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101, New Year is like a pot of soup boil for thousands of years, though constantly
have fresh condiments add to the mix, but the original flavor is growing short. - With
the travel, clubbing, sports and other modern elements increases, the traditional sense
of the New Year as if people from the cities farther and farther.
?102, fireworks is a custom, but the habit does not mean the right, before the
establishment of new China, is also the custom of binding women's feet. ;?
- A ban on fireworks users.
103, hard work, and happen to have excellent performance; be acquired, and just
place empty; to go abroad and come back just to be sent overseas headquarters. -
Local talent to become manager of China Three multinational path. 104, women may
not rule the entire world, but at least a large part of the rule. - The most powerful
women in business who ever is the development of addiction.
105, it (the car) to make men feel comfortable, to disperse his loneliness, which is a
use of steel and chrome and glass of Viagra. - An article that described the
relationship between cars and men.
106, we are the most direct users of many laws, laws that we most clearly the quality
of public goods where the defects, to modify it perfect, the best way is to make our
own direct participation. HAPMw
- Rights for many years involved in counterfeiting, said Wang Hai, as deputies of his
desire for many years, he would like to participate in formulating the rules.
107, the car led the house running. - An article said that the traffic environment
around the Beijing real estate market. 1
08, when all of the city speak the same language, so each city's unique
attraction weakened. - Hangzhou Hai-Tao Mao, said CPPCC National Committee
members. He was eighth in the Third Session of CPPCC Hangzhou submit proposals
advocated protection of Hangzhou dialect.
109 is the law-abiding citizens did not enjoy the treatment ah birthday a day off. pdFU
- A public challenge a court in Beijing "is not the defendant's
birthday, trial or sentencing" of the new requirements.
110, before the equivalent of visiting the department store, is now visiting the store
had. - CCTV News News Commentary Chen, vice president of pay television gadfly
that analogy. At present, China has been approved by Digital TV premium channels
39, 26 of which are national operators.
111, I am old, do not hit me. - A Chinese man said he wanted to paste it in the back of
the warning signs. "New York Times," the author said, because
driver's license examination is not strict, a lot of new drivers in China often
burst into the sidewalk to pedestrians knocked down.
112, played out and then deal with! - Xianyang City Hall show a pornographic film
and television programs, when law enforcement officers to stop, the odd name of
"something more to say" in the audience could be so requested.
113, I just clear water, not soap, can not blow bubbles. /) Hy
- People's Literature Publishing House intends to present its new
publication, please Collected Works of Yang Jiang's works in seminars, but
Yang Jiang politely refused.
114, Lucky's main color is red, red flower, though good, but also support of
green leaves. - Lucky and Kodak in the conference signed a contract, Kodak vice
president of worldwide Ye Ying dressed in green, she explained that the reason he
wears in green
115, why the difference in people's living space so much? - A long life at
an altitude of more than 3000 meters above the Qinghai Plateau people to Shenzhen,
an airport, in the face eyeful Liulv bonus, filling the streets with handsome boys
& girls in short skirts and blouses, said.
116, they are just some of the fruit is ripening hormone business, can only reflect the
market prosperity, prosperity is not literature. - Cultural critic Zhu Dake evaluation
after 80 years a number of young writers.
117 Chinese enterprises to overseas development, often more than courage, lack of
experience, can not swim jumped into the sea on one. - Delong failed acquisition of
German aircraft projects that overseas development of domestic private enterprises to
be moving steadily, rather than the dynamic map.
118, said I, shame me, insult me, call me, destroyed me, bully me, lie to me, harm me,
why the Department and I will be? Let him, with him, with him, do him and let him,
by him and let him, helped him a few years to see him.
- Yunnan "Money King" Wang Chi realize the commercial
119, Pan Shiyi, are even beginning to use land bank, and how can we do? - A real
estate complaint. The face of a series of control over land supply policy, real estate
agents have a good day may be gone forever.
120, this is a no need to talk business with the Chinese city. - Korea in Qingdao,
Entrepreneurs Association, said the Secretary-General Zhang Wuzhu. Currently there
are 4,000 South Korean companies in Qingdao and 70,000 Koreans, along the street is
full of Korean barbecue.
121, you can never rest, otherwise you will never break. r & 6BL ^
- Beijing CBD white-collar true reflections.
122, just like a pregnant pregnant long period of time before people see it. - Young
writer Han Han said in an interview. 123, anchored a unit, pull to a group of teachers,
to find a site, then wait for young parents give money to your door. N] G5
- An industry sources, is now offering students summer camp has simply become
"who can do" things, the procedures simple and surprising. 124,
Chinese parents will educate their children never as a science, most of them are
considered to be self-taught, everything depends intuition and experience.
- Chinese Academy of Psychology PhD supervisor heyday, said Wang. 125, to do
architectural design in China is like weed species, with one hand I am a man covered
in two years out of four skyscrapers, designed millions of square meters of urban
planning, if the New York case, my life is hard to do that number. - The chief architect
of the new building of CCTV, the American assessment of China's rapid
emergence Koolhaas such a variety of architectural planning. 126, China called
Beijing as "China's Harvard," Harvard said
Americans would not "America's Peking University."
- Beijing International MBA in Fangyuan Zhang Huda Yuan said that
China's internationally renowned business schools and business schools
simply not the same level.
127, Bill "Gates is not the smartest place to what he did, but he did not do.
- Shanda Mr. Chen used to say: The Bill "Gates's strength, he
can buy in New York, can do real estate, but his focus on his own operating system
and software development, without being the market attracted by other temptations.
128, magazine editors are long-term chronic anxiety disorders and patients with acute
- Unlike other places where art is that magazines are a great reliance on the
performance of continuous media.
129, wealth will not necessarily attract friends, but will certainly provoke thieves,
robbers and cheats.
- Rich and the nouveaux riches, the life is not always as comfortable as imagined,
more often, not only did not bring happiness wealth, but they suffer from
"sudden wealth syndrome."
130, a group of entrepreneurs looking for profit opportunities.
- "Wenzhou real estate speculators group" was behind the
apparent transformation of Wenzhou, the capital preferences.
131, if the company's management team is the nerve system, then the CEO
is the corporate nerve center.
- When the business across the world as "the sun never sets
empire" when, CEO will have to live a life of excessive rest between
morning and night.
132, you take a cow does not mean you are rich, but if you dare to put a cow into a
belt system in the body, then you certainly are the most cattle.
- In the reform and opening up in Guangzhou, a Pierre, "Cardin belt sold
for 1,000 yuan, the equivalent of a cattle market when the price of meat with belt.
133, entrepreneurs must have passion, but also be a bit of gambler mentality.
- In advocating a successful business, whether or exploit any tiny opening and steady
hand did not entrepreneurs may give up the opportunity.
134, I am afraid that even if we Zaochu world people need clothes and shoes, are not
we high-tech products for Western countries.
- TCL CEO Li Dongsheng of China's enterprises, "the
phenomenon of digging pit": a large number of investment they got from
the meager profits.
135, the Chinese stock market is a slot machine, do not repair the machine, why
should I copy a slot machine?
- IPO sought after by the market stir, the view that the SME board is difficult to avoid,
"board syndrome."
136, to energy burning passion about life and retreat to constant self-denial all the
time stepped in to prevent the conservative, to love and good at enjoying life ====
philosophy to reject Puritan play it safe, ascetic .
- "New Weekly" s F40 (1960's stranger).
137, where they do dishes together, said Anhui words, listen to Opera, is nothing more
than a village in the Anhui Province came to Beijing it, Beijing is just the place they
earn hard cash, while the market flashing neon lights, the atmosphere of Beijing
School Culture related to them.
- Network called "Decade of firewood," one columnist pointed
out, we concern the living conditions of migrant workers, few, or even begun to
grapple concerned about such "cultural island" phenomenon,
but this phenomenon Almost all of the country's cities are present.
138, beauty of the eyes is Paradise, on the mind is hell, is hell on the pocket.
- A media quoted a French writer on the description of beauty to admonish men.
139,10 years ago, the men because of chores and other things and was praised for his
wife on an equal footing. But now, these values have become a joke. If you earn as
much as with the wife, then you are a loser.
- Tokyo Sofia University sociologist James "farrar sex in Shanghai, said
after the market reform and research. 140, our business is like walking in the night,
naked, no clothes, no one could see Who, suddenly dawn, daylight, everyone was
very embarrassed.
- The stage of global competition on the Chinese business, is much room for dancing
demands are high.
141, a group of people who can not afford to feed a large group of people.
- Students love has become a common phenomenon in today's society, thus
bringing the students, "Love Cost" has become a hot issue. A
university professor of the University such sum love high consumption.
142, the computer can actually save time, improve efficiency, for example, playing
cards when the game is simply no need to reshuffle

- A white collar on the computer.
143, the user's system problems with the first thought is that domestic
software problems. Replaced by foreign software, they are not thought of.
- Beijing Science and Technology Commission Information Department official said,
for most users, the domestic software is still "unstable" and
"not reliable" synonymous.

144, if the money into the hands of the Chinese universities, the first use of it may be
brought Gailou, purchase laboratory.
- University of Nottingham received a 10 million pounds in prize money. The school
decided to £ 50,000 annual salary, from around the world to introduce 200 talents.
After a Chinese university president heard very mixed feelings.

145, the stubborn boy, but was a magic era of popular dolls. He was on the stage,
directing his attention in the media is hidden behind the public will. - Xi'an
"BMW case of fake lottery" hero Liu Liang was invited to serve
as a vehicle of private enterprises in Taizhou ambassador. Changes in the media to
comment on its fate due to "meet the people in this age of a desire: fame
quickly, get that under normal thanks to a step by step practical efforts may never get
the thing."

146, a skilled engineers diverted turner and a shoeshine, to use from the perspective of
human resources, with a waste. But turner shoe is considered reasonable, social
simultaneous applause and encouragement; and engineers laid off shoe is considered a
waste of talent, appeal to the community for care.
- Following the North Wets meat, the media has reported that "engineers
diverted to shoe-shining," the news media were all engineers grievances. In
response, some people have expressed different views.
147, I am a willing Chuila Zhu is 5 million lottery prize, and then travel around the
world, what is left of the money a government has come to. , A "
- A 11-year-old Chinese children birthday, said.
148, and out of this building when we set up specifically for the
"floor", I would feel depressed, it seems to become our tags.
- Yangzhou University, one student said. The school to address the difficulties of poor
students will be admitted arranged 500 yuan / year quarters, the result will cause some
dissatisfaction with poor students.
149, who want their life is "legacy"?
- Sacred Mountains of San people believe that to retain the natural heritage, but also
take into account people's needs. If you allow these people to move to a
better home to go, how to retain not be overstated. If even the people living here with
reservations, that still have to carefully consider. Do you enjoy the feel produced by
this distance, "the U.S." In the future, but also future
generations to enjoy your down? So that generation after generation of future
generations to enjoy some of life of future generations tenements?

150, if the Office of the visa, because she I do not go out, I'm an idiot. If in
2067 she was still waiting for me after that she is sick. Our generation is so real.
- Are going overseas, young people face, and girlfriend, said separately. According to
the survey, this one abroad, one couple left behind most of the final choice of the

151, "Garden," "Garden", live green rate
must reach 50%; "city", the land area must be over 20 thousand
square meters, construction area of 100,000 square meters or more;
"Villa", on should be backing, the land area of 10,000 square
meters or more; "square", the land area of 8,000 square meters
to more than 2,000 square meters and the concentration of open space.
- Shanghai ==== spokesman Jiao Yang said, district, building name can not be
arbitrarily random starting to perform according to the above requirements.

152, a child my mother always taught me: When a sitting office are the most happy,
sunny drying vain, vain rain shower. Now, I realize that a comfortable working
environment is a terrible price in return - we must always guard against heart withered
- Beijing Normal University Institute of Mental Measurement and Evaluation, said Xu
Yan. A recent survey: the work of intellectuals in Zhongguancun, the average life
expectancy is only 53 years, average life expectancy of less than people in Beijing for
nearly 20 years old, this is "too much job stress" results.
153, when the streets on the number of mental clinics more than the number of night
clubs, therapists of income than high income escort lady, the mental health of Chinese
people can be truly effective maintenance.
- Deputy Director, Centre for Clinical Psychology, Peking University thicket that the
number of Chinese counselors scarce, only the rich can enjoy psychological

154, many buildings look like a truck poured out from the sand, to stimulate
people's vision.
- Canadian psychologist 茨维科维奇 so called modern architecture of Beijing Asian
Games Village area of perception.

155, derived search is called doping, could not be identified is called high-tech.
- In the "faster higher stronger" slogan, the players break
through again and again with technological progress of human limits.
"New Weekly" with the title of this report to the phenomena.

156, the opportunity like a thief, comes silent, but you take the time losses.
- A father's advice to his son at home idle.

157, if you want to cough, and other direct to your gestures.
- A concert hall that the audience notices.

158, relations are mud jobs, will be broken; diploma is the iron rice bowl, it will rust;
ability is golden rice bowl, it will appreciate.
- A university graduation ceremony, an old teacher from teaching for many years to
give students such a word.

159, Hangzhou, more and more expensive, and therefore the more remote paradise,
this continues, the Paradise will be a few rich people's playground, and the
real people of Hangzhou will be discarded.
- An article entitled, "Hangzhou, playground of the rich? "The
article points out that per capita income ranked 10th in Hangzhou, China, along the
West Lake side of house prices has reached 1-2 million / sq m, while the outer region,
the average price has reached 5,500 yuan / square meter, up over 1998 3,000 yuan.

160, a 5 million population of the city, can accommodate six people have to repair a
large square.
- Ministry of Urban Construction, said Deputy Director Wang Tianxi. According to
statistics, 662 cities, more than 20,000 towns, about one fifth of the towns there is
"image projects."

161, as long as prey, the hunter seems to be no reason to rest.
- "I'm like a hunter, constantly helping the different
multinational companies in the Chinese market hunting, of course, first of all these
companies is my prey." In a professional manager admitted.

162, so ignore the value of historical and cultural city, only to use their local paper, no
different from taking pictures and handed down for pulp, the Shang and Zhou bronzes
as scrap!
- In recent years, foreign unconventional architectural design popular in Beijing,
China Architectural Culture on behalf of Beijing's landmark buildings gone,
the domestic construction industry has been fierce criticism.

163, the modern man standing in the wrong lying renal deficiency. -
Taiwan's male culture magazine writer Wynne blue reflections, the man
named today so no man smell.

164, as long as you provide the curse in the name and contact information online, I
can be the other former "Yun Cai." 15. (
- A "network on behalf of the accused," said.
"Network on behalf of the accused" is the emergence of new
Internet cafes in Tianjin, "occupation" - as long as it was the
payment of remuneration, "the network on behalf of the
accused" will be online 24 hours a day to curse each other.

165, they live two-star hotels, eat cheap Chinese food, busy shopping day. Although
the company so far, mainly for Japanese tourists to take drastic action, but many
luxury goods and brands in Paris shops are beginning to employ Mandarin-speaking
- A brand the company's president, describes the long holiday of Chinese
travel to Paris.

166, when you bow to each day's work, you just are writing history, the
key is you have determined to change history every day, not to repeat.
- Is said to be how to maintain the enthusiasm of the know-how.

167, if the year in regards to the time spent together kissing, enough to hold several
other meetings.
- A survey describes the ritual kissing of the time consumed. Moscow local ====
recently introduced a requirement in order to save time, against senior male officials
exchanged greetings by way of kissing, but suggest that they switch to a handshake.

168, men no longer help his wife washing dishes, but this one began to live their
package down. p '([
- Marks the end of the honeymoon.

169, room who are in the self-study, self-study outside of your heart, read along with
services to provide self-study. To help you threw himself into learning, learning
objectives successfully achieved, exceeding the study plan, the other side of the
smooth success. (Note: "read with their parents is limited to self-study
room, and other locations Shubufengpei. Fee: 5 yuan per hour)? | 5B
- A university in Shenyang advertisement posted a column to read with advertising.

170, mathematics and physics have to "guess." However, less
physical logic elements, and more elegant mathematical logic, if you
"guess" the ability to strong, you can learn the physical and
logical thinking, good people, can learn math. :
- Nobel Prize winner Chen Ning Yang said a famous scientist.

171, taking into account the classification of the word in some sensitive country, we
replaced the green game argument. d
- China Youth Network Association is to promote the first set of game ratings system -
"China Green game testing and recommendation system", the
association named director Shao Dehai explain the origins.

172, this level of star show entirely of chipping away at their doorstep. ) A) `!
- Miss Zhang told reporters fans complained that the Shanghai International Film
Festival is indeed year after year, and see only a few used to come to
Shanghai's "old faces", to some extent, not
commercial activities, such as Pepsi, please Gao Ge to the star of weight.

173, the spirit of charity is a noble act. 55tm5
- Chinese companies are not the public's trust in philanthropy, the rich are
not strong social consciousness, while the media and research institutions will have to
continue to play the role of China Charity enlightenment.

174, for how much, how much work is to make you making any progress; of how
much, how much money makes you progress. & Zf? '
- House staff rushed to veterans Chan specializes in Psychoanalysis.

175, lost the keys in the dark to the bright lights are brought back to the next. u + * S
- Number of consulting firms to existing products and models for business consulting
pulse, often poles apart.

176, "City Beautiful Movement" of the ghost, and now across
the oceans way to China. 16th century Italian square, 17th century French landscape
Avenue, 20th century American skyscrapers, large and small cities in China. rf
- Institute of Landscape Architecture, Peking University President Yu Kongjian called
on China to stop the impression that the "City Beautiful
Movement" and replace them with economic, aesthetic, health, urban
planning concepts.
177, though, she (the Venice Film Festival) occasionally "leftist"
some, occasionally wildly to point business will taste just for fun, but it has
consistently adhered to the "Film writer Film Festival" principle,
is still admirable. (<
- Shanghai "Morning Post" reporter Yuan Yuan commented:
When the Cannes Palme d'Or has been awarded to two Americans, Berlin
continues to "solemnly" to replace art with a political speech, it
seems that only Venice was still single-minded Advocating arts.

178, "Book of Changes" affected the thinking of Chinese
culture ... ... the impact of modern science in China is not an important factor for
germination. , Sb
- Cultural Forum in 2004, the famous Chinese American physicist, said Mr. Yang

179, men can separate love and desire, while women are inseparable, most of which
we are speaking, most of the ah. 4b
- "Chinese-style divorce," said Wang Hai men and women of
different passions.

180, I recently saw some of the city's planning Ye Hao, scheme or, I am
very frustrated! "EuG
- Secretary-General of Boao Forum for Asia, Long criticized many of the
city's planning stereotyped.

181, ancestors may have been too broad, and now thought it wide, and began
pondering his own ideas, coupled with modern folk opera, opera's pop
court played a catalytic role, the cultural ambitions of the people tried to rehabilitation,
"the Big House." 5 # & / ^
- Culture Editor Zhang Yu Pro argument.
182, writing just to happy life but eat and drink. - Chua Lam said a return to basics.

183, when they look up at their 1 billion yuan sales target, they found their chosen
only north-south slope of Mount Everest only. LL
- Internet retailer Dangdang with excellent starting from the starting line, the final
outcome, their underlying IT systems will play a crucial role.

184, there is news, business death; with business, news dead. L_f
- Since the media to enterprise management system, this paradox would never stop the
cycle over.

185, I think, Kao Hongshu children are held for parents to show that we want to
maintain the "Compulsory Education Law" dignity, if two kids
like this, like, I do not know where the parents, then we do not have to find who is
going to perform " Compulsory Education Law "obligations,
and allow them to continue in the streets "==== Magazine" will
strike. , E3> 8O
- Mr. Liu Hongbo continued: "In here, there is no 'national
enforcement custody and maintenance of' the rules, how parents teach
children, only 'approach the problem of education', and the law
does not dry system, which is how'==== '. As a child, but also
==== enough, you can ==== to go to school, you can accept the love the love ====
that education can not ==== to school, and even can === = ==== way to sell
Kaohong Shu and street performers. Is it only because 'the economically
less developed' it? "

186, slogans healing method. Th @
- Recognize the present situation, is the first step to solve the problem, a problem to
find words on the absolute right to deal with the slogan, not only for individuals
incapable of doing anything, feeling tired, the whole community will mark time, or
even bad. Infant sex ratio is the case. Lian Yue says.

187, some people do not even know their neighbors, but in the end the world is
concerned there are no aliens to death. a
- User quotations.

188, you do not know me, I do not know you, but I have to live in your bed for a few
months, I'm Good riddance injustice ah, you take my body JJ side now! *
- SMS terror already popular "family message."

189, read by children in the West, "Homer" What our children
read? HwJ $
- Representatives of contemporary Confucian thought Mr. Jiang Qing edit a set of
"basic education recite classical Chinese culture, this" led to
Yale University, Mr. Xue Yong weekly on a well-known in the South highly critical of
the author, he went straight to Mr. Jiang's efforts, said "Towards
a culture of ignorance, conservatism."

190, most unhappy people do not know where life goals. GC
- Sina held recently, "You happy?" Large-scale human
investigations, participating in the investigation of Internet users, "do not
know their goals in life where" the most unhappy reasons.

191, if the Li Ao at the "reading time "......?
- A reader in the television program in crisis, suggested reading.

192, Alas Divine! Centuries before the examination system has now been abolished,
then reincarnated spirit of a century after the examination, return the mummy. Q + u =
- Mr. Xu Jilin heard the top students at Monument events (Andingmen street and
Humanistic Olympic Studies Centre National People's Congress, to the
provinces since 1978, the Champion name burned into the tablet) after the lament.

193, if the mutual assistance between males and females at the same table, if the love
and grew up with books, if the customs and habits of each practice, this generation is
how good ah. vad
- Writer HUANG Yong-evaluation, "Beijing 171, a teacher class relations
will be good boys and girls before and after adjustment for the same table or desk, to
let them learn how to deal with the relationship between learning and emotions, learn
how responsible for their own feelings . "

194, "after 80" is the darling of business, but also art a beggar. \)
T # - 80 in full swing after the wave, known as the "80" after
the first writer who so foolishly concluded Lee.

195, as a kind of folk performances just as the presence of its vitality to the end will
be, let alone some "show", "show" is not
authentic, but also with a "deceptive" commercial
considerations . LQ7hc
- CCTV's few days ago we brought back from the lake to an unfortunate
message: This is a place known as paradise on earth is facing a disaster, hundreds of
tons of garbage accumulated in the valley, stink to high heaven; Some hotels take the
name of the guise of marriage openly selling "men and women with the
bath", but also undermined the fresh folk customs.

196, right is right consciousness-based, not animal rights awareness, therefore, no
rights to speak of animals. The so-called "animal rights", but it
is a metaphorical statement. Unfortunately, some people put that argument as an
analogy of a real presence, passion to fight for the rights of animals. elr @; s
- In the current discussion about animal welfare, cruelty to animals that people never
talk about, and it would jump to the "animal welfare." The jump
is too big a number. With animal welfare not animal abuse are two totally different

197, for children, the imagination is his world; while for adults, the imagination is
their concern. )
- Writer Murphy in the essay, "Snoopy, Little Prince and adult children of
Marxism" read the statement.

198, in fact, the evolution from ape to man, now or in progress, so we can always
appreciate the non-animal non-human apes to live drama. 6dj `
- For those who would rather be scolded in society have won the famous eye
phenomenon, Zhong Wei so wonderful comment.

199, the body's every organ is certainly useful, can casually cut off it?
& 17fV
- Removal of tonsils were turned Xi'an Students cut off a "small
tongue", she claims the hospital had 60,000 yuan requirements.