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Mouse cleaning and maintenance and repair
Essential in today's computer mouse input device. When you find the
mouse pointer on the screen not working when moving the mouse should be a dust.
Cleaning and maintenance of the mouse in accordance with the following steps.
1, basic dust
The bottom of the mouse, and long-term contact with the table, the most vulnerable to
pollution. In particular, mechanical and optical mechanical mouse scroll ball easily to
dust, hair, thin-dimensional fiber into the mouse. To ray-type mice following an
example method of demolition and removal.
Rolling ball in the bottom of the mouse outer ring has a round plastic cover, soft
reduction plastic cap counterclockwise rotation in place, you can remove the plastic
cover, remove the scroll ball. Remove the mouse with your fingers inside the two
shaft and a runner on the dirt, remove dirt should avoid falling into the mouse itself,
can be neutral detergents to clean the scroll ball.
Tianjin University IT Training Assessment Centre is affiliated to Tianjin University,
Computer Training Institute, or the international certification test center is located in
the beautiful campus of Tianjin University. Training Centre was established in July
2002, 7 years training center has been adhering to customer service, business
philosophy to contribute to society, focusing on IT skills in the field and combat-type
training model for the community and trained a group of young IT elite, have more
than 15,000 students have successfully graduated, leaving up to 728 courses of classic
records, which IT during the 100 senior lecturer in the field of combat-based
clustering of big IT training, IT training market in Tianjin has enjoyed a very high
Center Web site:
Address: Tianjin University, five-story building north gate packing
Bus routes: 50,45,662,859,842,879,851,633
Big quarters Station
Hotline: 27400955

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