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Select the school is my life one of the most important thing.
Currently ranked in the agenda of the three main schools: BROCK (Canada Brock
University), DEAKEN (Melbourne, Deakin University), UTS (Sydney, Sydney,
Science and Technology). Of course, RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of
Technology), for basically no problem, but not fat acceptance letter hand.
Parents very much hope that before I went to Sydney, Macquarie University, is well
known that the accounting profession in Australia and the world famous university.
According to my university for three years average, 79.6. Originally the application is
no problem. But in 2010, five-star or even four-star elite, more and more acceptance
conditions. 211 works of non-university average required to enter Australia for more
than 85 prestigious schools. The school has its own internal algorithm, unfortunately,
Macquarie not me.
But also secretly relieved. Master's degree in accounting Mai Kairui time
the pressure is really hard to imagine. Two and a half of the school system to require
graduate students read the master's IMAcc (Master of Accounting) course,
must also complete the CPA Program (CPA) to graduate. The current situation is not
optimistic about Australia's immigration, repatriation, then the Australian
Note diploma can not be universal. Inevitably some waste. But actually most
concerned about or can not complete their education. Oh, I'm not a
hard-working, ambitious woman Well.
This consideration, if later you want to return to Canada or Australia is possible. This
brings me into a dilemma.
 PK, Australia, Canada
Immigration policy papers
Canada is the Canadian work visas for international graduates uniform adjustment for
3 years, while the visa is not limited to professional open work visa. Students work
for a year, you can submit immigration application. Experts pointed out that the study:
"From now on the circumstances, generally graduates are up to 3 years
through work visas to meet the 'experience category immigrants'
demands, to successfully immigrants."
Australia learned the past two years, the Australian government continued to raise the
applicant to the IELTS requirements, shortage of the traditional occupations of a
significant adjustment. The ideal graduate is now Australia's migration has
been difficult to achieve. However, graduates can get in Australia for 18 months work
visa, work experience through the accumulation of additional points for immigration,
so as to achieve immigration purposes.
PK results: comparable to the other conditions under the premise of a longer cycle of
the Canadian work visa. Canada wins!
Visa Posts
Canada 2008, Canada will suffer the controversial 18-month period for adjustment of
margin deposit to 12 months. Expert study, said: "In practice, students have
seven or eight months deposit of funds, in the material are available as to illustrate the
basic visa. And now under the sign of Canada's fast, so you can get a half
months a visa. "
Australia's capital, Australia's margin only require students to
keep at least 6 months, if you do not meet the requirements can apply for a loan.
Under normal circumstances the Australian visa application cycle to 3 months or so, if
only electronic visa about 1 month.
PK results: Australia's application process more convenient, and visa low
threshold. Australia wins!
Whether or DEAKEN BROCK are already in Canada to the accounting profession in
Australia is famous university. Ranking is not necessarily good, but the gold content
of the accounting profession is still very high. DEAKEN University of the accounting
profession in Australia ranked second only to Maikai Rui, this very attractive indeed.
RMIT and UTS the two universities are close to within four of the university.
Therefore, comprehensive ranking was good, choose a school, choose a Well-known
Brock University, Canada
Brock University is to undergraduate education, university-based (based university),
characterized by emphasis on individual categories of research, discussion and
small-scale experimental methods of teaching, and research and its focus on the group
known for small class teaching. Located in the Brock University Taro Hall building
on Brook University's business school is because in accounting, marketing
and management expertise to be a good American International High Business School
Association of AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business)
Niagara Falls is Canada's most famous attractions. Falls in the picturesque
next to a vibrant University - Brock University (Brock University) at Brock
University in Ontario, Canada Niagara region St.Catharines, about an
hour's drive from Toronto, from the world famous Niagara Attractions Falls
is only 15 minutes by car. In downtown Toronto, starting on the Gardiner Express
Way to go 30 minutes, followed 30 minutes away on Highway 403, turn left again on
the QEW highway to drive 30 minutes to Brock University. Brock University is
located in St.Catharines is a country with green fields, blue lakes, magnificent city.
Niagara region is a rich wine region of Canada, as the heart of the region's
wines are also very famous here, which rise out of Brock University in grape growing
and wine making and other unique professional soil.
?Brook University, the most unique and well-known specialty is the accounting
profession (Accounting), she was awarded the accounting profession in Canada to
Master (Master of Accountancy) is one of only four universities, and Certified Public
Accountant in Canada also has a high recognition degree. Brock University
accounting graduates in Canada, the United States, and even very popular in Hong
Kong. Official site from professional salary statements, accounting
jobs pay is much higher than other professional posts and Canada, the average salary.
Deakin University
Deakin University was established in 1974, is one of Australia's top
universities. Deakin University is the only one of two Australian universities received
the honor of the school year. Deakin University in 1995, was "Good
University Guide" as the annual "Technology in Education
Award" in 1999 was named "Outstanding Training and
Education Award." Deakin University, Australia Society of Accountants
(CPA Australia, is Australia's largest and the world one of the largest
professional accountancy body with 104,000 members. Australian Society of
Accountants, the goal is to develop the accounting, financial and business leader. Its
members qualifications in Australia and around the world with a wide range of
recognition and influence) culture CPA Australia and the follow-up education of
designated school, the school teaching profession in Australia home front, and twice
received the Australian government issued the "Year University
"award. Meanwhile, Deakin University or Institute of Chartered
Accountants in Australia CPA exam invigilation institutions, and managing the
Australian CPA examination papers and examiners. Commerce famous accounting
profession, CPA Professor of the title in the school system,
20,102,010 ranked University of the accounting profession in Australia
Rank School Name Region
1 University of Sydney / The University of Sydney, New South Wales
2 University of Melbourne / The University of Melbourne, Victoria
3 Australia, Macquarie University / Macquarie University New South Wales
4 Australia's Deakin University / Deakin University, Victoria
5 Australia's Monash University / Monash University Australian Capital
6 University of New South Wales, Australia / The University of New South Wales
New South Wales
7 University of Adelaide, Australia / University of Adelaide, South Australia

20,102,010 Australian university rankings
Rank School Name Region
1 University of Sydney / The University of Sydney, New South Wales
2 University of New South Wales, Australia / The University of New South Wales
New South Wales
3 University of Melbourne / The University of Melbourne, Victoria
4 University of Adelaide, Australia / University of Adelaide, South Australia
5 Australia's Monash University / Monash University, Victoria
6 University of Queensland / University of Queensland Queensland
7 University of Western Australia / The University of Western Australia Western
8 Australian National University / The Australian National University Australian
9 Australia's Macquarie University / Macquarie University New South
10 University of Newcastle / University of Newcastle, New South Wales
11 University of Wollongong, Australia / University of Wollongong, New South
12 Sydney University of Technology / University of Technology Sydney, New South
13, Curtin University of Technology / Curtin University of Technology Western
14 RMIT University / RMIT University of New South Wales
15 Queensland University of Technology / Queensland University of Technology
16 University of South Australia / University of South Australia South Australia
17 University of Western Sydney / The University of Western Sydney, New South
18 Australia Bond University / Bond University Queensland
19 Deakin University / Deakin University, Victoria
20 Griffith University / Griffith University Queensland