "not
enough the family "can easily complete the business purpose of the daily
settlement business.
A variety of online money transfer to pay for your model, you can group the internal
management needs, unified design directed outward transfer or remittance of payment
mode, the design of safety by your authority and control programs to achieve the
various requirements of financial management. Remittance with convenient batch
command-line approach and China's leading settlement network will make
your business even more powerful.

2. Securities registration company funds liquidation
Securities Class customers through "securities registration company funds
clearing" feature to the specified securities registration and settlement
company accounts and the related transfer of information inquiries. Including
submission instructions, check instruction, the securities registration companies
liquidation account information inquiries, order authorized four functions.

3. E-commerce
B2B online payment is the bank specifically for e-commerce activities in the security
provided by the seller and the buyer, fast and convenient online payment intermediary
services, ICBC online payment platform for B2B e-commerce activities will connect
sellers and buyers, as the merchants, and B2B online procurement company provides
advanced, efficient capital flows Road, breaking time and space to improve
transaction efficiency, reduce transaction costs.
Purchase any ICBC business in B2B merchants to order or shopping, I offer you two
payment behavior, a special Web site directly in order to complete the payment has
been generated, the other is your corporate network logon ICBC Bank After the
adoption of e-commerce functionality has been made in order to manually input the
information to make payments. After payment, B2B merchants and businesses can
purchase orders inquiry functionality through access to detailed transaction
information in order to control and monitor the entire transaction process.

4. Foreign exchange remittance
Foreign exchange remittance is available to business customers through the corporate
Internet banking accounts for foreign currency the same city / off-site transfer of
funds and settlement of a business. ICBC took the lead in the country to achieve an
online foreign exchange remittance function, and according to different customers in a
targeted, function, You may, as required by specific features Shixian transfer and
settlement of foreign exchange funds.
(1) the transfer of funds group
Group customers can transfer funds through the group function of its foreign currency
funds within the group, the lower two-way between the allocation of foreign currency
funds to monitor the operation of the branch, the group unified dispatching foreign
currency management purposes.

(2) B-share liquidation
Securities Class B shares of funds by customers to realize the securities clearing
functions between headquarters and branch B shares of funds transfer clearing.

(3) the domestic foreign exchange remittance
Banks or non-bank financial institutions (excluding insurance companies) and
customers can transfer function of the domestic foreign exchange quickly and easily
with the bank system to achieve business unit of foreign currency funds of other
real-time billing purposes, and thus broaden the scope of their business processes,
promote their own business development.

(D) Financial Group
Group companies total (parent) directly from the registered companies all sub (a)
Corporate Accounts initiative will receive funding allocated to group companies or
any registered account, without prior notice of their points (a) company. Directed
transfer function can be opened outside the enterprise in the transfer of authority does
not achieve the specific account when the transfer function between.
Group to submit financial instructions including the "submit order case by
case basis" and "batch command to submit" in two
ways. "Batch command to submit," is to be submitted in batches
to meet customer needs of electronic payment instructions designed to achieve both
the external or bulk active sub (a) companies account for payment, you can also take
the initiative from the sub-volume (a) Corporate Accounts receivables, which can
greatly reduce the workload of corporate financial officers, and to achieve real-time
banking days of funds clearing.
(E) Letters of Credit
Bank letter of credit is a conditional payment commitment to the bank (issuing bank)
in accordance with the requirements of the applicant and issuing instructions,
commitment to meet the conditions of the credit situation, with the documents
provided to third parties (beneficiaries person) or his designee to make a payment, or
acceptance; or authorize another bank to proceed with the payment, or acceptance; or
authorize another bank for negotiation.
Internet banking business of the bank letter of credit business online banking
customers with the credit operations of the channel quickly, has achieved the network
to the banks to issuing import letters Zuozheng applications and amendment requests,
Wang Shang self Dayin "should not be revoked for Documentary Credits
open license application "and" Letters of Credit Amendment
Application "on-line query function of the import and export letters of
credit. Online credit business bankers will greatly save your time and costs and
increase work efficiency, but also for the Group's headquarters branch of
the credit inquiry is made easier business conditions to meet the financial
management needs of customers.

(F) loans
Loans to enterprises registered Internet banking customers check the function of
providing loans, including the master account, Lee SD IOU with the sub-account
inquiries and other functions. Through the business, you can stay at home accurate,
timely and comprehensive understanding of the overall credit situation and provide
loan amount, loan balance, interest from date, due date, interest and other loans more
detailed information for Corporate Finance pre-decision data. In particular, facilitate
the group of head (parent) company registered in all the total (parent) companies and
points (a) the company's loan account inquiries.

(7) Investment Banking
Investment is working to meet the business to pursue acts of maximizing capital
efficiency and financial management needs of the scientific designed and developed.
Investment funds now include, bonds, deposits, notice deposits and the four business
1. Fund
Investors only need to use e-banking client certificate common card to open accounts
and fund transactions TA fund account, and register my line of business Internet
banking at the same time register the client certificate common electronic banking
card, you can through my Internet Banking system Fund subscription, purchase of
basic information such as business and funds checking. Internet banking fund
business, including fund transactions and fund two types of business inquiries.
(1) fund transactions
Fund transactions, including fund subscription services, subscription services fund,
fund redemption operations, set / cancel automatic re-investment, withdraw the
application and approval orders the same day functions.
(2) Fund Query Service
Fund, Fund code query operations include inquiries, inquiries, fund NAV, check fund
public information, account balance inquiry, account balance inquiries, fund, fund
subscription query with number, check the search and download the Fund's
operations, check the date of transaction details, check transaction history details and
so on.

2. Bond
Investors only need to use the electronic banking card to open a client certificate
common bond escrow account, and register my line of business Internet banking at
the same time register the client certificate common electronic banking card, you can
through the Internet Banking system I purchase bonds, bond trading and basic
information queries bonds, bonds the latest price, bond price history, the customer
bond escrow account balances, the date of transaction details, transaction history
details and other information.

3. Agreement Deposit
Unit agreement means the companies and banks deposits, signed
"Agreement on deposit contracts", the specified time limit,
agreed to the settlement of accounts need to retain the basic deposit amount, deposit
amount from the bank within the basic deposit or withdrawal by end interest rate on
interest bearing demand deposits more than basic deposit some amount of the deposit
interest settlement or withdrawal by the Japanese bank's higher than
demand deposits, time deposits less than six months, the agreement rate of interest
paid as a deposit interest rate deposits.
Agreement, in addition to guaranteed deposits to pay your normal business, but also
to bring you a higher interest income. Online bank deposit agreement to open the
account information inquiries, sales account deposit agreement, notes the information
query and returns query features such as details to help you fast and efficient handling
agreements deposits.

4. Call Deposit
Call deposit is the money of depositors in the deposit when the deposit is not agreed
upon period of advance notice when the bank withdrawal, withdrawal of the deposit
date and amount before being paid the deposit. Call deposits by depositors and the
length of notice period of notice is divided into day and seven days notice deposit two
varieties. Notice period under the different ways in different interest-bearing.
Online call deposit for you to open up another quick handling notice deposits
channels, you do not need from the companies and banks, you can easily complete the
call deposit to open, notice / cancellation notice deposits, account information
inquiries, call deposits paid and open / draw command checking. Call deposit a large
number of idle funds for you to provide value-added opportunities.
(8) VIP Room
VIP Room is designed for VIP customers of the bank to meet the financial needs of
VIP customers a special combination of a series of functions, by automatically
receiving, booking, the balance reminder, corporate finance function rooms, VIP
business for quality, efficient and worry of banking services, thus reducing the
workload of client financial and reduce operating costs of funds, improve the
efficiency of capital use and optimize operational processes to help clients create a
good financial operation.
VIP services include in my line of business customers have a certain scale of
operations, business benefits are good, close cooperation of all enterprises registered
Internet banking customers. If not for the general customers the VIP room service, can
not use this feature.
1. Accounts remind
I line each banking day of the group specified number of registered accounts overrun
account balance distributed to business information through Email ways to facilitate
group (total) affiliated to keep abreast of the company's financial situation,
strengthen the financial management of subsidiaries.

2. Booking service
Booking service is the Internet banking business through the contents of the
reservation sent to Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of the
appointment by the corresponding service request a feature. Appointment booking
service, including cash, receivables booking, payment booking, access to ticket
booking, special appointment of five features.
(1) Receiving an appointment
Internet banking customers to submit payment instructions appointment by the Bank
of treatment, the client-site collection within the specified time to allow customers to
easily complete large cash deposit without leaving home.

(2) Payment appointment
Internet banking customers to submit payment instructions appointment after
appointment by the bank customers to complete payment, customers can check in
online banking end of the implementation of reservation payment.

(3) access to ticket booking
Customers access the Internet, the demand notes (note types, including: cash, transfer,
mail transfer, telegraphic transfer, money order, exchange, etc.), the bank will check
the ticket to the customer electronically scanned and then transmitted to the specified
Email-mail client, which greatly facilitate business-to-ticket inquiries, to improve

(4) Special appointments
Internet banking customers to submit a number of special appointments (such as audit
appointment). The Bank of treatment, according to the requirements of our customers
to complete bookings. Special appointment by the Bank according to customer
requirements to provide customers with personalized service.

3. Automatic Collection
Bank in accordance with your pre-specified time, the amount of money automatically
from the enterprise branch offices to the headquarters of the account designated
collection account, and can choose according to your level within the financial district
and close / No level, the province received funding within the region financial income,
financial income within the country such as different types of auto receivables,
corporate financial officers do not operate very efficiently solve the Group (total)
company funds on time Guiji problem.

4. Corporate Finance Office
VIP corporate online banking customers online through this function on behalf of
wages, reimbursement and other agency business processes. Internet banking
customers to achieve the same city / off-site (with peer / his line account) staff payroll
operations and achieve our bank working days, the same city / off-site real-time
account credited into account.
Features include submission instructions (bulk / single), the query command, approval
instructions, the original complicated labor, on-line in one step, greatly reducing the
corporate financial staff workload and improve efficiency.

(9) agency
According to ICBC numerous outlets, fast fund transfer services and other means of
powerful advantages, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China's corporate
online banking services offer two kinds of agents clearing agency cooperation that is
signed on behalf of the bill and exchange agent.
1. On behalf of the signed bill
On behalf of the signed bill is commissioned by the Industrial and Commercial Bank
of China and other commercial banks (including urban credit cooperatives, rural
credit cooperatives) Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to use the vouchers,
bills of exchange seal, and special equipment for its units or individuals opening bank
draft issued by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China payment process.
Including the shift registers input and authorized transfer deposit check, deposit mass
transfer and licensing, to achieve without going through the Internet on the move can
save a draft directive leads the successful charge to download print drafts. Signed on
behalf     of     the     bill   features    a     "cash"         and
"transfer" two money orders.

2. Agent exchange
Agents through the exchange agent is ICBC ICBC Internet banking and use of the
network platform advantages handle our clients exchange business functions.
Including the submission of instructions and authorization, query commands, batch
commands and authorization.
(10) ICBC messenger
ICBC messenger (balance change reminder) service that I act as a paid corporate
customers value-added information services. Enterprise Custom ICBC messenger
service, their public balance sheet account, whether through online transactions,
self-help equipment (ATM, POS, self-service terminal) or through internet banking
and telephone banking occurred in the balance changes, the Bank will be through text
messages in real-time notification .

(11) Customer Service
1. Home Customization
Custom corporate clients access to online banking, the first displayed page.

2. Related Downloads
Customers can use this feature to download online banking information, including the
volume tool software download and account information download.

3. Customer Data
Customers can use this function to change the email, telephone, fax, etc..

4. Help
It can display all the features of items list, together with detailed instructions for each

5. Certificate
Client certificate within 1 month before the expiration, the system automatically
prompts your certificate is about to expire, click on this feature can automatically pay
the annual service fee Certificate, the success fee payment after the prompt you have
finished, click the OK button to update the certificate.