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Career planning: logistics company up great opportunities for promotion within a few
years to achieve a higher level, my next goal is to Area Operations Manager. Mr. C
Education: Undergraduate: Business Administration Working Hours: 14 years
Position: head of a state-owned logistics company transport
My income: state-owned enterprises now than in previous years, this one's
income is lower. Into the company in 1992, when there is 700 per month bonus to now,
all expenses are up, but still 700 per month bonus, but even if there are errors
deducting money, so now income compared to other industry, not high, I am currently
a month income to 3,000 yuan.
Income with the industry: state-owned enterprises is now far less than the income of
private and foreign investment, our employees are also about 2,000 yuan monthly
income, according to my job in other companies, there are four or five thousand
dollars of monthly income.
Practitioners feel: I feel that the logistics industry is not very easy, especially
state-owned logistics companies in the last century, when 90 more scenery, but now
very difficult. Between the logistics industry because the price war with too strong,
diversified business composition, with foreign capital, have owned, there are private,
and self-employed, black cars account for a lot, they do not cost, no insurance, no
road maintenance, If there is a patchwork family on the price naturally reduced, so to
create a disorderly market competition throughout the state, shows China's
logistics to be an orderly whole also need a long time. And slow the development of
state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises should be changed to adapt to the
development of society.
Working pressure: the pressure is now working great. For example, there are good
services, the company also wanted to do, but a lack of funds, no money should not
even think about anything. The general situation of the company, we naturally follow
the pressure increases, a heavy burden, earning little, the enthusiasm is not very high.
On the novice recommendations: Now the reason why many companies do not want
to just graduate students, on the one hand what they do not experience, but also
because students Chengben employed a high Erju Tongchangzhexie Students Haihui
Ba Zhefengongzuo when practicing hand used, with the experience will leave, so
companies have a lot of opinions on them. New people into the company if the first
condition should not talk too much, that would make people feel that this person is too
much trouble, and certainly do not stay. Working on the line as long as free from
anxiety, Diligent Ken asked, is the natural talent will not be buried.
Career: I spent 10 years in the state-owned enterprises, are now facing the company to
rely on entities in change, many logistics companies in China, Shanghai Airlines has
close contacts, etc., and usually linked to the airlines and private enterprises are more
the profits of state-owned enterprises were packed on smaller and smaller, so my next
goal is to plan their own to operate a logistics company, to combine marketing and
logistics, would like to have good development. Mr. D Age: 32 Education:
Undergraduate: Computer Work Time: 1 year Position: Manager of a private logistics
My income: Currently my salary is basic salary plus a performance assessment the
main, plus a variety of benefits, including the car up, telephone charges, food
subsidies, etc., the income of 4,000 yuan a month or so.
With industry revenue: the income difference between the industry not too many more
of the monthly income can reach 56 thousand dollars.
Practitioners feel: I just go to the logistics industry to other industries, time is not long,
but I feel the whole of China's logistics industry is in a state of
development, can only count has just started, not to the ideal state. But as long as we
work together, we can continue to promote the logistics industry. In my current
position as the point of view, although the industry than the previous earn a little
something, but I feel that the industry is having peace of mind, it makes winter ridge
sense of accomplishment.
Working pressure: working pressure is now particularly. Because now we are
nationwide distribution company involved in things too much. Example is the
establishment of e-office e-, that is, the establishment of e-commerce, logistics
industry wishes to develop good, we must increase efficiency in information
communication. There are many in the overall arrangement of the relations to
coordinate, it is managers do. I am now at 90 o'clock every day before they
leave the company.
Shenzhen sourcing salary (reference case)
(Quote): I have two years of procurement experience, most recently in Shenzhen
looking for procurement talent market work, always to do as intended. At first I pay
set at 3K, the first day of a total of five copies of your resume to vote, the result did
not receive an interview notice. Later, go the talent market, others saw the pay request
is 3K, unanimously said: Our company can not give that much. I think, on the
remuneration package, the best interview with the manager or boss, which is
responsible for recruitment and they Zuobulezhu, and then to resume salary
requirements and painted out.
Once again to the talent market, a company called "TP style Stationery Co.,
Ltd." The recruitment of the procurement post. Purchasing jobs really
enough to go around, ah, I managed to hand in resumes rafts team, recruited the girl
asked me some simple questions asked my salary requirements, I thought for a
moment, it said 2500. She said to me: that you put your resume, stay here, we need to
give you notice. I'll ask: Why other people can receive the interview notice,
but I did not. She immediately forwarded my resume to another recruiter said before:
the procurement is for him, you ask him. Similarly, the man also asked me a very,
very simple question, give me an interview the next day to interview me notice. The
next day, I went to the Pinghu, by going through the final adoption of the assessment
and interview managers and CEOs. At that time, veterans back to me about their
problems within the company, said it was because of two procurement officers not
only took away the company's money to, and the data to eliminate the
replacement. So, I took over the work there will be some difficult. At present there are
three procurement, and out of a possible future purchases and so on to the class. Last
turn of salary issues, and veterans called the personnel of a girl came and left. The girl
told me, procurement salary set by the Associate, and Associate out of the. What
about when she asked me to come to work, I said it two days later, which is Monday.
Girl said, the Associate will be like in two days to call me on salary issues. I was
asked about her pay the buyers, she said that under normal circumstances is 1500, I
was a bit dizzy, maybe I do not quite understand the Shenzhen side of the market. I
think, no matter how the co-calling to at least have to upgrade to 2000 bar. However,
other home for two days, no call. Monday morning, no, 16:00, I called over and asked,
beginning with the Ministry of Personnel of the burst of hurried foot disorder to find
the information, not find, say half an hour to call me. Waited, waited half an hour did
not call, so he called over and asked if as a result, staff said: I'm sorry, you
are not being accepted! I was really dizzy, or anything, well, it and the boss talked
quite pleasant. How can that be? Staff wrote: Your request is 2500, we fail. We are
here only to 1300. I was really angry, what attitude? What do you mean? Helenians
When the monkeys playing? Did not talk to me the pay issue, ah I immediately asked
for veterans, veterans are not told. And Associate, Manager is not in. Of course, is
reluctant to switch. At that time I realized, I came to the interview, it merely serves as
the role of cannon fodder only. Alas! Then I went to view the talent market went blue,
god. It was also the procurement price to 800-900, and 1500 are generally below what
ah. Perhaps the bosses of the heart, they believe this fact to you your monthly salary is
more than this, so even if he would feel bad for you 500 will doubt you. It is not
obvious you support the procurement of taking kickbacks? Purchasing jobs really
very popular, its technical content is not high. The current situation there is enough
and the situation, so the weight of special low salary.
Shenzhen Professional Consulting salaries
Guidance in Shenzhen, just graduated from undergraduate salary 2200 - 3500 among,
if not unexpected, you are among them.
Strong industrial companies planning department dry and stable, this will not be tired.
Professional consulting firm, while the benefit is not that bad even the boss is trouble,
the staff could not be said to work the following; stability does not, income has been
more volatile.
As for school stuff, very dedicated to what is not the place, expect to post many things
--- This is a school just graduated from university students think so, so busy that you
bad, interpersonal intrigue, no matter how good the program is finalized when the
customer boss , could not be said school, you may even wonder: Why take such an
industry and jobs? !
In short, just graduated, to find a job by myself to say, first to stabilize mood, consider
how. Things are not in employment to all unrealistic.
Shenzhen nanny wages
Nanny 900,1000 of the majority, if not all insurance will be lower. If some culture,
arts cabinet will be a good high to 1,500 yuan, Yuesao all, they also have so many.
Conditions, especially if the club good, the kind of demands very high, more than
2,000 nanny please also normal. General working-class nanny want 800 down, more
appropriate. Students also make nanny, tutor somewhat the meaning of counseling
homework can help children, the quality of higher income does not necessarily lower
than in ordinary office clerk in the Clerk. Of course the demand is not too much, after
all, so many rich people are not necessarily true.
From the global perspective, consulting industry is to diversify.
Shenzhen management consultants
Last year, the world's major international consulting companies have
entered China, the domestic consulting firms have sprung up everywhere. Registered
in Beijing alone advisory body has exceeded 7,000, the employer needs significant
Consulting prefer MBA. Consultants must have a high quality, management expertise,
foreign language skills and consulting experience. But the pressure of work in the
industry, travel frequently.
Consultant salaries are generally in the 3000-10000 Yuan, senior adviser to regions of
different knowledge and different, tens of thousands to tens of thousands.
Trainer Development
Outward Bound is with some outdoor games for the platform, through activities
designed to "strengthen the mind, strive to perfect the personality, melting
the team," the purpose of training. This training originated in Britain
during World War II, when the Atlantic was the German business team often attacked,
but to most of the survivors of seamen have the team spirit of cooperation. In response,
the British introduced the expansion of sea survival training, the training of young
seafarers in the viability of the sea. After the war, to expand the training of creative
and unique training methods have been gradually promotion at all.
Trainer development practitioners conditions: requires experience, a strong physique,
with management, psychology, education and other knowledge. The most important
thing is to have a very strong sense of responsibility and keen powers of observation.
Development work is very hard trainer, but still very substantial income. Trainer
development of payment system is usually daily. Joined the line of 200 yuan a day,
600 yuan per day experienced, excellent daily 1000-5000 yuan, 10,000 yuan per day
consultant level.
Expand the vocational training division is very promising. Because experiential
learning is a new way of learning is a trend of education in the future.
Vocational Instructor
University graduates each year, many people in the waving while a few employment
opportunities more than one, some people will hesitate, not knowing which of the
options, do the work more suitable. Who can analyze their own for their length,
wrong way? Vocational guidance. Through consultation, evaluation and other
methods, vocational guidance counselors who can develop a career plan, so choosing
the final word.
Financial Planner
The main condition of the assets is based on customer preferences and risk, according
to the customers needs and Mubiao, take body of norms of the model provides all
aspects including customer life Quanmian financial advice, for finding a most 适合
's financial management, including an insurance stock , bonds, funds, etc.,
to ensure the preservation and appreciation of its assets. According to a financial Web
site survey shows that among people surveyed, 50% of unplanned distribution of
assets, 78% willing to accept the financial advice of expert consultants, 25% are
willing to trust management, 50% of people are willing to pay the consultancy fee.
Thus, as people's incomes increase, investment increased awareness,
people become increasingly strong demand for financial planning.
Shenzhen image consultant
What kind of clothes to wear, what kind of jewelry with ... ... This should be
determined according to individual style. But many people do not truly understand
their own style. Image consultants work based on the characteristics of customers for
customers to create their own clothing style. Therefore, they do at work, a bit like a
jigsaw puzzle, with different combinations of graphics, determine the most suitable
for customers Eyebrow, hairstyle, clothing style, etc..
Practitioners conditions: access to the image consultant certification is a prerequisite;
to build a comprehensive knowledge of the United States; character has affinity for
and good at communication. Image consultants also have a strong sense of space, can
easily show the customer in mind, body, and the diagnosis of a customer for the
"shape"; Secondly, there must be a strong aesthetic quality,
customer can dig itself out of the most unique, The most attractive aspect of the
overall performance of its intrinsic qualities better shape.
Salary Standard: Monthly income of 3000-8000 yuan, different level of income is
different; good image consultant consultancy 500-1500 yuan per hour.
Market demand and job competition: As people focus on personal style, the industry
is also forecast to create distinctive personal style consultant must sign Selling Well.
Style consultant currently one of the few in the country, mostly in Beijing, Shanghai
and Guangzhou. Rapid growth in market demand, employment space is very wide.
Other new consultants
As people study abroad, immigration boom and the public health concerns, would
birth a lot of education consultant, immigration consultant and medical advisor.
Similarly, as the employee medical insurance system reform, to reduce medical
treatment costs, people will more in their daily lives to the medical consultant ask for
advice. In addition, workers on pension, health care, unemployment, and other aspects
of life increased demand for protection, a security consulting for people to provide
"social security consultant" job will be welcomed by the
Leisure Fitness Chengxin Chong
Numerous career opportunities for employment

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