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					China Consulting (continued)
Third, the Chinese consulting industry how to make money - more than 20 kinds of
Chinese consulting industry profit model
?Next comes the question we are most concerned about is the profit model of the
problem is to choose what kind of pattern to making money, choose what kind of
product to make money, the profit model in other industries also can refer to learn the
boss. This is the concept of a profit model, does not represent any moral evaluation, if
this results in their Judgments are solely from the perspective of profit, research they
can not make money, why make money, as to be unpopular , is not controversial for
the time being is not the subject of study here, where different views are for reference
?America's first 8-bit digital property record businessman John? Jacob?
Astor fur early is to do business, but Mrs. Astor's fur more than he knows
the value of, as he often did with her the knowledge to assess business and make
money, so he often Ms. Fu Geita 500 U.S. dollars per hour in consulting fees. This is
the advice of the originator. Consulting industry in China over a decade, we talk about
the management consulting industry in China and profit way before to summarize the
basic trends in the consulting industry, I think the management consulting industry,
including management consulting, and at least two aspects of management training is
inseparable twins, we look at the training industry profitable.
?I will consult the industry, management training for the time being simply divided
the 12 kinds of profit model, there may be 15 species:
1, religious orientation - Sell belief: technology and life coach mentor mode.
Representative: Shenzhen Talent
2, Member Orientation - Sell Fitness: Member learning card mode. Representative:
Shenzhen clustered into
3, Diploma in positioning - Sell Seal: Certificate mode. Representative: Certified
Professional Manager
4, Entertainment positioning - Sell Games: Games people develop patterns.
Representative: Beijingers crowd
5, travel patterns - Sell Name enterprise: on-site inspection mode. Representative:
Shenzhen Economic Wisdom
6, performance orientation - Sell Packaging: Incentive Performance mode.
Representative: CHEN Taiwan
7, Department Store Location - Sell Cabbage: Audio publishing model.
Representative: DreamWorks Shenzhen, Beijing Guanghua Times
8, image orientation - Sell charm: personal charm mode. Representative: being No,
known to the world-dimensional
9, relational model - selling fun: The Forum Club model. Representative: Guangzhou
Yi policy
10, Westernization positioning - Sell foreigners: foreign comprador mode.
Representative: Shenzhen Marriott, Beijing Ultimate Power
11, college orientation - Sell signs: university mba seminar mode. Tsinghua University,
Beijing University, Zhongshan University, etc.
12, peddler positioning - Sell teachers: house training mode. Representative:
Shenzhen FPC, aspirations to
13, network positioning - Sell Information: Web mode. Representative: Blackwell
network, such as the human network
?The first type is called missionary position is the management thinking as a concept
similar to religious belief or had spread to his students, to change the
student's mental model that is represented by the exchange before the
company, sold the faith, is said to billion each year on sales of its profit model is very
successful, in 2000, and his boss share my time, his income has reached 56 million. It
is said that another feature of franchising around the country looking for franchisees.
Meeting the training only three stages, more than 20,000 pieces, this is a very strange
company, profit model is very successful and I know in 2067 they had to now do not
understand. There are many companies admired him, and also wrote a number of
critical newspaper articles, questioned him in the end of training, or pyramid schemes,
or religion.
?The second model is the membership card, membership card model is very
representative of the rise last year, a successful model, he represented the company in
Shenzhen and accumulation. Together into a model company for one year for each
membership card companies provide 100 trips, or 300 times of training services, to
charge an annual card fee 20 000, for example, he sold 1000 cards is 20 million, the
specific amount is unknown. Clustered into the company's training, each
have 800 on a scale of thousands of people to develop very fast. But his problem is
that pre-charge, to grasp the cash flow, a good future with the money, or they may run
out of cash chain risk.
?The third is the diploma orientation, that is "selling official
seal," a certificate of their advantage is, of course, with training, with
emphasis on the certificate, like many of the certification, qualification certificates.
Certificate is also very popular, professional manager certification, certified business
manager have been very successful promotion.
?The fourth is a fun position, like selling the game. On behalf of everyone here is
human, to make money through the outdoor expansion. Its advantage is a little more
exciting challenge, drawback is no novelty play only once, and he faces the problem
of product innovation.
?The fifth is the travel mode, that is, selling famous enterprises, such as Haier
investigation, Galanz investigation, inspection, etc., Wenzhou, Shenzhen, the
economic wisdom of this company has done well, benefits are good, bad influence,
the problem is the need for new selling points and enterprises to study, do not all put
in one basket.
?Sixth is the performance orientation, is selling packaging, the most representative of
that CHEN, CHEN of fact I think more like a sketch actor, his stage effects are
sometimes better than the Chinese New Year Spectacular. This age, the training when
the training will not make money selling only the training needs of our customers as a
particular product or service sold will be profit. Sell packing this interesting, you see
the original photo CHEN look like, what now look like packaging, the positioning is
completely performed. A professor said the word joke in Taiwan: speaking of Success,
the teacher always successful, the students always unsuccessful. Although elite biased,
but also points out the limitations of Success. Although we can not deny its positive
role, to give people some incentive, but the problem is motivation to solve the
problem is limited to enhance its own power is fundamental. So the market depends
on his future to join some of the more pragmatic elements.
?Seventh merchandise location, is to train the supermarket made to sell cabbage,
radish, as health care products to sell. Here is the dream factory on behalf of Wang
Yang, exclusively CHEN of the CD, and soon developed. Sell Cabbage, DreamWorks
to be commended, Wang Yang had to make a product called detoxifies capsule, did
not do very successful start, and later selling health products with the sale of land
training will be successful.
?The eighth is the image orientation, selling personal charm, teacher of the brand, as
known to the world Victoria is the case. World the dimension of the training have to
do more than a thousand times the size of the market impact is relatively large,
personal charisma, power is great, but facing the future of a great reputation is the
product of innovation. .
?The ninth is the relational model, selling fun, like Guangzhou, the company benefits
policy, human resources, sponsored by South China Club, Marketing Club, club
members take the form of gathering a large number of well-known experts, including
Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola and other well-known companies on the
1000 , each time more lively, the annual income is said to be a lot of money, while the
model combined with membership card mode, and the effects are good.
?The 10th is the Westernization of the position, selling foreigners, selling outside the
brain, is selling foreign head. Like Speed Dynamics, Marriott Corporation, as the last
of the companies doing this type of Welch, but the reproducibility is very poor. Some
people say a joke: you have not heard Welch harvest to harvest, the harvest is now
being heard if foreigners can not.
?The 11th is the higher educational institutions, is relying on a number of universities
to do some EMA training classes, this approach is very successful. Is to sell signs, and
many rely on Beijing Tsinghua MBA seminar have made a fortune, such as
Zhongshan University strategy and so on, rely on a college is a way, signs are also
?12th species peddler position is to sell home teacher, as FPC, aspirations to fall into
this category, to house training as the main source of business is a very stable
?10th of three is the network location, selling information, such as Blackwell network,
the human net.
?In addition to these, there are the traditional way of not going to go into consulting.
The following brief overview of the consulting firm profitable, I will consult the
industry, management training for the time being a simple profit model in ten points:
1, International Localization - Sell backing: foreign models. Representative:
McKinsey, BearingPoint, Gallup
2, elite orientation - Sell Background: The academic model. Representative: North
aspect, and Jun venture, China cornerstone
3, martial arts orientation - Sell boss: planner mode. Representative: Zhu Tong, Mr. Ye,
Fan-Ren, Wang Ke
4, A door positioning - Sell owner: Name enterprises sea mode. Representative: Hu
Hongwei, Zhang study, Zhang Jianguo, Chen Ken
5, rivers and lakes positioning - selling unique skills: personal hero mode.
Representative: Jiang Ruxiang, Permanence
6, Taoyuan Location - Sell vice-business: joint venture mode. Representative: Europe
too carried, the Hong Kong-day high, Wicken, Blue Ling
7, The Water Margin Position - Sell poll: partner patterns. Representative: Xinhua
8, husband and wife Positioning - Sell Media: Media Cooperation binding mode.
Representative: evergreen
9, the Government Position - Sell Background: The brain library mode.
Representative: Development Institute
10, 9000 Location - Sell coolies: authentication mode. Representative: Business
Process South Sheng Germany
?One is the international orientation, mainly by foreign companies, with strong
capabilities and experience, brand reputation to get some big clients resources,
including consulting giants like IBM, I am not quite understand little about.
?The second is the prestigious location, such as North aspect, and Jun venture, China
cornerstone, Cheng-wei consultants, founder of the prestigious schools have a certain
background of buying these institutions with good academic background and platform
for the development of most progress has been made.
?Third, martial arts position, sell the boss. Here are representative of Mr. Ye, Wang Ke,
who by virtue of their years in the consulting industry, the status of working hard, take
the absolute number of areas in a market advantage.
?The fourth is the name of the door positioning, selling club, famous enterprises sea
mode. This is the inside just like Hu Hongwei, Zhang Jianguo Huawei are out.
Ricoh's Vice President, Chinese people do business in the Japanese top
management expert Liu Cheng Yuan, has its own core strengths and competitiveness,
he founded the Wicken consultant also developed very well.
?Fifth is the itinerant position, selling unique skills, Permanence returned from
Germany with a set of strategic sales for several years, very popular, recently
launched a new product, which is a good way. Such as Hong Kong's days
of high corporate consultants to do a very good service, you talk to them about the no
choice after the second. High-end restaurant that they do a very professional, and later
separated from the establishment of Wang Jianye superior intelligence adviser,
although small, but set up on a single received Jackie, and their eight steps to fully
become the standard of your service. They do very fine. McDonald's,
Kodak chose to partner with them.
?The Sixth Taoyuan positioning is a partnership of several people, we come together,
like Shenzhen have to specialize in the European Advisory Board GSM call center
consulting services. Cooperation is very happy with the area second to none.
?The Seventh, The Water Margin positioning, selling head. Partner model, as Xinhua
letter. It is a great manager of a small model of the boss, the boss is not very
prominent, very prominent, but his managers, large, strong, a lot. Now said to have
more than 50 partners, and perhaps soon to be a 108.
?The eight couples is positioning itself and the media bundle, or bundled with the
association, I understand and Hunan Changsha evergreen MBA Lecture Theatre by
the co-operation as very successful. Media and consulting firm what they want.
?The 9 is the government position, selling background. Is made to the Government
consultation, as the China Development Institute brain bank focused on the
government advisory. And other parts of the State Council, there are many of these
subordinate bodies. With its unique position and resources, the days are mostly doing
?The 10 is a certified position, selling coolies. Certification in some places a bit
excessive, and successful model is a process service, the first procedure call, 35
members of 10 telemarketing calls every day, customers scan, 5000 Phone Scan
Finally, there are 500 hope, the second root into the process manager, and the
remaining 50 are in good faith, the third process consultants to sign the bill, the fourth
process the project team to follow up. This set is also true that a few years ago
certified company with its unique advantages have been some accumulation,
beginning to take shape, and some have considerable strength. But now a consultant
certification industry, the price is very low, many companies do is sell coolie, really
difficult time.
?And abroad, compared Consulting, China Consulting there is a big gap. Consulting
industries in the world average of 1% of GNP of developed countries to 2-3%. In
2000, China's GDP was 8.9 trillion yuan, consulting only the turnover of
nearly 10 billion yuan, consulting only a proportion of 0.11%, to now be an inevitable
increase but the gap is still evident in recent 20 years, the rapid growth of the world
consulting market, the average annual growth of 12%, the global consulting market in
2001 reached 114 billion U.S. dollars. China consulting market is expanding rapidly
in recent years, the turnover of 2.185 billion yuan from 1996 to 2001 increased 30.2
billion, an increase of 5 years, 13 times the rate of growth over the same period in the
rapid development of China's telecom industry . Grow faster after 2001. In
consultation with industry, the rapid development of China as the traditional business
consulting industry, as also facing power and pressure for change:
?First: enterprises are increasingly concerned about the effect of consultation on the
assessment results also from the perceptual stage up to the rational stage of rigorous
scientific data and objective investigation into the main basis for the assessment.
According to some clients report that all consulting firms in the integrity embody the
high professional standards generally accepted by the competent experience and
ability of consultant contracts, publicity and consultation services are not fraud, treat
customers honest, confident, pragmatic; on customer's situation and the
customer agreement reflects confidence are high ethics. In particular is the use of
internal customer information, pay, respect for peers in such areas as legendary, so Yi
Ban signature rate back higher, Duiyu for many Zixunqiye enterprises face difficulties
in Yijing not Meiyouyewu, but limited time Zen Yang Yong Fu Wu most valuable
customer problems.
?Second: consulting industry as a highly potential growth of the industry, its
development is also facing some problems: none of the unity of the Advisory Services
Industry bodies, the regulatory system is not perfect, no consultants and advisory
body of standards and certification bodies consulting market will inevitably lead to
confusion. Consultants in resource integration, standardized management,
coordination development, business training, industry standards and so there are still
some problems. Consulting people with lofty ideals that the management consulting
industry needs to standardize management and to strengthen cooperation, one needs
of the industry, starting from the industry, the activities of management consulting
services industry, organization and coordination of internal and external; Second, a
management consultant qualifications identify system and strengthen management
consultant management; third is to enhance the professional development committee,
introduced star management consultant and professional leaders in the field, to
promote the development of the industry to provide customers with better service.
?Third: consulting industry professionals are the elite of the elite, if not a good profit
model and operation mode, can not manage such a complex team. Some say a
100-person management consulting firm that manages a 1,000 more than the
traditional business is much more complex, this view is not without basis. Do not you
see, groups of consulting firm set up less than a year, before splitting into several
consulting firms, the resulting lawsuit and perhaps no shortage of contradictions, the
adoption of court with former partner consulting business called the first case , but did
not arouse enough attention to the Advisory sector.
?Can be seen, consulting industry is in a period of rapid development, presenting a
fast, professional, and more, high, big five major trends and profit model of the
formation and change a large number of advisory bodies of the transformation and
change, from the Warring States period Romance of Three Kingdoms may be coming
to the consulting, training, market development, the inevitable, is determined by the
characteristics of consulting is consulting personnel structure requirements. Advisory
body only respond to a change to the rapid growth and development, or face the fate
of being eliminated. Of: Meng Deli (original)

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