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									Chinese medicine is to the world - Refuting the "Chinese medicine is the

You friends, if you frequently visit each site forum, you will find that often people in
the discussion of the "Chinese medicine is not science."

To be honest, I am "Chinese medicine", know nothing about it!
But I think that, in the face "'Medicine' is a
science," a very serious topic, not some people seemingly emphatic in a
few articles or a few of the so-called "thesis" will be able to
draw a conclusion of!

"Chinese medicine" as the Chinese nation's fine
cultural heritage, can be thousands of years of evolution and inheritance now, I think
naturally has its own rationality.

I said, I "Chinese medicine", know nothing about it! Therefore,
I want to "Chinese medicine is to the world," some of the
relevant    information,   from    another   perspective,   to    discuss     the
"'Chinese medicine' is a scientific" of the
topic. Welcomed the commitment to inherit and carry forward traditional Chinese
culture views users.

■ Traditional Chinese Medicine is the world

★ Germany: 85% believed that herbal medicine effective and lower toxicity

★ United Kingdom: Government funding in the university set up the Chinese
medicine profession

★ United States: acupuncture therapy to the National Health Insurance System

★ Japan: Kampo formulations have been more than 20,000 kinds of species

There are four major traditional medicine in the world system: China, Egypt, Rome,
India. With the changes of history, after the demise of the three systems of traditional
medicine have been, only in our medical care system has withstood the test of time,
not only for its simple, convenient, inexpensive test for the propagation characteristics
of the Chinese nation to provide endless health protection, and is a big step into the
world. Some people even say that in scientific fields, China has run the most powerful,
is the most staying power of Chinese medicine.

The future development of the new millennium, an obvious fact is: environmental
pollution, ecological balance disorders, iatrogenic, drug-induced disease proliferation,
aging society coming, disease changes, changes in medical model, health care costs
soaring . How should human beings find a way out? In recent years, a
"respect for nature", "return to nature"
and to the raging tide, including Europe and the United States, including developed
countries, governments and people invariably want to invest in the Chinese medicine
in China. As countries establish the rule of law, traditional Chinese medicine into
mainstream health care system has become an irreversible trend.

In Western Europe, acupuncture has been legal status, and included in the medical
insurance system, many hospitals provide acupuncture, and many clinics have also
rows of acupuncture. Currently, Western Europe at least 50,000 acupuncturists, France,
some universities also offer acupuncture course in 1997 also set up a transnational
Chinese universities in Europe, based in France, set up branches in Western European
countries, school system for 5 years. "The French Journal of
Acupuncture", "meridians" and other relevant
academic journals have published.

Acupuncture has become the climate, the increasing number of medical applications
also. In recent years, sales of herbal remedies in Europe the market an average annual
growth rate of 10%. The number of Chinese herbal medicines imported from
mainland China is presented several times, several times the growth, many countries
have successively announced the Government's policies and regulations
related to herbal medicines.

● Germany

Germany is the European country with the largest use of medicinal plants, accounting
for 70% of the European market for herbal medicines. Application of herbal medicine
has a legal status, and included in the German health insurance system. According to
the survey, 85% of the German people believe that herbal medicine effective, low
toxicity. Herbal products can be sold in any drugstore. The German government
attaches great importance to development of traditional medicine, a year from 10
million marks to finance the development of natural medicine and set up the China
Academy of Traditional Medicine, successfully held over 10 international academic

At present, the Western European countries, the first government-approved medical
costs paid by the insurance company's Chinese medicine hospital, also
located in Germany, this entrepreneur from Germany and Beijing Hospital of
Traditional Chinese Medicine universities. Because a significant effect, make an
appointment after the patient has been queued year and a half in Western Europe had a
sensational effect.
Germany to develop the most successful is the herbal extract of Ginkgo biloba, a year
from China to import large quantities of Ginkgo biloba, scientifically processed
exports, foreign exchange amounted to 350 million U.S. dollars each year. A few
years ago, Germany introduced the success of ginseng, ginseng preparations sold only
in 1994 that profit more than 8000 million marks. German production of herbal
medicine has been for centuries, but many small and medium-broad surge in the
current merger wave, through mergers, enhanced natural medicine to enter the
international market competitiveness.

● United Kingdom

Both large and small throughout the UK and Chinese medicine clinics in pharmacies,
at least one of each of the main towns. As the increasing demand of people, some
well-known British medical research institutions working on research of Chinese
medicine, the British National Hospital of Acupuncture Chinese medicine is also
pilot-based "compensation for out-patient therapy." In addition
to the existing set up with more than 10 private acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, the
British education sector in Samoa in London opened a 5-year University of the
Chinese medicine, the University of Westminster offers a 3-year Acupuncture by the
British government funding.

British     "The       Independent"         has     published     an
"foreigners queuing up to see the streets of London Chinese
medicine" in the media. Guangzhou Medical College graduates Luoding
Hui cured with Western medicine's inability to skin, and his clinic every
morning hundreds of people waiting, so please come forward to police to maintain
order. England sights Luoding Hui eczema treatment, set up a British botanical
Limited, registered in the United Kingdom in 1996 the first Chinese production
licenses, the first batch of orders is up to 300 million pounds. The company has
included 24 countries, including our patented, is currently developing 7 other Chinese
herbs. Founded in 1986, the Eastern and Western medicine in China Chinese medicine
college graduates employed for technology developed in recent years has produced
two series of 64 kinds of Chinese medicine, Western sold more than 10 countries.

● U.S.

70's, as the U.S. president after Nixon's visit to watch the
acupuncture anesthesia, acupuncture, then the rise in the United States. According to
information released by the American Medical Association, said the United States
since 1998, Chinese acupuncturists can use the new "common medical
procedure code," to declare medical services to insurance companies. This
indicates that acupuncture has been officially enter the U.S. health insurance system.

Currently there are about a thousand names U.S. acupuncturists, more than 20
acupuncture schools. More and more acupuncturists to Chinese medicine,
acupuncture and use of prescription and enhanced efficacy. According to the United
States, "Prevention" magazine survey, about 60 million
Americans take medicine, Western medicine, 60% of patients to accept private
treatment introduced. Americans are used in folk medicine on the annual cost of 37
billion U.S. dollars, for food supplements (including Chinese) consumption of 80

As the public's growing demand for Chinese medicine. U.S. National
Institutes of Health (NIH) 1997, first set up a "Chinese Research
Chair", the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also held a
"National Chinese Herbal Medicine Symposium." It is reported,
FDA has to be finished a "Guide to Natural Medicines and
regulations", after it was promulgated, will enable Chinese herbal medicine
from the tributaries of the "nutrition" to the mainstream

At the same time, the U.S. government attaches great importance to study Chinese
medicine, each year more than 600 million dollars by the government-funded study of
alternative medicine, acupuncture and herbal medicine research plays an important
role, participated in the study of technology is strong in many medical schools schools
involved in the research project more than 30 diseases ranked as the top three being
cancer, pain, and AIDS.

In recent years, the United States to accelerate the research process for Chinese herbal
medicine, Stanford University, the United States set up the famous
"American Chinese Medicine Research Center," focused on a
group of elite medicine, specializing in Chinese herbal medicine research and
development; University of California opened up a Chinese Garden , planted more
than 190 commonly used Chinese medicine; the East-West Institute for Medical
Research institutions such as widening the Yanjiu range; some pharmaceutical
company in China mainland China Goumai Gezhong channels to single drugs of Tiqu
Wu crude materials to Jinxingjingzhi separation, purification, You Xiao component
structure determination, pharmacological screening, a lot of good results has been
made. Such materials from the beans and extract of Chinese Sophora japonica lectin,
with the activation of lymphocytes of tumor patients, the tumor cell injection, with
good inhibitory effect; made from bean glycoproteins with ConA, the promotion of
tumor reversal ; Mushroom and Fuling polysaccharides, have a good anti-tumor effect,
and so on.

● Japan

As early as the seventh century Chinese medicine was introduced to Japan, the
Japanese Kampo medicine that originated in ancient Chinese medicine. At present,
Japan is engaged in medical research of up to 5 million people, 18 major research
institutions including the Asian Research Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine,
Kitasato University, Tokyo Research Center of Oriental Medicine, Japan Research
Center of Chinese Medicine, Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University, are
quite powerful research institutions.

Japanese people have taken the traditional Chinese medicine, the existing Chinese
side about 200 pharmaceutical companies about Kampo formulations have more than
20,000 kinds of species, currently contained in a Medicare prescription drug prices in
the directory has reached 233 kinds. Japan on the Chinese side attached great
importance to study agents that decoction, powder, tablets, capsules, pills, pills,
granules, oral liquid, etc., the granules are to address the pill, tablet disintegration and
difficult to take large problems development of new dosage forms, accounts for
Kampo formulations yield 60%. Most of the Chinese side has a clear element of
preparation standards, pharmacological research and clinical efficacy data, in the
production process of concentration, drying, sterilization, pharmacokinetics,
pharmacodynamics and other research, new technologies are integrated into a modern
and developed new accessories, new additives, from quality to look better than our
proprietary Chinese medicines.

Japan has developed on the basis of our Liushen rescue Pill, annual exports amounted
to 100 million U.S. dollars; their Chai Ling Tang has been produced by the U.S. FDA
clinical implementation of the permit, with exports amounting to 120 million U.S.
dollars; According to statistics, about a year in Japan 100 million people using the
medicine of small purple Hu Tang, for their study confirmed hepatitis Xiao Chai Hu
Tang, protect the liver cells have markedly.

To meet the increasing demand of Chinese medicine, Japanese Ministry of Health is
implementing the Government's introduction of Chinese investment in
construction of special base ingredients of a Chinese herbal products for a five-year
development plan. Chinese herbal plants have been built plantations, more than 500
cultivars. Currently, medicinal growers and producers are expanding production scale
plant species and is now Japan has 1,500 species of medicinal plants store the seeds
for the introduction of set training. Business research and development of Chinese
medicine is also very great importance for research and development expenses to total
sales of 12.5%, their research focused mainly on heart disease, cancer and the
treatment of geriatric drugs. As the Chinese pharmaceutical Japan's leading
position in certain areas, so they claim: For Japan to become the world center of
traditional medicine.

Mu Qian, natural medicines of the world's annual trade volume reached 15
billion U.S. dollars, medicinal plants and their products, health products, cosmetics,
perfume and so on turnover of 30 billion U.S. dollars Yegao Da Yi Shang. This is an
attractive and growing market. Return to natural shocks, the impact of modern
technology, so we are also facing the opportunities and challenges, as the
world's greatest successor of traditional medicine Chinese medicine, we
must fully prepared in all respects.

■ among mainstream medicine - the legislative representatives described the
importance of Chinese medicine

In the first global conference on Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine has become the
hottest topic in the legislative from the world of Chinese medicine practitioners on the
subject to start a lively discussion and exchange. Abroad, the sound development of
Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine are closely related to legal protection.
Mozambican Health Minister said: "The overseas development of Chinese
medicine, only to achieve the correct, reasonable legislative management, to expand
the global development space." Lao Deputy Minister of Health
Dr.BounkouangPhichit said: "Acupuncture and Eastern medicine in the
Southeast Asian countries, the same kind of homologous, the same strain, and
promote integration of profound significance. there is no legal protection, treatment is
always replacement therapy, never drifted outside the mainstream of medicine.

★ legislation to protect the survival of Chinese medicine and development of the

There are legal safeguards in place for Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine is to seek
"development", in the absence of legal protection of local,
Chinese demand is the "survival", this objective was the living
conditions of Chinese medicine Chinese medicine profession at home and abroad
consensus .

Vietnam's Ministry of Health Secretary Dr. Fan Xinggong traditional
medicine, said: "Does legislation directly related to the survival of Chinese
medicine in the local key." Thailand, Thai Health Minister Plenipotentiary
Medical Director of the Office Mr.Vichai Juan Chokevivat said:
"Traditional Chinese Medicine a bright future in ASEAN countries, but the
healthy development, we must enact legislation to regulate science and education
from the start. "WHO officials Dr.SassanBehjeat Middle East
said:" The effect of Chinese medicine on human health have contributed to
the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine of not far off. "

British Columbia, Canada is the first Chinese in North America where legislation.
Traditional Authority, the province is first of its kind in Western countries, senior
Chinese medicine approved for registration by examination and dubbed
"Doctor" title. Society of Canadian practitioners of Chinese
medicine, said Zhou Wende, British Columbia, Canada in 1990, the Cabinet will be
whether legislation should be included acupuncture agenda. Established in 1996,
Association of Canadian practitioners of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine
together provincial elite, to the Chinese government submitted legislation to apply.
For Chinese legislation including Chinese medicine, prescription, acupuncture,
massage and Chinese medicine bone-setting, diet, qigong. As the Provincial Health
Professional Council that the Chinese medicine and Western medicine orthopedic
orthopedic inconsistent results except Journal of Orthopaedics, all contents of the
application are accepted by the Government. At present, the Canadian Association of
TCM practitioners in Chinese medicine is still recognized by the Government into the
bone-Kona to work. December 2002, British Columbia, the first member of the Board
of Acupuncture has been produced with the industry after the elections. June 13, 2003,
Provincial Health Minister Hon.SindiHawkins issued the first batch of registered
Chinese medicine practitioner license.

Quebec, Canada Chairman of the Board of Acupuncture Mr.RaymondBourret, Ac.MA
said: "Canada is a pluralistic nation, the development of Chinese medicine
and regulation of Chinese medicine is the trend." Provinces of Canada and
Asia Nguyen Zest Medical Association, said: " Chinese in Canada have
formed a certain climate, because our relentless fight for legal status for the Chinese
medicine is that we can unite a group of foreign friends who love Chinese side to
jointly promote the development of this cause. "

★ legislation should not be in isolation from acupuncture and Chinese medicine

In this conference, on separate legislation on the issue of acupuncture, Japanese
acupuncture Chinese side of the Qing Iida, president of seven states that
"legislation should avoid acupuncture and Chinese medicine
from." Indonesian Ministry of Public Health is also the Secretary
Dr.FaizatiKarimMPH that: "over restrictive medical management and the
Legislative Council to prevent the development of legislation and regulations as
unreasonable Yizhi development of Chinese medicine and patient treatment 潜力.
acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine Tiji constitute an inseparable organic whole,
on of correct and reasonable legislation should be reflected in both the unity and
integrity. "Secretary of Health of Myanmar traditional medicine Dr.SenWin
said:" The Myanmar government attaches great importance to development
of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine sector will promote Myanmar exchanges and
cooperation. " Cambodian Ministry of Health, Food and Drug
Administration Affairs Mr.VoeungYimHearg said: "Chinese medicine has
been flourishing in Cambodia, we attach great importance to the stock situation, we
are actively studying the legislative experience of other countries."

However, should not be overlooked is that the legislation acupuncture and Chinese
medicine division has emerged around the world. Currently acupuncture and
traditional Chinese medicine in the UK legislation would be split. Even more
unfortunately, this division of legislative acupuncture and Chinese medicine not only
Britain, but has not caused the Government and the Chinese medicine sector sufficient

April 29, 2003, London Institute of Chinese Medicine Registration collaboration with
the British Medical Association in Britain several State Administration of Traditional
Chinese State Food and Drug Administration and World Health
Organization's support, held at the Royal College to Chinese Medicine
Council to discuss the critical issues faced by the "Traditional Chinese
Medicine Legislation Forum." Designed to maintain the integrity and unity
of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine in the UK and Europe to seek proper legal
status of cry. In the same year by the end of May, China's Vice Minister of
Health, State Administration of Traditional Secretary She Jing visit to Britain, and
British Association for Chinese medicine practitioners plum of talks has made such a
proposal should be registered Chinese medicine Chinese medicine, acupuncture
combined registered Chinese medicine practitioners; based on current British
medicine, acupuncturists practice, and qualified for registration as Chinese medicine
practitioners, individual or grouped for the transition, such as registered Chinese
medicine (TCM), Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture). Hong Kong, China
can also take the Chinese medicine registration mode, both for the standard
management of Chinese medicine practitioners, but also protect the interests of
persons engaged in Chinese medicine. Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies in
Europe Zhi-Lin Dong, president, said: "We fully agree and support this

While most Western countries, the legislative management of Chinese medicine is
still in wait and preparation phase, but with the Chinese legislation in recent years in
Thailand, Canada, Singapore, South Africa, Mexico and Australia's
breakthrough legislation management medicine in the world are showing optimistic

South African Ministry of Health, Integrated Health Committee Chairman Mohamad
said: "Legislative Management is the protection of overseas development
of Chinese medicine, but how legislation will affect the survival of the fate of
overseas Chinese medicine." Australian Institute of the National Federation
of Linzi Jiang said Chinese medicine practitioners, Although it is impossible to ask
other countries, according to our will "legislation", or Chinese
medicine to sign special "file", but we can research and
utilization of all current national laws and regulations and traditional medical
management 制度. Danish Association of Registered Chinese medicine practitioners
Marvin said: "Traditional Chinese Medicine Council must have a
comprehensive strategy to doctors with drug and medical legislation."

Hong Kong International Traditional Medicine Research Association, Kwong Cheung
stressed that the ancient, traditional Chinese medicine in the overseas long way to go,
legislation is important, but unity is also important to the industry. Forces overseas in
Chinese medicine also need to integrate the need to improve, so as to give full play to
the advantages of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine can be the output of modern

(The above information comes from the "China Pharmaceutical

■ United States, spending huge sums to support research on Chinese medicine

Ann Scott Tyson U.S. National Institutes of Health's Complementary and
Alternative Medicine Center affiliated, recently announced a series of new research
projects, a number of projects in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine also
received substantial research funding from the federal government. Meanwhile, the
Centre announced the 10 complementary and alternative medicine research in the
field of international cooperation in research projects, of which five are Chinese
medicine research projects, four with the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong has a
direct relationship.

According to reports, these include Harvard University, Massachusetts General
Hospital 布 鲁 斯 罗 森 led by Dr., the team has been working with magnetic
resonance imaging and genetic means to study the effect of acupuncture on the human
brain, recently received the federal government 5.9 million U.S. dollar funding.

New England School of Acupuncture research team led by Dr. Bideweien also
received two million dollars in research funding to be used for efficacy and safety of
acupuncture research. It is familiar with the National Institutes of Health research
grant funding for those programs, this is American history, acupuncture and Chinese
medicine schools, research projects funded by the Government up to one.

★ social materials appear five to ten years

U.S. National Institutes of Health is the largest research fund audit and issuing
authority. In recent years, the subordinate of the Director, Center for Complementary
and Alternative Medicine funding increases every year, this year has reached 120
million U.S. dollars. Although the United States, including more than 40 kinds of
complementary and alternative medicine different medical methods, but the Chinese
traditional medicine, Chinese medicine's acupuncture and Zhongyaoyizhi
in Gai Zhong Xin Zhong Yao possession financing of the project status and more Bili.

Chairman of the United States Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine,
Complementary and Alternative Medicine Center research projects, said Dr. Li
Yongming judges, so the federal government heavily subsidized project research of
Chinese medicine is still rare in history, which indicates that the medical profession in
the United States pay more attention in medical research, Chinese medicine for its
practical use of a wide range of characteristics, unique in complementary and
alternative medicine. And in medical research projects are like the United States
National Health Institute of Zhe Yang 具有 high credibility institutional support Hou,
a great chance to get Cheng Guo, Qixueshuhu social You Kewang appear in the next
5-10 Niannei.

■ Canada: Chinese medicine is to build an ideal world, the king of food

Good effect of Chinese medicine, have become an increasing public concern around
the world. Recent Quebec, Canada Acupuncture Examination Secretary
Mr.RaymondBourret Chinese medicine in Hong Kong to attend a meeting, said that in
the near future, with the continuous development of Chinese medicine, Western
medicine would not be very different from each other have a common learning
courses when people around the world will find traditional Chinese medicine on the
contributions to human health, and willing to use it. In fact, Chinese medicine is to be
the king of food worldwide, without the side effects of modern medicine, the
establishment of all races for the world a better world. Mr.RaymondBourret said the
Quebec development of Chinese medicine in recent years has exceeded the trend of
other cities: in the medical education training, are now actively preparing for the
approved degree courses in Chinese medicine; in the regulation of Chinese medicines,
the gradual regulation to ensure the safety of prescription drugs. He admitted that the
province of government officials and doctors did not know much Chinese medicine
theory, it requires more communication. Last April, the local held an international
conference of Chinese medicine in the future, will continue to strengthen exchanges
and cooperation with China. He added that many in Vancouver as Chinese, so the
local demand for Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine to promote a great
role in promoting.

★ Ontario greenBesides the legislative

Currently, in Western countries, the success of the Chinese legislation are: located in
the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere, British Columbia, Canada Victoria,
Australia. The three provinces in Canada (Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia) has
achieved acupuncture, and British Columbia legislation is implemented and
established Chinese Acupuncture Board. In the provinces and municipalities in order
to Ontario practitioners of Chinese medicine the most, the government has carried out
more than three years of consultation, acupuncture has recently set up a provincial
legislative advisory committee, not far from the legislation of the period.

According to incomplete statistics, there are registered in British Columbia, Canada
Senior Chinese medicine (Dr.TCM) 231, a registered Chinese medicine practitioners
(RegisteredTCMPracti-tioner)         112,       registered        herbal      doctors
(RegisteredTCMHerbalist) 40 Seven people, from 2099 onwards allowed three
acupuncturists 540 qualification.

■ Germany will establish a research center for Chinese medicine

Berlin Free University and Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and
a German company recently signed a cooperation agreement, plans will be located in
the southern German state of Bavaria, Germany built the first sanatorium Batefeixin
"traditional Chinese medicine research center." The cooperation
agreement includes a 3-year research program, the two sides will explore the use of
modern medical technology with years of history of Chinese medicine's
role and the development of common diagnostic criteria. Early next year, Shandong
University of Traditional Chinese Medicine will send a delegation of professors and
experts to visit Batefeixin and Berlin exchange.

(The above information           comes    from     "the     Grand     Duke

Users are, through the relevant information we can see the world of Traditional
Chinese Medicine is a comprehensive and vigorous development showed a tendency!
Since some people have always been considered to have "democracy and
science," the spirit of the Western developed countries are so in love with
the "Chinese medicine", then we, as "Chinese
medicine" the Chinese nation has naturally inherited the cultural legacy of
those but some of us sell ourselves short, but had to claim that "Chinese
medicine is not science"? Although I do not like to take foreigners to China
thing, but this is no way! Because those who declared that "Chinese
medicine is not science" in argument "Chinese is not
science" and stressed - that Western medicine is science! I also had
followed suit it!

Yes, I admit, there are indeed some people in society name of the so-called
"Chinese Family," "secret remedy,"
"cure all kinds of incurable diseases," and so dry with a
trickster's acts under the banner! I also recognize the "Chinese
medicine" in its development and heritage there are some drawbacks, such
as "Chinese medicine" is the general way of family inheritance
from generation to generation, and their prescribing, dispensing general is
"secret." This has to a certain extent, hinder the
"Chinese medicine" scientific development. However, this does
not prove that "Chinese medicine is a pseudo-science!"

I said earlier, "Chinese medicine" as the Chinese
nation's fine cultural heritage, can be thousands of years of evolution and
inheritance has, naturally has its own rationality. So, let us adopt a scientific attitude
and scientific spirit of great efforts, "Chinese medicine" in a
reasonable and scientific, must not be unworthy, sell ourselves short!

Study: Black face up against the brother of one does not understand
"Chinese medicine", but would like to use the Forum as
"Chinese medicine" in this precious cultural heritage of the
Chinese nation to say a few words.

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