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Coach_ Didi


									Coach, Didi
From 12:00 to 22:00, from Philadelphia to Columbus, has been someone to take care
to separate from the long journey at the end, there is a terminal.
Up in the morning, uncle, aunt started to keep me plug things, large and small, several
bags, asked me to eat more eat more eat more, they hold with another hold, finally
From Philadelphia to Columbus almost a straight line, for a highway only, 449Miles,
average 70Miles speed, 8 hours, refueling three times, tunnel 2, rest 2, over a bridge.
Pennsylvania, not many people along the highway landscape appears most frequently
is the broad pastures, cattle in twos and threes leisurely stroll on the grass. Sometimes
through densely a forest, even though the sun is very hot, spring is still yet to come,
all bare The branches also whispered a thick layer of leaves, the trees looked like
birch, but not.
Highway was broken, both highway called high way, also known as free way, not just
cars free, is the migration of small animals will pass through, and occasionally the
edge of the road will see deer, rabbits are rodents bodies are being killed by the car at
high speed, no one to pack them, as exposed on the roadside, and waited quietly by
the sun to dry, and return to the soil. The blood stained the ground, seen sad, but can
not do anything, sometimes there is a small roadside land package, simply plugged in
a cross, is buried inside the lives of these unfortunate.
Sometimes people are not self-contradictory? We can not be denied the right to live
animals, but we can not expect them to advance civilization, will take the zebra
crossing, traffic lights will be read, to go underground passage to cross the road.
After a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's borders from the border all the way to
Ohio, about an hour's drive highway there is no exit, no city. Sparsely
populated, the United States a total of only 200 million people, fewer people to more
sparse simple house venues tend a hill in a row, is not sophisticated, but simple. One
after another, is a small house, eating place to sleep and are not intended to show off,
and luxury. No factory does have a very large warehouse, prolog, for leasing of words
is also very clear.
Bright sunshine was dazzling, body was cold, shivering, anxiety and low interference
from time to time, grinding his teeth to joke pretending nothing happened. The distant
mountains are not melting snow, cold feeling, and as posted on the neck of the ring.
When he first entered the car to Ohio would be no oil, and gas station is dilapidated
and broken, I saw this break a little frustrating filling stations, or even regret choosing
such a place where there lies a man several years time. Oh, I have never said that
every state a good low-key, into the state where there is no big banner read XX
welcome you, and only a small piece of Tiepai, the car will slow down a little, to
capture the one and only photographed OHIO four letters.
Obviously very small in some places, but also to their name, Washington, California,
Cambridge, also forgot to read the smile.
Highway exit what is it? Sitting in the car suddenly stopped in the car that I want a
man stayed. Seems to have more freedom, but more a loneliness. Pile up a little bit
lonely, you can swallow a little Rays, as we have been chasing the sun away, the sun
was down, and hidden in the clouds went inside, when it will come out then?
I sat in the highway exit, waiting for the infinite loneliness after dark, and even think
you are kind of cruel demonstrate their.
Different prices is not the same gas station, north, south, business school dormitory,
written in "hunan house" is not a restaurant selling authentic
Hunan and even Chinese food is not really, days inn and best western are all good The
hotel, one by one the names of cities can be a city of a street name, lobster is not
luxury goods in the United States, Columbus has a lot of police on the streets, the
snack is a Philadelphia cheese steak, is multiplied by 9 degrees Fahrenheit except turn
to 5 plus 32, a Mile is 1.6 km, plywood delay time in the sun wearing casual,
toothache is left because of wisdom teeth, the famous pork chop skin originally school
friends, inn, free wireless speeds faster than a family can set a password protected
network speed, pizza hut not selling grilled chicken wings and Italian surface
expression of surprise can be a very good disguise, coffee pots can be used to boil
water, IP cards can not get through ventilation your phone, do not appear on the
streets you can emerge your shadow on the school's status can be difficult
to see you too, do not you can be bored in the QQ, 3 points can be tearful night.
Cold night, more clothes, a lot of things to do during the day to be strong, do not eat
delicious food on the point of pressure when a run, did not understand the slow down,
sound can be too careful, but the stress, the novice can thick-skinned point, do not like
to see something deliberately turned away, like when you buried her face in the quilt,
sad illusion you will touch my hair, self-satisfied look in the mirror when the last with
his smile:
Long end of the tunnel, is Northern Spring.
PS I have not much to offer you, nor what you deserved.
A metaphor of the article, you know I am in such a small mind.

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